You won’t want to squirrel this acorn away – Clare Horner share how to cast this ornament for your Holiday Tree


EeeeEEEEEeeeeeee Christmas is coming!!! I love Christmas, especially when it snows which is not very often these days. I always have my fingers crossed for a white Christmas! I love Christmas so much that every year my close family receive not only a card but a decoration for their tree. This year I have decided to combine the wonders of ICE Resin and IndigoBlu, one of our preferred partners, together to create this stunning little acorn bauble. We don’t really have acorns around here, so when I saw a garish looking tree ornament in an ”Everything a Pound” shop I knew I just had to have it and turn it into something worth Christmas.

Thanks for visiting,

Clare Horner, Got Paint in My Hair

Tools and Materials:
ICE Resin®
Rue Romantique™ Red Velvet Ribbon
Art Mechanique™ Jump Rings
Art Mechanique™ Molding Putty
IndigoBlu Mega Flake Manchester Tart
IndigoBlu Metallic Paint Goldfinger
indigoBlu Acrylic Paint Hot Chocolate
Ball Chain from stash
Acorn Ornament
Wooden lollypop sticks
Self grip tweezers
Paint Brush


1: Clean and dry the piece you wish to make your mold from, in this case the acorn. Following the instructions, mix a suitable amount of molding putty and press the item into it, making sure to build a wall to contain your resin. Let this cure thoroughly.

2: Mix ICE Resin to the manufacturers instructions. Take a few of the IndigoBlu Mega Flakes at a time tearing them into smaller pieces. Carefully add the Mega Flake to the resin and mix in. Pour this mixture into the mold so it comes up to the bottom of the top cup part of the acorn. Let set for three to four hours.

4: Mix up another batch of ICE Resin, this time adding in a small amount of IndigoBlu Metallic paint in Goldfinger. Pour this into the mold topping it up to the top. Grip an Art Mechanique jump ring in a pair of self gripping tweezers and balance the jump ring just inside of the top of the resin in the mold. Use wooden sticks to keep the tweezers from getting resin on them. You might need to weigh down the tweezers as I did and shown in the photo. Let cure over night or for seven to eight hours.

5: Take the cast acorn out of the mold carefully. Taking a paint brush and some Hot Chocolate IndigoBlu paint, dry brush the top of the acorn to add a little depth. Let dry for 10 to 15 minutes.

6: Create a small bow with the gorgeous Rue Romantique ribbon around the jump ring that is inside the acorn, attach a piece of ball chain and hang on your tree.


Pendant, Ornament, or Special Gift Wrap? This ICE Resin pendant is sparkling and easy to make this Christmas


With the Holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to share with you this easy to create bezel that can be used as either jewelry or even a decoration for the Holidays this year. For this project, think “small” for a big impact when working with your bezels!

John Creighton Petersen, Art New Wave


ICE Resin®, Art Mechanique German Glass Glitter, Chartreuse, Art Mechanique Paper Sealer, Large Circle Hobnail Bezel, Small Square Hobnail Bezel

Graphic 45: Holiday themed papers, brads

Rowlux Illusion Film: red

Spectrum Noir: Spectrum Noir Marker Green

Wescott: Titanium Craft Knife

Miscellaneous: Stamp decorative scissors, brass wire, wire tools, teardrop red crystal bead, ball chain necklace

1. Cut red Illusion Film to fit both bezels (large rectangle, small square) with Wescott Craft Knife.
2. Fussy cut clock print and postage stamp images from Graphic 45 printed paper.
3. Using the postage stamp decorative scissors, cut around the edges of the postage stamp image.
4. Use Paper Sealer to apply at least 2 coats to all sides of the printed cardstock pieces.
5. Color metal brads with green Spectrum Noir Marker.
6. Mix ICE Resin following manufacturer’s instructions.
7. Using the ICE Resin as an adhesive, paint a thin coat of resin onto the back of both pieces of Illusion Film and place into their respective bezels.
8. In the large rectangle bezel, add the clock cut out (centered) over the red film and layer with the postage stamp cut out. Embellish with colored metal brads. Continue filling the bezel with resin, adding gold German Glass and gold glitter as desired.
9. For the small square bezel, place a colored brad in the middle of the bezel and then fill with resin.
10. Allow resin to fully cure in bezels.
11. Use wire to create jump rings for attaching the small bezel to the large bezel, along with connecting the large bezel to the necklace.
12. With brass wire, add crystal bead to the bottom of the small bezel.

