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The one thing I always miss about summer is being able to wear a watch and a fancy bracelet with my short sleeved summer clothing. Usually the two just don’t go together, they get uncomfortable or you worry about scratching your watch face or scratching your lovely piece of jewellery, or they get tangled up and its just a whole heap of annoying! Now I do one or the other but never both. Today I have solved that problem, and you can do it what ever colour you fancy. Follow my tutorial and make yourself a cool and practical summer accessory. I hope you enjoy my project and leave me a comment, I love to hear what you think or suggestions of what you would like me to do next

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Clare Horner


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Iced Enamels™: Relique Powder Raspberry, Medium.

Art Mechanique®: Silhouette, Connections, Jump Rings.

Ranger Alochol Ink: Raspberry, felt applicator.


Other Supplies: Silk cord, Recycled Sari Silk, Watch Face, Ribbon ends, Clasp, Renaissance Wax.


Tools: Crop-o-dile, Pliers, Heat gun, Cut n Dry foam, scissors, bracelet bending bar.




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1: Flood a small amount of Alcohol Ink onto the felt and dab all over the watch face avoiding the glass. Clean any excess ink off the glass.

2: Once dry work Renaissance Wax into the watch with a paper towel, some of the ink will be removed in this process. Buff with a cloth.


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3: With a crop-o-dile or metal punch, punch a hole in each edge of all the pieces where they will connect. A crop-o-dile will NOT cut through the solid base brass pieces only the thinner top pieces of the silhouettes.

4: Bend the pieces into a bracelet shape with a bending bar or a rolling pin.


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5: Infuse a small piece of cut-n-dry foam with the enamel medium and dab all over the brass pieces. Cover all the pieces with the enamel powder and place excess back into the pot.

6: Heat the enamel with a heat tool until molten. Set aside to cool naturally.


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7: Lightly connect the large silhouette to the two small silhouettes with brass eyelet connectors. These need to move, squeeze gently.

8: Place an eyelet in the end two holes for aesthetics only, these do not need to move.


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9: Thread silk cord through the watch face and then through the eyelets. Knot in place from behind.

10: Knot in place the sari silk ribbon and repeat on the outer edge.


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11: Tidy away the ends of the silk cord and sari ribbon in ribbon end caps.

12: Add closure and wear.


Many thanks to my other half who is mercilessly made to model girly pink things because I cant photograph them on my own arm!

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Faux Dichro Blazing Sun

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Dichroic glass has a truly unique look, with solid colors blended with metallic and iridescent accents of color. I love the look, but I don’t work with glass nor own a large kiln. Today I’m sharing with you this fabulous technique for creating faux dichro pieces that I used to create this blazing sun piece that’s set inside of a bezel. You can use this technique for a variety of projects and you’ll soon be addicted to using this for many future projects!


With plain white tissue paper, use StazOn inks to color directly onto the tissue paper with the inkpad. For the orange (lighter) piece I used StazOn Orange Zest to color both sides of the paper. For the darker piece of tissue paper, I colored one side with Orange Zest and the opposite with Black Cherry. Dry the tissue paper with a heat tool.


Gently crinkle the colored tissue paper and spread open flat. Add a few drops of StazOn Metallic Gold ink to an InkSweeper and apply to the wrinkled paper of the paper to highlight. Apply a thin layer Creative Medium Iridescent Green randomly across the tissue paper to add the iridescent effect. Heat set the paper to dry completely.


Cut out shapes to form the ‘rays’ of the sun. I decided to use two different shapes for the ‘rays’, one thats larger with a rounded point and then smaller triangular shapes as well. Place the cut out pieces onto a non-stick craft mat and apply ICE Resin directly onto the pieces. I found using a DoodleStix works great for this because it allows you to control where the resin will be placed because for best results you need the resin to stay only on the tissue paper. As the resin soaks into the paper, the pieces will become translucent and the metallic and iridescent colors will really begin to be seen. Allow the resin to cure completely.

