How to create a domed bottle label with ICE Resin, Staz-On, Indigo Blu and more fun products!

With the technique Ice Prince John Creighton Petersen showed us in an earlier video I created a bottle label with a domed effect.
I added a small modification to the technique to make it work with the lightweight pieces I want to resinate and I needed to make them stay in place during the process.


Baerbel Born

P.S. Click here to watch John’s video.



Light bulbs and pencils have something in common! Artistic Bezels – Special Order

Have you ever incorporated light bulbs or pencils into your mixed media jewelry?

You haven’t? Well here is your chance! 25+ year Metalsmith Susan Lenart Kazmer designed all of these jewelry components to fit her needs and  we bet you will be inspired to create with more than just one kind.

Are you yearning to make something for a teacher? Are you having a eureka moment? Need to come full circle and clasp that bracelet closed?

Consider going in with a friend when you place your order as they are only available in quantities of 12 each.

Pencil Bezels, Set of 4       SLK15

pencil bezels ICE Resin

These are the bezels that captured our hearts in Susan’s Pencil Stub Necklace. Adorable in size and able to fit pencils perfectly, Susan offers them to you, in Sets of 4 to let your imagination fly!

Double clasp adds to endless fun! 2 per package and party sized, measuring 1.75cm in diameter. Available in gorgeous white-bronze or warm yellow-bronze.

Light Bulb Bezels, Set of 4     SLK2

ICE Resin mixed media jewelry

These are the bezels that captured our hearts in Susan’sLight Bulb Necklace. Adorable in size and able to fit Christmas tree bulbs perfectly, Susan offers them to you, in sets of 4 to let your imagination fly! Available in gorgeous white-bronze and warm yellow-bronze.

Closed-Backed Circular Bezels, Medium, 1 pair     SLK13

bezels fro bracelets ICE Resin

These simple, classic bezels are so easy to use  in your work and in teaching, with it’s closed-backed design! Just lay your art inside and pour on the ICE Resin! Can you see the bracelet possibilities?

Medium Clasp Bezel & Hook    SLK29

clasp and hook ICE Resin

An amazing design was born the day Susan began turning bezels into clasps. Back in the day, she would teach you how to devise your own clasp, but now, she’s done the work for you – and it couldn’t be a more beautiful design! Just fill this Clasp Bezel with ICE Resin; add some Ephemera, and your off into a world of artistry in your wearable art! This Clasp Bezel doubles as a Medium Tassel Bezel when used without the hook, as well.  Diameter of clasp is 1.5cm from rim to rim; hook is 2cm long. Available in gorgeous white-bronze or warm yellow-bronze.

#throwbackthursday How to use ICE Resin on Tissue Paper

Tissue paper goes translucent under Susan Leanrt Kazmer’s signature product – ICE Resin.

It’s great for art journal projects like the one author, artist and designer Kristen Robinson shares.


Here is a tutorial on how 2012 ICE Resin Creative Team member Thespa McLaughlin resined tissue paper.

You will need a non-stick craft mat, gloves and cut up piece of kitchen sponge or a disposable paint brush to paint ICE Resin on both sides.

Tip: if you want to use your resin tissue paper to make fairy wings, you can use a regular kitchen trash bag to make a big enough surface for a full sheet of tissue paper.

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Just added: Rue Romantique CHARMS!

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Break Out of the Mold        Explore Resin        Do Metalwork

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Susan Lenart KazmerSave $4.95 on The ICE Queen’s book:  Resin Alchemy!  

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What are you longing to create?

Catch Susan Lenart Kazmer at Art & Soul Retreats

a rt n soul logoLooking for ICE Resin and bezels and cool Relique Powders to cold enamel jewelry?  You can find them in the vendor hall at Art & Soul, Virginia Beach.


Susan’s workshops are all filled at Art & Soul, Virginia Beach, happening later this month, but don’t fret! You can catch up with Susan in the Spring
at Art N Soul, Portland, March 2-8, 2015



P179 – WIRE- Ancient techniques on New Frontiers- Forging + Brazing

P180 – Enamels-Sgraffito + Symbolism- Making your own Mark

P181 – Resin, Relics and Ancient Artifacts



Count Your Blessings Bookmark with Number Silhouettes,Rue Romantique Bezel, and ICE Resin by Polly Hendrickson

ice-resin-bookmark-1I have always loved to read, and this year, I’m trying to be more thankful for all of the blessings in my life. I decided to make a bookmark using this gorgeous bezel from Kristen Robinson’s Rue Romantique™ bezel collection, and I absolutely love these metal scrapbooking numbers. I thought it would be fun to make something whimsical that I can use to remind me to be thankful as I go through my day, so I chose to make something that is functional as well as ornamental!

