Nature’s Secret Scent

clare horner IcedEnamelsperfume pendant

I wanted to create something cute to go on my dresser, but as is with everything for me it has to have a dual purpose other than to look good. I am very particular about my things being able to do more than just look good. For this months challenge I decided to create a secret trinket box that would house one of my addictions, creating perfume. I must admit, working out the clasp with the wire was quite a time consuming process but thankfully I have worked that all out for you!

I really hope you enjoy my project today, please leave me a comment to let me know what you think or to let me know if there is anything you might want me to try out for you!

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Clare Horner

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ICE Resin®

Iced Enamels™: Relique Powder Amethyst, Medium.

Art Mechanique®: Medium Circle Hobnail Bezel, Circle Silhouette, 20 Gauge Copper Wire.

Mixing cup, wood stirrer, disposable brush.

Other Supplies: Pliers, Self clamping tweezers, Heat tool, Watch Crystal, Dried Roses, Stazon Black, Metal Sheers, File, Fine Sandpaper, Quick Dry Glue.

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1: Cut the loop from the circle Silhouette off with metal sheers.

2: File and sand the circle to a smooth shape.

Clare Horner March 3 watermarked

3: Place the watch crystal inside the bezel, place the disk on top.

4: Wrap the copper wire loosely around both the rings on the outside of the bezel. You might need to squeeze it together with pliers and help shape it.

5: Carefully remove the wire keeping its shape.

Clare Horner March 4 watermarked

6: Brush the medium on the inside of the bezel and the top of the disk.

7: Sprinkle the Amethyst Relique all over both pieces and tap off excess returning it to the pot.

8: Wipe the edge of the disk off so the enamel is slightly away from the edge. Heat set both with a heat gun.

Clare Horner March 5 watermarked

9: With self clamping tweezers clamp the wire to the middle of the disk.

10: Re heat the enamel so the shaped copper wire sinks into the molten enamel.

11: While still molten, sprinkle more enamel over the top of the wire, re heat if necessary.

12: Once cool, dry brush Stazon Black ink around the edge of the disk and the edge of the bezel, let dry.

Clare Horner March 6 watermarked

13: Mixe ICE Resin to manufacturers instructions.

14: Drizzle a thin layer of resin into the bottom the bezel, insert the watch crystal.

15: Top up the resin so it is level with the lowest point, either the top of the bezel or the top of the watch crystal. Make sure no resin goes inside the watch crystal.

16: The watch crystal will float in the resin, place the Iced Medium bottle inside the watch crystal to weight it down while drying.

17: With quick dry glue, place the roses in a pleasing manner on top of the disk, let dry.

18: Brush resin all over the flowers so they are coated and drizzle resin on top to cover the whole disk. You will need to use something under the rose disk to make it flat. I used my tweezers.  You may repeat this step depending on thickness of resin required.

Clare Horner March 7 Watermarked

19: Once your resin has set you can create your solid perfume and pour into the watch crystal.

20: Level your solid perfume off with a knife, attach the lid and enjoy!

clare horner IcedEnamelsperfume pendant 2





Deer to my Heart, an ICE Resin brooch

Bring back brooches!

I have so enjoyed making this month’s project theme: A Late Winters Tale. It was quite a challenge, I wanted to make a piece on the theme but something you can wear all year round and not just for winter! I will happily admit it took a while to think of this one, but the end result turned out more than perfect for me. When I started to gather the components for this piece and laid them all out together pre-resin to make sure that it would work, it quickly morphed into what it is, and not just because I put the image in upside down, another reason to build it all up before you stick it all down! Placing the un-stuck image in the bezel upside down actually looked great and what lead me to make the brooch. I think the heart would look equally as good with a different coloured German Glass Glitter if you want to add a pop of colour to the piece.

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Clare Horner


ICE Resin®

Iced Enamels™: German Glass Glitter Silver

Rue Romantique: Large Botanical Oval Bezel, Rhinestone Chain

Art Mechanique® Small Hobnail Heart Bezel, Paper Sealer

Other Supplies: pliers, connectors, small leaves on chain, image, brooch back.


deer 2 watermarked

I have written the instructions separately but please create both parts at the same time. To create the faux druzzy hanging heart:

1: Mix the ICE Resin to the manufacturers instructions.

