Happy New Year!

2013 is going to be exciting and busy, full of ICE Resin classes, mixed media and jewelry projects, eBooks, products and contests, and most importantly, creative people – both those I work beside, customers and those I have yet to encounter!

My warmest thanks for letting me, my fine staff and wonderful creative teams members, share 2012 with you!

May 2013 excite your creative muse as never before.

Susan Lenart Kazmer


Too ICE 2 B True – lots of classes

Hi Carol here, the person who manages the blog and eBooks. Does creating jewelry enter your dreams? It does mine. Someone came up with hologram paper made from manila file folders and lead filings (you know when you were a kid and put a magnet in the sand and captured lead on the end of the magnet? that kind of lead) and I was trying to figure out how to make this weird hologram paper into a pendant using ICE Resin. (My dream went on with a process for this fictional paper, but you get the idea…) When I woke up, the dream still seemed so real that I said to myself, “Why don’t I just use mica and a staple bezel?!”

FORTUNATELY, if you really want to know how to make wonderful mixed media jewelry using ICE Resin, the product’s creator, Susan Lenart Kazmer, and her merry band of cohorts are teaching many, many classes at To Bead to Be True in Tucson this February!

You can view all the class details (basic and advanced) and sign up by clicking right here.

ice resin

Copyright 2012 Susan Lenart Kazmer

Creator Susan’s classes: Cold Enamel – Color on Metal, The Art Mechanique – Colorful Metal Relics, and Non-Traditional Wire Wearable Journal.

Jen Cushman’s (VP of Marketing and Artist in her own right) classes: Cold Enamel Ring, Textured and Cold Enameled Cuff, Steampunk and ICE,  Texture Circles, and Cold Enameled Bezels.

Kristen Robinson’s (Creative Teams Director and Artist in her own right) classes: Layered Beauty – The Art of Layering with ICE Resin and Bezels, Demystifying Open Back Bezels, Flooded Beauty – Flood Soldering and ICE Resin, This is My Beloved – Forming and Pouring ICE Resin, and Form, and Alter and Adorn – Forming Bezels and Pouring ICE Resin.

Linda Lenart McNulty (Encaustic Artist): Encaustic Angels Among Us, Encaustic God’s Eye Pendant,  Encaustic Daguerreotype Pendant, and Dichroic Resin.

Me, Carol La Valley, (if I can learn ICE, you can too!) classes: Resin Basics and Resin 101.

We are all so excited!

Now you can dream of making projects with ICE Resin too! Seriously, whatever you dream about, I hope they are wonderful and if they are wonderful, I hope they come true!



Placing Botanicals in ICE Resin with Kristen Robinson on Beads, Baubles and Jewels

The new Beads, Baubles & Jewels series #1700 sizzles this December. Kristen Robinson, ICE Resin Creative Team Director was invited to be one of the guests on “Mixing Shapes” and “Hot Motifs”. Viewers can plug their zip codes into the website here to find local viewing times.

1713: Hot Motifs, Airs Dec. 28, 2012
Being a designer involves being able to look around and recognize what might be changing not only in jewelry but fashion, home decor and just general overall trends. This episode looks at some of the hot motifs that are just starting like friendship bracelets – they’re back! Next, Kristen Robinson shows how to embed botanicals in resin. Then, Erin Madsen explores some shortcuts to simple stylish jewelry – quick and easy is always trendy. Finally, Cynthia Deis demonstrates a ruched fiber necklace.

Kristen Robinson

Episode 1704: Mixing Shapes, Aired Oct. 26, 2012 and can be viewed online now. Kristen showed how to use transparencies within bezels.

SNEAK PEEK! The bezel you see pictured is part of Kristen’s new Rue Romantique line of bezels available in January on ICEResin.com and licensed through Susan Lenart Kazmer, LLC.

Merry Christmas from JoAnnA’s Snow Lady

You can see that she’s formed of ICE Resin, not snow…

Yet as it shines through her eyes, her heart, it’s aglow!

Buttons and lace and ribbon her body adorn.

In JoAnnA Pierotti ‘s studio she was born.

ice resin


ice resin

JoAnnA cast her using Art Mechanique Jeweler’s Grade, 2-Part Molding Putty

Joy of the Holidays, a necklace by Cindi Bisson

Joy of the Holidays is the necklace Cindi Bisson created…

Abundant Joy

is what the ICE Resin team wishes you this Christmas and throughout the year!


Found Object Christmas Ornament with Jen Crossley

iceresinA cast ICE Resin crystal, a found object rosette and Jen Crossley made an ornament fit to grace any Christmas tree!

iceresinCheck out the crackle!


You can find ICE Resin, and casting supplies here, although you’ll have to hunt for your own found rosette.

And Jen blogs at A Mark in Time

Whimsical Santa Ornament by Pamela Huntington

Santa’s visit is right around the corner! Here, the jolly head elf is encased in ICE Resin and glass.

ice resinWhat kind of cookies will you be leaving out?



Sandy Martin’s Party Guest: The Moose!

My inspiration for this ring was my love for wildlife. I have always liked moose. This guy seems like he would make a good party guest!

ice resinHe seems like he’s a bit quiet at first, but after a few glasses of wine, he’s the life of the party.

ice resin

Sandy Martin

Sweet Pea Jewelry

p.s. watch for more projects in the new year that use our jewel’s grade, 2-part molding putty and ICE Resin.

ice resin

A Fleeting Glimpse of Autumn Captured by Lexi Grenzer

When Fall approaches, I’m always full of childlike enthusiasm for the colors to change, the leaves to fall and to decorate the house in warm jewel tones. The smells waft through our homes smelling of pumpkin, the season change in the air and fires places burning. These earrings were inspired by that love Autumn, and for the wish that it could last just a little bit longer.


Lexi Grenzer

The Shabby Calavera

The earrings use Belle Dames Francaise paper covered in ICE Resin.

Susan M. Walls Shares a Tip

Toothpicks, sandwich sticks, craft sticks, long flat sticks (cut in half) are Susan M. Walls’ favorite tools for placing, dripping and nudging ICE Resin exactly where she wants it to go in a bezel.

You can discover more about Susan on her Charming Trinkets blog.

Also, it is DOUBLE TECH TUESDAY! Post a comment on this post and here. We will randomly choose one lucky winner for a pair of bezels!

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