House Number Eight by Jen Crossley

Art Mechanique Silhouettes

Tools & Materials:

ICED Enamels Turquoise Relique

ICE Resin® 1 oz. syringe

ICED Enamels Medium

Paint brush

ICE Resin® Silhouettes – Houses

Heat Gun

Sanding Block

White gel pen


Alcohol wipe 


1.Firstly use the sanding block and give the House a light sand

2. Apply a light coat of ICED Enamels Medium with the paint brush)

3. Next sprinkle the ICED Enamels® Relique  Turquoise  onto the  house, then tip the excess back into the jar.

4. With a heat gun heat the powder until it melts.

5. Use the Alcohol wipe on the enamel it tones down the colour for a different   look all together

6. Mix the ICE Resin®, into a cup and then stir for 2 minutes.

7. Let the resin sit for 5 minutes to allow air bubbles to dissipate.

8. With a craft stick slowly add the resin onto the House silhouette and then allow it to lay flat on textured mat.

9. Pour any leftover resin onto the mat.

10. Let Piece dry for 24 hours and cure for 3 days.

11. Using the Stazon ink pad, rub around the edges. This creates a shadow to the edge and will make it pop. Allow to dry.

12. Use a white gel pen and add decoration

13. Add some transparencies to the window of the House.


I have loved house shapes for I don’t know how long, and when the new Sihouettes where brought out I had to have them. I combine these with the ICED Enamels and they looked amazing. For those of you that know me know Ii love the Number 8 for my mum it was her birthday,and also I like vintage so I toned this house down with a special technique !

Jen Crossley, A Mark in Time



ICE Resin Vampire FX Earrings with Baerbel Born

blood red earringsHi! Baerbel from Germany here.

I know it’s a while until Halloween, but this summer I have been in a vampire kind of mood, and maybe some jewellery crafters will keep it in mind that we can create all unusual effects with ICE Resin for all seasons.

By adding some Memento inks in a deep red tone to my ICE Resin I achieved a look like a drop of blood.

But because I am a dedicated recycle girl, I gave some broken jewellery a second life. The left overs of a broken brooche have been added to my bezels to make some vintage looking earrings. 

To level the bezel, I filled it with some polymer clay which has been baked according to instructions. By adding some colored ICE Resin to the bezel and add the brooch parts I could fixate the brooch parts and get the wet look I have been after in one step.

Small bows made with a Rue Romantique ribbon gave the final touch.

Drip any left overs of colored resin on a craft mat and let cure. You can use the drops on your next cards or save them for Halloween.

It only takes a drop or two of pigment to color the resin. The pigment can change the chemistry of the resin and hardener, so the standard is to add color with a toothpick drop by drop.

vampire earringsMaterials:
ICE Resin
Memento ink (Imagine Crafts /Tsukineko,color ‘Tangelo’)
pearls and broken brooch (stash)

Little Book with Kathy Cano-Murillo


Have you ever had the desire to just pour out a whole cup of ICE Resin® to make one big sheet? That’s what happened to me, except I also added in some Art Mechanique™ German Glass Glitter too! I poured it over a sheet of wax paper and let it set overnight. The next day, I cut it to 4×4″, and cut up a bunch of scrap paper to fit. I lined them all up and drilled two holes at the top and wrapped pink and teal wire.  I added some ribbon and another charm I made with one of my drawings and ICE Resin® too! Now I have a little book that I can use for my Instagram photos, or for sketches, quotes, anything I want. I think I’ll also make a few more to give to friends!