2: Drizzle a thin layer of mixed resin into the bottom of the small heart, about 1/16th of an inch deep.

3: Pour a generous amount of silver glass glitter on top and set aside for 6 to 8 hours to dry or over night.

4: Once dry, tap the excess glass glitter back into its pot. You actually use relatively little for the faux druzzy effect.


deer 4 watermarked

To create the main focus:

1: Size your image to fit the bezel and cut out.

2: Coat the front back and sides of the image with the paper sealant.

3: Glue the image down into the bezel making sure the loop is at the bottom.

4: Size up the rhinestone chain and cut accordingly.

5: When the glued image has dried, seal with paper sealer again just in case.

6: Once dry, drizzle a small amount of resin into the bezel. Place the rhinestone chain on top guiding with a toothpick.

7: Fill the centre of the bezel with more resin being careful not to go over the the rhinestones.

8: Set aside to dry for 8 to 10 hours or over night.

9: Assemble with your connectors.

10: Glue on a brooch back using strong glue or ICE Resin.


Give Her a Diamond For Valentine’s by Clare Horner

clare january 2015 1 watermarked

For some of us a real diamond on a whim for Valentines is a far off luxury that is not attainable or a reasonable request of our other halves, so if you like me don’t want to ask for the real thing, then ask for the next best thing, and make yourself an ICE Diamond, after all a handmade gift is far more precious than anything bought from a shop.

When I saw a local company who makes laser cut wood shapes had this gorgeous wooden cut diamond I instantly fell in love, and hoarded it for just the right project. I knew I wanted to fill it with ICE Resin® at some point but then what I was not sure. While looking for some gems for smithing I toyed with the idea of buying myself a real diamond. To get a decent one, of good clarity and colour I quickly realized that would be well out of my price range so my plan started forming. I wondered what would happen if I combined ICE Resin® and Shattered Opal……… A match made in heaven itself, Cupid would be impressed!

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Clare Horner

january 1



ICE Resin®

Iced Enamels: Shattered Opal

Packing Tape

Paint Brush

Fernli Designs Laser Cut Diamond Shape

Treasure Gold in Pewter

Bone Folder/Burnisher

Mixing cup and wooden stirrer

Soft Cloth/Tissue

Silver Ball Chain

Large 10mm Jump Ring


1: Take an old paint brush and cover the wooden piece inside and out on all edges with a good coating of Treasure Gold in the Pewter colour. Buff off any excess with a soft cloth/tissue and create a high shine.

2: Take a suitable length of packing tape and stick it to what will be the back side of the diamond shape. Make sure every part of the diamond is covered and burnish down really well making sure all edges are adhered to the tape.

3: Following the manufacturers instructions mix a small amount of ICE Resin®. Once mixed, set aside for two minutes to let any air bubbles rise and pop on their own.

4: Using a small spoon drop a small amount of Iced Enamels Shattered Opal into the mixed resin. Mix in carefully, add more until you are happy with the reflectiveness. Remember you can always add more you cannot take away.

clare january 2015 2 watermarked

5: Gently drip the resin mix into each of the openings of the diamond shape so they are all level. Set aside to cure for 6 to 8 hours or over night. Pour any excess resin into a mould or make resin paper.

6: Once cured gently pull the packing tape off the back of the piece then punch a hole into one corner of the piece with a sturdy hole punch such as a crop-o-dile. Attach a large jump ring and thread with ball chain. Wear your piece.




Hello, Good-by and a mixed media giraffe

Art Mechanique molding puttyThis little mixed media giraffe seems to be saying hello to the 2014 ICE Resin Creative Team — the  members will be announced December 13.

Sandy Marin made the body and legs of this so so fashionable critter  out of an upcycled wooden box, paint, a ruler, an tulle for the skirt.


The body is cast ICE Resin using Art Mechainque Molding Putty.

