Inspiration Monday

Inspiration Monday

Hello everyone- karen here & it’s inspiration Monday! each week I will be sharing with you bits of inspiration I have bookmarked from around the web. I hope that some of these goodies will inspire you!

SparrowsalvageSparrowsalvageThe creations & photography of Sparrowsalvage

treasure huntingweekend treasure hunting

Asle HirsuteBâtons vénéneux by Asle Hirsute

amanda-wachobinspired to get some new ink for spring after seeing amanda wachob’s work

die diedie dies’s magical collages

that’s my inspiration collection for this week! see you next monday :)


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Flickr Friday

flickr friday

Altered Art Winged Pocket Watch by

Porcelain and resin pendants by Earthenwood Beads

Made from porcelain clay, tiny working compasses,

bits of an old Michigan map, gears and coppery bits,

and filled with Ice Resin.


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Flickr Fridays

Creative Team Wednesday

Creative Team Wednesday

Kristen, Barbe, Jane, Deryn and Kecia — all members of our Creative Team — did such an amazing job (as usual!) on the samples for our booth at the CHA Show using ICE Resin and our bezels. Each person contributed at least 8 samples each. Multiply that by 5 people (6 really because I managed to pour a few myself) and that is a lot of inspirational work!

Each Wednesday, we’ll show you photos of pieces that had people coming into your booth to touch, oohhhh and ahhhh over all the cool things one can do with ICE Resin.

Today’s inspiration comes from Kristen Robinson. Her lovely frozen Charlotte doll embedded into vintage paper, lace, rhinestones and ICE Resin will soon be featured in an upcoming Somerset Studios Workshop from Stampington. Kristen was in the magazine’s California offices during the tail end of the CHA show to film the step outs to this amazing project. We’ll let you know when the issue is available on the newstands, so you too can learn how to make this lovely lady.

Ask the Ice Queen

Ask the Ice Queen Tuesday

Each week, we’ll post a real question that comes into our Ask the ICE Queen email. This is one we get a lot, so I thought it would be a good one to kick the series off with. And, just a note on it too. In my book Explore, Create, Resinate: Mixed Media Techniques Using ICE Resin, there is an entire chapter dedicated to success in working with open backed bezels, along with some really fab inspirational photos from Susan, myself and the Creative Team.


Dear ICE Queen,

I read an article about using ICE Resin on backless bezels. I think I remember reading that you use sticky contact paper, like the clear book covering paper? Then you put the paper onto the bezel before you pour in your resin. Does the sticky side of the paper go face down on the table or face up?

Answer: Yayyy, you remembered correctly. :-) To use an open backed (backless) bezel, you need to put some kind of barrier on the back of the bezel. You can use clear packing tape, duct tape or clear contact paper — anything with a sticky back that will adhere well to the sides of your metal bezel. Cut a piece of tape, place the back of your bezel onto the sticky side of the tape with the non-sticky side facing down. Burnish the back of the tape (non sticky side) well with a craft stick, bone folder, even your fingers as long as you create a nice tight seal.

Place your taped bezel onto your table that has been firset covered with a plastic garbage bag or a non stick craft sheet (to catch any resin drips) and mix up ICE Resin. If you use our 1oz plunger size, you can mix up just a small amount and save the rest for another time. If you are using our larger bottles, you will need to mix up at least 1/2 ounce in order to fully activate the Part A and Part B chemistry of the resin and hardener.

Drip the mixed ICE Resin into your bezel and then add your images or inclusions as planned. When the bezel is dry to the touch, anywhere from 6 to 10 hours later depending on the temperature in your home or studio, peel the tape backing off and viola’ — a beautiful translucent resin filled bezel.

You can clean up any tape reside with Goo Gone or undu.

ICE Resin bezel as created by Deryn Mentock. For more of her work, visit her blog

Inspiration Monday

Inspiration Monday

Hello everyone! It’s inspiration Monday & each week I will be sharing with you bits of inspiration I have bookmarked from around the web. I hope that some of these goodies will inspire you!

vivian maierI’m loving the collection of found photos by Vivian Maier. Her works were discovered by John Maloof, literally thousands of undeveloped images dating from the 1950’s through the 1970’s in Chicago. Take a look here.

swoonSwoon’s new print The Sambhavna– which combine collograph, laser cut paper & screenprints. Her work always inspires me. Check it out here.

magical night lights (source)

Just about anything Ann Wood creates… you can view her goodies here.

Camilla Engman’s blog and studio.

The Miss Rockaway Armada Collective

that’s my inspiration collection for this week! see you next monday :)


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