GermanGlassGlitter ArtMechanique







Switching Gears by John Creighton-Peteresen

ice resin layersSupplies:

ICE Resin®: ICE Resin®, ICED Enamels™ Medium, ICED Enamels Relique™ Torched Copper, Art Mechanique™ Chocolate German Glass Glitter, ICED Enamels™ Shattered Mica Bronze, Mixed Metal Hobnail Long Rectangle Bezel Large Antique Silver, brushes

IMAGINE Crafts®/Tsukineko®: StazOn Opaque Ivory Black, StazOn Metallic Gold and Copper, GlazOn, InkBlusher

Miscellaneous: watch parts, gears, adhesive, Spellbinders®: Creative Cogs 3D M-Bossabilities Folder


1. Using a brush, cover the backside of the bezel with ICED Enamels™ Medium. Sprinkle on Iced Enamels Relique™ Torched Copper and heat set. Allow to cool down completely before repeating for the sides and front of the bezel.

2. Mix ICED Resin® according to instructions and use a brush to apply to the sides and back of the covered bezel; allow to cure completely.

3. Create another batch of ICE Resin®, this time adding a drop of StazOn Opaque Ivory Black.

4. Pour resin into the Creative Cogs 3D M-Bossabilities Folder; allow to cure completely. NOTE: If you do not allow the colored resin to cure completely in the folder, it will be “rubbery” and will tear when you try to remove it from the folder.

5. Lightly twist the embossing folder until the resin begins to come out of the embossing plate.

6. With an InkBlusher, lightly apply StazOn Metallic Gold and allow to dry. Repeat with StazOn Metallic Copper. Once dried, apply a thin coat of GlazOn.

14280003594_9f28082455_m7. Trim embossed resin pieces to fit inside of the long rectangle bezels.

8. Use adhesive to hold the embossed resin pieces into the bottom of the bezel.

9. Mix a batch of clear ICE Resin® and apply a thin layer into the bottom of the bezel.

10. Begin adding found objects into the bezel, lightly coating on the backside of each piece with ICE Resin before adding into the bezel.

11. Continue adding more gears and watch parts, along with Art Mechanique™ Chocolate German Glass Glitter and ICED Enamels™ Shattered Mica Bronze as desired.

12. Fill in bezel with ICE Resin® and allow to completely cure.

Hi Everyone! After I saw Tatiana Allen’s project a few weeks ago on the ICE Resin® blog on creating shapes using embossing folders, the ideas started to swirl in my head about what I could create! I stumbled across a project that I had made years ago in a class that used UTEE embossing powder, and while handling the project the UTEE cast piece broke and I then remembered why I avoided making projects with UTEE. And then it dawned upon me – why not use Tatiana’s technique with colored ICE Resin® to create a background for a bezel!

I’d just recently been to a flea market and purchased some fab vintage tchotchkes including watch parts and gears that were waiting to be used, so this project was born!

John Creighton Petersen, Art New Wave

Sparkle Earrings by Kim Williams

German Glass Glitter

Fireworks light up the sky when we celebrate our Country’s Birthday on July 4th. These earrings I made remind me of the clear white cascades of little specks of light that shower down just following that loud boom and the whistle of the rocket as it soars in the sky. Suspended in the night sky for a mere second before is begins its intended decent in a pattern of orchestrated delight and then merging with the next lacy pattern of light. It is hard not to wish the display could go on forever. I am completely mesmerized with Iced Enamel’s German Glass Glitter and wanted to make the silver glitter the most important element in these dangle earrings.

Kim Williams, Historically Haute


2 Small Hobnail Bezels

2 Any barrel drilled natural stone beads of your choice

ICE Resin®

German Glass Glitter

20 Gauge Sterling Silver Wire 


Mix ICE Resin® according to package directions and fill bezels to capacity. Allow resin to cure for 6 hours, checking for a solid hold in the bezel with a tacky top layer. When the top layer for resin is very sticky. Dredge the filled bezel in the glitter. Use your fingers to press the glitter into the curing resin. Baby wipes will clean up sticky fingers. Allow the resin to cure completely for about 48 hours. Mix a very small batch of ICE Resin® and use it to paint a topcoat on the bezels and allow to dry for 8 hours. Wire 2 barrel cut beads with 20 gauge wire of your choice and attach to the ring on one end of the bezel. Fashion 2 ear wires using 20 gauge sterling silver wire and attach the bezels to the ear wires. Polish sterling silver to desired look. Remember to smooth the end of the wire to assure putting the earring on is comfortable.