“Hello” or “Good-bye” we, Susan, Jen, Kristen and Carol want to give a round of applause, several really loud cheers, hugs all around, and warmest wishes to (in no particular order):

Sandy MartinSweet Pea Jewelry

JoMama, ShopJoMama

Lexi Grenzer, Shabby Calavera

JoAnna Pierotti, Moss Hill Studio

Cindi Bisson, Behind These Eyes

Lesley Venable, Flatwoods Folk Art

Thespa McLaughlin, Vintiquities Workshop

Susan Weckesser, My Sweet Earth

Jen Crossley, A Mark in Time

Susan M Walls, Charming Trinkets

Pamela Huntington, Pam Huntington

Cindy Cima Edwards, Live to Design

These creative women were truly  awesome, supportive, and every-ready. We will miss them,  hold them in our hearts, and most certainly see them around!

We hope you won’t forget to keep following all the wonderful projects on their blogs!



Satisfy your jewelry jones with an eBook

Have a jewelry jones? Need a book that combines inspiration, beauty, and is all about the mixed media jewelry and decor to  read on you Kindle, iPad or other device? We have several to satisfy your longings!

ICESplash of Color is filled with eye candy–almost literally.  Remember the funky plastic clowns that held candles atop birthday cakes? One of the necklaces was inspired by those found objects.

Feeling like a makeover of a guest room? Your own room? Home Decor is sure to give you a plethora of ideas.

You’ll find jewelry with a bit of a natural theme, from sweet nests to faux tortoise shell in Mixed Media Jewelry. Need to beautify the place where you store your precious handmade pieces?  Jewelry and Vanity is a good choice.

Some of the projects are on our blog, a few are exclusive to the eBooks, but with the books, all the projects and instructions are in one handy place. Ebooks are formatted to be readable on just about any device these days. Volume 4 is available for purchase exclusively at Amazon. Volumes 1, 2 and 3 are available for purchase through Amazon and Smashwords.

All of the wonderful projects so far in the Imagine Create Explore Series were made by our talented ICE Resin 2012 Creative Team Members: Cat Kerr, JoAnnA Pierotti, Michael Jack Putman and Lesley Fisher, Andrea Ring, Tina Schiefer, Kathy Thompson, and Special Project Team Member Cindi Bisson.

Still jonesing?

#HandmadeBracelets#HandmadeBracelets ~ Mixed Media Jewelry for the Stars (Published by Interweave) is filled with bracelets our ICE Resin 2013 Team created. The makers of these fashion forward bangles for women and men started with bezels designed by Susan Lenart Kazmer and went to town–Tinsel Town. The designers from our team:  Lexi Grenzer. Jen Crossley, Lesley Venable, Thespa McLaughlin, JoMama (Jones), Sandy Martin, Susan Walls, Pamela Huntington, and staff members: Carol La Valley, Misty Grosse, and Jennifer Priest, and ICE Resin VP Jen Cushman.

We’ll have more ebooks coming your way in 2014.

Thanks for loving to create with ICE Resin!

You have known them a year or so… but do you know?

b and yWe are going to play a little game this fine Saturday (or whatever fine day you are reading this post).

You have had more than a year to get to know these fabulously creative women from our 2013 Creative and Mixed Media Teams.

Can you guess from the clues below who is who?

  1. She began her career in Paleopatholgy; She organized the first recycle art show in her town, and she grew up on the ocean but cannot swim.
  2. She loves the smell of coffee but hates the way it tastes, she hums the tune of Sesame Street when she is concentrating, and if she won the lottery she would be flat broke in a year because she would give it all away.
  3. Her swimming pool is filled with fish and frogs, she watches 2 TV shows at the same time, and she loves to mix chocolate chips in her peanut butter.
  4. She is ambidextrous (at most things), she is great at mechanical things, and she says, “I have collected some amazing skin art over the years.”
  5. She loves old musicals and wishes she could be in one, hates the thought of shipping containers bobbing around in the ocean, and dislikes raw bananas but likes them cooked or in “lollies”.
  6. She has an aversion to tiny leftover bits of just about anything, has watched the latest Star Trek movie about 20 times, and believes you only get one go-around at life so you need to choose happiness, love and laughter, and to mold your own path.
  7. She married the same person…twice, the date on her birth certificate is wrong and she speaks “New Jersey Italian”.
  8. She loves hairless animals and owns 2—a dog and a cat, she loves to dress up on Halloween (if I tell you who it might be a dead give-away), and her favorite food is pizza with pepperoni and jalapenos.
  9. In order to thrive she needs a Sonic ice tea and a nap daily, she is obsessed with odd numbers “here is 5”, and she thinks Harry Potter is the best series of books ever written.

