Texture, Color and Shape

Posted on | October 17, 2011 | 4 Comments

Susan Lenart Kazmer, ICE Resin

Susan Lenart Kazmer

Liberatio Cavtivus by Andrea Graham

Hi everyone! Deryn Mentock here. It’s Inspiration Monday and I’m thrilled to be guest
blogging this week.

Are any of you as addicted to Pinterest as I am? What a terrific place to find inspiration.
Even better, what a great method for storing it. I tend to be a paper stacker
and Pinterest saves my countertops that clutter. It’s a virtual inspiration
board where you can tack up all the things you love and want to re-visit. It’s
where I’ve come across most of my offerings for this week. I’ve found some
incredible things to spark your creativity so, let’s get started!

If you follow my blog, Something Sublime, you know I’m a jewelry
maker and I love to talk about design. I’m going to briefly hit a few
highlights of jewelry design today: texture, color and shape.

Susan Lenart KazmerTexture: I was so intrigued the minute I saw Andrea Graham’s felted twigs. They reminded me of a piece I did, some years ago. What I love about this concept is how much texture can be achieved…the texture of the pod form plays off the textures of the shapes inside. Texture makes the viewer want to reach out and touch the piece. It
evokes an emotional response and that’s the whole idea…to prompt a reaction.
Susan Lenart Kazmerdimension…from Scrapping Art 
Susan Lenart Kazmercurled roses by Stephanie Lynn

I’m often inspired by paper projects. Talk about texture! Can’t
you see these turned into metal…transformed into jewelry?

Color scheme from Interior Alchemy
Susan Lenart KazmerSusan Lenart KazmerColor: This room is beyond phenomenal.
It makes me want to curl up with a good book and a scotch. Well….I don’t
drink scotch but…wow! The colors are what really grabbed me, here. The second
I saw this, I thought that a piece of jewelry in this color scheme would be
beautiful. To help me out a little, and just because it’s really fun, I created
a color palette using a template I snagged on Brandi’s blog: Brandi Girl Blog.

You can make one of your own. Brandi is extremely generous with
her tips and tricks and even has some super helpful tools in her shop for those of us who would rather spend time fiddling with wire and
metal than with Photoshop (although, that’s fun too!) In fact, I love this
colorway so much that I’m offering up a little challenge (of course, with a
prize!) on my blog.

Color is so very important when designing jewelry. I’ve seen
perfectly innocent pieces of jewelry ruined by over-enthusiastic use of color.
That’s why my very best advice regarding color when designing jewelry is: stick
with two or three colors. You can use more hues than that, if you like, but
don’t go overboard with colors.
Susan Lenart Kazmercrochet Irish lace..shapes… by Emily of Nothing but String

Shape: Shape just makes everything ever so much more interesting
when it comes to jewelry. Shape is the thing that is immediately recognizable
when your jewelry is viewed. Shape can be interpreted literally or abstractly.
The shapes you choose to use will dictate the direction and mood of your piece. For instance…

Susan Leanrt Kazmer

After the Fall

…for the focal of this piece, I used a very literal interpretation of a leaf
shape (wire with resin paper) which, overall, worked with the other elements to
give the piece a feeling of “nature.” The colors, shapes,
textures…all worked toward that feeling. If I had used a square shape for my
focal, things would have been very different, indeed!

Susan Lenart Kazmersparkle…Day of the Dead makeup from Pinterest

This last photo has it all; color, texture, shape…I just found
it downright inspiring. I’m not sure where it would take me jewelry-wise but,
when I saw it, it gave me that little jolt in the back of my mind…that little
“hmmmm! That’s interesting. “That’s when it gets pinned to my board.
You never know what it might spark!


4 Responses to “Texture, Color and Shape”

  1. mary jane dodd
    October 18th, 2011 @ 05:04

    i keep hearing about pinterest – thank you for sharing it again… i have to go take a look – this is a great post… good design really does come down to simple principles – and your post reinforces the structure that holds hands with the muse…
    i am working hard at getting a piece in to your challenge by tomorrow – the colors are really gorgeous…

  2. Cindy Cima Edwards
    October 19th, 2011 @ 07:05

    Cool finds! I love Pinterest – just wish I had more time to spend on it :)

  3. cat kerr
    October 22nd, 2011 @ 21:19

    Wonderful tips!!

  4. Sherri Carpenter
    October 23rd, 2011 @ 16:21

    Great pictures. Love the different textures and colors. Very inspiring. Love the Day of the Dead makeup picture!


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