On the Button

The humble button has been helping us stay dressed since at least the Bronze Age of civilization.


ice resin

Bronze Age Scottish buttons of Jet and cannel coal from the National Museums Scotland.

My grandma taught me to play Button, Button, Who Has My Button?

In life (or the sport of Curling) you can be “On the Button”.

If you deal poker, you get to wear a fancy button.

And if your style of creation is mixed media, you have probably used a button to embellish your project a time or two.

Here are some colorful modern buttons that made us smile.

ice resin

Photo (c) “druideye”.


susan lenart kazmer

Borrowed from Wendy’s Hat blogspot



ice resin

Borrowed from Studio Slyter

ice resin

Fair Trade buttons borrowed from Henry’s Buttons blog











And, for those of you talented with a needle and thread ~~I admire you, because about all I have the patience for is sewing on the button that fell off ~~ here are a couple of cool button projects by Diane Gillaland: Dorset and Singleton.

ice resin

Singleton buttons by Diane Gilleland

ice resin

Dorset buttons by Diane Gilleland

Creatively Crafty with Cindi Bisson – Color Frosted ICE Resin®


I am thrilled to be a part of the ICE Resin Technique Tuesday series this week! I love to combine mixed-media products to create unique projects. This technique combines two of my current favorites – ICE Resin and Jacquard Lumiere 3D paint. The adhesive quality of the paint enables it to stay in place in the mold rather than pooling or puddling, allowing for a light all-over application. When the ICE Resin is poured into the painted mold, the paint adheres to the resin itself, and the result is an all-over metallic coloring that still maintains the translucent quality of the resin. By adding black paint to the back of a color frosted ICE Resin piece, a different effect is achieved. I can’t wait to see what other mixed-media products will work well with my stash of ICE Resin products! Until next time – keep creating and remember to “Dare to be Different!”

Cindi Bisson
Behind These Eyes

Belles Dames Francaises for Operation Write Home

Operation Write Home is a project that has brought over a million and a half handmade cards to veterans since 2007. These are blank cards the vets will be able to write a message in and send to a loved one.

Get in on the fun this weekend and join people from all over the country making cards (A2 size).

Operation Write Home has  provided a complete set of templates and instructions for your card making pleasure, click right HERE.

Here is one our social media gal Carol made:

Susan Lenart Kazmer

Happy Memorial Day!  Thank a veteran for his or her service to our great country!

Cards for Soldiers

The reason to participate in OPERATION WRITE HOME’s card making extravaganza is a win in itself. Operation Write Home is a non-profit that encourages others to make cards that our men and women serving the military overseas, often in combat zones, can send back home to their loved ones for birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, I love you and all those other reasons that people send still send cards.

Need a carrot? The ICE Queen is sweetening the pot with a drawing for an ICE Resin® plunger, an SLK bezel and an image pack! Make a card (or cards) snap a pic and e-mail it to Carol@iceresin.com. She will chose one winner at random as the winner and post a collage of pics on a future ICE Queen Zine.

We can’t stress this enough, be sure to check the FAQs on the OWH site about card making and safety We mistakenly added some bling to a card we made and then found out it was not allowed (we took it off!) because night vision goggles can see glitter.

It’s a long holiday weekend so no excuses.

Check out our blog early tomorrow morning for all the details!


support our troops

A ring and earrings for the City of Lights

ice resin

Beetique’s Paris ring came about when she listed it on Etsy. It was made with a bamboo bezel, Painted Paris stampings and rhinestones from B’Sue Boutique and ICE Resin®.

When a customer purchased the ring, she asked if Beetique had any other Paris rings so she made this one.

Beetique wrote: “I really like working with ICE Resin. I saw it when B’Sue had a video on it. I also like to coat my finished pieces with ICE for protection and so the inks or paints won’t run.”

And she made matching earrings!

ice resin

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