Goodbye to 2015

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It’s December 31st, the last day of 2015. While it’s always an exciting time of year to say goodbye to the year past with anticipation for the future, it’s always a bittersweet time here at ICE Resin. That’s because it’s always the time we have to say goodbye to our Design Team members who’ve worked tireless and diligently for 365 days to bring you, our blog readers, the best and most exciting designs and ideas for using the Susan Lenart Kazmer products and ICE Resin.

Susan and I (Jen) would like to extend our deepest thanks to this year’s amazing team of artists. We knew of the changes coming to our company and wanted to pick a group of folks who we knew were not only all professional artists, but people are are hard working, dedicated, self-motivated and supportive of not only the two of us, but the mixed-media art community as a whole. This year’s team members are all about the greater good and supporting others in their quest to creativity.


Thank YOU John Creighton Petersen, Clare Horner, Chantal Johnson, Susan Walls and Heather Widener. This was the second term for John, Clare and Susan. Chantal and Heather were this year’s newest additions. We normally pick a new team of artists every year. We decided for 2015 to re-open our team to past participants to see if they would like to join us for a second go-around. Susan and I were pleased to see a number of folks from past teams were not only still using ICE Resin faithfully in their work, but we also willing to work with us again. #blessed

Tomorrow, Jan. 1st. we’ll be officially introducing the 2016 Susan Lenart Kazmer ICE Resin Design Team are are excited to give them their little spotlight. But for today, it’s all about John, Clare, Chantal, Susan and Heather.

Please be sure to continue to follow their art adventures. Subscribe to their blogs. Keep an eye on their YouTube channels. Sign up for their newsletters and follow their social media. They are all top notch artists and instructors. As certified ICE Resin instructors, they will continue to teach ICE Resin techniques. They also plan to continue publishing their ideas, making their work and continuing to be an important part of our mixed-media art community.

In case you need to bookmark it, here’s their information and how to continue following them:

John Creighton Petersen

Chantal Johnson 

Clare Horner

Susan Walls

Heather Widener

Here’s wishing our team and all of our readers a very Happy New Year!!!



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