Thanks for stopping by!

Polly Hendrickson

Metal Numbers
ICE Resin®
Mixing Cups, Popsicle Sticks, and Disposable Paint Brushes
Iced Enamels® Medium
ICED Enamels® in Ivory Relique, Pewter Relique, and German Silver Relique, and Shattered Inclusions in Fire Opal, and Iced Enamels® Relique Glitz Powders in Silver and Copper
Heat Gun
Rue Romantique™ Large Filigree Oval Bezel
Scissors and a Page from an old book
STAZ-ON Ink Pad in Emerald City with Number Stamp
Black Jax and Green Jax
Small Eyelets and Eyelet Setter
Jump Rings and Chain Nose Pliers
Drill or Hole Punch Pliers
4 Ott Steel Wool
Organza Ribbons: Raspberry, Ivory, Brown

1) Use the Steel Wool to scrub the surface of each number as well as the surface of the Rue Romantique™ bezel.
2) Take the numbers “7” and “9” and paint Black Jax on them and set them aside to darken. Take the Rue Romantique™ Large Filigree Oval Bezel and lightly paint it with Green Jax and set aside to patina.
ice-resin-bookmark-33) Take the number “8” and paint it lightly with ICED Enamels® Medium. Allow to dry. (Once the numbers “7” and “9” have darkened to your liking, add the ICED Enamels® Medium to them as well.)
4) For the number “7”, begin with the ICED Enamels® German Silver Relique. Sprinkle it lightly over the number, and use the Heat Gun to heat it until you see it adhere to the number. Let cool. Next, use the ICED Enamels® Relique Glitz Powders in Copper, sprinkling a small amount over the number in the desired areas. Use the Heat Gun to heat it until you see it adhere to the number. Let cool. Add a thin layer of ICED Enamels® Relique Glitz Powders in Silver. Heat with Heat Gun and let cool.
ice-resin-bookmark-55) For the number “8”, use the ICED Enamels® Relique in Pewter. Sprinkle it lightly over the number, and use the Heat Gun to heat it until you see it adhere to the number. Let cool. Next, use the ICED Enamels® Relique Glitz Powders in Silver, sprinkling a small amount over the number in the desired areas. Use the Heat Gun to heat it until you see it adhere to the number. Let cool.
ice-resin-bookmark-66) For the number “9”, use the ICED Enamels® in Ivory Relique. Sprinkle it lightly over the number, and use the Heat Gun to heat it until you see it adhere to the number. Let cool. Next, use the ICED Enamels® Relique Glitz Powders in Silver, sprinkling a small amount over the number in the desired areas. Use the Heat Gun to heat it until you see it adhere to the number. Let cool.
7) Mix and prepare ICE Resin® according to package directions. Set aside. Cut the page from the old book to fit into the bezel opening. Cover the number “6” stamp with the STAZ-ON Ink in Emerald City, and stamp the number in the desired spot on the paper. Use a small amount of ICE Resin® in the bottom of the bezel and insert the stamped paper.
ice-resin-bookmark-88) Add the ICED Enamels® Shattered Inclusions in Fire Opal around the edges to frame the number. Gently drip the ICE Resin® into the bezel being careful not to over fill. Allow to set 8 to 12 hours.
9) Using the disposable paint brush, lightly paint a very small amount of ICE Resin® over the surface of each number. Allow to set 8 to 12 hours.
10) Drill or punch holes in the numbers for the Eyelets. Insert the Eyelets into the holes, attach the numbers to the Eyelet, and using the Eyelet Setter and hammer, gently tap until the Eyelet is set.
11) Attach the numbers at the number “7” to the bezel using the Jump Ring and the Chain Nose Pliers.
12) Cut Organza Ribbon into desired lengths and tie to the top of the bezel.


What are you thankful for?


Susan Lenart Kazmer Haute Couture Inspiration 4

Fibers, silk sari, hand-dyed, wool, etc. are part of what makes Susan Lenart Kazmer’s jewelry amazing.

Are fibers part of your mixed metal jewelry and bead work?

Haute Couture Susan Lenart Kazmer

Model by Vaiva Style.


You can see Susan working with fibers as she shapes this necklace and of course, in her ballerina and other figures.

If you would like to learn more about Susan’s techniques working with resin and metal, her recent book “Resin Alchemy” and DVDs “Forge Wire Cages” and “Explorations in Jewelry Enameling” are available now.

Use your lariat to lasso a CREATE Dallas class with instructor Jen Cushman

Jen Cushman teaching at CREATE ChicagoWorkshop creation usually starts in the artist’s studio nearly a year before the art event takes place. When students request a class, that process begins even before the current class is over.

