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Ask the Ice Queen Tuesday

Hi ICE Queen! I have made some earrings out of 90lb watercolor paper using a wet folding origami technique. I have been coating the earrings with multiple coats of Polyurethane varnish to add gloss and protect them from the elements. Would it be possible instead to dip these in ICE Resin? I am looking for a thicker glass-like appearance and this seems like it would be ideal, not to mention saving time.

Dear creative one,

Yes, ICE Resin makes and excellent sealer coat. Rather than dipping into mixed ICE Resin, I would “paint” it on to your paper origimi using the inexpensive plastic paint brushes you buy for something like 50 for $1 at your local dollar store. This way, you can control how much or how little you add, and because of the resin’s self healing chemisty, you should not see any brush strokes. You can also let the sealer coats dry in between and build up as many layers as you like by painting on a layer, letting it dry, mixing up a new batch of ICE and repeating the steps to get that thick glasslike look you’re wanting.

You can also try dipping the papers into mixed ICE Resin, but you will still need to have a plastic paintbrush standing by to wipe off any extra drips that form on your pieces of folded paper so they don’t dry that way.

Good luck. Hope you upload some pictures of your finished pieces using ICE Resin to our Flickr group. Love to see what you’re making.


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