Stick Bezel Couture – Special Order Bezels

Your uniquely creative work deserves an amazing bezel. Susan Lenart Kazmer designed these bezel to be remarked on and remembered.

The bezels cradle your imagination as you let your own artistic light shine into the world!

What will fashion-forward-you create next with ICE Resin?

Long Rectangular Stick Bezel      SLK502

Metal smith Susan Lenart Kazmer

This gorgeous Rectangular Stick Bezel will beautifully frame your work, while bringing the translucent beauty of light through the open-back and into your piece! It’s a nice, deep bezel, so you’ve got lots of room to play with ICE Resin, color and mixed-media. The Sticks measure in at 2 cm x 7.5 cm, while the inner bezel area measures in at 1.5 cm x 5.5 cm. Choose from gorgeous white-bronze and warm yellow-bronze. One per package.


Rectangular Stick Bezel, Medium  SLK508

Susna Lenart Kazmer ICE ResinThis Rectangular Stick Bezel has the same great shape as the larger sized Bezel, but has a nice, compact size, for easier wearability. The Sticks measure in at 1.75 cm x 4.75 cm, while the Bezel area measures in at .65 cm x 3 cm. Its Open-Backed design ensures lots of light penetration through the piece when filled with ICE Resin and some imagery from our Flip Books! Choose from gorgeous white bronze or warm yellow bronze. One per package.

Rectangular Stick Bezel, Small                  SLK501stick bezel Susan Lenart Kazmer

Inside bezel dimensions are .75 cm x 1.5 cm; the outer stick dimensions are 2.5 cm x 3 cm. This is a deep bezel at 0.5 cm which adds to its versatility.

Square Stick Bezels, Small Pair


$8.00 per  pair (Retail Only – Special Price)

These square stick bezels are light enough for earrings and will beautifully frame your work!

Outer Stick dimension is 2 cm; inner bezel dimension is 1.3 cm. Available in gorgeous white-bronze or warm yellow-bronze. Package of 2.


Powerful, Large, Beautiful Art Deco Bezels – Special Order

Susan Lenart Kazmer’s line of Art Deco Bezels are exquisitely designed, with small “windows” that are reminiscent of stained glass! The Extra- Large, Square Art Deco Bezel measures in at 7.5 cm x 10 cm! It has an interior bezel size of 4.5 cm x 6.5 cm x .6 deep. Be one of the first to try it!  One per package. The Extra Large Triangular Art Deco Bezel measures 10.5 cm in length! It is 7.5 cm wide, with an interior bezel size of 6.5 cm x 4.5 cm x .6 deep.   One per package. This beautiful, medium-sized Circular Bezel is one of the smallest sizes in the Art Deco line: the piece measures 8 cm x 3.5 cm, and the bezel has a diameter of 2.5 cm and is .5 cm deep.

Square Art Deco Bezel, Extra Large   SLK1704

Susan Lenart Kamzer mixed media jewelry

Triangular Art Deco Bezel, Extra-Extra Large   SLK1701

mixed media metal ICE Resin

Triangular Art Deco Bezel, Extra Large    SLK1702

mixed media jewelry ICE Resin

Circular Art Deco Bezel, Medium      SLK1709    

art deco bezel ICE Resin

(Carol from the ICE Resin staff here. I had to post another picture of this bezel on the cool brass tone as it is one of my very favorite bezel shapes that Susan has ever made. I just adore it!)

art deco bezel for mixed media jewelry

What will you put in your bezel’s windows?

Light bulbs and pencils have something in common! Artistic Bezels – Special Order

Have you ever incorporated light bulbs or pencils into your mixed media jewelry?

You haven’t? Well here is your chance! 25+ year Metalsmith Susan Lenart Kazmer designed all of these jewelry components to fit her needs and  we bet you will be inspired to create with more than just one kind.

Are you yearning to make something for a teacher? Are you having a eureka moment? Need to come full circle and clasp that bracelet closed?

Consider going in with a friend when you place your order as they are only available in quantities of 12 each.

Pencil Bezels, Set of 4       SLK15

pencil bezels ICE Resin

These are the bezels that captured our hearts in Susan’s Pencil Stub Necklace. Adorable in size and able to fit pencils perfectly, Susan offers them to you, in Sets of 4 to let your imagination fly!

