Forget Me Not

Forget Me Knots are blue, us the flowers drove the color combination of this art doll. I created her hat using a pronged ring bezel and sealed the flowers onto it with ICE Resin.

I made her to remind me of the good memories in life. (Thanks Mom! Know you are watching.)

May good memories fill your life!


Moss Hill Studio

ice resin



ice resin

Wanderlust by Tina Schiefer

“Wanderlust – A strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world”.

Today, I think we take the speed of travel for granted. Super Jets fly us over oceans, our GPS systems allow us to traverse the freeways of the world and even text messaging skips through multiple time zones in milliseconds.

ice resin

To see more of Tina Schiefer’s art, check out her blog.

This piece is in remembrance of a by-gone era, and those who explored our beautiful earth from the seat of a swaying train.

I used a round staple bezel, mica sheet and ICE Resin.


“Happy Heart” Video Tutorial

S.L.K Industrial Chic ready-to-use line at Michael’s is FULL of amazing pieces. Each piece can be to assembled to, embellished with, even stitched with. Every item is full of possibility and what I love most is that one might think these pieces are for jewelry making alone, but I think they can be used in scrapbooking, altered art projects, journal add-ons, clothing accessories and in my case…used to create a small assemblage.


As this is my last post for Ice Resin, I would like to take the time to thank Carol and Kristen for their help and support throughout the last year. I would also like to thank my fellow team members for all the kind words of encouragement. I felt so honored to be included in such an amazing group of talented artists. Thank you Kathy, Tina, Joanna, Lesley and Michael, Cindi and Andrea.

To see more of Cat’s work visit her at

Jen Crossley, ICE Resin® Creative Team Member 2012-2013

ice resin

Jen Crossley,
ICE Resin® Creative Team Member 2012-2013
Blog: A Mark in Time

ice resinDrumroll!

This week, we are formally introducing you to the members the ICE Resin® 2012-2013 Creative Team!

Jen Crossley is an Australian mixed media artist and highly sought after instructor. Her art is truly unique, incorporating many a found object, vintage ephemera, metal she has herself etched, resin and much more. With a true eye for detail and the ability to see past a rusty bit of metal, Jen is able to create assemblage pieces, tiny books and jewellery from this assortment of pieces she collects.

Jen’s career has now taken her abroad where she realised her dream of becoming an internationally recognised artist and began teaching at the Art n Soul retreats. Her work has been published in a number of Stampington’s magazine publications as well as Seth Apter’s book “The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed” as one of the 31 featured artists.

Jen’s pieces conjure up images of times gone by …. which is the apt name of her blog, A Mark in Time.

This post marks the last of our Creative Team introductions. October 23 a new year for Tech Tuesday begins, and October 24 is the first date for a new round of Creative Team Wednesdays.

Alexis Grenzer, ICE Resin® Creative Team Member 2012-2013

ice resin

Alexis Grenzer, ICE Resin®
Creative Team Member 2012-2013
Website: The Shabby Clavera

ice resinLet the drumrolls continue!

This week, we are formally introducing you to the members the ICE Resin® 2012-2013 Creative Team!

Lexi Grenzer is a teacher, jewelry designer and animal advocate in the Bay Area.

She has a great love of all things Shabby Chic and Day of the Dead, which lead to the creation of her blog and business, The Shabby Calavera.

Lexi’s days are spent creating in the studio, teaching classes, snuggling with her four fur babies and doting on her son and adoring husband.  She attributes her love of art and hand crafted beauties to her Grandmother’s amazing influence.  She feels blessed that she can contribute in any way to the creative community, and hopes to spend the rest of her life inspiring people to do the same.

To learn more about Lexi, visit her blog.

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