Bling in Wheels of ICE

Native American artist Lisa Patencio’s wheels of bling necklace made with ICE Resin is not only on our flickr page, her piece was picked up by the Stagecoach Gallery In Douth Dakota.

ice resin

Giving New Personality to a Wooden Purse

Hello! Cindy here.

ice resin

ICE Resin® and Spellbinders™ – Giving New Personality to a Wooden Purse

I had this great wooden purse in my stash of items I wanted to re-use one day. It was already decorated by another designer who had passed it on to me when organizing her studio, which lead to a few challenges – but with my ICE Resin® products and Spellbinders™ Nestabilities® label dies, Impressabilities® and Grand Calibur® machine, it all came together to give this purse a new life. (Spellbinders and ICE Resin are cross promotional partners.)


ICE Resin® (

ART Mechanique Flip Book: Belles Dames Francaise

ART Mechanique 2” Round Hobnail Bezel

Spellbinders™ Grand Calibur® machine (

Spellbinders™ Nestabilities® Labels Twenty-Four dies

Spellbinders™ Impressabilities® – Paisley

Wooden purse

Plaid foil glue (

Metallic leafing

Copper sheets

Copper mesh screen sheets

Westcott® Titanium Bonded® scissors (

Dew Drops embellishments (

Floral button (

ImpressART® metal stamps and tools – lowercase Newsprint alphabet (

Jacquard Turquoise Lumiere 3D Dimensional Paint and Adhesive, and pink Lumiere Acrylic Paint (

Krylon® silver and gold leafing pens (

Coordinating patterned paper

E-6000 Adhesive


For the mixed-media flower –

Cut two 5” x 5” squares of copper mesh screening. Cut one 4” x 4” square of copper metal sheet and one 3” x 3” square. (Westcott® Titanium Bonded scissors will easily cut metal sheets and screening.)

Following manufacturer instructions, use Spellbinders™ Grand Calibur®, cut large Labels Twenty-Four shape from each of the copper mesh squares. Cut one 3 1/4” label from 4” square of copper, and one 2 1/2” label from 3” square.

ice resinice resinUse Paisley Impressabilities® to add embossing to die cut copper mesh pieces and larger of two copper sheet pieces.

To create “petals,” bend each section of each label upward then roll inward on a pencil.

When each petal is complete, gently fold outward again and bring end up to create petal shape as shown.

For smallest piece of die cut copper sheet, cut into four sections, one for each “petal.”

ice resinUse ImpressART® metal alphabet stamps to stamp “bloom” onto each petal. To make lettering stand out, apply a small amount of Turquoise Lumiere 3D Dimensional Metallic Paint and Adhesive over lettering, then wipe with soft cloth to remove paint from around letters. Fold petals as above.

Select sheet of paper from flip book. Cut one label using largest die. Cut into four sections to create petals. Apply gold leafing pen to outside edges of each petal. Set aside.

ice resinTo create center of flower, remove hanging bail from round hobnail bezel. Trace bezel onto sheet of paper from flip book, cut and place into bezel. Arrange Dew Drop embellishments as desired. Add floral button accent, allowing petals of button to extend onto rim of bezel.

ice resinFollow manufacturer instructions and mix ICE Resin®. Apply thin coat of ICE Resin® to both side of each paper petal, set aside to dry. Fill hobnail bezel with resin. Allow to cure approximately 3 hours, then gently add additional Dew Drops over surface of original Dew Drops to add dimension. Let cure. Accent clear petals on button flower with light coat of pink Lumiere metallic resin

Assemble flower by arranging two copper mesh labels to form flower base, followed by paper petals, then embossed copper sheet label, and finishing with letter stamped petals as shown. Use E-6000 Adhesive to mount all layers, and to mount finished flower center to flower. Set flower aside.

For the purse –

For the front of the purse, select a sheet of paper from the Belles Dames Francaise flip book. Mount to front of purse.

Apply foiling glue to to left corner and right outer edge of purse front as shown. Apply leafing.

Measure and cut coordinating patterned paper for all four sides of cover. The paper for this purse was cut to allow approximately 1/8-1/4” inch on either side of wood to show after the paper was applied. Mount.

Apply silver leafing pen to open wooden space between side paper and cover paper.