Place a Christmas Postage Stamp under ICE Resin in Kim Williams’ “Santa Baby” Bracelet


Eartha Kit singing “Santa Baby” suddenly popped into my head when I was forging thru a stack of ephemera in my mother’s desk. I stumbled upon these 32 cent Christmas postage stamps. My mother loved postage stamps and one Christmas she selected stamps for each member of our family: mounted them on card stock and framed them for our Christmas gifts. For me she selected fashion stamps with women in lovely gowns of the Empire Period of Fashion. These tiny works of art are perfect to use in a bezel. You can also use a stamp that has been removed from an envelope. The markings done by the postal service are very nice and don’t take away from the beauty of the stamp.

Kim Williams, Historically Haute

1. Postage Stamp
2. Hobnail Bezel that best fits your stamp
3. Ice Enamels™ Relique Powder – I used Garnet
4. ICE Resin® and German Glass Glitter – I used Sky Blue
5. Assorted Beads
6.  Jewelry Wire
7. Pom Pom Trim
8. A Button
9. Sewing Needle
10. Sewing Thread
11. Round Elastic for Jewelry Work
12. Fray Check or Craft Glue for Fabric


1.Apply Ice Enamel to the edge of the bezel. Follow directions on the packaging.
2.Mix a small amount of ICE Resin.
3.Seal the Ice Enamel on the edge of the bezel by painting with ICE Resin.
4. Save a small amount of resin. Stir in a generous amount of German Glass Glitter. Pour into bezel and allow curing for 6 to 8 hours. Do not fill bezel to capacity.
5. Trim your postage stamp to fit the bezel. I like leaving the raglan edge on the stamp when possible. When the resin has cured and you can handle the bezel place the stamp in the center of the bezel.
6.Mix a second batch of ICE Resin, allowing the resin to cure until it is very thick, drizzle the resin into the bezel to capacity. Allow curing. Best results overnight.
7.Create 2 sections of wired beads about 3 to 4 inches in length. I used about 3 inches of wire wrapping about 5 to 6 times around the bead. Reserve a bead to wire your bead chain to the bezel.
8.Measure your wrist adding 1 inch to the length. Cut pom pom trim to that length.
9.Hand Stitch the bezel to the center of the pom pom trim on each side of the bezel. Tie off on either side. I also added a little craft glue under the bezel to secure the trim even more.
10.Hand stitch the chain to the trim at each wire wrapped connector. Tie off thread each time.
11.If you have any beads left over that do not fit on the trim they will be left on as a dangle.
12.Turn the bracelet over and use Fray Check or craft glue for fabric at each place you stitched. This will ensure that the threads will not pull through the trim.
13.Sew a button on one end of the bracelet
14.Using a large needle for upholstery thread the elastic cord and fashion a loop on the opposite end of your bracelet. Tie the cord in a square knot. Put Frey Check on the ends of the cord or use craft glue.

Celebrate with friends after you make these “Charmed” Wine Glasses


I don’t know about you, but I love to gather with friends and loved ones and celebrate the holidays. We usually drink out of fancy glasses when we get together and I have seen wine glass charms making a come back. Actually, one of my very first shows I sold my work at was a Wine Festival and one of my very first sales was a set of wine glass charms. I thought these would be fun to make give as a hostess gift.