Intention, a Mixed Media Journal

iced enamelsAbout a month ago I created a journal cover for my very first Art Journal. I decided on a small journal that only contained 6 double sided pages. Time has taught me that the less intimidating a project is, the more likely I will actually finish it. And speaking of time, this was the perfect place to record reminders for each day of the week.
In an attempt to lower my anxiety level, I made a list of what I felt were the most important things I needed to work on. Magically my list ended up evolving into this memorable acronym…IF you DO, you will BE.

I=Intention, F=Focus, D=Direction, O=Organization, B=Balance, and E=Excel.I completed the cover in this blog post… and am dedicating a 2 page spread to each one of the words. So without further ado, I introduce you to a very powerful word, intention.

cold enamelingSupplies I used to create these 2 pages: ICE Resin® 8oz. kit, Iced Enamels™ Medium, Iced Enamels™: Ivory, Raspberry and, Pewter Reliques,  Iced Enamels™ Shattered Fire Opal, Art Mechanique: Silhouettes: Numbers, Chalet, Bird, Sizzix Alterations: Compass embossing folder, Faber-Castell “Mixed Media Journal”, dictionary pages, laser printed quote, and  Artist Pen in White

Wishing you smiles and sunshine, Tatiana  ~ ~ ~ Crafty Cutie


Dainty Bird Necklace – Clare Horner

iced enamelsTools and Materials:

ICE Resin®
Iced Enamels™ Relique Ivory
Iced Enamels™ Medium
Iced Enamels™ Angled Brush
Rue Romantique™ Pearl Chain
Art Mechanique™ Silhouettes Birds
2 pairs pliers
Chain from stash
Silver jump rings
1.5mm Metal Hole Punch


1: Pick out 3 of the large birds and using your angled brush, brush on some Iced Enamels™ medium to the birds sprinkling a generous amount of Iced Enamels™ Relique Ivory onto them. Let any excess powder fall off and return to the jar for later use. Heat set the powder on the birds.

2: Mix ICE Resin to the manufacturers instructions. Carefully brush a thin layer of resin onto the birds and let cure over night. Do this to both sides of the birds over 2 days.

4: Using a 1.5mm metal hole punch, punch 2 holes in each bird, one in the top and one directly below so the birds sit at a pleasing angle.

5: Take off 4 sets of 3 pearl links from the Rue Romantique™ Pearl Chain using pliers. Open each group up at both ends and twist the openings so they all face the same way.

6: Thread on all the birds to the pearl chain closing the ends as you go. Attach your other chain with jump rings and wear.

iced enamelsI absolutely adore my little Dainty Bird Bracelet that I created for ICE Resin in April, so much so that I knew I wanted to make a matching necklace with the goodies I got from a local bead fair recently. I had a good idea what I wanted to do and how I wanted it to look. I could picture a beautiful dangly necklace to match the dainty bracelet with a shabby chic look to it draping down my neck in a long swoop with different chains and moving parts. I am so happy that what I imagined could be easily realized with the fantastic Iced Enamels™ range. I love the way the piece floats and moves with me when I walk around, I have already work it twice out and received many remarks on how beautiful and different the piece is, to which i I so far have pointed out the matching bracelet too!

Thanks for visiting!

Clare Horner, Got Paint in My Hair

Rustic Romance Cuff by Polly Hendrickson

metal ribbon cuff
Rue Romantique Large Filigree Truss Bezel, Bronze
4-5 inches Rusty Metal Ribbon**
Oval Bracelet Mandrel
Metal Cross, hollow to use as a Bezel
ICE Resin®
Black Rhinestone Chain
Words from a book in French
Drill or Hole Punch Pliers
Small Brass Nails
Ball Peen Hammer
Metal Snips
Metal File
**If your Rusty Metal Ribbon is sharp, you may need to use your Metal Files or some 4 “0” (Ott) Steel Wool in order to smooth the edges.

