Embossed Metal Highlights with Iced Enamels

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Most people don’t realize just how versatile Iced Enamels are to work with! We all know that you can use Iced Enamels for covering the back of the bezel, for coloring a variety of surfaces, and to mix different colors to create custom colors. There are times that Iced Enamels are the perfect touch for adding highlights that give your work that beautiful, antiqued finish that can’t be found from any other product. Today I’m going to  share with you just how easy it is to create striking highlights using Iced Enamels with the Iced Enamels Medium to create these simple and easy mini books with metal covers.


1. Using your favorite embossing folder, pass a thinner gauge piece of metal through a die cut machine to create your background pattern. Refer to the machine manufacturer’s instructions on how to do this with the particular machine that you are using.

2. Color the metal using your favorite solvent and/or alcohol based inks, from an inkpad or with markers. To learn how to color metal, you can watch my previous video tutorial here on the ICE Resin Blog.

Above are a few different examples of different patterns and color combinations that you can use when coloring your metal – the possibilities are endless!


For the following process of applying Iced Enamels for ‘detail work’ be sure to watch the accompanying video tutorial for this project  for a great tip for easy application.

3. To remove the static from the surface of the colored metal (or any surface), wipe the surface of the metal with a dryer sheet (that’s right!). This will keep the Iced Enamels from sticking to the entire surface instead of just where you want them on the embossed pattern.

4. Brush on the Iced Enamels Medium using a brush to highlight the embossed pattern of the metal. You can also use a sponge with a light hand to apply the Iced Enamels Medium if you’re wanting to highlight the entire surface.


5. Sprinkle on the Iced Enamels powder, tap off the excess, and then heat set with a heat tool. Be mindful that the metal will become hot from the heating process.


6. Mix the desired amount of Ice Resin following the instructions. Apply a thin coat of resin across the surface, paying particular attention to filling in the gaps between the embossed pattern to avoid having areas not filed with resin.

7. Add Iced Inclusions to your piece to add additional color and sparkle. For the book cover above, I added Copper Glitter and Fire Opal inclusions.

8. Allow the resin to set.


9. Cut a piece of ribbon and adhere to the back book cover as shown to create an accordion page book. For this style of book, cut enough ribbon to allow it to close over the front cover of the book.

10. Cut/score/fold the accordion pages to fit the book and adhere into the back cover with red line tape.

11. Adhere the front cover of the book to the first page of the accordion, cover to cover, to avoid the covers of the book from being uneven.

12. Add any embellishments to use as a closure for the book. Simply pull the ends of the ribbon through a charm and tie off the ends of the ribbon – this is a great solution for not having to continuously having to tie a bow with the ribbon.


ICE Resin® Ice Resin, Iced Enamels, Iced Enamels Medium, Iced Inclusions (german glass, glitter), brushes, stir cups and sticks

Other Supplies solvent and/or alcohol inks (inkpads or markers), thin gauge metal, embossing folders and embossing machine, ribbon, pages cut/scored to size of book, embellishments, heat tool, dryer sheet, red line tape


Applications Open for 2016 ICE Resin® Design Team

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YouTube Preview Image

For all the details on how to apply for the 2016 ICE Resin® Design Team, click here.

Deadline is Friday, November 27, 2015. 

Ice Resin Family Memory Gifts

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Family Memory Jewelry
Only a few weekends until Christmas but plenty of time to make some great gifts with Ice Resin!
We live far away from our relatives so when I start to think about gifts I think of family photos….and, of course, Ice Resin jewelry.
First decide what shape of bezel you will use. Then let’s make a template for it. Gather some cardstock scraps, an old postcard, or use the packaging!
Rub the front of the bezel onto an ink pad to cover the edge fully in ink. Press the inked edge to your paper.
Using a hole punch, any size, punch out enough paper to get the edge of your scissors into the center. Cut out on the line of the ink. Easy bezel template. Your paper is now a small window. This method can be used on any bezel no matter the size or shape.
Scan or print your digital photos with a laser printer onto regular copy paper. You can also take your pictures to Kinkos or a local copy shop and have them do this for you. Using your template window run it over the pictures until you find one you like.
Holding the papers down use a pencil to trace the inner outline onto your picture. Cut it out. Try it out in the bezel. You nay have to do some trimming to get it just right.
Now to seal the paper. Using  the Ice paper sealer or a white PVA glue place a layer into the back of the bezel. Put the paper on top then burnish lightly with your finger. The paintbrush handle also make a good tool to push the paper into the corners. Let dry.
Use the glue to coat the front 2-3 times more paying attention to the edges. Allow all coats to dry thoroughly before mixing your resin.
Mix up Ice Resin according to the instructions and pour into your bezel. Let cure overnight and you have a wonderful family picture! Add some chain for a necklace or for a smaller bezel it could also be a charm on a bracelet.
Give it away and be proud…you made it yourself!!
Please be sure to see the companion video mini-class that goes with this post!
Susan creates and travels with her wearable art company
Charming Trinkets and you can find her blog at:


Easy DIY Holiday Presents

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Our fabulous Susan Walls from the 2015 Susan Lenart Kazmer ICE Resin Design Team has a video for you today on making some fun and easy holiday gifts. Check out her handy tip for using Ranger Ink to get a simple bezel template.


Susan creates and travels with her wearable art company
Charming Trinkets and you can find her blog at:
Susan’s Art Circus Blog!

K.I.S.S. – Keep it Sealed, Sweetie

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Majestic - a 3 bezel necklace

Majestic – a 3 bezel necklace

The simple acrostic was used when someone was making life too difficult or words too lengthy – “Keep it simple/short, Sweetie.” Today, I want to use this little acronym for the importance of sealing vintage and antique papers, photocopies or photographs and any other paper that might be a concern when using ICE RESIN®.