Jennifer Cabic, Silver Peanut Blog


Tools and Materials:
ICE Resin®
Iced Enamels™ Relique in Chartreuse, Glitz Gold and Glitz Silver
Iced Enamels™ Shattered Mica in Bronze and Chartreuse
Iced Enamels™ Shattered Shattered Opal
Iced Enamels™ Medium
Disposable paint brushes
20 gauge bronze wire
Packing Tape
Transparency material
StazOn Ink Pads in different colors
Various holiday stamps
Rhinestone chain
Jump Rings
Wire cutters
Bench block
Fire Brick
Needle files
Round-nose pliers
Chain-nose pliers
Drill with bit
Heat gun
Bowl of water for quenching


1. Cut (3) pieces of 9” 20 gauge bronze wire and wrap in appx. 1” circle bezels.
2. Cut (3) pieces of 3” 20 gauge bronze wire and hammer them flat. Draw a ball on each end using a torch and quench in water.
3. Wire wrap the flat wire around the circle bezels where the ends meet to hold the circle shape.
4. Using a disposable paintbrush, paint a light coat of Iced Enamels™ Medium onto each bezel. Dip each into different colors of Iced Enamels™, tap off excess and melt using a craft heat gun.
5. Mix ICE Resin® according to manufacturer instructions. Using a disposable paintbrush, paint a thin layer over the enameled bezels and let dry for 24 hours.
6. Affix each bezel onto pieces of packing tape and push firmly to get as good of a seal as you can. Cut a couple thin pieces of tape and press them onto the outer edge of the bezel to form a perpendicular wall to help prevent resin from oozing out.
7. Mix another batch of resin. Using stir stick, drip a small amount into the bottoms of the bezels and sprinkle shattered mica in each and let dry for 12 hours.
8. Using different holiday stamps and different color inkpads, stamp your designs onto transparency material then cut out to size of bezels.
9. Mix another batch of ICE Resin®. Using tweezers, dip stamped transparency into resin and place in bezels. Cut a piece of rhinestone chain and add as desired to each bezel to add some “bling”. Let dry for 24 hours.
10. When dry, peel bezels from packing tape and snip/file any resin that may have oozed out. (TIP: I found using lemon essential oil on a paper towel to remove the stickiness from the back of the bezels left by the packing tape works very well).
11. Drill a hole into the dried resin on each bezel and insert jump ring.
12. Cut (3) pieces of 20 gauge bronze wire and form into earring hoops and attach charm.

Use Relique Powders, Shattered Mica and ICE Resin to create Polly Hendrickson’s ‘The First Noel’ Lantern


I love Christmas, and decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite things to do! I saw this lantern that holds a candle and wanted to add ICE Resin® to it, using ICE Resin® Paper. I think it will look great as a small centerpiece or on a Mantel. I really enjoy using candles and the light that they project is amazing! I chose to use the paper with words on the top or lid of the lantern, and wanted some sparkle so I added some Silver tones for sparkle. It holds a small votive candle and some small berries for the inside, adding to the look of Christmas. I decided to use red for the bezel, and then added the words “The First Noel”, from the Christmas Carol.

Polly Hendrickson


ICE Resin® and Disposable Paint Brushes
Pages from an old German book, plus words for inside the bezel
Iced Enamels™ Medium and a Heat Gun
Iced Enamels™ in Garnet Relique, Shattered Mica in Silver, and ICED Enamels™ Relique Glitz Powders- Silver
German Glass Glitter in Silver
Art Mechanique™ Mixed Metal Oval Hobnail Bezel, Antique Silver
Lantern Candle Holder with White Votive Candle
Red berries with leaves to surround the Candle
Rue Romantique™ Ribbon- RED

1) Mix the ICE Resin according to package directions. Tear the German book pages into small pieces.
2) Paint a light coating of ICE Resin on the top of the lantern, working on only one side at a time. Begin laying the torn book pages over the top, in no particular order, so that they overlap each other. As you do this, lightly paint more ICE Resin over the top of the paper. Continue this process until all 4 sides of the top of the lantern are covered.
3) Sprinkle all four sides with the Shattered Mica in Silver, and Iced Enamels Relique Glitz Powders- Silver and German Glass Glitter in Silver. Allow to dry for 24 hours.
4) Lightly paint the Iced Enamels Medium all over the Mixed Metal Oval Hobnail Bezel.
5) Sprinkle the Iced Enamels in Garnet Relique in the areas you want it. Using the Heat gun, carefully heat the bezel so that the Iced Enamels will adhere to the metal. Allow to cool.
6) Cover the Iced Enamels with a light coating of ICE Resin. Allow to dry 24 hours.
7) Add the words to the bezel, and follow with the ICE Resin. Fill until you have a nice dome, and allow to dry for 24 hours.
8) Feed the Rue Romantique Ribbon through both sides of the bezel jump rings, tie them together and place over the top handle of the lantern, so that it hangs down over the side.


