Dainty Little Bird Bracelet

When I saw the little bird’s in the Art Mechanique range of products it was love at first sight, I knew instantly what I wanted to do with them and how I wanted it to look. I could picture a beautiful dainty bracelet with a shabby chic look to it peeking out from my most favourite summer time shirt. I am so happy that what I imagined could be easily realized with the fantastic Iced Enamels range.

Ivory Relique cold enameled

Tools and Materials:
ICE Resin®
Iced Enamels™ Relique Ivory
Iced Enamels™ Medium
Iced Enamels™ Angled Brush
Rue Romantique™ Pearl Chain
Art Mechanique™ Silhouettes Bird’s
2 pairs pliers
Lobster Claw from stash
1.5mm Metal Hole Punch

1: As demonstrated previously in my technique video, gently shape the bird shapes so they have a slight bow to them.

2: Using your angled brush, brush on some Iced Enamels™ medium to the birds and sprinkle a generous amount of Iced Enamels™ Relique Ivory onto them. Let any excess powder fall off and return to the jar for later use. Heat set the powder on the birds.

3: Mix ICE Resin to the manufacturers instructions. Carefully brush a thin layer of resin onto the birds and let cure over night.

4: Using a 1.5mm metal hole punch, punch 2 holes in each bird, one in the tail and one above the beak in the head.

5: Take off 6 pearl links from the Rue Romantique™ Pearl Chain using pliers. Open each one up at both ends and twist the openings so they all face the same way.

6: Thread on all the birds to the pearl chain closing the ends as you go. Attach a lobster claw fastener to the end and wear.

cold enameled bracelet

Now I have an idea for a matching flowing necklace floating around in my head.

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Clare Horner, Got Paint in My Hair


Gold Flake Nugget Pendants by the Crafty Chica

Kathy Cano-Murillo shows how you can use gold leaf in ICE Resin and it will float throughout the mixture!

To make the cubes you will need: ICE Resin®, Gold Leaf, a mold, mold release agent.

Adding gold Leaf to ICE Resin

Adding gold Leaf to ICE Resin


Cube ready to be drilled for a necklace

To make the necklace below you will need to drill a hole through a corner and wire wrap your jumpring to the cube.

Lovely yet simple!

Lovely yet simple!


One for me and more to share!

One for me and more to share!

You can find more of the Crafty Chica’s projects on her glittery website.



Take Me Out to the Ballgame Cuffs by Kim Williams

baseball jewelry

Materials and Tools:

Leather cuff with snap closure

Art Mechanique Bezel – large hobnail style

2 Microscrews and Nuts-  ¼ inch in length

Art Paper for background of bezel

Inclusions – charms, buttons, rhinestone chain

1oz ICE Resin®

Iced Enamels Shattered Mica and/or Relique Glitz

Art Mechanique Paper Sealer

E6000 Glue

Small Disposable Paint Brush

Baby Wipes



Leather Hole Punch

Metal Hole Punch/ Or a drill with appropriate size drill bit

Wire Snips

Metal File

Fine Sanding Block

Micro Minnie Screwdriver (sold for repairing eyeglasses in most drug stores)


Mixing Cup

Craft Stick

Parchment Paper, plastic bead mat, or white garbage bag split and taped down to protect worktable


1.  Mark the placement of the holes you will punch in the bezel for attaching your bezel to the leather cuff with a sharpie marker. Place the marks a good distance apart and in the center of the bezel.

2. Punch or drill holes in the bezel.

3. Remove loop from bezel and buff rough edges with metal file and fine sanding block.

4. Replace bezel on the leather cuff. Use sharpie to mark on the leather where to punch holes in the cuff. Set aside.

5. Trace or etch a pattern for your bezel. Use pattern to cut out the background for the bezel.

6. Paint with disposable brush both the front and back of paper with Art Mechanique Paper Sealer. Repeat multiple times allowing paper to dry between coats

7. Attach the bezel to the cuff by using the micro screws going in through the bezel then the leather. Apply nut from the bottom and tighten with a super small screwdriver being careful to not over tighten the nut.

8. Snip off the end of the screw.  File off rough or sharp end of screw. Buff with sanding block if necessary.

9. Place a small dab of E6000 Glue on each screw to secure and seal the leather. Allow to dry.

10. Lay the sealed paper for the background in the bezel. Arrange charms, rhinestone chain, and Iced Enamel Mica in the bezel.  Place on protected surface.

11. Mix ICE Resin® per instructions with the packaging in a mixing cup. Allow the ICE Resin® to rest for 10 to 15 minutes until it is the consistency of thick syrup.

