Circuit Board Necklace using ICE Resin

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I am a collector of many things which I have shared with you before: vintage treasures and trinkets, bits and baubles that can be used in the jewelry designs, things from nature, etc.  One thing I also collect is the innards from broken electronics.  When a VCR, television or even a computer mouse are no longer working or fixable, I get out my operation kit.  This kit includes a towel to spread out on the floor to catch tiny parts, a variety of sizes and styles of screwdrivers, wire cutters and containers to put the parts in. A note of caution: my husband advised me that some electronics can store a charge even when the electronic has been turned off so I only start this process on things that have not been plugged in for months. I try to salvage any part I think could be used such as tiny screws, wire, buttons and circuit boards.  I have a whole box of circuit boards so I wanted to share a pretty easy project with you today.


You will need:

ICE Resin Bezel Template

ICE Resin Syringe

Measuring/mixing cup

Mixing spatula

Milan Antique Silver Bezels: Square and Large Rectangle

Sharpie marker

Baby Wipes

Non Stick Craft mat

Saw (you can use a coping saw to saw by hand or a scroll or band saw)


Glass Beads

Needle Nose Pliers



The ICE Resin template makes this project super easy.

Find the template to match your bezel and trace the shape onto the circuit board.  I am using a rectangular bezel so I traced my shape in a corner which makes it so I only have to make two cuts.


After you trace your shape, cut it out.  I used a band saw so it only took a few seconds.  If you do not have access to a band saw, you can use a coping saw to do it by hand.  If you saw it by hand, a clamp will be helpful as well to hold it in place while you work.  After the piece is cut, use a piece of sandpaper to neaten and smooth the edges.

Next mix a bit of ICE Resin to fill your bezels.  I love the syringe for mixing little amounts.  Mix it for the full 2 minutes slowly and then allow it 5 minutes to rest.  Add a little ICE Resin to the bezel and then add the circuit board piece on top.


Finish filling the bezel with ICE Resin and give it 6-12 hours to cure.  You can do a second pour to achieve the domed look in the bezel if you desire.


Add wrapped beads to the bottom of the bezel and a chain and you are good to go.




I would love to hear about what you are doing with ICE Resin.

Brooke Bock lives and creates with her husband and daughter in rural Pennsylvania. She shares her home and studio with 2 dogs, a cat, a few fish in ponds and tanks and a flock of chickens. She collects things old, rusty and intriguing.  She is a regular contributor to many Stampington & Company publications.

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