Reliable Sunshine, a mixed media canvas you can style with ICE Resin and Iced Enamels

Is it a wintry day where you are or a day filled with sunshine?


ICE Resin®
mixing cup and stir stick
bronze wire
sun face mold
yellow paint
map and cardboard
blue paint

1. Measure equal parts of the ICE Resin® Part A and part B in mixing cup.
2. Mix both parts together evenly with a stir stick for about 2 minutes.
3. Pour the mixed ICE Resin® into a sun shaped mold.
4. Allow mixture to dry in the mold for about 12 hours.
5. Pop sunshine out of the mold and allow it to cure for another 12 hours.
6. Drill a few holes around perimeter of sun and add wire through holes.
7. Paint your sunshine yellow and add details to its face.
8. Mount part of a map onto wood and paint it sky blue.
9. Cut waves out of cardboard and paint them sea blue.
10. Add embellishments like the sail boat and a ruffly cloud.
11. Attach all pieces together using ICE Resin® as your glue.


Wishing you smiles and sunshine,
Tatiana Allen

Our Ice Prince made Resin Leaves inspired by Susan Lenart Kazmer and you can too!

ICE-Resin-Leaves-John-Creighton-PetersenBack in the Summer, Susan Lenart Kazmer shared on Facebook a picture of some resin cast leaves that she had been working on and the idea absolutely intrigued me and this great project came to mind – the only problem was that it was the wrong season of the year! Fast forward to the first “real” week of Fall here in the Northwest with the wind and rain, and alas I remembered Susan’s project from this summer and headed outside to find the perfect leaves for a resin project! I searched high and low, but for some reason the delicate look and feel of the leaves from my Japanese Maple tree spoke to me.

After some experimenting I figured out what worked for me when wanting to set leaves with resin. If the leaf is freshly fallen, it will continue to change shape and color. I found that I needed to set my leaves immediately when they were “the perfect colors” or they would continue to change. Also make sure that the leaves are completely flat (or close) before beginning. I simply placed my leaves between a couple of paper towels and then rested a heavy book on top for a few hours to flatten them. Your leaves must be dry – hence the reason why I used paper towels when I flattened mine, this helped with the drying process.

As I mentioned, the completely dry leaves will continue to change shape and color even once resin is applied. I found that the leaves had a tendency to curl up with the first coat of resin, but once resin was applied to the back of the leaves they would flatten out a bit. Experiment with your leaves while the resin is setting – I love having the leaves slightly curl to give them a more natural, organic appearance.

John Creighton Petersen, Art New Wave blog


ICE Resin®: ICE Resin®, Shattered Fire Opal, Copper Glitz, brush

IMAGINE Crafts®: Craft Mat

Miscellaneous: copper wire, wire tools, leaves

1. Flatten/dry leaves under a book or other heavy object.

2. Following instructions, mix ICE Resin® and apply a thin layer onto the front side of the leaf.

3. Add Shattered Fire Opal and Copper Glitz to the resin and allow to set.

4. Once cured, turn over the leaf and repeat on the backside.

5. Repeat this process until desired thickness of resin is achieved – I prefer at least 2 coats on each side of the leaf.

6. Create a loop with copper wire at the top of leaf’s stem and wrap wire around the stem, finishing with curls.

7. Add more fun wire accents to the stem of the leaf if desired.

Make Use of that little bit of leftover ICE Resin by making earrings

opaleardrops-clarehorner-iceresinThis piece has actually taken a long time to create (you could easily make it in one sitting) and I had planned it out in March. Every time I had some left over resin from a project I added some Shattered Opal to it and poured it into the smallest of the brass heart shaped hob nail bezels. They had both recently become quite full and ready for the final doming layer so I finally completed this long term project. Paired with the most gorgeous Ethiopian opal chips I have ever seen and some wire I now have a stunning little pair of earrings, I have already worn them and had more compliments, even offers to buy them, but I am afraid these beauties are staying put in my ear holes!
Thanks for visiting,

Clare Horner (Got Paint in My Hair)
Tools and Materials:
ICE Resin®
Iced Enamels™ Shattered Opal
Art Mechanique™ Hobnail Heart Bezels
Art Mechanique™ Bronze Wire
Antique Bronze earring wire from stash
Ethiopian Opal Chips
2 pairs pliers
Alcohol/solvent based marker.
1: Either mix up a batch of ICE Resin to the manufacturers specifications or use left over ICE Resin over time and build up your layers.

