Memorial Candle Charms

Posted on | January 8, 2014 | 3 Comments

iceresinThere is nothing quite as lovely as surrounding yourself with little reminders of family.  I love wearing my ICE Resin creations but I also like to work them into my home décor. I created a candle shrine using jewelry finding as little frames set with old family pictures and scraps of text taken from love letters.  In quiet times, it brings me great comfort to light the candles and reflect upon those who have gone before me. This project can be done using found jewelry elements or bezels from the many styles offered on the ICE Resin website.

When selecting jewelry findings, look for things that can be used as a frame like circle brooches or small rhinestone belt buckles.  I will share with you how to use both found jewelry elements and purchased bezels to create candle charms to decorate votive candle holders. There are many options for displaying your Memorial Candle Charms but they look best grouped together and in this case more is more!

Kim Williams 

Historically Haute

ICE ResinMaterials and Tools:

ICE Resin®, mixing cup and stir stick

Found jewelry elements to which the center is open and can be filled with a photo or snippet of a document, love letter, card, etc.

Rue Romantique™ heart bezel (as shown)

Clear packaging tape

Photo or text

Art Mechanique™ Paper Sealer

Disposable paintbrush (not foam)


Scrap paper

Rhinestone jewelry fragments, beads, etc.

Jump rings

Glittery elastic hair ties

Votive candleholder (I like using mercury glass ones.)

A plastic garbage bag to protect the work surface

Jewelry pliers



1. Protect your work surface with a non-stick craft mat or by taping down a garbage bag.

2. Prepare your found jewelry item by removing any elements like ear clips on old clip earrings or the pin on the back of an old brooch using wire cutters. When selecting your element check for the size as you do not want the element to be too large to dangle elegantly on your candleholder.

3. Once you have removed unnecessary elements, file the area smooth with a jewelry file.

4. Trace a template using pencil and scrap paper of the opening you plan to insert your picture or text.

5. When using a purchased bezel you can etch a template (if a pattern is not included) by placing a piece of scrap paper over the top of the bezel and using the side of a sharpened pencil. Simply press down with the pencil and rub the pencil across the bezel. The image will appear. Cut it out and trim to fit.

6. Select your photo or text. I never use original photos or text for projects. I copy my photos and text. Using your favorite photo editing application, size and edit your photo to your desired look.

7. Using your template cut the photo or text to size.

8. For the open back jewelry element, create a back by using clear packaging tape. Be careful to seal is tightly by pressing down hard to adhere the tape to the back of the element.

9. For your purchased bezel, use the template, trace your image or text, cut to size and seal with Art Mechanique Paper Sealer.  Allow to dry.

10. Place your sealed image in the bezel using your favorite craft glue. Allow to dry for a few minutes.

11. For the image you are placing in the open back jewelry element, trace it, trim it, seal it and set to the side.

12. Mix ICE Resin as per the directions.

13. Pour the ICE Resin into the sealed open back jewelry element until the resin has flowed to make contact with the entire edge of the element. Do not fill to capacity. Fill your purchased bezel to the top but do not over fill to cause flooding of the resin.

14. Allow ICE Resin to set approximately 6-8 hours. To the open back jewelry element, place your picture or text and use a tiny bit of craft glue to secure it in place. Mix more ICE Resin and fill to capacity. If you like a domed look, top off your purchased bezel with a second coat of resin.

15. Allow resin to setup completely about 48 hours and remove the packaging tape from the back of the jewelry element.

16. Using jump rings, attach your bezel to the glittery hair tie.  You may choose to dangle beads or embellish with rhinestone fragments along with the bezel for more drama. If necessary use 2 hair ties twisted for more support.

17. Slip the hair tie on your votive candleholder, light your candle and enjoy.


3 Responses to “Memorial Candle Charms”

  1. Jen Crossley
    January 8th, 2014 @ 02:29

    Beautiful work Kim xx

  2. Cindy Cima Edwards
    January 8th, 2014 @ 07:32

    Great idea – beautiful candles!

  3. pamela
    February 5th, 2014 @ 10:13

    Great project, Kim..!


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