Oh, one last clue:  They all use ICE Resin in totally different styles!

The answers are revealed below:


Cirque Us

IMG_0853-800x624-300x234 (1)

Today, JoMama shares a cool technique for using an Art Mechanique staple bezel.

She says: I started with a staple bezel, cut paper, and folded over top staples to secure.
Next I resin coated the paper. While wet, I set the staple bezel into the resin, leaving the back staples open to make it stand up. Embellished with a rhinestone using the Crystyler, also into wet resin.
After cured, twist and fold wire as desired and embellish. I used a vintage chandelier crystal!



You can find out more about JoMama on her website.


Serendipity Album

industrial chic

An album I found at the dollar store forms the base of this art journal. I added a fabric collage to the cover and one of Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Industrial Chic pieces fit perfectly
on the edge of the cover… giving it a special charm and interest… makes you want to pick it up and look at all the photos…!

If you wanted to achieve a look similar to the metal locket and crystal you could use a silhouette or cut a piece of metal the shape you desired or use a silhouette, and then Cold Enamel the metal surface with Relique and Glitz Powders from the Iced Enamel Line. Lastly, you would wire wrap fibers and a crystal to the metal shape.

Have fun!

Pamela Huntington

Fabulous ICE Resin Hobnail Hair Tie

ICE Resin hair tie

My daughter has long hair…I mean really long hair almost to beyond her hips! She hates traditional hair ties, goofy ribbons, and all things boring or too girlie. But she is an art fan and LOVES one of a kind things. Lately she’s been asking me to braid her hair and I surprised her with this!

ICE Resin hair tie back

Materials and Tools:

* Art Mechanique Medium Hobnail Bezel – Round

* Flat button with shank

* fabric covered hair tie

* Assorted paper ephemera

* ICE Resin® , craft cup and stir stick

* Scissors

* Art Mechanique Paper Sealer

* gem or crystal to bling it out

* ribbons of your choice


  1. Mix a small batch of ICE Resin according to instructions. Use it to glue the button upside down to the back of the round bezel. Allow to cure.
  2. Cut a circle to fit bezel from your choice of papers. Using ModPodge glue in place then coat 2 to 3 times to seal. Let dry completely.
  3. Prop bezel into a small cup full of rice or beans until level. Mix another batch of Ice resin according to instructions and fill bezel until you get a beautiful dome. allow to cure.
  4. Attach fabric hair tie to the button shank by looping it back onto itself. Cut small lengths of ribbon and tie to each side of the bezel, glue a crystal or gem on the front.

You now have a one of a kind hair art piece!

Susan M Walls

Susan’s Charming Trinkets

A Rue Romantique Adorned Christmas Tree – Day 3

My work table is crowded with ornaments galore

My friend she has helped me make ornaments by the score

 Yet there are others I cannot bear to miss

 Lesley, JoMama, Sandy and Susan’s  projects I cannot resist!

Rue Romantique ornaments will grace my tree

not forgetting a few for my loved ones who will shout with glee!

Rue Romantique Christmas ornaments

Sunday, Nov. 10

Lesley Venable


Sandy Martin

Susan Weckesser

In case you missed the Christmas goodness: 

Friday, Nov. 8

Kristen Robinson

Jen Crossley

Cindy Cima Edwards

Cindi Bisson


Saturday, Nov. 9

(ICE Resin site) Carol La Valley

Lexi Grenzer

Pamela Huntington

Susan Walls

Jen Cushman

Thank you so much for joining us! May all the projects on your workbench turn out just as you imagined or even better!

Handmade ornaments kit: resin bezels and blingNeed more Rue Romantique? Get it the kit at Interweave while supplies last!
Want to learn how to make ornaments in time for the holidays? Take advantage of this exclusive collection, and create handmade ornaments with prime instruction from our contributors, including a PDF created exclusively for this kit, and all the ICE Resin® materials you could want.
HANDMADE ORNAMENTS KIT: Resin Bezels and Bling



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