2: Add Shattered Opal’s to your Resin mix and drizzle into your bezel leaving to set over night or for 6 to 8 hours.

3: Once set mix a small batch of Resin and add more shattered opals, create your dome layer on top of the previous layers. Leave to set over night or for 6 to 8 hours

4: Take a length of brass wire and colour it with an alcohol/solvent based marker so it matches the antique brass colour of the bezel instead of being shiny and new looking.

5: Wrap one end of the wire around the loop of the bezel twice and secured by twisting the tail around the top of the loop a couple of time, cut off excess and flatten down with pliers so it wont catch or scratch. Add some opal chips and do the same to the top, this time connecting it to the ear wire.

6: Repeat the process for the second piece making sure that the length of both pieces are the same and you are done.

Queen of Bling Dog Tag for your beloved furry friend

USE dogtag1-kim-willimas-iced-enamelsLet’s make a personalized dog tag for your best friend. No matter what name you’ve chosen either traditional or fancy, your pet deserves to sport a “one of a kind” dog tag.

ICE Resin® makes the most adorable Silhouettes to use in your dog tag bezel. Using the little doghouse and the doggie in a bezel was just the perfect inspiration to creating this project. I even added some rhinestone chain because my Olive is a bling queen just like her mother!

Kim Williams, Historically Haute Blog

Materials and Tools:

dog tag 2 kwLarge Hob Nail Bezel by Art Mechanique™
House and Dog Silhouettes by Art Mechanique™
ICE Resin® Plunger Kit
Iced Enamels™ Relique Powders: Ivory, Chartreuse, Turquoise, Carnelian and Torched Copper
Iced Enamels™ Medium
Disposable paintbrush
Measuring cup and a craft stick
Packaging Tape
Regular Scotch Tape
Sanding pad or file
Heat Gun
Rhinestone Chain
Preprinted name of your pet, home address and a phone number if desired (I used 11 sized font for name and 8 for address). NOTE: As a precaution against spammer, etc., part of the address has been whited out.


dog tag 3 kw1. Remove 1 ring connection from the large hobnail bezel and use a sanding pad to smooth rough edges.
2. Using packaging tape cover your printed pet’s name and the information you plan to include in your bezel with the tape.
3. Use a craft stick to burnish your tape on the paper so that the resin does not seep under the tape and stain the paper.
4. Paint a light coat of Ice Enamels Medium on your doggie silhouettes. Sprinkle the silhouettes with Iced Enamel powder. The solid one I did in Ivory and the cutout tummy one I did in Torched Copper. Using the heat gun set the powder. Allow to cool Silhouettes will be very hot. Handle carefully.

dog tag 4 kw5. Stack and glue the open belly doggie to the solid doggie. Allow to dry

6. To create a grass and sky background in the Hob Nail Bezel use regular Scotch Tape to mask off the area of the sky so that it will have a straight edge. The desired look is to have ¾ of the area at the top of the bezel be done in the Turquoise powder. Set with heat gun. Allow to cool before you remove the tape.
7. After allowing the Turquoise area to cool completely, mask off the top portion of the bezel using the same method as when you did the bottom 1/4. Apply the medium and apply Chartreuse powder. Set with heat gun. Allow to cool before handling.
8. Trim your pet’s name and the information to fit the doghouse and the tummy area of the dog silhouette.
dog-tag-5-kw9. Glue the name and information tag to the silhouettes. I used the Iced Enamel Medium for glue.
10. Place your silhouettes in the bezel.
11. Mix 2 ounces of ICE Resin® as per package directions. And allow to set until the resin is the thickness of Karo Syrup. I find it is infinitely easier to allow the resin to set for 20 or more minutes until it is very thick. Drizzle the resin in the bezel until it is 3/4ths full. Allow to set for 6 to 8 hours.
12 .Optional: While the resin is still sticky add the rhinestone chain to the bezel. Use a toothpick to guide the chain into position. Mix another small batch of resin and allow to set once again for 20 or 25 minutes. Resin should be very thick. Drizzle the resin in the center of the bezel until doming occurs. If you should happen to over pour use a baby wipe to clean up overspill.
13. Allow the bezel to cure completely about 48 hours. Attach your bezel tag to your pets collar.