12. Using the craft stick drizzle the mixture in the bezel being careful not to disturb the objects you have placed in the bezel. If there is some shifting of the charms or chain use a toothpick to replace. Fill almost to capacity.

13. Sprinkle more Glitz or Mica on the surface if desired.  Allow ICE Resin® to set for a few hours.

14. If desired, mix a second small amount of ICE Resin® pour on top to dome the bezel.

Resin will dry in 6 to 12 hours and cure in 72 hours.

America’s favorite pastime takes centerfield in this Americana bracelet that fans, Mom’s and players alike will want to wear. Nothing makes a statement like these personalized cuff bracelets. Add a mascot, your favorite players’ number or just express your “love of the game” in your own personalized bracelet.

Kim Williams, Historically Haute

Baseball Jewelry


Hardware Finds with John Creighton Petersen

Found Object ICE Resin

I have to admit that I am constantly looking for interesting items that I can use as bezels everywhere that I go – thrift stores, salvage yards, with my two personal favorites being dumpster diving and yard sales.  One of my favorite places to pick up bezel like pieces is the hardware store in the electrical and plumbing departments.  There’s treasures galore and remember that you don’t have to have a back on your bezel, you can create your own!  I wanted to share with everyone the simple way you can take your ICE Resin® to a new creative level with some finds from the hardware store.

I found this great flat back piece in the plumbing section at my local hardware store and knew instantly that it would make a great bezel.  To antique the metal, I began by brushing on a coat of Iced Enamels® Medium then applied Iced Enamels Relique Ivory and heat set.  I carefully placed a piece of clear packing tape onto the backside of the piece and adhered it securely into place.  Be VERY careful not to leave any fingerprints or allow any dust onto the tape – it will show up in your finished piece.

Now it’s time to build our bezel!  I began by adding a small amount of ICE Resin® to the bottom of the piece, just enough to have a thin layer completely cover the packing tape.  Next I sprinkled Silver Shattered Mica into the base of the piece along with more ICE Resin®.  With a brush, I painted the back of the fleur-de-lys with a thin coat of ICE Resin® to help reduce the change of air bubbles then placed it into the center of my piece.  Top off with ICE Resin® and add Gold Glitter around the edge of the opening.  Allow resin to set and cure.

Iced Enamels found object

Iced Enamels

Once the bezel if fully cured, slowly peel the packing tape from the back of the piece.  Use a craft knife (if needed) to trim any of the excess resin from the edges.  Hold your piece up and be amazed at the transparent look that you’ve created with a piece of packing tape!

found object ICE Resin Iced Enamels

I hope this inspires you to begin creating your own transparent ICE Resin® pieces!

John Creighton Petersen, Art New Wave

Baerbel’s Born’s Leftover Jewels

ICE Resin

While working with ICE Resin® I always think about what to do with the leftovers. Sometimes I dip the stirring stick into a pot of glitter, sometimes I give some fragile treasures a coat to make it last. This time I ended up with more than a quarter of a mixing cup because I overestimated the amount I need for a project. That was the moment I was waiting for!

You will need:13227460734_d1935e3c94_m

ICE Resin®

Shattered Inclusions Chartreuse and Shattered Fire Opal

Rue Romantique™ Red Ribbon

Memento refill ink ‘cottage ivy‘ by Tsukineko

Imagine Crafts craft sheet

Glass Glitter Nuggets (pictured at right)


After I mixed and poured my resin to the form for another project I used the leftover resin in my cup. I took some green glass nuggets I found at a florist and poured them into my resin. I added a generous amount of Iced Enamels™ in two green tones to my mixture and two drops of Memento ink ‘cottage ivy’ by Tsukineko.

Then I poured some random drops of my mixture on my craft mat. If you wish to glue two pieces together like I did for the charm you need two drops in the same size. It doesn’t have to match exactly as you can cut or file the shape after you glued them back to back. Let cure completely and pull off the craft mat, it will come off easily.

Drill a hole into you charm and have fun with it. For my necklace I attached it to a velvet ribbon of Rue Romantique™ to achieve a very simple but elegant look. As the drops will cure flat, you also can use all your leftovers to make some quick and easy embellishments for later use on paper crafting.

Baerbel Born, To Create and Inspire

ICE Resin

Antique’d Thread Spool – Iced Enamels on Wood

Iced Enamel Thimble
Supply List:
Iced Enamels™ Relique, Turquoise
Iced Enamels™ Medium
Heat Gun
Small Paint Brush

Iced Enamel Medium on substrate

Add a small amount of Iced Enamels™ medium to the middle portion of the wooden spool one half at a time. Generously pour the ICED Enamels on the wet medium. Heat set.

