Summertime picnics and ICE Resin®, ICED Enamels- a perfect party time project

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Ready for the Summertime picnics with ICE Resin® & ICED Enameled Tags and markers

In the summer many of us wish for sweater weather and snow days, here in Texas our forecast doesn’t change much until maybe November. It’s summer and it’s hot!! That’s not to say on occasion, we’ve had 39 degrees in May and snow and ice in March but usually it’s only for a day or two. The saying is true…if you don’t like the weather in Texas wait a day it will change– except for the months of June through -September.   So what’s a Texas gal to do in this heat—play with ICE®.


This project features summertime BBQ’s and picnics with a lot of ICE- ICED Enamels and ICE Resin® with a dash of decoupage and charming embellishments. The ideas for this project came from various elements of our summertime in Texas. Even though it is hot, we still grill/barbeque nearly everyday, we are invited for outdoor dinners by the pool and a cool glass of Lemonade or Sweet Tea is always on hand. And of course ICED Enamels and ICE Resin® are perfect all year round.

IMG_7953 ps


Using wood tags and a wood mason jar as the base and summertime napkins as our decoupage papers, this created an ensemble of a hostess gift, pitcher and glass markers and a recipe or menu cardholder. With ICED Enamels giving color and definition to the wood and ICE Resin® giving a dimensional finish, this wood based project is elevated beyond just decoupage. Adding a wire wrapped ICE Resined charm, metal embellishments, beads; ribbon and an ICED Enamel star charm complete the perfect addition to your picnic. These summertime elements will last many a’ summers even in this Texas heat. Take a summer afternoon and whip up a batch of ICE Resin® tags and enjoy a cool glass of Lemonade.


IMG_7945 ps

Glass marker



ICE Resin®,

Disposable brush, stirrer, gloves, plastic bag/craft mat

ICED Enamels paper sealer

ICED Enamel medium, disposable brush

ICED Enamels Relique powder – Ivory or color of choice

Heat gun

IMG_7950 ps

The best ICE in the summer – ICE Resin® and ICED Enamels

IMG_7952 ps

gather decorative napkins, wood tags, wire for the beginnings of the perfect summertime decor

Wood mason jar, tags of various sizes – available at your local big box craft store

2 clothespins

Decorative napkins

Sponge brush

Thin paper adhesive/ collage type glue

Bone folder


Wire, head pins, wine charm loops/rings

Small metal bezel

Decorative paper

2-4 pearls, beads

Metal charms – such as spoon, fork and star or charms of choice





  1. Separate the napkin. -Laying the white layers aside and only using the top layer of the napkin, spread a thin layer of adhesive onto the wood shape and then gently place the napkin on top. Let dry for a few minutes.
IMG_7974 ps

Separating the layers of the napkin

Napkins are very thin and will stick to anything, be sure your fingers are free of glue.


  1. Once dry, gently tear or cut away excess and burnish the edges with your finger or a bone folder.


  1. Using a small disposable brush, apply ICED Enamels medium to the areas of your choosing for the Relique powder.
IMG_7963 ps

Tapping the excess powder from the tag

  1. Over a piece of paper, Sprinkle the powder on the ICED Enamels medium area of your tag. Tap off excess back into the jar. Set aside. Repeat step 3 and 4 on all other tags.


  1. With heat gun, heat the enameling powder until it all has melted and looks smooth without a grainy look. Repeat this step for all tags.
IMG_7966 ps

Heat enameling powder thoroughly with heat gun.

Keep the heat gun moving over the powder. If you keep it on one place, there is a potential to overheat this one area


  1. Once tags are cooled, prepare ICE Resin®. Pour equal amounts of Part A and Part B into disposable cup. Gently stir/fold for 2 minutes and then let rest for 2 -5 minutes.


  1. With gloves on, spread the ICE Resin® with the stirrer onto the tags as if frosting a cake. Set aside to dry 8-12 hours. Repeat on all tags.
IMG_7971 ps

I forgot my gloves- please do wear them when spreading the ICE Resin®

To create a depth for the ICE Resin®, I applied 2 coats of ICE Resin® allowing the drying time of 8 hours in between each layer.