Jen Cushman says, “The Links, Clasps, Components, and Chains class came directly out of a CREATE art retreat in 2013. My students in Chicago were casting in ICE Resin and they kept asking me wire-working questions. There simply was not time to teach wire working and resin, so I asked them,  If I taught a class and in it you had a spool of wire and with that spool you learned to create connections would that be fun?” 

A class is born:


Students will leave with a finished necklace and a foundation to make your own components, which will save you money.

One of the most rewarding aspects of making mixed-media jewelry is being able to see the hand of the artist in your work. Learning the skills to make gorgeous necklaces, bracelets, rings, pins and more from spools of humble wire is an art form all unto itself. Fortunately, making components from wire is not only deeply fulfilling, it’s economical on your pocketbook and easier to accomplish than one might think. In this workshop, you will learn how to make bead links, wire links, clasps and components and then how to chain them together to create one seamless and beautiful wearable work of art. The fundamental skills learned in this class will help you build a strong foundation for future work.

Registration for  Dallas CREATE classes happens right HERE.

JenCushmanJen.JournalJewelry.2-LgART JOURNAL JEWELRY (6 HOURS)

Students will leave with three finished pendants that you can make necklaces with plus some beautiful loose collage pages created from your intuitive imagery.

Art Journaling is a way to let your authentic, creative voice sing with paper, pens, paint and various other art supplies. In this brand new workshop, you will be learning to work through the intuitive process of creating colorful, spontaneous expressions of yourself. The second part of the workshop takes the art journaling process one step further with techniques to cut, collage and re-imagine your paper pages into resin jewelry. Basic jewelry skills are helpful, but absolutely not necessary for this class. Learn how to turn your journal art into gorgeous art to wear!


Students will learn new techniques for adding permanent color to metal along with a handful of completed charms to later incorporate into your mixed-media jewelry, collage or assemblage work.

Cold enameling is a new art process utilizing micas, enameling powders, glitter powders and other interesting surface mediums in conjunction with a glasslike product called ICE Resin. These mediums used in tandem with time honored metalworking techniques add color and texture to metal. Instruction will focus on various techniques of the cold enamel process and hands-on experimentation and play with the products to create gorgeous metal jewelry pendants.


Students will leave with a handful of collaged resin pendants to use a focal pendants for your jewelry or in your collages and assemblages.

Turn your eye for design into fabulous and unique jewelry. During class we will use handcrafted bezels, oodles of images, a jeweler’s-grade resin and the most important tool of all—your imagination—to make a trio of resin pendants. Learn how to properly mix and pour a two-part epoxy resin, add color if you so choose, embed small objects like rhinestones or beads and how to bling it up with glitter and mica. These images are idea samples of what you can create, but you will personalize your pendant to fit your individual art aesthetic, style and favorite color palettes.


Students will leave with a dozen new skills guaranteed to take your jewelry making to the next level.

Who doesn’t love a good lariat? These chic necklaces are easy to wear and fun to make, particularly when you create them using mixed-media techniques of cold enameling, fiber manipulation and wireworking along with traditional metalworking skills. Cold enameling is a new art process that looks like glossy kiln-fired or torch-fired enamels without the use of fire or flame. You will also learn metalworking skills of cutting, annealing, texturizing, and forming sheet metal into interesting shapes that are not only beautiful but structurally integral to the lariat design. This workshop focuses on learning new skills and techniques while still making beautiful jewelry components. If you’re new to jewelry making, don’t be intimidated. Cold enameling is a fun and easy process and Jen Cushman has some premade metal components for those who might not wish to delve into metal cutting and forming.

And just so you don’t have to scroll back up… registration for  Dallas CREATE classes happens right HERE.

Hope to see you there.

Which class will be your favorite?


Button Up, a unisex ICE Resin necklace by Jen Crossley

Whenever I am lucky enough to travel I always make time to stop at flea markets.

I used an old eyelet hook for button shoes and a tag I found in an Ohio flea market.



The double jump onto the leather cord was called for to balance the weight of the tag and ICE Resin filled bezel. I also filled it with paper torn from a bag and canvas fabric.

Silver and bronze gave the necklace a nice contrast and a masculine feel.

Mr. Siley, I wonder what kind of mail you received so long ago?

Day 3: Quintessentially Christmas Blog Hop with ICE Resin and Indigo Blu

ICE Resin Indigo Blu Christmas projects

If you are looking for figgy pudding, you won’t find it here.

But oh! the lovely Christmas projects that are in store for you on this final day of our Quintessentially Christmas Blog Hop!

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