Then repeat on the other half of the spool to create this unique effect.

I had these cool vintage wooden spools lying around and could not resist using one of my favorite ICED enamels to give it a cool antiqued finish before using it on a project.

Candy Rosenberg, Living the Altered Life


Turquoise Relique ThimbleEditors note: Because Candy used Iced Enamels on a display piece that was not going to become jewelry, she chose not to use ICE Resin to seal it.


Glass Chandelier piece, molded and “steamed”

Cast with ICE Resin

Tools and Materials:
ICE Resin®
Iced Enamels™ Shattered Opal
Rue Romantique™ Red Ribbon
Art Mechanique™ Jewelers Grade Molding Putty
Art Mechanique™ Chain 24BR
Ball chain and connector
Brass jump ring
Metal flake
2 pairs pliers
Watch parts
Vintage chandelier piece

I really love making my own mold’s and had this fabulous vintage glass chandelier piece I found at a local car boot sale sitting waiting, begging for me to use it. I did not want to loose the original piece, being unique and not something I would be able to find again I decided that it would be the perfect candidate to make a mold from. It did use rather a lot of molding putty to create but it is worth it in the long run since I will be able to make as many castings as my little heart desires from the piece without a worry.

Once I had the mold created I made a test piece to make sure I was happy with it before making a full project from it. The test came out perfect in both polymer clay and resin so away I went. I love all things Steampunk so naturally, being a Victorian piece originally it had to be Steampunked up a little for the first time. The bonus from creating this piece is it also taught me a lot of patience, if you have embedded things into layers of resin before, you will know what I mean. Some objects tend to float so you have to keep a careful eye on them for the first hour to make sure they don’t float away from where you want them to be!

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Clare HornerGot Paint in My Hair


1: Clean and dry the piece you wish to make your mold from. Following the instructions, mix a suitable amount of molding putty and press the item into it, making sure to build a wall to contain your resin. Let this cure thoroughly.

2: Carefully remove the object being molded and test your mold with spare resin or some dough/polymer clay to make sure you are happy with it.

3: Mix ICE Resin to the manufacturers instructions. Carefully pour your resin into the mold so it is roughly half full, leave for 4 or 5 hours so it is mostly set.

4: Mix a much smaller batch of resin, pour a thin layer on top of the layer already in your mold. Carefully drop in your watch parts, moving them around with a pin into the desired placement. Place a couple of small metal flakes pieces over the back of the watch parts, if you are looking at the front of the piece you need to add in the flake first as the desired effect is reached by having the parts flanked by flake. Keep an eye on this for the next couple of hours checking regularly, watch parts and metal flake tend to float out of position if you are not careful.

5: After 5 or 6 hours, or overnight, Mix enough ICE Resin to top off your mold. Add into this mix the desired amount of Iced Enamel Shattered Opal flakes and pour into the mold. Leave to set for 6 to 10 hours or over night.

6: Pour any leftover resin in a mould or wipe onto book page so it is not wasted.

7: Take the red velvet ribbon from the Rue Romantique ribbon set and make a bow, attach a jump ring to the back through the back loop of the bow.

8: Make a small jump ring like ring from the ball chain and attach the piece and the ribbon bow together. Feed through the necklace chain and you are done.

Bone and Ice Rings

I LOVE big chunky rings and my bezels were screaming rings all over them! Of course when I started the creative process, my mind pictured something tribal, which instantly made me grab a chunk of Faux Bone™. 

Iced enameled pearl and bone ring

Tools and Materials:
ICE Resin®
Small Antique Silver Hobnail Circle Bezel by Art Mechanique™
Iced Enamels™ Ivory Relique
Iced Enamels™ Turquoise Relique
Shattered Mica in Bronze
Iced Enamels™ Medium
Disposable paint brushes
Various Beads and rhinestone
24 gauge fine silver wire
20 gauge nickel silver
Jax Nickel Blackener
Nuts & 1” screw connections
Faux Bone™ (1/4” thick) – fauxbone.com
Medium saw blades – fauxbone.com
Acrylic Paint
Mod Podge
Piece of Styrofoam
Metal shears
Metal hole punch
Bench Pin
Wire cutters
Needle files
Round-nose pliers
Chain-nose pliers
Ring mandrel
Ball peen hammer
Drill with 1/16” bit
Fine grit sand paper
Dust mask
Heat gun
Bowl of water

