Eye of Newt, a Witchy Halloween Necklace by Thespa McLaughlin

 ICE Resin
Don’t you just love Halloween? I have always loved fall, being an October baby, and Halloween was always so magical for me as a kid. Now that I’m a grownup, I still love it as much as I did back then, only now instead of tin foil costumes and plastic candy containers, I get to wear more sophisticated and elegant wear. That is where this necklace comes in.

I made this coffin-shaped bezel and used ICE Resin to encase her spell forever….

You can find out more about me at Vintiquities!


ICE Resin + tissue paper with Thespa McLaughlin

Thespa shares how to make tissue paper translucent with ICE Resin®

You can learn more about Thespa on her Vintiquities Worshop blog.


ICE Resin + Belle Dames paper with Jo Jones

Adding ICE Resin to paper is simple. You can do it with any kind of paper, however in this video, Jo Jones has torn an image from the Belle Dames Francaise book.

Find out more about Jo on her Shop Jo Mama blog.


Fantasy Flower People by Susan Walls

ice resinTwo things are continual and obsessive threads in all my work. Doesn’t matter whether I’m painting, sewing, putting together jewelry, or journaling. Faces and shrink plastic. That’s it, I am a shrink plastic addict and I dream of faces…all kinds of faces!

In the depths of creating my line for this year I was entranced by a whimsical stamp design that just begged for a face. Something that’s appearance would tempt you to look closer. A face that would tell a little story. Laying out several yards of photos and clips of vintage photos I stared at them for days until the right one spoke to me.

ice resin
There was a grouping of curmudgeonly looking women among the photos that I seemed to keep coming back to. And this is the one that won out. She just seems to want to get free. To let herself go. Not unlike all of us do from time to time. We want to be free and let go of all the things that hold us back. Wearing these might help…just a little!

Materials used: ICE Resin®, various beads, and earring findings, artist grade shrink plastic, permanent ink, colored pencils, spray sealer, paper ephemera or laser printed photos (use your family!), rubber stamp, white glue.

Susan W.

Susan’s Art Circus

Treasures of the Sea by Cindy Cima Edwards

ice resinI recently went on a working trip to Florida and my hotel was with in walking distance to the beach. Since this was only the 4th time in my life that I have been to the ocean it was quite the thrill for me! I collected various sea shells from the beach and also purchased a big container of shells from the local souvenir shop. All of the shells used in this design were purchased but I am sure I will use the shells I gathered in future projects. The Monet Vintage gold chain was a flea market find.

ice resin

I wanted this very special pendant to be the main focus, so I used a simple chain with a few bead dangles to complete the design. The inclusions are set in an Art Mechanique Bronze Open Back Shield Bezel with ICE Resin®.


Live to Design


Add a bead dangle – Cindy Cima Edwards shares a technique

ice resinCindy Cima Edwards shares how to add a bead dangle using a wrap loop. You will need basic jewelry tools.

You can find out more about Cindy on her Live to Design blog.


JoAnna Pierotti transitions to ICE Resin® Special Projects

We are pleased to announce that JoAnna Pierotti has agreed to transition from our 2011-2012 Creative Team to our 2012-13 Special projects Team.

ice resinJoAnna Pierotti is a full time working mixed media artist who finds joy in creating art dolls, assemblage, working with metal and vintage tattered fibers and lace. She has a passion for teaching. Joanna is a down-to-earth kind of gal, who enjoys the classroom energy.

Her work has been published in numerous publications including Art Making, Collections and Obsessions, Exhibition 36 , A Charming Exchange and The Pulse of Mixed Media: Secrets and Passions of 100 Artists Revealed.  Her work has been collected all over the world.

Joanna grew up in New England, transplanted to Southern California in 1973 and presently lives in Arizona with her husband, Ron, of 22 years and their new pup, Willow.

You can discover more about JoAnna on her Moss Hill Studio blog.

We Welcome Sandy Martin to the ICE Resin® Mixed Media Team

Sandy Martin

Sandy Martin        Blog:  Sweet Pea Jewelry




industrial chicSandy Martin says:

“I started my artistic life with painting, then quickly moved to recycled/mixed media.

I started a recycled art show in my small town (when most of the population still viewed it as trash) This year we will celebrate out 12th year!

When I began nursing school, I could not continue with larger projects so I began making mixed media jewelry.{I mistakenly thought it would be quicker and take up less space) I was able to quit my job and support myself while in school by selling jewelry. But once I graduated and began working full time,I found I had no time to create.

Jewelry continues to be my primary medium, but I still love mixed media pieces. I love making mixed media/recycled art for so many reasons. It makes me feel connected to the past when I use found pieces. I get joy out of giving a new life to something discarded or forgotten.”

We Welcome Susan Walls to the ICE Resin® Mixed Media Team

industrial chicSusan M. Walls  has been involved in arts and crafts ever since she was little. She was sewing by the time she was 6, painting tempera wildlife scenes soon after that, and has created countless handmade gifts for friends all her life.

During college she took a left turn into the restaurant business and stayed there for the better part of 20 years but her dream of living a more creative life won out in the end.

Now several years later with 2 children and 3 other art related businesses, “Charming Trinkets” is the main focus of Susan’s attention.Susan is a one woman show, designing and hand creating each jewelry piece herself. Her distinctive themed pieces allow you to show off your crazier side and all the things you love. Susan’s motto is to never create anything too serious and hopes everyone that comes in contact with her jewelry will find a reason to smile.



We Welcome Pamela Huntington to the ICE Resin® Mixed Media Team

industrial chic

Pamela Huntington                                                                                                                 Blog
Twitter: pamela027

Pamela Huntington is a mixed media artist with a background in fiber arts. As her interests grew, her Connecticut studio expanded to encompass many of the rooms in her home. Encaustics on one side of the kitchen, art journals and custom book making papers on a big table in the living room, fiber arts in a sewing room where the light is good, transformed photographs and websites via laptop. She collects antiques, loves to try new techniques and incorporate them into her designs with fabric, paper, resin, found objects and paints. Her publication credits include Belle Armoire, Cloth Paper Scissors, Somerset Studio and Somerset Gallery. She has taught at Art Fest, Art Unraveled, Art is You and Paper Cowgirl and her art has been viewed in galleries and juried shows. When Pamela is not busy creating or teaching she’s likely outside taking care of and being inspired by fifteen acres of woodland and grass.

industrial chic

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