Weckesser’s Sweet Earth Art

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ICE ResinOur Super Star is Susan K.Weckesser.

Website: http://www.susankweckesser.com/

Blog: My Sweet Earth

Susan Lenart Kazmer

Believe by S. Weckesser


Medium: Any and everything! I love to challenge myself and to create with almost anything.

Your Book(s): I am a contributing writer for magazines and am in the process of finishing my first ‘art’ book.

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Jessica's Sunset by S. Weckesser

If you could learn to create art in any medium you have not tried (or have not
mastered), what would it be?

I love to create pieces with
broken glass however I would love to learn how to blow glass. It really is
beautiful and so magical!

What artist you would like to study with (living or dead) and why?

I enjoy studying all artists
because I find that every artist has a unique and different way of looking at
the earth and then interpreting it. However, when I was at university, I did
enjoy writing papers and doing work on Monet.

What key piece of advice have you learned in your creative journey that you share
with others?

ALWAYS block out the outside noise
around you and follow you heart and your dreams. You can do anything in this
world if you truly BELIEVE in yourself!!!! Never doubt!

What adornment could you not go without?

I don’t have one. I like to improvise…… so it I don’t have something, I find a replacement and them use my imagination!

Susan Lenart Kazmer

by Susan Weckesser

What 5 items do you have in your studio that you use nearly every day?

-acrylic medium

-paints & ZIG Writers



-WACOM tablet


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