“became a living soul” art doll

Susan Lenart KazmerJoAnnA Pierotti is our featured Creative Team artist today. Her art doll, created with ICE Resin®, paint, glass, staple bezel and other items, is sure to evoke an emotional response in the viewer.Susan Lenart Kazmer

Most times JoAnnA says she does not start out as inspired to create a particular mixed media piece. As she begins to work, one thing just leads to another. 

How it worked for this piece, in JoAnnA’s own words: 

“Well, to be honest, “it “is a he. 

Susan Lenart KazmerI took an image of Jesus from an early 1800’s book/bible.  I thought I could make him look like a girl but the photo was to masculine.  Then I thought it would work to be a companion (male version) to a dress I made (not shown). 

The words I chose, “became a living soul”, just popped out of something else I saw in a vintage book text.  





To me, this work represents my spiritual journey, becoming eternally alive.” Susan Lenart Kazmer

Button Molds are a Cinch!

Susan Lenart KazmerDear ICE Queen:  I have an antique button that I’d like to make resin copies of, how can I do this?

Susan Lenart KazmerMaking a mold of a button is very easy!
We sell a very easy to use Jeweler’s grade molding putty on our ICE Resin Web site. It comes with instructions and you’ll be casting buttons in no time.

Totally Teal & Yellow

Susan Lenart KazmerThe ICE Queen is pleased to welcome Amber Demien, Managing Editor at Stampington & Co. as the Guest Curator for this Inspiration Monday post.

Susan Lenart KazmerI recently moved into a new house, and upon unpacking I
found a vintage chenille bedspread that I bought years ago. The bedspread is a
beautiful shade of teal with a light green design. I knew right away that I
wanted to design my room around it, but I had to come up with the perfect
accent color — and yellow won! I almost died when I saw this chair on Martha
Stewart’s website. The fabric is so rich and luxurious and those legs certainly
grab your attention!

ICE Resin

Linocut Print

I purchased this linocut print from maydaystudio on Etsy to
bring the color scheme to my bedroom walls. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going
to do with it yet, but I couldn’t resist the bold, hand-printed pattern — and
those colors!



Susan Lenart KazmerThis craspedia bunch from floresdelsol caught my eye on Etsy. I had never seen these flowers before, and their shape and color are so fun I just had to have them in my bedroom. I decided to create my own out of green, paper-covered floral wire and yellow pompoms, and it really brings a bit of springtime indoors.

Susan Lenart KazmerI absolutely adore the mid-century vibe of these curtains, and their color scheme is the cherry on top. I can imagine how beautiful they would look
illuminated with the morning sunlight that pours through my bedroom window.

Susan Lenart KazmerI have always loved bold, edgy graphics, and this tank (wordans.com) is simply brilliant. I also love the look of splattered and dripping paint and ink, and the white
silhouette of the tank against the vivid colors is so clean and modern.

My bedroom is slowly developing, but I’m in love with it
already. The teal and yellow color scheme is bright enough to cheer up the
room, but when paired with the white walls it’s actually quite calming too. I
hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Happy Monday!

– Amber Demien

Under Deadline Writing The Resin Bible

Susan Lenart KazmerThe time spent with my family was wonderful and the leftovers have been eaten or packaged for later consumption. Now, I am hard at work on my next book all about: The Resin Bible, an Exploration of Resin.

I am excited about the book as it will include a lot of different ways to use resin, not just my jeweler’s grade ICE Resin®.

The Resin Bible includes 10 years of exploration work – it will feature my work and the work of artists I respect, the best of the best. Some are the people doing interesting resin work at SOFA, Sculpture Objects & Functional Art expositions in Chicago and New York City and others are artists working in my field, metalsmithing.

Twenty years ago, anything “useful” was considered a “craft.” To be “art”, a piece had to evoke “emotion.” Mixed media is blurring those lines.

Susan Lenart Kazmer

Fiesta (talisman work)

My book is due to the publisher Interview in a few weeks, so I had better get back to writing. Look for it the end of 2012.

Jen Crossley Makes Her Mark as a Mixed Media Jewelry Artist


Medium: Mixed Media Jewelry Artist and Paper Artist

ICE ResinWebsite: A Mark in Time

A Mark in Time blogspot

ICE ResinICE ResinPublication credit: I will be one of the 25 invited featured
artists in Seth Apter’s new book due out next March 2012.

Facebook URL

ICE ResinQ: If you could learn to create art in any medium you have not tried (or have not mastered), what would it be?

I think maybe enamelling would be fun.

Q: What artist you would like to study with (living or dead) and why?

I’m open to any artist really who inspires me with their work and knowledge; they
don’t have to be famous just open to sharing ideas.



Q: What key piece of advice have you learned in your creative journey that you share with others?

This is a great question. I love what I do and I think if you have a passion follow
your heart. Play and don’t be hard on yourself there is no right or wrong way
there is only your way that you feel comfortable with. Be happy and just create
for yourself.

ICE ResinQ: What adornment could you not go without?

The jewelry my husband Mark has given me, and my Mum’s jewelry.




ICE ResinQ: What 5 items do you have in your studio that you use nearly every day?

My found objects

Ball Peen Hammer

Bench Block

Flexi shaft, and


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