Daring to be Different with Cindi Bisson

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Susan Lenart KazmerCindi Bisson

Susan Leanrt KazmerMedium: Mixed-Media

Susan Leanrt KazmerIn addition to being a mixed-media artist, Cindi is the Associate
Producer/Product Review Manager for When Creativity Knocks and a CHA Designer
Member. You can view her line of hand-drawn rubber stamps at The Stamping

Blog: Fat Cat Creations

Twitter Name: CindiBisson     Facebook: Cindi Bisson


Q: If you could learn to create art in any medium you have not tried (or have not mastered) what would it be?

A: Stained glass.
I am awed by the beauty of the sun shining through stained glass – I would love
to learn how to create this beautiful art form.

Susan Lenart Kazmer

ICE Leaf Pendant by Cindi Bission

Q: What artist would you like to study with:

A: After spending a long time pondering this question, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s sort of Lay’s potato chips (“bet you can’t eat just one!”); I can’t pick just one. I
am interested in so many types of creativity – I admire the paintings of Monet
and think it would be amazing to have had an opportunity watch them come to
life. I love pottery – and enjoy time spent working with any creative potter
who expresses themselves through unique ways of using clay. There are
innumerable current day mixed-media jewelry designers whose work I find
inspiring and would love to spend time working with. I would enjoy slipping
back in time and spending a few hours with an old fashioned quilting circle –
seeing the “untrained” fabric artists gathering together and creating
something functional, unique and beautiful to last for generations. Tapestry
weavers of old – what an art form – what a site that would be to behold. I love
edible art; a day spent with the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, would be
educational and fun! And, as many people know – I am a true lover of Halloween
and all things spooky and sci-fi related – I think it would be absolutely
amazing to spend time with the creative geniouses who create actual costumes,
make-up, and set designs for scary and sci-fi movies.

Q: What adornment could you not do without:

A: Metal – I love incorporating metal into my art – wire, metal sheets, hardware store finds, rusty trinkets (especially found objects), jewelry findings…..

Sisan Leanrt Kazmer

Captured Ocean by Cindi Bisson

5 Things in studio I use almost every day:

Scissors, paper trimmer, and Elmer’s adhesives by the truckload, but if you mean more exciting, non-tool related supplies:

  1. Paint
  2. Rit Liquid Dye
  3. Papers (especially textured, hand-made or fiber type papers)
  4. Buttons
  5. Air-dry Makin’s polymer clay

And, yes, I know this is 6 not 5, but for the last several months – ICE Resin® – I’m having a blast experimenting with it!

Q: Key piece of advice to share:

A: Some of the best advice I ever received was given to me by fellow Designer, Ana Araujo. She shared key advice that Carol Duvall had given her many years ago. It is as true today as it was then. “Somewhere, sometime I read a “thing”
about perseverance being the REAL key to success… more than ambition, talent,
time, etc… it is Perseverance that counts… and it appears that is something
you have abundance. Good for you.”

A second key piece of advice I would add would be to DARE TO BE DIFFERENT. Explore your own style of creativity – don’t just try to fit in with what everyone else is
doing. Trends are important, but so is daring to be adventurous with your
creative projects.

***The editor (Carol) goofed last week and accidentally posted a couple of Tracy Bell’s marvelous treasure tubes as Cindi’s. My sincerest apologies to both artists.***


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