  1. Once the tags are dry, cover the back with decorative paper and seal with ICED Enamels paper sealer


  1. Once the back is dry, begin to embellish with wire, charms, beads and pearls.
IMG_7940 ps

Recipe Card holder complete with a vintage recipe…

*To create the ICED enameled star, brush ICED Enamels medium onto star. Pour relique powder onto the star and tap off excess. Heat with the heat gun until the powder is melted and smooth. Seal with a layer of ICE Resin®


To create the recipe/menu cardholder, adhere two clothespins to the back level with the bottom, as this will allow the wooden tag to stand up.   Allow to dry.


To create a hostess gift, attach ribbon around a package of napkins with the same design. Wire wrap a loop onto the larger tag and slip onto the ribbon


IMG_7954 ps

The perfect hostess gift-

IMG_7936 ps

The complete summertime package..

Chantal Johnson lives in Rowlett, Texas and is married to Scott. They have three children, 3 dogs and 6 sweet little hens. Her work has been published in Somerset Studio, Somerset Home, Sew Somerset, Apronology, Haute Handbags, Belle Armoire and Green Craft.   She is currently on the ICE Resin® 2015 Design Team. For teaching engagements, you may contact her directly at Visit her blog at or become her friend on Facebook to see her latest inspirations and see the joy in daily living.




“Le Petit Prince” Layered Bezel


One of the great stories in literature is also my absolute favorite book, Le Petit Prince. I first read this book in high school French class and have loved it ever since. I just wish that I’d had the opportunity to read this book when I was younger, but definitely better late than never!

I wanted to create a bezel with some added dimensionality, and in this tutorial I’m going to share how simple it is to create a bezel by simply layering ICE Resin®. With this technique, you can truly achieve an almost 3D effect in your bezels (or other projects) where all of the inclusions seem to float in space. For this project, I used inclusions and embellishments that were taken directly from the story.


Start by creating the base of the bezel. For this project, I used a Long Rectangle Hobnail Bezel. I printed out a quote from Le Petit Prince to place in the bottom of the bezel, which I sealed with a couple of coats of Paper Sealer on both sides and the edges first. Be sure to use the Paper Sealer on any of your projects to keep the resin from turning the paper translucent. Use the ICE Resin as the adhesive to hold down the paper into the bottom of the bezel, and then add a thin layer of resin on top. Sprinkle Relique Glitz Silver into the bezel to add some bling to the piece. Allow the resin to cure.


For the next layer, I placed the ‘ground’ of the image (bottom) first and then added the Rose brad on top. For a little more shimmer, I sprinkled Opal Inclusions into the bezel and then added my next layer of resin and allowed to cure.


Star charms were added for the next layer of resin.


The Prince was added to the piece in the final layer of resin, placed perfectly above all of the other pieces added to the bezel to have the focal point on him. After the resin had fully cured, I added the airplane charm to the bottom of the bezel with a jump ring to keep with a theme of the novel.


ICE Resin® ICE Resin, Long Rectangle Hobnail Bezel, Relique Glitz Silver, Opal Inclusions

Prima Marketing Rose brad

Other printed quote, photocopy of image, miscellaneous  charms

The Mortal Instruments Inspired Pendant

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When I read the challenge for this month I was a little intimidated I must admit. I thought for a long time about what to created based on my favourite piece of writing. I don’t really like classics, I don’t really like the Po, Orwell, and other tortured souls that would make a really good inspiration for a piece of jewellery. Living where the Bronte sisters grew up and just round the corner actually from the Law Hill gothic school that Emily Bronte worked at, and was the inspiration for the house that Cathy was held captive in by her husband (the description in the book and the actual building is uncanny) you would have thought that would be the logical choice for me to create something based off Wuthering Heights (anyone else singing Kate Bush right now?) But no, didn’t even cross my mind until I started writing this intro….. My guilty reading pleasure is young adult Steampunk fiction, I love small novellas, like the Steampunk Chronicles by Kady Cross, but I absolutely adore Cassandra Clare’s young adult Shadowhunter world, even the movie The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones that got slated…. My secret is I went to the cinema to see it 5 times….. but that’s just between you and me! I am especially looking forward to the new TV show coming in 2016 ”Shadowhunters” which is based on the 2nd set of books, the same as the movie, The Mortal Instruments which is set in the present day. My favourite set of books is The Infernal Devices, which is the first set of books she wrote and set in the Victorian Era which has a little Steampunk twist to it I feel. The basis of the ”Shadowhunters” is power and protection from runes, the main rune is the Angelic rune which every Shadowhunter is given as their first rune. It just so happens this is a really pretty symbol and being one of the few solid ones without a break made for a fantastic casting piece. I love resin casting if you haven’t noticed! and decided to use the casting technique created by Baerbel from the 2014 Creative Team, find out how I created it below.

