Inspiration Monday

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Inspiration Monday

Hello everyone- karen here & it’s inspiration Monday! each week I will be sharing with you bits of inspiration I have bookmarked from around the web. I hope that some of these goodies will inspire you!

louise despontI’m so drawn into the meticulous work of Louise Despont. It’s like space age/native american/middle eastern/alchemy all mixed into one lovely style.

need a pep talk? this lovely collection of inspirational signs should do the trick. or…..

creativityhere’s some wise advice we can all use from time to time. source.

I love this tea bag quilt collage by sophie truong. It reminds me a bit of the kiki smith piece I posted last week.

sigmar polke’s perfect presentation for agates. source.

and how clever are these book paintings by Mike Stilkey? source.

I can picture this guy as a feature for susan’s Real People Real Jewelry, can’t you??? source.

that’s my inspiration collection for this week! see you next monday :)


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