All Wired Up – using repurposed bangle bracelets to create wired hearts with ICE Resin® and ICED Enamels® Inclusions

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Version 2

My Heart Bezel -Oops turned Oh, la, la and the Inspiration for this Design team project!

Back in February I took a fantastic class with Susan Lenart Kazmer, Founder and Creative Director of ICE Resin®. She is not only a fantastic teacher, metal smith and artist but also a fantastic friend. One who shares her insights, knowledge and heart! For the class we took wires of varying lengths and using torches created beads at each end and then we were to form a desired shape by bending, hammering, etc. Once that was achieved, we were then to use the transparent tape technique to fill this open back wire shape we created. I have done this technique many times on flat open back bezels or even frames and love it …. but on this day  my project went a little sideways…actually, my ICE Resin® (IR) went sideways and dripped out of the bezel, leaving it a mess. But no worries, this is where my Oops became Ooh la, la!

Once the IR had dried (most of it was on the craft mat), I sanded down the rest leaving some of the IR and the ICED Enamels® Inclusions of Shattered Opal and the German Glass Glitter on the edges of the wired heart. I love how it sparkles and shimmers; it goes with many outfits and will not loose that luster over time!!


When I use torches and metal work in my jewelry, I often think of how could someone incorporate the ideas of this piece without the flame, flux and so on.


My repurpose bangles get a brand new look with a little wire wrapping and ICE Resin®

While going through my jewelry the other day, I came across a set of thin wire bangles that I had bought years ago. I no longer wear them and wanted to give them new life and to see if I could achieve an Oh La La with just a few supplies. So with simple wire cutters, flat nose, round nose pliers and a sanding block, I set to create more wired hearts…. It worked!! Then instead of creating a filled bezel, I loved the look of the shimmer on the hearts, so I brushed ICE Resin® on to the edges and sprinkled the ICED Enamels® opal and glass glitter, pressed it down slightly and then let it set overnight.



The Bangle Bracelets have become shimmery Happy hearts

Now these hearts are ready to be added to a necklace chain, leather or even an art collage! I hope you’ll try this simple wire technique and then add the beautiful effects of ICE Resin® along with the German Glass Glitters and the Shattered Opal inclusions!   Now let’s gather what we need to get started…




To Gather



Pliers, wire cutters and a sanding block or a metal file is all you need to get started.



ICED Enamels® Inclusions such as the German Glass Glitter and the shattered opal will give the luster and shimmer for the hearts! And ICE Resin® will give the jeweler’s quality finish!

Thin Bangle Bracelets

Wire Cutters

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

Sanding block or jeweler’s metal file

Small hammer, optional

ICE Resin®,

ICE Resin® mixing cups and stir sticks

ICE Resin® Studio Sheets

ICED Enamels® Inclusions

ICED Enamels Angled brushes



To Make

  1. Using the wire cutters, snip the bracelets in half. Choose the desired amount of wire. 4-6 pieces will yield a good thickness for the shape.



Flush wire cutters will give a nice clean cut



If needed, use a small hammer to flatten wire.

  1. File the edges with the sanding block.

sand either with a block or a metal file (available at hardware stores and jewelry supply stores)

  1. Begin to bend to the desired shape, using your fingers first and then using the pliers to create bends or round edges if needed.

It’s taking shape! use smaller wires or the ends of the wire to begin to secure the shape.

  1. Pull and wrap some of the wires around the edges to secure in place. Once the desired shape is achieved, with flat nose pliers, begin to tuck the ends of the wire so as not to have them snag or get caught on clothing or any other surface.


  1. Set your wire shape on the studio sheet. Now it’s time to mix the ICE Resin®

Before the ICE Resin® and the ICED Enamels® Inclusions are added

*Mix equal amounts of part A and part B in the disposable cup. *Mix one batch of color at a time for best results*

*Using the plastic stir gently fold the two parts stirring for two minutes.

*Set aside for five minutes to allow for some of the bubbles to dissipate.

  1. Using the angled brush, brush the ICE Resin® onto the wired shape. Covering as much or as little of the edges ad desired.

Use brush to apply ICE Resin®….sorry of the shadows; it was taken in my kitchen at night!

  1. With the ICED Enamels® Inclusions and a small spoon, sprinkle onto the wired shape. With the IR stick, gently press down the inclusions and glitter.

Sprinkle the Inclusions over the ICE Resin® and then gently press down.

  1. Allow wire shape to dry 6-10 hours.


** Warning: these become so fun to make that it may be your new favorite art creations***


Up close and shimmery!!

Chantal lives in Rowlett, Texas and is married to Scott. They have three children, 3 dogs and 5 sweet little hens. Her work has been published in Somerset Studio, Somerset Home, Sew Somerset, Apronology, Haute Handbags, Belle Armoire and Green Craft.   She is currently on the ICE Resin® 2016 Design Team, the Gauche Alchemy Design Team and is a regular contributor to Bella Crafts Quarterly. For teaching engagements, you may contact her directly at Visit her blog at or become her friend on Facebook to see her latest inspirations and see the joy in daily living.



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