Steampunk Collar Button

art deco bezelsSteampunk… it conjures up images of airships, clockworks that somehow countdown a heroine’s destiny, mad scientists, mechanical dragons and even a dash of magic.

Perhaps our heroine dashed into Loo Loos Box to escape the mad scientist following her, and proprietor Robin Delargy gave her this wonderful talisman. Understated. Chic.

Of course ICE Resin® never loses its clarity so the heroine will be able to pass this piece on to her own adventurous  daughter.

Hmmm… back to the real world. I have not run across many button covers but Robin’s made me go to my jewelry box and take note. Now this writer by trade is inspired to grab one of SLK’s new art deco bezels and figure out what inclusions I can add to make my own collar button.

I believe that handmade jewelry resonates with positive energy for the maker and the wearer.

What adornment will fill your day with transcendent creativity?

Happy Friday,






From the Peanut Gallery with Creative Team Member Tina

SCHIEFER - Comments from the Peanut Gallery - LRG

Comments from the Peanut Gallery by Tina Schiefer

With our Creative Team challenge of Mixed Metals, I’ve embellished an old vinegar bottle with all-sorts of mixed metal bits and bobs. Bronze. Silver. Gold. Rusty.

When I first laid eyes on the SLK Bezeled Ring, the texture reminded me of a peanut shell. That was my jumping off point. Using my smooth jaw jeweler’s pliers, I gently bent the ring into a peanut shape using the actual peanut shell as my form. The interior of the 1/2 shell had such a beautiful, naturally stippled color, that I simply cast resin into it and let the resin work its magic!

The bezel portion of the ring was filled with thickened resin and fitted with a children’s “fat” pencil I found at a dollar store. I cut the pencil very short to represent a pencil that has been worn to down to a nub from a lifetime of comments from the peanut gallery. You know the ones…funny, sarcastic, off-color…sometimes welcomed, sometimes not. We’ve all stuck our foot in our mouth from time to time. We’ve all been part of the peanut gallery!
SCHIEFER - Comments from the Peanut Gallery - LRG
True to my nature of using cast-offs, the pencil and the bottle were embellished with a sewn brown waxed paper bag leftover from a friends cookie exchange party. With brown Staz On stamped words like “two-cents, wisecracks, opinion, input and remarks” and paper sealed letters spelling out P. E. A. N. U. T ., the theme is further enhanced.
SCHIEFER - Comments from the Peanut Gallery - Lrg
Adding to the silly-ness, an oval hobnail bezel fitted with the word Hinkey dangles from the rusty chicken wire. I first heard the word Hinkey in the movie The Fugitive. Its slang definition means ‘strange or unusual’. Perfect – as our family is a bit unusual. We are a HUGE movie watching family and we are constantly quoting various scripts in our day-to-day conversations. So when I found the word in an old music book – Hinkey Dinkey Parlez Vous – I simply used my new SLK oval template and the fitting was easy!

I have begun filling the bottle with small fortunes and my hope is that over time, the bottle will be filled to the brim with fortunes, small notes, and other such fun tidbits!

If I wore jewelry, the peanut/pencil could easily be wire wrapped and turned into a cute necklace too! I’m guessing I’d get at least a few random comments…ba da boom! :-)

Supplies:  ICE Resin, Bezeled Ring, Bronze Wire, Oval Hobnail Bezel, Circle Collage Template (oval shape)

More silly-ness can be found over on my blog. Feel free to stop by and visit anytime…I’d love to hear what you have to say…

Creating a Transparent Layer with Creative Team Member Kathy Thompson

Hey everyone! It’s Kathy from the creative design team. I’ve created this quick video to show you how to make a transparent layer by printing an image directly onto ordinary tissue paper. The image will appear to float above the background layer adding depth and interest to almost any resin project.

1. This technique works best if you choose a black and white image to print onto the tissue paper and layer it over a light background.
2. This same technique could also be accomplished by stamping onto the tissue with permanent ink.


I hope that you enjoy the video.

My Blog

Typing in Aqua with Eileen Hull

Susan Lenart KazmerHi everyone- how nice to be invited back to the ICE Resin blog as Guest Curator! So happy to be with you all again…

I was asked to share what inspires me… well, just about everything!

ice resinProbably nature tops the list. Spring is a great season because every day new things are popping up. Just like all of those ideas that pop up in my head! The colors, shapes and textures of flowers are endlessly fascinating to me.

I love old and worn things. Each piece has a story to tell. I found this typewriter for $1 at a sale in Virginia. The color is such a pretty blue. I can’t help but wonder who owned it and what words were written on this machine.

ice resin

ice resinThe color aqua is fresh and clean- and can usually be spotted somewhere in each piece of my work.

The patterns, shapes and dimension of architectural details like windows, doors and moldings give me ideas when I am designing dies and embossing folders.

iceresinI was inspired last summer by a visit to the headquarters of Crescent matboard- my favorite crafting medium! Stay tuned to hear more about that… :-)

susan lenart kazmer


Please stop by my blog at for a look at what I have been up to. Hoping that inspiration is overflowing in your life too…


Welcome to our balancing act!

Running ICE Resin® keeps Susan Lenart Kazmer and Jen Cushman constantly busy. Busy making art, writing books (Explore Create Resinate!) and articles, making mixed media jewelry and sculptures, as well as keeping track of the company. However, all that hard work is paying off with an upcoming TV interview on Lifetime’s morning show: The Balancing Act.


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