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Clare Horner

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ICE Resin®

Iced Enamels™: Shattered Fire Opal

Mixing cup and stick.

Printed rune image.

Marabu Fixo-gum or gum based flexible glue.

Fun Foam standard thin sheet and 6mm thick sheet.

Westcott Titanium knife, cutting mat.

Marker pen.

Sandpaper and files.

Chain and clasp.

Throw away brush, paint brush and vaseline.

Face mask, protective gloves.


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1: Print off an image of the rune from the web and cut it out.

2: Draw around the rune image onto the 6mm foam.


3 watermarked1:

3: Cut the image from the foam using a knife


4 watermarked

4: Glue the thick foam to the thin foam and seal all edges with the glue.

5: Weight the piece with something heavy to dry flat.

5 watermarked

6: Brush vaseline all over the inside of the mold.

6 watermarked

7: Mix ICE Resin to manufacturers instructions.

8: Add Shattered Fire Opal to the mixed resin until desired effect is achieved.

9: Gently pour resin mixture into the mold.

10: Balance or tape down a jump ring or loop to attach to your chain.

7 watermarked

11: Carefully de mould once set after 8 to 12 hours.

!!!!!!!!USE A FACE MASK HERE!!!!!!!!!

12: Sand the edges smooth to achieve desired effect, attach chain.

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Ice 9 with Ice Resin



We were tasked with making a project based on our favorite poem or work of literature.  This one was tough for me.  With so many great books, I did not know what direction to go.  I Love The brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Emile Zola’s letter  j’accuse is a great piece of  writing, The Road Not Taken by Frost is another favorite, but I just could not make them work.  One of my favorite authors is Kurt Vonnegut. Maybe not as poetic as Frost or as passionate as Zola, but always insightful, humorous, and thought provoking.  I browsed my collection of Vonnegut books, of which there are many and I came across Cats Cradle.  I read this book as a young girl and it left an impression on me.  For those of you who have read it, Ice 9 is the perfect inspiration for the ICE Resin® products.  For those of you who have not read it, get to it! Its a quick, easy and entertaining read.  (and look, its only 95 cents!)

a cats cradel


The story is based on a fictitious substance called Ice 9.  Ice 9  is a polymorph of water.  Any liquid that comes in contact with Ice 9 will become crystallized  and create more Ice 9.  It has the ability to kill instantly by turning human tissue into Ice 9, as well as freezing entire bodies of water.  You can see where the story goes….  I thought it would be cool to be able to wear a piece of Ice 9 without the threat of having your insides freeze and crystallize!


ICE Resin®

disposable mixing cup and stir stick

2 part molding putty

Shattered Opal inclusions

2 small eye hooks

Crystal/Rock with interesting shape

Rock salt

White pain/nail polish

Golden interference blue paint/paint brush



I started with a crystal I liked.  You can use any rock with interesting shapes.  Don’t worry about the color, we can fix that! Casting with  ICE Resin® allows you to keep the original item and make multiples.  The original was too heavy to use as a pendant.


Original rock crystal

Mix equal parts casting putty until color is uniform. Place on flat surface and impress crystal into putty.  Allow putty to set for 10 minuets.

Here is a video Susan M Walls did on Casting.


Once putty is set (test with thumbnail. If nail does not leave an impression, its set.)  Remove crystal.  Your mold will look something like this.


Drop a few pieces of rock salt in the bottom of your mold.  Mix equal parts ICE Resin® in mixing cup and add a very small amount (about a pinch) of Shattered Opal inclusions and about a tablespoon of rock salt.  The rock salt is a crystal itself so light will reflect off of it.  The shattered opal helps the crystal reflect light. Pour ICE Resin® with inclusions into your mold and allow it to set (6-8 hours)  Once Resin is set, remove your new “crystal” from the mold.


Cast Crystal

The crystal looks pretty good at this point but a few surface treatments will make it come alive.  I added Golden interferon Blue to the back of the piece and dry brushed a bit on the front.  This paint reflects light and gives it an iridescence.