What are you waiting for? Isn’t it time to take your prince or princess for a walk?!

Create a Mina Harker / Drakula inspired gothic choker to grace your neck this Halloween

Greetings! I really love to make my own mold’s and find interesting pieces to make mold’s from, chandeliers are my most favourite subject. After a recent trip to the Gothic Town of Whitby, where Bram Stoker was inspired to write Dracula, I knew that I would find some amazing vintage pieces to add to my mold collection. In a second hand shop which was a magical small room full of amazing treasures I found a new chandelier piece to add to my collection, this one is pretty small. Combined with the gorgeous Rhinestone Cross from ICE Resin I knew it would be a match made in haven!

Whitby is known also for its amazing Jet, and is now very rare to find, the Dracula theme, the jet chain and the cross just came together so effortlessly. Dont you love it when a piece comes together so easily, as if it was meant to be. I decided to make this piece based on Bram Stokers Mina Harker, I think she would have liked this piece and worn it often.

Thanks for visiting

Clare Horner, Got Paint in My Hair blog

Tools and Materials:
ICE Resin®
Iced Enamels™ Shattered Fire Opal

Fire Opal
Rue Romantique™ Jet Chain
Rue Romantique™ Silver Rhinestone Cross
Art Mechanique™ Jewelers Grade Molding Putty
Art Mechanique™ Brass Wish Bones
Art Mechanique™ Jump Rings
Ball chain and connector from stash
Brass jump ring from stash
Metal flake from stash
2 pairs pliers
Ribbon from stash
Small vintage chandelier piece from stash
Ribbon end caps from stash

1: Clean and dry the piece you wish to make your mold from, in this case the small chandelier piece. Following the instructions, mix a suitable amount of molding putty and press the item into it, making sure to build a wall to contain your resin. Let this cure thoroughly.

2: Carefully remove the object being molded and test your mold with spare resin or some dough/polymer clay to make sure you are happy with it.

3: Mix ICE Resin to the manufacturers instructions. Carefully pour your resin into the mold so it is roughly half full, leave for 4 or 5 hours so it is mostly set.

4: After 5 or 6 hours, or overnight, Mix enough ICE Resin to top off your mold. Add into this mix the desired amount of Iced Enamel Shattered Fire Opal flakes and pour into the mold. Leave to set for 6 to 10 hours or over night.

5: Pour any leftover resin in a mould or wipe onto book page so it is not wasted.

6: Roughly measure your ribbon to be the size of you neck so it will fit snugly and add ribbon end caps. Attach the clasp and end from the Jet chain to this. Add a longer length of Jet Chain to the ribbon so it will hang down your neck.

7: Find the middle of the ribbon and add the chandelier piece with a jump ring, evenly space 4 wish bones, 2 either side along the ribbon again with jump rings.

8: attach the cross to the Jet Chain with a large jump ring and test the whole piece for size.



halloween jewelry kitMake haunted jewelry with the ICE Resin™ Halloween Kit — Exclusively available through Jewelry Making Daily!
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Fall is in the air! The weather is turning colder, the leaves are changing colors, and it’s almost time for the ghosts and ghouls to be out in force! Be ready for them with Halloween inspired jewelry!

With a selection of glitters, Iced Enamels™, holiday-themed images, and gothic bezels, this kit has everything you need to get started making beautiful jewelry! So look around, search old family photographs for favorite black and white images, find old Halloween advertisements, and get this all-inclusive kit for creating your own Halloween inspired jewelry!

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