1) Cut 4-5 inches of Rusty Metal Ribbon, and gently form it around the Oval Bracelet Mandrel. Use the Ball Pein Hammer lightly to help shape the cuff.
2) Drill or punch holes on the short sides of the Rue Romantique Large Filigree Truss Bezel in Bronze. Use the Metal File to smooth the back of the holes.
3) Trim the jump ring from the top of the bezel. Use the Metal File to remove sharp edges.
4) Drill or punch holes in the Rusty Metal Ribbon to line up in the exact place as the holes in the bezel.
5) Insert the Small Brass Nails into the holes, and trim off most of the end of the nails, leaving a little less than an eighth of an inch sticking out.
6) Lightly hammer the nail ends to form a Rivet and spread them so that they will no longer fall through the hole. Repeat on opposite side.
7) Mix ICE Resin according to Manufacturer’s directions. Leave alone for a few minutes in order for the bubbles to rise to the top.
8) Prepare your French words paper so that it will fit perfectly into your Cross bezel. Place inside the Cross.
9) Lightly drip the ICE Resin into the Cross bezel. Let dry for 6-8 hours.
10) Mix more ICE Resin according Manufacturer’s directions. Leave alone for a few minutes, again to allow the bubbles to rise to the top.
11) Lightly drip a very small amount of ICE Resin over the top in order to create a doming effect on the cross bezel.
12) Cut two pieces of 6 black Rhinestones from the chain.
13) Add a small amount of ICE Resin as a glue to the top and the bottom of the Rue Romantique Large Filigree Truss Bezel and add the Rhinestone chain pieces.
14) Add more ICE Resin as a glue to the Rue Romantique bezel to adhere the Cross, and let dry.

cuff bracelet with crossMy inspiration for this piece was totally based on the Cross. The minute I saw it, I knew I wanted to fill it with ICE Resin. I also knew I wanted to use words inside the cross. I love jewelry with the look of romance, and this piece came together based on my love for Shabby Chic and rustic pieces. I must admit I was quite surprised and thrilled when the smoky, grey color appeared as the resin dried. I love the way there is such a contrast between the grey and the rich brass of the Rue Romantique Large Filigree Truss Bezel.

Polly Hendrickson

Polly Hendrickson Jewery Design



A Mix It A Match It ICE Resin Necklace

Hi Jamie Dougherty here!

I love the mixed metal trend. Where so many shades and finishes are popping up in fashion. I decided to blend some of my own and add a pop of another trending color, coral. The touch of the fresh color creates a nice contrast to our metal-based necklace.

ice resinSupplies:
ICE Resin® with Measuring Cup and Stir Stick
ICED Enamels® Medium, 1 oz.
ICED Enamels®- German Silver
Shattered Mica Silver
Rue Romantique by Kristen Robinson-Small Scrolled Oval
Mixed Metal Hobnail Rectangle Bezel, Antique Silver
Jumpring Multipack

Other Product:
Metal trinkets
Mica powder in Coral
Gold Liquid foil
Needle nose pliers

Rue Romantique


I started with the large hobnail bezel. I layered a thin coat of ICED Enamels Medium to the bottom of the bezel then added the ICED Enamels German Silver over the top. I melted the Enamel and layered Mica onto once it had cooled. I settled my trinkets into the bezel and filled the bezel with ICE Resin®.

For the small Bezels; One was a simple piece. I added a thin layer of ICE Resin® to the bottom then set the coral embellishment into the center. I painted another thin layer over the embellishment.

