Cat Kerr’s has wings so come and fly!

Posted on | February 22, 2012 | 6 Comments

susan lenart kazmerWe dream of flight and flights of fancy. ICE Resin® Creative Team member Catt Ker brings us two precious necklaces:

ICE ResinFaeries, fairys, the fey, sidhe, angels with a sense of humor, whatever you call the winged creatures that live in our mythic tales and imaginations, the flittering fluttering creatures that some say are guides, they add whimsy to our lives.

More specifically in this case, Cat says of her “CoMe FlY wiTh mE” mixed media necklace: “I found the words first and I quickly realized I needed to make a fairy!”

Tis true that Cat trapped her fairy in ICE Resin, but don’t worry, fairies have a way of leaving their marks then flitting off to inspire the next person.

The rub-ons “floating” between layers of resin add a 3D look to the fairy looking out of a hobnail bezel where a pretty wire wrap holds her on the necklace for all the ooh and aah over.

Butterflys are bejeweled insects that morph from catterpillar to chrysalis to a wonder of nature. To the ancient Greeks the butterfly represented the human soul. To the Chinese and Japanese the butterfly means peace and happiness.

Whe she came across the vintage image she knew just what she would create.

Cat Kerr’s “I SEe YoU” necklace hangs from gossamer ribbons stitched together.

ice resinThe triangle bezel fetchingly offsets the rhinestones and die-cut wings.

Lovely. May winged creatures grace your daydreams!

To discover more about Cat, visit her In the Light of the Moon.


6 Responses to “Cat Kerr’s has wings so come and fly!”

  1. mary jane dodd
    February 22nd, 2012 @ 05:45

    really beautiful cat… the perfect balance of metal weight, resin lightness – and the layered images are composed in such an artful way… love the sewn fiber necklace…

  2. Kathy Thompson
    February 22nd, 2012 @ 09:30

    Beautiful, Cat! Love the to stitched ribbon detail!

  3. Mike and Lesley
    February 22nd, 2012 @ 09:47

    Stunning!!! Love the look of the rub-ons…so clever!

  4. Cindy
    February 22nd, 2012 @ 11:05

    What beautiful pendants by Cat! I can really see her signature style come through in these pieces, with the vintage images and text. The bezels she used are really pretty as well!

  5. Chris Kerr
    February 22nd, 2012 @ 17:30

    Beautifully whimsical Cat!! Love the layers and the images make me smile~~

  6. Cindy Cima Edwards
    February 23rd, 2012 @ 07:50

    Both of the pendants are stunning! I love the idea of using rub-ons!


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