Double clasp adds to endless fun! 2 per package and party sized, measuring 1.75cm in diameter. Available in gorgeous white-bronze or warm yellow-bronze.

Light Bulb Bezels, Set of 4     SLK2

ICE Resin mixed media jewelry

These are the bezels that captured our hearts in Susan’sLight Bulb Necklace. Adorable in size and able to fit Christmas tree bulbs perfectly, Susan offers them to you, in sets of 4 to let your imagination fly! Available in gorgeous white-bronze and warm yellow-bronze.

Closed-Backed Circular Bezels, Medium, 1 pair     SLK13

bezels fro bracelets ICE Resin

These simple, classic bezels are so easy to use  in your work and in teaching, with it’s closed-backed design! Just lay your art inside and pour on the ICE Resin! Can you see the bracelet possibilities?

Medium Clasp Bezel & Hook    SLK29

clasp and hook ICE Resin

An amazing design was born the day Susan began turning bezels into clasps. Back in the day, she would teach you how to devise your own clasp, but now, she’s done the work for you – and it couldn’t be a more beautiful design! Just fill this Clasp Bezel with ICE Resin; add some Ephemera, and your off into a world of artistry in your wearable art! This Clasp Bezel doubles as a Medium Tassel Bezel when used without the hook, as well.  Diameter of clasp is 1.5cm from rim to rim; hook is 2cm long. Available in gorgeous white-bronze or warm yellow-bronze.

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Break Out of the Mold        Explore Resin        Do Metalwork

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Susan Lenart Kazmer and Jen Cushman

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Susan Lenart KazmerSave $4.95 on The ICE Queen’s book:  Resin Alchemy!  

Filled with incredible tips and inspirational, instructional projects!  

What are you longing to create?

Live on Jewelry TV – Jen Cushman shows how to make five pieces of jewelry out of our fabulous ICE Resin kit!

jewel school logoWant to make a gorgeous piece of jewelry that shimmers and catches the light through crystal clear ICE Resin?

Monday, August 25th, 10 a.m. Eastern,  jewelry artist and ICE Resin VP, Jen Cushman will be live in Jewel School on Jewelry TV!

faux druzy opal Jen Cushman ICE Resin“I am so excited for this opportunity to bring ICE Resin inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people,” Jen says. “I am thrilled to be able to show Susan Lenart Kazmer’s faux druzy technique and have a kit available so that everyone who watches the episode can easily make their own simple yet elegant jewelry. When faux druze is combined with coordinating beads and wire the resulting piece is truly stunning.”

Jen was busy in her studio this past week creating 14 pieces to showcase during the show.

You can click HERE to locate the broadcast channel in your area.

Want to watch online? At the time above, go to, and then under the Airing Now tab, click Watch Us Live.

chocolate-FauxDruzeJewelryTVShop Jewel School for these high end jewelry looks:

Kit#1: Faux Druzy/Faux Opal Antique Silver

1 – SLK706MED/SIL medium circle

1 – SLK710LG/SIL large triangle

1 – SLK716MED/SIL medium heart

3 – tubes of glass glitter (Silver, Chartreuse, & Amethyst)

1 – Jar Shattered Opal Inclusions

1 – ICE25

1 – package of 2 mixing cups and 2 stir sticks

1 – package of 3 SLK706SM/SIL small circle

1 – SLK713SM/SIL small square

1 – Instruction sheet

Kit#2: Faux Druzy/Faux Fire Opal Bronze

1 – SLK913BP (raised square bezel old mm style)

1 – SLK714MED/BRS medium shield

1 – SLK707LG/BRS large rectangle

3 – tubes of glass glitter (chocolate, salmon, & sky blue)

1 – Jar of Fire Opal

1 – ICE25

1 – package of 2 mixing cups and 2 stir sticks

1 – package of 3 SLK705SM/BRS small oval

1 – SLK714SM/BRS small shield

1 – Instruction sheet

Jewelry TV has beads galore to go with both fabulous ICE Resin Kits. How ever will you choose which one to use to make your new jewelry?

Cones, Hinges, Cages – Complete Your Jewelry and Mixed Media Art with Tassel Bezels – Special Order Bezels

 If you are going to make a mixed media necklace chances are you will need one or more of these special order  tassel bezels, designed by renowned metalsmith Susan Lenart Kazmer, to add ribbons, rhinestone chains, long ribbons, and found objects.