On the other small bezel I mixed a fine coral mica with the ICE Resin® and spread a thin layer out on top of a piece of nonstick plastic. Once the resin set I used a cropadile and punch out a piece. Then I poured the bezel itself with the same mixed resin. I added my punched out piece to the top and let it set. Once it cured I used the liquid gold foil to create a fun flower design to the resin.

I then added my custom pieces to a chain to create a layered necklace.

Thank you for joining us today. Happy creating.


Bloom Girls

Amethyst Dragonfly – John’s Experiment in Color!

amethyst relique cold enamelingMany times when I’m teaching classes, I have at least a couple of students ask “How do I color my ICE Resin?” I’ve given a few suggestions from what I’ve heard from other members of the ICE Resin Team, but to be honest I’ve always wondered WHY you would want to color your resin? Maybe I’m just a purest, but I’ve always been a firm believer that if ICE Resin was meant to be colored, it would come that way. But now that I’ve been exploring the world of casting, the idea of colored resin has crossed my mind a few times so I thought that I’d share with you how I colored my resin using rubber stamp ink refills.

I experimented a bit with different types of inks – StazOn (solvent) and StazOn Opaques, VersaMagic (pigment chalk), Brilliance (pearlescent pigment) and Memento (dye). All of these inks mixed pretty much the same in the resin except for the Memento dye ink, which I found tended to create “spots” of color in places instead of mixing completely into the resin. For this project, I decided to use Brilliance Sky Blue Pigment Ink. It only took a small drop (think half a drop!) of ink into the ICE Resin, and I was mixing 5 oz for this bezel!

And I have to admit that I loved the result of the color resin – slightly opaque blue with a pearlescent finish. This combination adds color, yet is transparent enough to see treasures hidden beneath!

John Creighton Petersen, Art New Wave


coloring ice resinICE Resin®: ICE Resin®, ICED Enamels™ Medium, ICED Enamels Relique™ Amethyst, ICE Enamels Relique™ Chartreuse, Art Mechanique™ Amethyst German Glass Glitter, ICED Enamels™ Shattered Mica Chartreuse, Mixed Metal Hobnail Rectangle Bezel Large Antique Silver, Art Mechanique™ Multicolored Gem Brads, brushes

IMAGINE Crafts®/Tsukineko®: Brilliance Sky Blue inker

Petaloo®: white flowers

Spellbinders®: Media Mixage™ Rectangles Two die (large)

Miscellaneous: metal dragonfly, rhinestone chain, printed paper, adhesive

1. Using a brush, cover the backside of the bezel with ICED Enamels™ Medium. Sprinkle on ICED Enamels Relique™ Amethyst and heat set. Allow to cool down completely before repeating for the sides and front of the bezel.
2. Color the dragonfly wings in the same manner using ICED Enamels Relique™ Chartreuse.
ice resin+ paper+iced enamels3. Mix ICED Resin® according to instructions and use a brush to apply to the sides and back of the covered bezel; allow to cure completely.
4. Set the wings of the dragonfly with ICED Resin®.
5. Coat the flower with resin (both sides of petals) and allow to dry. Doing this will make adding them to the bezel with resin much easier.
6. Cut printed paper with Rectangles Two die and adhere to bottom of bezel.
7. Mix ICED Resin® according to instructions. Add a small drop of Brilliance Sky Blue ink and fold into resin. Allow resin to prep.
8. Apply a coat of the colored resin onto the back of the rhinestones and then lay down the rhinestones into the bezel. Repeat for the flowers.
9. Add a thin layer of resin into the bottom of the bezel.
10. Sprinkle Art Mechanique™ Amethyst German Glass Glitter and ICED Enamels™ Shattered Chartreuse Mica before adding more resin.
11. Continue adding resin and inclusions until the bezel is filled.
12. Add the Art Mechanique™ Multicolored Gem Brads to the middle of the flowers.
13. Place the dragonfly onto of the flowers, allowing the wings to be exposed (not covered with resin).
14. Allow bezel to fully cure.

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