Baerbel’s Born’s Leftover Jewels

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ICE Resin

While working with ICE Resin® I always think about what to do with the leftovers. Sometimes I dip the stirring stick into a pot of glitter, sometimes I give some fragile treasures a coat to make it last. This time I ended up with more than a quarter of a mixing cup because I overestimated the amount I need for a project. That was the moment I was waiting for!

You will need:13227460734_d1935e3c94_m

ICE Resin®

Shattered Inclusions Chartreuse and Shattered Fire Opal

Rue Romantique™ Red Ribbon

Memento refill ink ‘cottage ivy‘ by Tsukineko

Imagine Crafts craft sheet

Glass Glitter Nuggets (pictured at right)


After I mixed and poured my resin to the form for another project I used the leftover resin in my cup. I took some green glass nuggets I found at a florist and poured them into my resin. I added a generous amount of Iced Enamels™ in two green tones to my mixture and two drops of Memento ink ‘cottage ivy’ by Tsukineko.

Then I poured some random drops of my mixture on my craft mat. If you wish to glue two pieces together like I did for the charm you need two drops in the same size. It doesn’t have to match exactly as you can cut or file the shape after you glued them back to back. Let cure completely and pull off the craft mat, it will come off easily.

Drill a hole into you charm and have fun with it. For my necklace I attached it to a velvet ribbon of Rue Romantique™ to achieve a very simple but elegant look. As the drops will cure flat, you also can use all your leftovers to make some quick and easy embellishments for later use on paper crafting.

Baerbel Born, To Create and Inspire

ICE Resin


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  1. Jen Crossley
    April 1st, 2014 @ 02:31

    great Idea xx


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