Flutterby with Jo “JoMama” Jones

ice resinDoesn’t this Flutterby necklace by Jo Jones make you feel happy? It does us!

She used organza ribbon for color and vintage chains for texture. The butterfly captured in ICE Resin® flew out of our Belle Dames Francaise paper pack.

You can get to know more about Jo “JoMama” Jones on her blog.


Blue Crush by Cindy Cima Edwards

A collage image (Belles Dames Francaise), German Glass Glitter in Carnivale gold plus a hint of pink set off this pendant.

Once I finished the silver heart bezel I felt the colors and shape called out for a romantic feel.  I created beaded links of crystal pearls and crystal bicones to complete the look.

Cindy Cima Edwards

Live to Design

Clasp bezel and hook came from Industrial Chic, Susan Lenart Kazmer’s exclusive line of mixed media components available at Michaels.

Found Objects with Cindy Cima Edwards

Cindy shares what she could do and what she actually did with these found objects… wonder what she will create with them later…






What might you create with these found objects?

You can follow Cindy on her Live to Design blog.

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eBook volumes for your Kindle, iPad, Sony, Nook or other e-reader

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Be inspired to release your creativity with these projects using  

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Projects by ICE Resin® 2011-2012 Creative Team

Projects by ICE Resin® 2011-2012 Creative Team

You love to be adorned in handmade beautiful mixed media jewelry. The 15 projects in this book chronicle an affair with the shiny, the delicate, the found object renewed, and will whet your craving to mix medias and impress your own artistic statement on bling to wear or give as a gift. Wherever you are on your journey to create using jeweler’s grade resin, ephemera, and bezels designed by master metalsmith, artist Susan Lenart Kazmer, the rings, earrings, necklaces in this eBook will inspire you to head to your studio.

Volume 2: Jewelry and Vanity          Coupon code: JH85F


Ice Resin

Projects by ICE Resin® 2011-2012 Creative Team

Every treasure has a story locked within the fibers of its existence. Whether the tale be fictional or that of truth, the meaning behind something we hold dear is poignant. Many of us remember sitting at a loved one’s vanity only to find a plethora of beauty in the form of brushes, mirrors, jewelry and sentimental trinkets… treasures that created memories within our hearts and minds for a lifetime. 

Volume 3: Home Decor                   Coupon code: DY62P


Bring a little mixed media art into your home with 16 home decor projects to light your life and make your heart happy: There’s a delightful banner of baked goodness for your kitchen, sweetly embellished baby dresses to add a vintage feel to you bedroom or sitting room, a brick candle holder for your mantle, vases for showing off a single flower or non-traditional objects, an art doll for your collection,a light box with dual images, and a miniature mirror to remind you of the sea.

ICE Resin Creative Team

Projects by ICE Resin® 2011-2012 Creative Team

The amazing works that fill  Susan Lenart Kazmer LLC’s “Imagine Create Explore” eBooks were designed by 2011-2012 ICE Resin® Creative Team Members Cat Kerr, JoAnnA Pierotti, Michael Jack Putman and Lesley Fisher, Andrea Ring, Tina Schiefer, Kathy Thompson, and Special Projects Team Member Cindi Bisson.

Belle Dames Francaise Paper, ribbons and more on sale now!


Flip Book: Belles Dames Francaise  

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Our Belles images come in different sizes to fit just about any bezel!


…of course, Belles need ribbons!


iceresinThese beautiful Art Mechanique Ribbons are hand picked for you by Susan to use in your Wearable Art and Mixed Media Projects. Add a bit of light and color to your next piece. They work great with our Tassel Bezels!

Art Mechanique Ribbons: Trapeze (On Left) Carousel (On Right)                               


WAS $8.00 each 

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Holiday from a Jar Top by Cindy Cima Edwards

Are you working on holiday projects? Christmas is right around the corner and these charming ornament were made with ICE Resin, mason jar lids, holiday paper and pearls.


The red accents serve to make these pieces appear even more vintage.


You can check out more of Cindy’s projects on her Live to Design blog.

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Sale!! – even a silver heart hobnail

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ice resin

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Heart Hobnail Bezel, Silver-Plated, Large  Susan Lenart Kazmer

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A Great Gift Idea!

This Large Heart Hobnail Bezel is one of Susan’s newest designs in her Mixed Metal line. It’s Closed-Back design makes your collage work so easy, and the ICE Resin® pours right in! It’s ideal for classroom use because of its roomy size. This fantastic Hobnail Heart hangs at the perfect slant! The inside bezel area measures 7 cm from clasp to point, has an 8 cm width, and is .6 cm in depth . One per package.

There are plenty of fabulous deals on our sale page!



Floating Memories by Jen Crossley

ice resin

I have always been drawn to words and letters in my work. Here I have used the Belle Dames papers which is sealed. I also added another layer of ICE Resin® when I added the corner flower paper to make it look like it was floating above in the rectangle bezels (one of my favorites). My motto in my work is also to keep it fairly simple in its design.

ice resin

I love this close up of this closure it is also one of my favorite pieces in Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Art Mechanique collection of bezels as well. It adds a beautiful feature to any necklace.I choose to put this closure on the front of the chain so it is a feature you cant hide anything that beautiful at the back of your head now can you !

ice resin

I love to work small so I added these tiny hobnail bezels with a little feature in each one — a Mother of Pearl button, a piece of the flower paper, a tiny number. I always look at most things as a frame to be used with a special little treasure inside.

Jen Crossley

A Mark in Time

Retail Only
in the ICE Resin Store 
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The large heart hobnail (SLK916) and the large circle hobnail (SLK915) will be buy one, get a free ICE Resin 1 oz. single!

Making an Open Back Bezel for a French Cuff

Hello! Pamela Huntington from the ICE Resin® Mixed Media Design Team here to share a technique this Tuesday… or whatever day you happen to be viewing the video I made.

I love making French cuffs. there is something I enjoy about the look and feel of these on my wrist. It occurred to me that the lovely bezels in Susan’s collection would be a lovely center piece for one of my cuffs. Here is a little tutorial on how I added the bezel to the French cuff…


p.s. My video is best viewed in full screen mode.


Kristen and Jen filmed for Cloth paper Scissors Workshops

jean cushman kristen robinson

Gettin’ ready to fly!

Kristen Robinson and Jen Cushman were invited by Jenn Mason to be a part of Cloth Paper Scissors® Workshops®.

They flew to Loveland, Colorado and taped on Tuesday, along with our friend, Kari McKnight-Holbrook . They also met new friends Jenny Cochran Lee and Margaret Applin.

Cloth Paper Scissors

Jen and Jenn – “Jen, could you, no wait, I meant Jenn…” LOL

Both Kristen and Jen had high praise for their editor, “Jenn was delightful, charming, and made us feel at ease during taping! Thanks, Jenn!”

kristen robinson

The video we are all so excited about won’t be out until next year, but in the meantime, you can see all that Cloth Paper Scissors has to offer on their website,

kristen robinson

Waiting for the clapperboard to 3, 2 ,1, snap!

peruse Kristen’s Tales of Adornment, or check out

kristen robinson

Are we rolling?

Jen’s upcoming book, Making Metal Jewelry – How to Stamp, Forge, Fold, and Form Metal Jewelry Designs.

Now all that deserves a nice chai latte!

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