Fresh Vintage Bezels Made From Book Pages

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One of my greatest joys is collecting vintage treasures. These treasures include buttons, keys, jewelry bits and baubles, hardware, industrial bits, silverware,  vintage bottles, game pieces and so much more.  I have them stored in vintage canning jars in my studio cupboards and in printer’s trays in one of my rolling shelved carts. I love to let the things in the cupboards make their way into my art.  I knew I would be using buttons and keys and rhinestone chain for this challenge, but I was trying to decide what to use as the bezel itself.  I realized I wanted to use something new that everyone would have.  Vintage book pages were the natural choice as I love how ICE Resin® plays with paper….

Let’s gather some supplies for the book page bezels:

Discarded book

ICE Resin® Ephemera Image Assortment or Vintage papers such as sheet music, ledger sheets, etc.

Circle punches 1 inch, 1 1/2 inch


Scrap of Card Stock for pattern

ICE Resin®

Stir Sticks/Mixing Cups

Small strong clamps

Rhinestone Chain

Vintage Buttons

Frozen Charlottes

Drill/Small drill bit

Jump rings

Silk Strips/Chains


Rubber bands

Clear Packing Tape

Vintage bits such as keys, hardware, metal jewelry bits, lace, fibers, crystals, safety pins




Begin by making a template from card stock. Punch your hole to see where the best placement is.  I slid mine in the whole way so I could do it the same each time.


Tear out your book pages.  Lay your pattern down on your page and line the ruler up with the side edge.  Tear your pages into strips using this method.  I like the texture of torn pages.  If you prefer a crisper edge, use scissors or a paper cutter.  Create a stack as thick as you like.  Be sure it is thicker than your thickest item you will place in the bezel. Punch a hole in each page.

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Smooth a piece of clear packing tape onto the back of the bezel.  Use 2 small clamps to clamp 2 sides.

Mix your ICE Resin and allow it to rest 5 minutes.  Pour some in each bezel.  You may place your items in the bezel at this time to ensure the correct placement. You can use any small treasures such as rhinestone chain, tiny keys, charms, frozen Charlottes, buttons, lace, etc.


Pour ICE Resin® into bezel and allow it to cure 6-12 hours.


After the ICE Resin® cures, some of it will have soaked into the pages of the bezel.  This is what we want to happen. Once it is fully cured, peel off the packing tape. Cut a small square of the sponge and while wearing gloves coat the entire piece with ICE Resin®.  Allow the resin to fully cure.

Now the pages are sealed and we can pour the resin into to fill the bezel. So mix another batch of ICE Resin® and pour it in to fill each bezel.  Allow time to cure.


As I did my final fill on these bezels, I layered buttons and lace along the edges of the bezels.


The buttons can also be used to cover any imperfections after the bezel cures.


To finish those off, I just used a drill to drill a small hole in the top two corners so I could add a jump ring.

But then I got to thinking….What if I did not make the bezel go all the way through?  What if only the top pages were punched with a hole and the back was left unpunched?  And what if I turned them into little books?

So I gathered a couple more supplies: some leather scraps, leather cord, a leather punch and heavy duty cutters.


Then, I followed the directions above to make new bezels but this time I left half the pages unpunched.  I was also careful not to add too much extra dimension to my embellishments because I want my books to close. I layered some pieces from the ICE Resin® Ephemera Image Assortment pack either on the top of the bezel or punched a face image and placed it into the bezel.  Once the bezels were completed, I cut a leather cover for each bezel and rounded the corners. I made it slightly larger than the bezel all around.  I also used a marker to darken the cut edges of the leather.

I added some ICE Resin® to glue my bezel in place inside the book cover.  Once cured,  I dipped each book in water and then folded the cover over.


Secure each cover with rubber bands so the books will appear more closed.  Allow the leather time to dry overnight.


Remove rubber bands and punch a hole in the top spine of the book.  Add a jump ring, chains, keys, crystals and anything else that catches your imagination.


This is where things get fun.  You can use whatever little trinkets and baubles you have collected.


It would be easy to make these personalized for someone special by using things that have special meaning for that person.

As another variation, I cut the top off one of the books so the leather is just on the back of the bezel.  I used a drill to drill 2 holes in that one for hanging.


I would love to hear about what you are doing with ICE Resin.

Brooke Bock lives and creates with her husband and daughter in rural Pennsylvania. She shares her home and studio with 2 dogs, a cat, a few fish in ponds and tanks and a flock of chickens. She collects things old, rusty and intriguing.  She is a regular contributor to many Stampington & Company publications.

Learn more about Brooke Bock:


Pinterest: brookebock96 and artistendeavor 

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