Courtiers with Moustaches in the ICE Resin Court

Carol, Susan’s social media gal here.  The nice thing about being on the other side of the camera is getting to see and hear everyone’s reaction.

ice resin

Susan's moustache migrated until she became Frida.

In this case, the waiter, the waitress, the other restaurant patrons, the people in buca di beppo who were there for a business meeting and NEVER expected the ICE Queen and her retinue.


“What is that?”

“It’s a moustache.”

(They got it when she ripped the moustache off.)

ice resin

Moustache application is serious business!


susan leanrt kazmer

When you can't grow a moustache, you just have to make do....

I know you don’t recognize our mysterious women in disguise. That’s (l to r, back row) Creative Team member Patina Marie, the ICE Queen, our friend Kelly, (front l to r) Jen our Director of Education, CT member JoAnnA and CT Coordiantor Kristin.

Way too much fun after an awesomely productive day at the Craft and Hobby Association’s Winter Show.

And we were celebrating Creative Team member JoAnnA’s birthday, so of course there was more than one toast, followed a bit later by singing wait staff.

 SUsan Lenart Kazmer

We’re back in the room now and I have to stop writing soon and join the slumber party.

She’s Crafty! in Pink Aprons Dancing

We just can’t say enough nice things about the gals at Charity Wings! Carol, out social media gal was a floor up taking video with her phone in one hand and pics with her camera in the other.

ice resin

Jen-- Dancing is serious business!

That’s Wendy Russell (below) in the wings Jen Cushman made out of copper wire, Seven Gypsies tissue paper and our fabulous ICE Resin ribbons.

ice resin

Scissors... You can;t be crafty without scissors!

We also LOVE those gorgeous paper and feather angel wings! To the woman who made them– gorgeous, professional work!

They even brought cupcakes when they came to our booth and interviewed us later in the day.

Thanks, Elena!!






A Bit o’ Bling, a Wee Lass, and a Lavish Chandelier

Find a different perspective and candy for the eye at the ICE Resin® booth.


Gaze up through the chandelier.

ice resin

Dream of necklaces divine! (These were made by our fabulous Creative Team Coordinator Kristen Robinson and our our Director of Education, jazzy Jen Cushman.)

ice resin

And… a mixed media art  project by Kristin: “The Story of Mary Marquerite” ( a lovely Irish lass who was a diminuative 4’10”).

You’re most cordially invited to stop by booth 1029 if you are at CHA!


Pre-CHA how many objects will we repurpose?

Do You See the Bedsprings? Talk about repurposed objects! There are rustic trunks and awesome hand painted, stitched signs showcasing new products and tools to put together our CHA booth #1029.



Can You see the bedspring (Pre_CHA booth!)

Come and see how a design goes from truck bed to a booth ready for demos and book signings and meeting old friends and making new ones.

 ice resin

Elena of Charity Wings–Susan is coveting your wings!

Stay tuned to facebook and twitter and for the next 4 days to see video and pictures from the show!

Head in the Clouds

Susan Lenart KazmerCrafty Cutie Tatiana’s dreams have never looked better than they do in a Closed-Backed Circular Hobnail Bezel!

ICE Resin

Head in the Cloud (c) Crafty Cutie

She says: “This pendant is a reflection of how I spend most of my days…with my head in the clouds.”

Visit her blog to get a glimpse of what she is dreaming of today!.

Be sure to become a member of our ICE Resin® Flickr Group. If you want us to publish your work, be sure to make it so we can download the image. (You may need to reset the photo license to “attribution no derive creative commons” so we can pull more than a thumbnail. We understand how important your designs are to you and will always credit you on the blog. If you provide a link to your website or blog, we’ll be sure to add that to the posts too.

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