Letter LOVE: Create Iced Enamels(TM) Letters for ICE Resin® Journal Cover

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HOPE-an ICE Resin® journal


Words, when spoken have the power to give direction to those that are lost, hope to those in despair and when they are read, insight to the soul. Memories are brought to view, times recalled and emotions felt by just a single word or thought.


Many of you choose a word to set the tone of the New Year or perhaps you have a favorite word that you are know for saying and saying it often.


When our first design team project theme was “Power Words,” many came to mind – create, blessed, free, peace, joy, dream shine, purpose, strength, and love. I chose to create a journal with Iced EnamelsTM letters with the word “Hope,” and die-cut copper butterflies, along with ICE Resin® paper, and a texture paste technique for the cover, using a pre-cut heavy chipboard.

IMG_9469 copy

Paper, wire, scrapbooking letters

These repurposed letters are from metal scrapbook letters that are actually plastic-coated with pinks, greens and black as the base of each letter. Covering each letter with flashing tape gives a perfect base for the Iced EnamelsTM . This technique is also great with wooden letters/shapes, outdated metal jewelry, or hand- or die-cut shapes as with the copper butterflies.


Sealing the Iced EnamelsTM letters with ICE Resin® is the key to success and longevity. I also poured the ICE Resin® on my textured cover, and placed a vintage piece of French literature in the ICE Resin®, creating a glass-like finish. The shine is tremendous.


Adding paper, both new and vintage, this journal can hold my thoughts and ideas. Using ribbon, wire and other embellishments such as a faux druzy heart bezel (that I made), and shells that I picked up along the beach, this journal holds HOPE not only on the pages, but also in my heart.

Druze inspired heart bezel=LOVE

Druzy inspired heart bezel=LOVE


While in this creative process of making this journal so many more words came to mind – embrace, Faith, valuable, depth, soul, vintage, light, memories, kindness, gratitude and the list goes on… What is the word that speaks to you? Have you found a few that need to be brought into view? Here is what you need to get started on your Letter LOVE with Iced EnamelsTM and ICE Resin®:


IMG_9463 copy

ICE Resin®, texture paste — the essentials


Stencils, stamps, Resined paper and seashells

Stencils, stamps, resined paper and seashells


ICE Resin®, disposable cups and stirrers

Iced EnamelsTM Medium, disposable brush

Iced EnamelsTM Relique Powder, colors of choice

Small spoon

Craft mat or plastic trash bag

Heat gun

Metal letters –repurposed or new

Flashing tape

Bone folder or paper stump

Small file or sand paper


Various inks, paints and/or patinas — including black, brown, and a dark green ink

Thin copper sheet

Die cut machine or metal shears

Butterfly die cut or drawn design

Chipboard album cover

Ranger® Texture Paste

Perfect Pearls(TM) Pigment Powder in gold or copper; or gold/copper acrylic paint

Stencil – your choice

Plastic trowel or spreader

SticklesTM – color of choice

Paper – vintage (optional) and white cardstock, or paper of your choice

Ranger® InkssentialsTM Glossy Accents

Stamps with word sentiments

Tag punch or pre-cut tags

Metal scrapbooking words

Shells or other charms of choice

Wire – 5 annealed, beaded wires for embellishments, and one the width of the cover

Ribbon – I used seam binding as it drapes well for the bow

Small heart bezel

ICE Resin® German glass glitter in silver



Iced EnamelsTM Letters


  1. Cover the letters with flashing tape. Using a bone folder or paper stump, press corners and edges, bringing the tape to the back of the letters.
Apply flashing tape to plastic coated letters

Apply flashing tape to plastic coated letters


Using a paper stump, burnish the letter to create definition

  1. Using the disposable brush, apply Iced EnamelsTM Medium to the front of the letters. Then with the Iced EnamelsTM Relique powders (in the colors of choice) pour over letters and tap off excess. Repeat this with all your letters and butterflies (or metal embellishments of choice).
Apply ICED Enamel Medium

Apply Iced Enamels(TM) Medium


ICED Enamel Relique Powder

Iced Enamels(TM) Relique Powder


3.  With heat/embossing gun, heat powders until they have melted and are smooth. Set aside to cool.
Repeat these steps on the copper cut butterflies or any other metal embellishments you choose.

Heating with the embossing/craft gun until powder is smooth.

Heating with the embossing/craft gun until powder is smooth.


ICE Resin® journal cover

1. With Black ink, ink the entire chipboard cover including the edges.

2. Using a trowel, scoop a generous amount of the Texture Paste into a disposable cup. Mix the copper or gold pigment powder or acrylic paint, stirring until all is incorporated.

3. Place stencil on inked cover, and spread the paste as thin or as thick as you would like. Quickly lift the stencil and set aside to dry. Repeat the stencil pattern if needed. *Keep in mind the thicker the paste, the longer the drying time.

4. Once dry, take your inks beginning with the dark brown, then dark green, and ink the textured areas, creating a darker aged appearance; or leave metallic, if you would like.


Create the glass-like finish – Part 1
*Have your vintage piece of paper ready for the cover

5. Using a disposable cup and stirrer, pour equal parts of ICE Resin® parts A and B. Mix with a gentle folding motion for two minutes. Set aside for five minutes.

6. Using the stirrer, begin to coat the cover of the journal with ICE Resin®; once coated, place the paper in the ICE Resin® and press slightly.

7. Coat with more ICE Resin® and allow to dry eight hours or overnight.


Creating the glass-like finish – Part 2
*Have your Iced Enamels letters and butterflies ready

8. Once dry, mix another batch of ICE Resin® as in step 5.

A close up of the journal letters

A close-up of the journal letters

9. Using a brush, coat the front and the back of the Iced EnamelsTM letters and butterflies, and place on the cover of the journal. *The ICE Resin® is your adhesive and sealer.

10. With any leftover ICE Resin®, pour or spread onto the journal for a second layer.

  • To create depth and interest, the ICE Resin® can be spread thicker and thinner on the cover.


Creating Embellishments for Cover


Wire-wrapped shells and word tags

I LOVE the drips and pours of the ICE Resin® giving it depth and interest along with the wire wrapped shells and words

I LOVE the drips and pours of the ICE Resin® giving it depth and interest along with the wire wrapped shells and words

With ICE Resin® paper, stamp word sentiment onto tiny tags. Using glossy accents, adhere stamped tag to white cardstock tag. Punch tiny hole at the top.


Slip shell onto one end of wire, bring ends of wire up, and wrap around the shell. Slip tag onto wire and continue wrapping; slip other end of wire onto the wire that is the on the cover and secure. Repeat with other tags, shells and /or charms.


With a 3-foot length of ribbon, keeping one end very long, tie a 2-looped bow onto the wire. Using the longer end, wrap to the back of cover, slip onto the wire (on other side) and then wrap back to the side of the cover with the bow. Tie another loop around the ribbon and knot. Trim ends.


Set two eyelets on both front and back covers. Fill the journal with pages and secure with two rings. Now fill the pages with Hopes and Dreams!


The ICE Resin® journal ready to be filled with Hopes and Dreams

The ICE Resin® journal ready to be filled with Hopes and Dreams

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