Then, to make the piece appear solid and opaque, I painted the back white.  I used white nail polish.  You can use white paint, it will just need to be sealed.



Once all the paint is dry, the pieces look very similar.

I used 2 eye hooks and screwed them into the sides where I wanted the necklace to connect to.


Now you can add beads, chain, leather, cloth or any other components you like.  I used cool blue glass beads. Its hot here in the desert, we can use a bit of Ice.   This piece of Ice 9 is safe to wear and wont bring about the end of the world, however It may cause some commotion when your friends see it!

Being My Own Poetry Muse

beautyshotforblogwlogo2It makes me a touch sad to say that I am not truly a fan of poetry. I used to be and even ran a small poetry group that self published during high school. Where did that piece of me go? I’m not sure. But a few months back during a painting retreat I was confronted with the opportunity to spontaneously put words to paper.
Handed a pile of disparate pieces of magazine fragments and clippings I was tasked to write a line, whatever came to mind, for each chunk. Promising myself I would remain in the moment, here is what manifested itself:
Pieces of stone,
Staring back through film,
Blotted, obscure,
Unfocused but clear,
Dropped in colors of black and white,
The architecture of rain,
Bright colors are
Not in my language
Sometimes smeared to muddy brown,
Or paisleys of odd shades
Tied with a ribbon of flowers
Riding atop a dream that has
Broken into pieces.
Haiku version:
Pieces of film bits,
Staring back through plain landscapes,
Unfocused but clear.
These are really very simple to make and the list of ingredients is short:
Products Used
ICE resin
Purchased silicon molds
Vintage 8mm film
Shrink plastic bit and bobs
Golden high flow ink
Mixing cups, stir sticks, and appropriate tools.
Sandpaper In varying grits (i used 220, 400, 500, 600)
Dremel with a small guage drill bit
Jewelry findings
Start by mixing up a larger batch of Ice Resin according to the instructions.
For the embedded film strip pieces, conical shapes and 20 mm ear gauges, I used purchased molds made by someone else so I could make specific shapes. (Please note that you can certainly do the same technique with Art Mechanique silicone putty and make your own shapes) Measure out your film pieces to fit into your molds and place them inside. Pour clear resin into your molds and allow to cure for 24 hours. Remove pieces. Sand the uneven edges with varying grades of sandpaper until smooth. I sprayed my sandpaper with water so the dust from the resin would be contained. (yes it is just that easy!)
Once sanded you have a choice. You can leave your creation matte or coat with a thin resin layer for glossy.
You can also see here that the sanding leaves some dust in any bubbles that you may have sanded open. A layer of resin will make these disappear or give your piece a wash with a toothbrush to remove the dust.
You can also see here that I used a Dremel to drill holes in the above pieces. After drilling add a wire into the hole with drops of resin and allow to cure.I chose to use these as beads rather than ear gauges since they were color experiments.
Above are another couple of pieces I molded then made into earrings. The inclusions are waste pieces of shrink plastic from another project or my “Pieces of stone..”
Which leads me to another line in my poem, “Bright colors are not in my language…”
But they really are!
Color is truly fabulous! And if you want to color your resin it’s an easy process as well.
Mix up a fairly large batch of resin according to instructions. You will need extra cups and mixing sticks for this technique. Once your resin has a rested pour some in your other cups. One for each color you intend to use. Using acrylic paints (I used Golden High Flow because they are strongly pigmented but you could use other brands of acrylic) put a few drops, yes drops, into your resin. Mix. You want to use as little as will make the color you would like. Too much and you risk resin that won’t completely cure.
You can see in the above picture there are some bubbles. Don’t worry about them. Ice resin de-gasses pretty much on it’s own or you can blow through a straw to disburse any surface bubbles once you’ve poured into the mold. So go ahead and pour! After a 24 hour cure you can pull the ring out, do a bit of sanding, and voila! You have a gorgeous new Ice resin piece to wear!
And, just as a side note of interest, I purchased the 8mm film so didn’t know what it featured on it’s frames. After embedding it I still couldn’t make out what the images were. But then I photographed the finished pieces. While editing the pictures look what I found…
 A group of men, yes…is there a carnival ride in the back? Or is one of the men an officer? I don’t know but I was surprised to be able to see any of it! What does it look like to you?
Susan creates and travels with her wearable art company
Charming Trinkets and you can find her blog at:
Susan’s Art Circus Blog!
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