Halloween “Poison”, a necklace with Iced Enamels

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poison-icedenamels-jennifercabicNot only is Halloween one of my favorite times of year, skulls are also a favorite of mine. You have probably noticed my skull ring in a few of the videos I have posted for the Design Team.

In addition to the Vampiress Necklace for my Halloween project, I could not pass up an opportunity to make a necklace using a skull. I had one skull bead that I used for a different project, so I borrowed it to make this spooky skull out of resin. The mold I made is a keeper and I will be casting more of them out of resin in the future!

Jennifer Cabic

Tools and Materials:
ICE Resin®, mixing cups and stir sticks
Iced Enamels™ Relique in Pewter, Ivory and Garnet
Iced Enamels Medium™
Art Mechanique™ Jeweler’s Grade molding putty
Rue Romantique Large Botanical Rectangle Bezel
Disposable paintbrushes
StazOn ink pads in Spiced Chai and Jet Black
Skull Bead
Rowlux Illusion Film – red
Art Mechanique™ 1” screws and nuts
Art Mechanique™ Textured Brass Chain
Art Mechanique™ Jump Rings
Drill press and drill bit
Acrylic paints – White, Black, Burnt Sienna and Yellow Ochre
Rhinestone chain
Craft heat gun
Metal snips
Craft glue
1. Mix molding putty according to directions. Insert skull bead, face down and let cure for about 15 minutes.
2. Mix ICE Resin® according to manufacturer instructions. Stir in white acrylic paint. Pour into mold and let dry for 24 hours.
3. Pop cured resin out of mold. Drill holes into eyes and completely through the back of the skull. Paint the skull with acrylic paint.
4. For the bezel, use disposable paintbrush and paint on Iced Enamels Medium™. Sprinkle with Iced Enamels™ Relique in Garnet, tap off excess and melt with craft heat gun. Let cool. Repeat with Pewter and Ivory.
5. Using a sponge or fingers, “antique” gently swipe over the cooled Iced Enamels™ with Spiced Chai and Jet Black inks.
6. Cut a piece of Illusion Film to fit bezel. Place on bezel. Make marks on the film with a scribe or something pointy through the eyes of the skull.
7. Drill holes through the film and bezel making sure to hold the film firmly in place. Accuracy is important for the screws to fit through.
8. Insert screws through the eyes of the skull, through the film and then through the bezel. Affix nut and fasten tightly. Snip the backs of the screws flus with the nuts. Rivet them flat.
9. Mix small batch of ICE Resin® according to manufacturer instructions. Using a toothpick, drip a drop or two of resin into eye sockets of skull. Using tweezers, insert one piece of rhinestone chain into each socket. Let dry for 24 hours.
10. Drill a hole in the bottom of the pendant. Insert decorative brad. Dab a small amount of glue on the back over the prongs of brad.
11. Apply brass jump ring and hang from brass chain.


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