Order in sets of 12.

What would you like to try first – Cones? Hinged? Caged?

Art Mechanic Susan Leanrt KazmerYou can read more about how wire cages can be used in this Jewelry Making Daily article by Tammy Jones and see how to make them yourself in Susan’s new DVD from Interweave,  Forge Wire Cages and Other 3 D Forms for Jewelry Making.

metal smith Susan Lenart Kazmer

Cage Tassel Bezel      SLK1624

This funky little cage is a fun way to finish off a tassel on your piece! Susan loves negative space and cages, so join her in her frolic by using this sweet little cage tassel in your wearable art! Add ribbons, resined paper or leave as is… The wires give a little so that you can squeeze in a fun little charm- or just leave it empty for beautiful negative space. The cage measures 3 cm x 1.5 cm. Choose from gorgeous white-bronze or warm yellow-bronze. One per package.

Susan Lenart Kazmer tassel bezelsHobnail Capped Tassel Bezels, Small    SLK1627

These Hobnail Capped Tassel Bezels have a pinhole built into their “caps” so that you can run a wire through each of them and cap off a strand of ribbons, threads and such to create a tassel on the end of your work. The only thing the viewer sees is a beautifully finished top to your tassel. Each Small Hobnail Capped Tassel Bezel has a 1.5 diameter. Available in gorgeous white bronze or warm yellow bronze. Four per package.

Hobnail Capped Tassel Bezels, Medium   SLK1621Susan Lenart Kazmer tassel bezels

Each medium-sized Hobnail Capped Tassel Bezel has a 1.5 diameter. Available in gorgeous white bronze or warm yellow bronze. Two per package.

Susan Lenart Kamzer metal smithCone Tassel Bezel, Small Pair   metal smith Susan Lenart Kazmer   SLK1617

These adorable Cone Tassel Bezels hang rather like tiny little bells! Pull a wire or ribbon through the tip and all sorts of surprises can flow out the little cone opening! Each Cone Bezel measures 1.5 cm long and .75 cm wide. Check out our wires and fibers for filling!   One pair per package.

Hinged Tassel Bezel  SLK1623hinged tassel bezel Susan Lenart Kazmer

This is a super fun design which will get your components swinging on your wearable art! Use the open tubular ending to hold a spray of hanging ribbons, charms and sparkles; then attach anything you like to the swinging arm- it can be connected right onto a necklace or bracelet or can link onto jump rings that hold more fun! Or you could attach ribbons to the swinging arm and find another way to use the tubular end, either by drilling and attaching it or, who knows, maybe sinking it into some ICE Resin! The possibilities are endless and sure to be a unique and daring addition to your artwork! Each Hinged Tassel Bezel is 4cm long and is available in gorgeous white-bronze or warm yellow-bronze.

You might consider going in with a friend or two when you place your order as they are only available in quantities of 12 each.

Shopping Extravaganza at Art Unraveled – ICE Resin will be there Aug. 2, will you!?

Are you ready for:
Art Mechanique German Glass Glitter
And this?!
cold enamel with ICE Resin

How about:

hobnail heart ICE Resin

All this and more in the ICE Resin booth at:

Shopping Extravaganza at Art Unraveled

Saturday, August 2, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Painted Mountain Ballroom at Embassy Suites 4415 E Paradise Village Parkway S, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Tickets -$7 at the door, 10 and under free

**No large bags, backpacks or strollers **

More info: Art Unraveled

Charmed and Lucky with a mixed Media Jewelry Kit!

Don’t be caught without your green and lucky jewelry this month!

Lucky You charms necklaceCharm all the leprechauns in your life with this sweet necklace! cps_charmedlucky-500_1Create the luck in your life with this exclusive Cloth Paper Scissors collection! Discover how to use resin and ICED Enamels to make mixed-media jewelry with step-by-step instruction and inspiration from Kristen Robinson and the ICE Resin® team, Susan Lenart Kazmer, and the Cloth Paper Scissors Editorial Director, Jenn Mason. Not only will you learn how to use the products in the kit to make a Lucky U charm necklace but you can apply the same techniques to create bracelets and cuffs, key chains and earrings!

Retail value $79.44 but luckily for you, it’s only $49.99 over at the Cloth Paper Scissors Store!