1. Cut a strip of nickel silver larger than your ring size so the ends overlap – what I did was wrap a strip of paper around my finger, marked it with a pencil, then measured the strip of paper.
2. Stamp and etch your metal according to manufacturer’s directions.
3. Oxidize with Jax Blackener according to instructions. Use fine sand paper or polishing cloth to remove excess.
4. Form etched nickel silver strip on ring mandrel.
(Steps 4-9 can be viewed on the February 25th Tech Tuesday video at iceresin.com, “Cold Connecting with Micro Fasteners”)
5. Mark inside of bezel where the screws will fasten to the ring shank.
6. Drill holes in bezel using 1/16” drill bit.
7. Using a black marker, make marks on the ring shank where the bezel will fasten. Be sure to line up with holes on bezel.
8. Punch holes in ring shank using a metal hole punch.
9. Attach bezel to ring shank using the nuts and 1” screws.
10. Snip ends of screws and “rivet” the end with ball peen hammer.
11. Trace shape of bezel onto Faux Bone™ and saw to shape. On both rings, I also cut out a circle in the middle of the Faux Bone™
12. File shape down to fit into bezel.
13. Using files, texture and scratch into surface of Faux Bone™, then rub acrylic paints in browns and black to color it. After paint is dry, use sand paper to remove excess paint.
14. Using a paintbrush, apply Enameling Medium to parts of the bezel you want to enamel.
15. Sprinkle enameling powder on the spots containing the Enameling Medium, then tap off excess back into container.
16. Using a craft heat gun, melt enameling powder and let cool.
17. Mix ICE Resin® according to manufacturer instructions and using a disposable paintbrush, apply a thin layer over the enamel.
18. Let dry for 24 hours.
19. Trim ephemera for the center cut out of Faux Bone™.
20. Mix another batch of ICE Resin®.
21. To make my ring steady when pouring resin, I push the ring shank into a sheet of Styrofoam I get from the craft store. Make sure the bezel is level.
22. Use a stir stick to drip a small amount of resin into bottom of bezel. Insert Faux Bone™ and let dry for at least 6-10 hours.
23. Mix another batch of ICE Resin®.
24. Use stir stick to drip small amount of resin into center cut out of Faux Bone™, insert ephemera, glitter and a rhinestone. On the oval bezel, I used shattered mica for the center instead of ephemera. After an hour, I inserted a half drilled pearl with a padded earring back stuck in it to make it rise out of the resin.
25. Let dry for 24 hours.
26. Draw a bead on the end of a (2) 3” pieces of fine silver wire and quench in water. String a bead and wrap wire around the connectors on each end of the bezels.
27. Cut a piece of ephemera for the inside of the ring shank, covering the heads of the screws.
28. Using a sponge applicator, cover with Mod Podge and run along inside of shank. Cover with more Mod Podge, making sure it is adhered well to the shank and let dry for 24 hours.

 Because I tend to stick to more earthy tones when I use this medium, I decided to use a splash of color on the hobnails of the bezels. I am in love with the look and will be making more!

cold enameled bone ring

Jennifer Cabic, Silver Peanut

Madonna and Child

Rue Romantique Jen Crossley


Faith… history… art…

The Madonna and Child and the peace and love they represent are iconic.

Materials and tools:

Rue Romantique by Kristen Robinson Oval Floral Bezel KR108

Image from Rue Romantique Flip Book

Art Mechanique Paper Sealant

ICE Resin

Rue Romantique Pearl Chain

Garter Clasp

Jump Rings


Craft Cup and Stir Stick

Jewelry Pliers


Cut image to fit bezel.

Apply Paper Sealant to both sides and edges of the paper image to make it so it doesn’t fade. Place the image in the bezel and let it dry.

Mix ICE Resin per manufacturer instructions.

Drip slowly into bezel so it forms a dome. This bezel is not very deep at all, so it is doubly important to make sure the bezel is on a level surface and that you will not need to move the bezel until it is dry.

Once dry, attach clasp and rosary chain with jump rings and tie on the scrap of ribbon.

My necklace  reminds me of the Beatles’ song, “Let It Be”.

