See How to Make an ICE Resin® Ring Featuring Power Words

Posted on | March 3, 2016 | Comments Off on See How to Make an ICE Resin® Ring Featuring Power Words

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I spent a great deal of time thinking about this challenge of “Power Words.” I made lists of possible words, words that are fierce and powerful words. Words that are gentler, but just as influential. I wanted to find the perfect series of words. I thought about what power words are driving me currently: gratitude, love, kindness, survivor, fly, grow, and listen. I thought about the words as I completed daily tasks like driving, showering, cleaning, and just before I fell asleep. I realized every time I tried to choose the perfect word, it had changed based on my mood, interactions, and challenges. Then I realized that power words are like art. I need to create with the words that are moving me at that moment, and they will resound with those they are meant to. So I took a few pages from a discarded book, and clipped out a few words that made me smile. I wanted a way to carry these words with me daily. A ring that was strong and clear and true was the perfect way to remind me in faltering moments of what I need most. I worked those snipped-out words into several samples for this challenge. I can wear the one I need each day. Each of us has our own struggles and trials. I hope you find your own power words, and that they move you forward through your own battles successfully and bring you strength.

I am excited to share my first video as an ICE Resin Design Team member.

I would love to hear how you are using ICE Resin® in your own work!

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