Once the resin has cured, turn over all of the pieces and apply a layer of resin to the back side. To add stability to the pieces, I like to have at least two layers of resin on each side of the pieces.


While the ‘ray’ pieces are curing, create the base of the bezel by applying a thin layer of resin into the bottom and along the sides of a Large Circle Hobnail Bezel and generously sprinkle Opal Inclusions into the bezel, followed by a light dusting of orange glitter. The opal color in the inclusions will help bring out the green iridescent color in the ‘rays.” Repeat this process for creating the centerpiece of the sun, made from a domed blank button form.


Once all of the ‘rays’ have cured completely, begin adding them into the bezel using red line double stick tape (or something similar) to hold them into place while adding all of the pieces. Refer to the images above for placing the pieces into the bezel. In total I created 3 layers for a truly dimensional look. To keep the pieces permanently in place, carefully add resin into the base of the bezel. Use the resin to add the centerpiece of the sun into place and allow to cure completely.



ICE Resin® ICE Resin, Opal Inclusions, Large Circle Hobnail Bezel

Imagine Crafts featuring Tsukineko StazOn (Orange Zest, Black Cherry, Metallic Gold), Creative Medium Iridescent Green, Fantastix, DoodleStix, Ink Sweeper, Craft Mat

Other  tissue paper, red line double sided tape, heat tool, orange glitter, domed blank button form

Create Faux Dichroic Glass

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Summertime in SoCal

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Well…it’s been over 100 degrees here with humidity and the July muses would like us to focus on the summer heat. Not much of a stretch.

But there are only a couple of things that I obsess about once the days are this hot…ice cubes and the pool. So that’s what I decided to mix together and make. Ice cubes (literally) and pool colored ice cubes! (okay a couple are not the color of my pool but they are cool looking!)


"Ice" Cube Jewelry




For this you will need:

  • ICE Resin and the appropriate mixing supplies
  • extra cups, mixing sticks, and toothpicks
  • silicone mold (I purchased mine from a professional mold maker)
  • Alcohol ink (here I used Ranger Adirondack in Lettuce)
  • acrylic paint (as shown in Golden High Flow in Teal)
  • sandpaper in various grits
  • Dremel tool with small drill bit
  • tiny eye screws
  • miscellaneous jewelry chain and findings
  • I also used some ice-like beads to fill in the piece

Ready an area with a non-stick surface then mix up your resin according to instructions. Once the resin is ready separate into two cups. Being with the alcohol ink dropping just a few drops into the cup. Stir slightly but not completely. For this project we are going for a swirled appearance.




You can see how transparent it is. Do the same in the second cup with the acrylic paint.




When I prepped for these cubes I poured the resin directly into the mold then dropped my ink and paint. You can do this either way.






Allow your cubes to cure overnight. The next day you can pop them out. Aren’t they gorgeous!!





The swirls of alcohol ink almost look like moss!





And the paint stays in tiny droplets. I coated the cube on the left with a bit more resin. The unmixed paint can sit inside the bubbles and still be wet the next day. No big deal…just another coat of resin will seal it! Using the different grits of sandpaper, starting with the heaviest grit, sand down any imperfections. Sand continuously to the smoothest paper to polish your edges.

Now I molded for several days…maybe a week. Once you have as many cubes (I cheated and also made globes) sanded and prepared you can drill into them with your Dremel and a small drill bit. Use a small sharp screw to pierce the resin where you will want to drill. this will keep the bit from jumping around.





Place your eye screws and create your jewelry piece to your liking. This piece is about 18″ long as a necklace but if wrapped around twice it is also a bracelet! It can be worn two ways! Now lets go get in the pool for real…it’s hot!!





Susan creates and travels with her wearable art company
Charming Trinkets and you can find her blog at:
Susan’s Art Circus Blog!


Susan Walls plays scientist – an easy color quick tip for ICE Resin

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Run to your kitchen and spice your ICE… ICE Resin that is!

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