Jen Crossley, A Mark in Time



A Rose In Time with a Hopeless Romantic

hopeless romantic necklaceMaterials and Tools:
Art Mechanique Hobnail Heart Bezel, Antique Bronze
Antique Bronze Chain
Rose Pin, with pin portion removed
Raspberry Faceted Garnet Beads
ICE Resin
Small Silver Rhinestone Rhondelles
Medium Wire Cutters
Disposable Paint Brushes 20 Gauge Bronze Wire
Iced Enamels in Chartreuse
Round Nose Pliers
Heat Gun Chain Nose Pliers
Paper with ‘I love you’
Drill, or Hole Punch Pliers
Elmer’s Glue
Glass Glitter in Pink
Rhinestone Chain in Violet
‘Cameo’ Bronze Medallion
Black JAX
Steel Wool, 4 ott
2 Bronze Jump Rings

1) Cut the ‘I love you’ paper in the shape of the heart bezel, and place in the bottom of the bezel.
2) Place some glue along the left side of the paper and sprinkle the Pink Glass Glitter on the glue. Shake the excess out of the bezel, and allow the glue to dry.
3) Prepare the Rose Pin by removing the ‘pin’ portion.
4) Paint a light coating of Iced Enamels Medium onto the stem and leaves of the Rose and let it dry.
5) Sprinkle the Chartreuse Iced Enamels onto the stem and leaves of the rose, and heat using the Heat Gun until the Iced Enamels have adhered to the metal. Let cool before touching.
6) Mix the ICE Resin according to package directions. Let set for at least 2 minutes, and begin to gently drip the Resin into the bezel. Once there is a light layer across the bottom of the bezel, place the Rose into the bezel.
7) Lightly paint some ICE Resin over the Iced Enamels on the Rose stem and leaves.
8) Continue to drizzle the ICE Resin into the bezel, carefully, back and forth around the Rose, but not covering the Rose as this may cause the ICE Resin to overflow.
9) Fill the bezel completely, but do not add enough for a dome appearance. Allow the bezel to dry for at least 6 to 8 hours.
10) Mix more ICE Resin, again according to package directions, and let it set for at least 2 minutes.
11) Slowly drip the resin over the top of the bezel in order to create a nice dome on the bezel. Avoid dripping more resin on the Rose.
12) Cut the Violet Rhinestone Chain to the desired length (a little more than an inch), and place into the Resin around the v-shaped curve of the heart shaped bezel. The ICE Resin will act as a glue to hold the Rhinestone Chain in place.
13) Scrub the ‘Cameo’ Bronze Medallion to remove any residue and clean the metal using the 4 ott Steel Wool. Lightly paint a small amount of Black JAX over all areas of the Medallion, especially in the deep crevices. Let it set until it is dry. (More Black JAX can be added in different areas intermittently, just as it can be removed by using the 4 ott Steel Wool, see next step).
14) Lightly use the 4 ott Steel Wool to remove some of the Black JAX, and highlight the Bronze Metal. Once the Medallion has reached the desired look, drill or punch holes into the top and bottom of it.
15) Attach the Jump Rings, one to the top and the other to the bottom of the medallion.
16) While the ICE Resin is drying and curing, make the chain and the clasp for the necklace.
17) Cut approximately 4 inches of 20 Gauge Bronze Wire. Cut 5 equal sections of chain to the desired length.
18) Wire Wrap a piece of the Bronze Wire to an end of one section of the chain. Add 4 of the Raspberry Faceted Garnet Beads, followed by one small Silver Rhinestone Rhondelle, and another 4 Raspberry Faceted Garnet Beads.
19) Wire Wrap the end to the next section of chain. Continue to wire wrap the remaining sections of Bronze Wire with the Raspberry Faceted Garnet Beads and small Rhinestone Rhondelles and attach to the section of the chain until all are completed.
20) Make a clasp for the necklace using the Wire Wrapping method and the 20 gauge Bronze Wire. Attach the end of the clasp to the end of the chain, and the other side of the clasp to the other end of the chain. Lightly hammer both sides of the wire clasp for a finished look.
21) Once the ICE Resin in the bezel has dried (at least 6 – 8 hours), and completely cured (at least 3 days), using the Jump Ring from the bottom of the Medallion, attach it to the bezel.
22) Attach the top Jump Ring to center of the chain, so that the beads are evenly spaced throughout the chain.

Hopeless Romantic ICE Resin

I am a Hopeless Romantic, and when I found this Rose Pin, I knew I wanted to include it with the Heart Bezel. The heart shape is very feminine, and I found this Medallion with a picture of a woman which reminded me of a Cameo. I felt that if I added it to the piece, it would tell a story of Romance. I decided to use paper with the hand-written words ‘I love you’ moving continually across the page, and then chose some Pink Glass Glitter to compliment the Rose. I felt that adding some Violet Rhinestones for some extra sparkle would add to the Romantic theme. I chose to make a chain for the necklace portion of the piece using Antique Bronze Chain with Bronze Wire and Raspberry Faceted Garnet beads, and added some small silver Rhinestone Rhondelles to further compliment the piece.

Polly Hendrickson

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