For sides of back of purse, measure and cut copper metal sheet to fit around left, right and bottom. ice resinI left approximately 1/8” of space between the copper and the sides of the purse itself. Emboss with Paisley Impressabilities® using Grand Calibur®. Mount using E-6000 Adhesive to purse. Let dry.

While removing some of the elements used on the first design of the purse was simple (paper, flowers, etc.) the back of the purse had been decorated with patterned paper featuring tall grasslike designs. Many of the strands of the “grass” had been detailed with microbeads. Removing those was not an easy option. ice resinI loved the texture these beads added, but the color of the paper did not coordinate with my color palette for the project, so I decided to use foiling glue over the entire surface, then apply assorted colors of metallic leafing. If starting with a new purse, simply add the leafing to the back of the purse.

Apply silver leafing pen to wooden area between copper sheet strips and leafed background, and top of back of purse.

The inside back and front of the cover of the purse were also lined with patterned paper.

Mix ICE Resin® according to instructions. Apply thin layer of resin over outside surface of purse, covering paper, silver leafing pen and metallic leafing flakes on front and back (do not cover embossed copper on sides). Let cure.

Measure and cut piece of copper metal sheet to fit between handle of purse. Use letter stamps to spell out “bloom where you are planted” and then stamp flower image in a circle to create a flower next to verse. Apply Turquoise Lumiere 3D as above to make lettering and flower stand out. Add Dew Drop center to flower. Use E-6000 to mount to top of purse between handles.

ice resinUse E-6000 to mount finished flower to bottom right corner of front of purse. Let dry.

Designed by:

Cindi Bisson – Behind These Eyes™

Mixed-Media Artist

(919) 208-7777


Road Trip by Kathy Thompson

The creative journey for this piece began when I saw a blog post announcing that ICE Resin® had a call out for designers to submit ideas to become part of their 2011-2012 Creative Team. I had never used any resin prior to that time but didn’t want to pass up on a great opportunity.

I knew I would have to create something that was completely “out of the box” if I wanted to capture their attention. So I headed to the thrift store for some ideas and came home with a pair of overalls, a gauge and some old register buttons from a mechanic’s garage. The summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry features the project that came t life on my workbench.

The summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry features the project these simple items became.

I cut a clasp and zipper away from the overalls and took apart the gauge. Once all the parts and pieces were disassembled, it was time to make them look like they had spent years out on the road. I added some “rust” with brown acrylic paint and a light spray of copper metallic.

I put all the bits and pieces together and filled the gauge/bezel with ICE Resin®. I used packing tape to back the clasp, filled it with resin and added the gas, oil and chg buttons. Once the resin was cured, I added the zipper.

I added a handmade copper chain consisting of funky links bringing this piece to its final destination.

You can find “Road Trip” in the summer issue of Belle Armoire Jewelry and on my blog.

Thanks for following along with me on this creative journey!


Heart in Flight with Tami Bayer

Check out Lead Fiskateer Tami Bayer doing a make n take with SLK and visitors at the ICE Resin® Winter CHA.


The good stuff:

A Rummikub tile

Sheet Music coated with ICE Resin® and Jenni Bowlin FLIGHT Squeeze Punch

A ¼” HEART Hand Punch with pink paper

Glue dots

A bit of tulle

Hemp string

Craft glue

Pin back


Use the FLIGHT punch on the resin paper and make a bird.

Use the heart punch to make a heart

Gather a bit of tulle and tie a bow with a hemp string

Attach to Rummikub tile with glue dots (You can do it on the number side or the plain back side.)

Attach pinback with craft glue to the other side.

Thanks Tami!!

You’ll find Tami over at her Peace, Tea, Ink blog.


The sound of raindrops on an umbrella

Posting these as a prayer for sorely needed rain–the monsoons can’t come soon enough in Arizona where 2 members of the ICE Resin team live.

ice resin

Sexy umbrellas produced by Guy de Jean produced a line of sexy umbrella for for Chantal Thomass, 2006-2008











ice resin

Cool birds and flowers fly underneath this paper umbrella. Wonder how it closes…








susan lenart kazmer

This brolly features constantly pasing multicolored LED lights.




ice resin

Carol swears she will buy this the next ime an umbrella breaks!









Painting:  Renoir’s famous Les Parapluies (The Umbrellas 1883)

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