Ask the ICE Queen Tuesday

Hi ICE Queen,
I have recently seen a few paper crafters using ice resin with their stamp pad reinkers as a colorant.  Is this a good type of product to use as a colorant?
Sure. You can definitely use the reinkers to color ICE Resin. Also acrylic paints and mica powders. We like to suggest a tiny drop of oil paint, but that’s just our artistic preference. Thanks for writing!

The ICE Queen

Flickr Friday

flickr friday

Today’s Flickr Friday is an amazing cast and altered ICE Resin piece from Harry W. Wood of Harry’s Handmade Jewelry Ideas. Take a look at this incredible little owl and then head over to the blog to see a full tutorial with step-out-photos of how its made. You are NOT going to want to miss this. You many have to scroll down to the May 18th date of the tutorial to read it.

Copyright All Rights Reserved Harry W. Wood

Creative Team Wednesday Hiatus

Creative Team Wednesday

The ICE Queen is taking a little hiatus from blogging Creative Team Wednesdays. After being at the CREATE Cloth, Paper, Scissors Art Retreat and getting ready for the upcoming Bead and Button Show, she is in need of a blogging break to focus on some behind-the-scenes goodness that will be unveiled at our booth in Milwaukee. Please check back again soon (we’ll be sure to announce a new CTW blog post on our Facebook and Twitter pages) to see what new things the ladies of the Creative Team have worked up for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks and have a truly Artful day!


Ask the ICE Queen Tuesday

Ask the Ice Queen Tuesday
Hi ICE Queen,
I have an etsy shop, and I make resin pendants to order.  My question  is this:  After I pour the resin, when is it safe to mail them?  The harden time is 6 hours, but 3 days to fully cure.  I’m currently using a UV resin so that I can ship them out quickly, but I’m not totally thrilled with the product I’m using.  I’ve used ICE resin in the past and loved it, and the new 1-oz syringe is perfect for small batches.  However, I don’t think I can wait three days to mail them out.  Any suggestions?
The way epoxy resins work is that they dry and cure from the inside to the outside. They dry fairly quickly, 6 to 12 hours and the dry time can be sped up by putting your freshly poured bezels under a warm task lamp to allow the heat to quicken the reaction between the part A resin and part B hardener. The resin does take 3 full days to cure, but that just means to not put them in a tighly sealed plastic container. You can send your pendants in the mail as soon as the resin is fully dry to the touch. I would just suggest wrapping them in a piece of muslim or putting them into a small cloth bag or bit of felt first and then packing them in bubble wrap to mail out. I have never had a problem mailing my resin pieces before the cure time, but we do warn customers that because ICE Resin air dries that the lack of exposure to oxygen could turn the resin cloudy if its sealed too tightly before the 3 day cure time. This issue is not just related to ICE Resin, but to all epoxy resins due to chemisty.
What makes ICE Resin the clearest product on the market is that its jeweler’s grade, meaning we start the formula with the highest grade of resin available. Because ICE has other components that make it self doming, self leveling and self healing is what allows artists to achieve professional looking results.
The ICE Queen

Inspiration Monday

Inspiration Monday

Hello everyone- karen here & it’s inspiration Monday! each week I will be sharing with you bits of inspiration I have bookmarked from around the web. I hope that some of these goodies will inspire you

AJ Fosik

beetles weevils and flies no.10

golly bard

amy blackwell


good mood factory


inspired by the season


that’s my inspiration collection for this week! see you next monday ♥


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