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As the featured artist, Susan included a fabulous sgraffito tutorial:
susan kazmer tutorial

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Announcing Milan – the new line of gorgeous, textured, open-back bezels from Susan Lenart Kazmer


Susan Lenart Kazmer is thrilled to announce her new Milan Bezels.

Milan by Susan Lenart Kazmer

They will premier and be available for purchase first in the ICE Resin booth at the To Bead True Blue show in Tucson.


These beautifully textured open back bezels come shaped as hearts, teardrops, squares, circles, rectangles, triangles, and ovals. They range in price from $8 to $16.


Monday Inspiration: Guest Artist Chantal Johnson’s Feathered Love


Hello Fellow Jewelry Makers, I recently took four fantastic classes from Jen Cushman at CREATE in Dallas, Texas.  I painted, played, “resined” and enameled everything I brought including the paper towels that were intended for clean- up, feathers from my sweet little hens and white tissue paper.    As Jen said “I was hooked – line and sinker.”  By the third class, I was experimenting with the painted paper towels that now were also stamped and torn to fit inside the bezel, iced enamels/resin and my feathers.

My first attempt was trial and (a few) errors.  I discovered that the metal shield was too dark and that the paper towels didn’t show. I placed 2 feathers in the shield, one white and one black with white stripes.  To my surprise, as I poured the resin, I gasped as the white one totally disappeared as if it had never been there.   What to do?  The result was ok but not the wow that I had envisioned.    So during the fourth class, I started over and began to correct the darkness, find the light and create that one of a kind piece using my painted and stamped paper towels and my little feathers once again.


To lighten the shield, I used Ivory Iced Enamel Relique as the background.  Once I placed the paper towels on the cooled background- there was light and it was good!  I decided that one feather was enough for the focus and chose a striped one once again.  Adding a little torn piece of white tissue stamped with “love” was just the word I needed.  The rhinestone chain added another element of light.  As I poured the resin, the light was there, the feather was there and it was all very good!!

To complete this piece, I used a silver chain with ribbon and lace woven through the chain. Keeping the light feathery feel, I used pearls and both clear and serene blue crystal beads.  One heart dangled from the chain to bring the idea of love full circle.

I love to use the things around me that bring a smile to my face and give light and life to the heart.  My style has been described as sweet sentiment with strength.  With ICE Resin and Iced Enamels along with found and loved objects such as my feathers, ribbons and words, I am able to create those pieces that accomplish both.


Chantal Johnson is a mixed media artist living in Rowlett, Texas.  She is married and has three children.  Her work has been featured in Haute Handbags, Belle Armoire, Sew Somerset, Apronology, Somerset Home, Green Crafts and Somerset Studio.  Visit her blog at

Darling Little Houses

Karen Michele Clothe Paper Scissor Art Lesson 12Karen Michel works behind the scenes for ICE Resin, but when you see our packaging, banners, logos, and eBooks, her awesome creative talents are evident.

Cloth Paper Scissors Art Lesson Number 12 is taught by Karen. It’s all about mixed media: “conjuring up a cozy cottage or tall townhouse.”

You can see the entire delightful village the Cloth Paper Scissor staff made  HERE. The link to take the art lesson is HERE.

ICE Resin® 2014 Creative Team Applications OPEN NOW

ice resin

© 2013 Susan Lenart Kazmer

Does making  jewelry and mixed media art in your studio make your soul sing? Did you follow the ICE Queen to the Emmys?

Do you have personal goals to reach as a designer, love creating with ICE Resin®, and want to learn, network and grow with an incredible team? 

You do?

That’s fantastic! You are invited to apply for a year-long position on the 2014 ICE Resin® Creative Team!

You might wonder what we are seeking in a Designer.

rue romantique jewelry

We are looking for someone with not only a keen eye for design but also a strong understanding of trends. We desire individuals with the ability to think outside of the box while remaining cutting edge, trendsetting and true to their own style. Keep in mind, while we are seeking artistically minded Designers we are not necessarily narrowing our vision to those who are widely known in the industry. Rather, it is our hope to create a team of Designers with various skills in jewelry, artwork, assemblage, and design aesthetics.
While our Designers are provided with products, we are looking for compositions that stand on their own with fresh ideas not replications or interpretations of what is trendy in the Arts and Crafts industries at this time. It is important to keep in mind ICE Resin® is not just for creating jewelry, but rather multiple applications such as Mixed-Media Assemblage, Paper Arts, Scrapbooking and more!


What to Expect: As an artist-based company, ICE Resin offers designers periodic boxes of hand-selected items from our line of amazing products such as bezels, chain, fibers, and of course, ICE Resin® and our new Iced Enamels®, compensation for publication, trade show design opportunities and the support of our social media.

Each designer is asked to create:

  • 28 projects per year
  • 7 short “How To” videos over the course of the year
  • several blog hops

Each year we participate in various trade shows and workshops; for these events we rely on our Designers to come up with artwork, jewelry and assemblage to be used in our displays for which they receive compensation and/or credit.

How to Apply: Please cut and paste these application questions into an email or Word document, answer them and email it with your photos to by Friday, October 25, 2013.

ICE Resin® 2014 Creative Team Application:


Physical Address:

Mailing, if different:


Email address:








  1.  Please tell us what your design experience is (whether it is simply creating for yourself and others or publishing, etc.) and what you prefer to create—jewelry, mixed media pieces, paper, etc.
  2. Why would you like to be part of the the Susan Lenart Kazmer™ ICE Resin® Creative Team?
  3. Have you been published? If so, please list publications. Also, what are your publishing goals?
  4.  How long have you been working with resin?
  5. What is your experience with resin in addition to ICE Resin®?
  6. Are you comfortable in front of a camera?
  7. What are your goals in the Arts and Crafts industry?
  8. Teaching experience – please list any venues or retreats where you have taught or will be teaching in 2014.
  9.  How often do you post to your blog? Other social media platforms? Are you open to posting for business purposes?
  10. How do you feel about cross promoting on your blog?
  11.  If selected, you are committing to 28 projects per year with instructions (8 of those with step-out photos), and 7 videos. Does this work with your lifestyle and goals?

As an artist based company ICE Resin offers our team members: Generous product packages shipped directly to your home, compensation for publication, trade show designs and the support of our social media.

Please cut and paste these application questions into an email or Word document, answer them and email it with your photos to by Friday, October 25, 2013. New Creative Team Members will be notified by November 11. Mid-December we will announce our new Creative Team to the industry.

If you applied to the team back in June, we do have your application on file and you are still under consideration.


What is ICE Resin®/Art Mechanique™? ICE Resin is an amazing jeweler’s grade two-part epoxy resin that contains no VOCs (volatile organic compounds), is low odor and non-toxic when cured. It was created by Artist and Metalsmith Susan Lenart Kazmer, and remains her signature product in the Art Mechanique line. The Art Mechanique™ brand consists of craft products created by Susan and ICE Resin’s first Designer line, Rue Romantique by Kristen Robinson.

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