Brace the Lace Cuff Bracelet

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ICE Resin

I have lots of hobbies, one is sewing. I collect buttons and fabrics, even antique lace is in my stash. Another addiction is to gather and reuse every tiny little bit of material that may be turned into something pretty. The small left over of an embossed soda can married one of my die cut paper flowers.

One thing I love ICE Resin for is its ability to strengthen delicate materials like paper. It can turn my tiny newspaper flower into jewelry. Can I ask for more?

Baerbel Born

Rock Paper Scissors and a bit of Baerbel

Materials and Tools:

ICE Resin®

Felt, and vintage lace embellishments



soda can

acrylic paint




craft cup and stir stick

hole punch

needle and thread

E6000 adhesive


Spellbinders® Artisan Explorer™, M-Bossabilities Roman Romance and  Bitty Blossoms

ICE ResinTechnique:

1.       Cut the soda can with cheap scissors (wear goggles and gloves for your safety) into a rectangle and emboss. Cut your favorite part of the embossed metal and paint (the side with no prints) with pink and grey, let dry and use sandpaper to make the embossed parts pop.

2.       Cut, color and roll your paper flower and glue to the metal.

3.       Cover everything with a generous amount of ICE Resin, add some glitter and rhinestones while wet, then let dry.

4.       Measure your wrist and cut felt and lace to same length, punch 2 holes to the metal and felt and attach with eyelets, add pearls and buttons by hand sewing while sewing the lace to the felt.

5.       Sew 2 buttons to one end of the bracelet to close it, my lace had some loops. If your lace has none add some loops of thread on the opposite side where the buttons are attached.


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  1. Jen Crossley
    January 14th, 2014 @ 02:29

    Beautiful work xx


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