I recently bought an unused promissory receipt book from the 1890”s. The image of a woman who was majestic, almost invincible drew me in and the beautiful lettering was so reminiscent of that time. I knew the images belonged in bezels, simply without any other elements. So I began a 3-attempt journey to create this necklace. I want to share the failed attempts so as to help you when working with such delicate papers.


Using the corresponding dies to the bezels, I cut out 3 images for my necklace- Majesty (it’s what I named the woman), some of the lettering and the word, Promise.



Failed Attempt #1

IMG_8508 copy failed attempt #10

Placing them in the corresponding bezels, I mixed ICE RESIN® according to directions and began to drip into the bezels. The Resin seeped underneath the images and immediately darkened them….Now my images were dark, murky; the bezel was dark –not the look I was going for!! I tried to add gold German stickers and another layer of ICE RESIN® but it still was too dark.


Lesson #1- It’s not the ICE RESIN®-it’s the paper.


Failed Attempt #2

1st, 2nd and 3rd attempts

I knew this time I needed to do something different. Cutting the images once again (So glad this was a book of receipts as I have now used 3), I took a small brush and using our paper sealer, brushed the front and the back of the images. I only did 2 coats as I felt that should be plenty. Choosing to lighten the bezel, I applied ICED Enamels Ivory to the back and sides of the bezels. Mixing up the ICE RESIN®, I began to drip it in to the bezels…Better but not thoroughly sealed. I realized I didn’t seal the edges and I should have brushed each layer in a different direction, creating a web of protection.


Lesson #2- When using Paper Sealer, use 3 coats both front and back being careful to seal the edges.



Use paper sealer to seal papers


Attempt #3- Success!!

Sealed with transfer tape

I decided to try another way to seal- clear packing tape. As this paper is from the 1890’s, its durability is uncertain. Antique papers become darker with ICE RESIN® and when creating Resin papers, that is awesome but not the look I was trying to achieve for these bezels.   So with clear packing tape, I took the die cut shapes and place them face down on a long piece of tape and then placing the rest of the tape on the back of the images. Burnishing the tape to be smooth and sealed, I trimmed around the edges, leaving a little extra so as not to break the seal around the edges. Using ICED Enamels as in step 2 lightened the metal, bringing light to the images, The moment of success came as I dripped the ICE RESIN®- my images were clear, no seepage. The only area that was a little darker was the edges where the excess packing tape sealed the edges.


Lesson #3- KISS – Keep It Sealed, Sweetie- whether using our Paper Sealer, white glue or clear packing tape. It is important on these types of papers, as well as photographs or color copies., SEAL, SEAL, SEAL.


To join these Bezels together was fun and easy! Utilizing the connectors at the top and bottom of each bezel, and wire, pearls, crystals with one vintage charm, I was able to create a majestic, timeless jewelry piece that was sealed to perfection!



Gather the supplies

IMG_8555 copy

Antique or Vintage Papers

Bezels (With corresponding dies-optional)


Disposable cup, stirrer, plastic trash bag

ICED Enamels Medium, disposable brush

ICED Enamels Relique Powder – Ivory

Heat gun

ICE RESIN® Paper Sealer or white glue

Craft mat

Clear Packing Tape


20-gauge wire

5 Pearls, 2 crystal rondelles or beads of choice

1 metal charm

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Flush cutters

1 metal chain with closure





Make the Bezels


  1. Brush ICED Enamels Medium on the back and sides of the Bezels. Pour Relique Powder in Bezels and tap off excess.

ICED Enamels Medium Pour relique powder into bezel

  1. Using Heat Gun, Heat until melted and smooth. Set aside to cool.

IMG_8416 copyIMG_8415 copy

  1. Seal the 3 images using the method of choice.


*To seal with ICE Resin Paper Sealer or white glue, Brush 3 coats, alternating directions on both front and back and along edges. Lay on craft mat to dry in between coats –brush only one side at a time.


*To seal with Clear Packing Tape- cut a long piece of tape. Place images, front side down on tape. Bring up the extra tape and place on to the back of the images. Burnish and trim the excess.


  1. Prepare ICE RESIN®- mix equal parts A and B in disposable cup. Gently stir for 2 minutes and then let it rest for 5 minutes.


  1. Place the bezels on a plastic trash bag. Using the stirrer, drip the ICE RESIN® into the bezels until full.


  1. Let dry 8-12 hours.


Create the necklace


  1. Cut 3 pieces of wire, roughly 12 inches each. This will be too long but it is better to start with too much and cut away than to have too little and have to start over.


  1. Thread the wire through the bottom connector of the large bezel. Using the round nose pliers, create a loop and then loosely wrap the small tail wire around the longer piece. When there are 3-4 wraps, stop and secure the end of the loops.

wire wrapping

  1. Place a pearl, a rondelle and a pearl on the wire.


  1. Thread the wire through the top connector of the medium bezel and create a loop and then using the wire, wrap 3 -4 times and trim off excess.


  1. Repeat this between the medium and small bezel., and the small bezel and the charm.

connecting large and medium bezels

connecting the small bezel

  1. Using a jump ring, attach the metal chain to the connector at the top of the large Bezel.
Majestic - a 3 bezel necklace

Majestic – a 3 bezel necklace


Artist bio: Chantal Johnson lives in Rowlett, Texas and is married to Scott. They have three children, 3 dogs and 6 sweet little hens. Her work has been published in Somerset Studio, Somerset Home, Sew Somerset, Apronology, Haute Handbags, Belle Armoire and Green Craft.   She is currently on the ICE Resin® 2015 Design Team. For teaching engagements, you may contact her directly at chantal515@verizon.net. Visit her blog at chantaljohnson.blogspot.com or become her friend on Facebook to see her latest inspirations and see the joy in daily living.




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