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Jennifer Priest class at Seaside Soiree 2012jennifer priestI’d like to welcome Jennifer Priest to the ICE Queen Zine today! I (Carol) first met Jennifer at Seaside Soiree a few months ago when she helped me make a WWII airplane-themed paper mache dress form out of old patterns for dresses, color pictures out of an airplane book and fun buttons and pins. She really made the class super fun and let me know I do not get out from behind my computer nearly enough. She is a delightful person and teacher.
Collage created by Jennifer Priest, the Hydrangea Hippo

Collage created by Jennifer Priest, the Hydrangea Hippo — Adore the paper roses with the sweets blue bead centers. There are all kinds of fun little things going on in this collage.

Q: When did you know you wanted to design crafts?

A: I have always been crafty, for as long as I can remember. When I was 9 years old, I started selling jewelry and small home decor items I made at local craft fairs and in front of the grocery store in my smal, rural hometown. I sewed, did cross stitch, drew, painted, and crocheted but mostly, I was into jewelry. That is, until I had my daughter and got bit by the scrapbooking bug. Now, everything I create has some sort of paper involved….even jewelry! As far as designing turning into my “job”, I would say it was in 2003 when I attended my first Scrapbook Expo. I knew I wanted creating and being a part of the craft industry to be my job. Its taken me 8 years to figure out how to do that and every day I learn something new.
 ICE Resin roses
Q: How would you describe your style in three words?
A: My style =Whimsical, Approachable, Challenging
Approachable is a big theme for me when I am creating. I want people to believe that they too can create what I am creating. I don’t have a static defined style, say “grunge” for example, but rather characteristics from different styles show up in my work in whimsical ways. I try to challenge everything. 
Up_UP_And_Away_Tray_Jennifer_Priest_Ice_Resin_Roses_5Q: When is your creative muse most likely to strike?
A: When I am under a deadline or when I should be doing something else. There is something compulsory about creating when I am not supposed to or teasing time by creating up to a deadline. I work best under pressure. And it probably has to do with my desire to break the rules, especially when it comes to creating.
Up_UP_And_Away_Tray_Jennifer_Priest_Ice_Resin_Roses 4Q: What project would you love to have 8 uninterrupted hours to work on?
A: I would love some time to really play with ICE Resin more. My tables are always in flux with lots of things going on and moving and then I have kids and cats….well, if I were alone I could let things lie, let things dry, mess around with the self-doming nature of ICE Resin to see what I could get it to do. There are alot of possibilities I have yet to explore and too many interruptions during the day time to work on them. I do have to sleep at some point… 
Wishing you sweet dreams and more time!
Up_UP_And_Away_Tray_Jennifer_Priest_Ice_Resin_Roses_7Q: What art or craft book or magazine have you recently bought but have not had the chance to sit down and enjoy?
A: I bought Cloth Paper Scissors Studios and I got a quick glimpse inside and that was it. I keep my craft magazines and books by my bed so I can look at them when I am winding down for the night but lately we have been working so hard on cleaning & organizing my studio and house that I’m out once my head hits the pillow.
Up_UP_And_Away_Tray_Jennifer_Priest_Ice_Resin_Roses 3Q: How did you choose the name Hydrangea Hippo?
A: I wish there was some amazing story about how I rode hippos in Africa or my grandma’s favorite flower was the Hydrangea but, there aren’t. It all started as a joke when a group of ladies at a Charity Wings crop invited me to ride with them to the Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks store (now closed) in Vista, CA. On the way, we started poking some fun at company names, throwing out Periwinkle Potato and the like. I blurted out Hydrangea Hippo and it stuck.
That is a fun story! I can picture you all laughing.
Q: Where will you be teaching next?
A:  I am teaching online at My next class is “Crafting An Online Business On Etsy” where I walk students through starting a shop to having their grand opening. It starts March 5th and it is a great value for all the info you’ll receive.
Thanks Jennifer!


3 Responses to “ICE Resin Roses with Jennifer Priest”

  1. Cindy Cima Edwards
    March 2nd, 2013 @ 08:31

    Love learning more about Jennifer and love that collage!

  2. Marianne #6701
    March 2nd, 2013 @ 15:29

    Great interview! I love Jennifer! I am friends with her on FB and just through that friendship, have really seen her humor come out. It would be a fun day to get to sit and craft with her!

  3. Jen Crossley
    March 2nd, 2013 @ 15:50

    Lovely to meet you and see your work


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