5 Awesome Jewelry Kits on Sale – Get Your ICE, Baby!

To make your holiday gift-giving especially easy,
we have created 4 extraordinary kits for $39.99

and we also have a few Star SWAG Bags for $79.99
Quantities are limited!


Be a star or make someone else feel like one with the ICE Queen’s Emmy’s SWAG Bag.
Inside: Everything you need to create a mixed media necklace!
2 Art Mechanique Bezels
1 ICE Resin plunger, a craft cup and a stir stick
Industrial Chic Charms from Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Industrial Chic Line exclusively at Michael’s
1 Copy of Resin Alchemy
2 DVDs: Breaking out of the Mold with Jen Cushman and Romantic Bezels by Kristen Robinson
Art Mechanique Essential Ephemera Paper, German Glass Glitter and Ribbon samples
Chain and Jump Rings
1 issue of Bead Design Studio Magazine
A beautiful hand-sewn organza bag embellished with glitter, ribbon and a wire-wrapped crystal.
$125 value for $79.99! Quantities are limited!

I need a SWAG Bag!



A Splendid Rue Romantique Necklace Kit
Inside: 2 gorgeous Rue Romantique bezels (KR109 and KR102)
Rue Flip Book with Projects and Images
1 oz. ICE Resin plunger
1 oz. Paper Sealer
2 cups & 2 stir sticks
1 Brush
6 inches of gold rhinestone chain
2 jump rings
Project Instructions

$50 value for $39.99! Quantities are limited!

I am feeling Romantic!




Ornament/Jewelry Kit

A hobnail heart bezel is the star of this kit for the person who loves to make resin jewelry.

Kit includes:
1 hobnail bezel- a large heart and a  circle bezel with a edge for your bling
1 Collage paper pack
1 oz. ICE Resin plunger
2 cups & 2 stir sticks
6″ black rhinestone chain
2 jump rings
1 oz. Paper sealer
1 brush
Project How-To Sheet

$55 retail value for $39.99 Quantities are limited!

Ornament me!



Metal Mania Kit
Is there a jewelry maker on your list who wants to learn to work with metal?

This is a great starter kit:
1 piece of 3×3-inch bronze sheet metal
1 package of connections: brass nuts & screws.
1 DVD: Metal Work – Making Cold Connections with Rivets by Susan Lenart Kazmer

Save $12 on the full retail value of this kit.

I’ve got metal mania!



Resin Kit

Getting started with ICE Resin is easy! The techniques are simple to learn and provide a perfect addition to an artist’s mixed media skills.


DVD: Exploring Resin Jewelry Making with Susan Lenart Kazmer
1 oz. ICE Resin Plunger
2 cups & 2 stir sticks
Hobnail Shield Bezel
1 jump ring

It comes in a burlap gift bag and you save $17 off of the full retail value of the kit!

I’ll try some ICE, ICE Resin that is!

Remember — Quantities are limited! This special sale begins on “Black Friday” and when the kits are gone. They are gone. Good luck and may all your holiday snuggles be warm and and bright!

Note:  The ICE Resin office is closed on Friday. Items will ship on Monday, December 2.

Check out all the kits HERE.







Handmade Ornaments Kit includes 3 fantastic mixed media technique resources

Yes, you can make your holiday….

Rue Romantique Kristen Robinson ICE Resin

Handmade ornaments kit: resin bezels and bling

Take advantage of this exclusive collection, and create handmade ornaments with prime instruction from our contributors, including a PDF created exclusively for this kit, and all the ICE Resin® materials you could want.
HANDMADE ORNAMENTS KIT: Resin Bezels and Bling 
In the Handmade Ornaments Kit: Bezels, Resin, and Bling, you’ll get three fantastic resources for learning different mixed-media jewelry techniques. In Making Etched Metal Jewelry, enjoy step-by-step instruction for creating unique accessories with etched metal. Make your own resin-filled bezels and more in Romantic Bezels. Plus, apply the wonders of ICE Resin® to your holiday ornament-making with an included PDF on how to make ornaments.
The Handmade Ornaments Kit: Bezels, Resin, and Bling also includes a wide range of mixed-media jewelry materials that will let you experiment with the techniques and methods presented in Making Etched Metal JewelryRomantic Bezels, and Ornament PDF without having to make a trip to the store! You’ll also receive: 4 bezels, chain, ICE Resin, some Iced Enamels and more to create your own spectacular ornaments!
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