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Word of the Year

Greetings and salutations!

When Jen Cushman and Mixed-Media Artist and Designer Donna Salazar got to chatting at CHA (the Craft and Hobby Association trade show in January), Donna was wearing a necklace that intrigued Jen.

It was Donna’s “word of the year” to live by…

what Susan Lenart Kazmer might refer to as a Talisman

what some people might refer to as a lucky charm.

When Susan traveled the world in the early 1990s collecting, studying and selling beads and later helped to found the Greater Chicago Bead Society, she learned that in all cultures, humans adorn themselves for some type of symbolical representation. These studies led her to create jewelry from her own culture from found objects. Her work in Talismans, amulets and gypsy magic and healing has been a large focus of Susan’s work for the past 20+ years. You will see the word Talisman used often at ICE Resin. It’s because we believe that words have power, and meaning. Words, combined with ICE Resin and imagery and our bezels helps others to create powerful personal artifacts — Jewelry — that can be used to help the wearer feel focused or protected or even loved in some magical way.

So begins the ICE Resin Talisman project, starting with none other than designer Donna Salazar! Thanks Donna!  Link: Discover STRENGTH necklace.

What is your Talisman?


We are EXCITED! Iced Enamels™ are a CHA Hot 20

Iced Enamels are CHA Hot 20 itemIced Enamels™ are such a roaring success they received the CHA Hot 20 seal of approval at the 2014 Mega Show and we could not be more thrilled at the honor!

Iced Enamels are the heart of our Cold Enameling Program–Medium, Relique Powders and ICE Resin® create a permanent bond of color on metal.

Artists and crafters can easily achieve the look and feel of traditional torch fired and kiln-fired enameling with these products and an array of mixed-media techniques.

New! Amethyst, Carnelian, Garnet and Torched Copper join seven other Relique Powders and are part of  a unique, custom formulated, proprietary Cold Enameling system. 

CHA Hot 20 Jen Cushman Iced Enamels

hot 20 screen 5hot-20-screen-6-iceresincha hot 20 iced enamels

Winners of the Susan Lenart Kazmer Contest in Bead Design Studio Magazine

We interrupt our ICE Resin Creative Team introductions to bring you this exciting announcement from

Susan Lenart Kazmer Contest in Bead Design Studio Magazine!

susan lenart kazmer contest bead design studio magazinePhyllis Giberson from Millersville, PA, took first place and is going to all 4 of Susan’s classes at To Bead True Blue in Tucson, plus she will receive a necklace handmade by Susan.

“The projects turned in were amazing and it was difficult to choose,” Susan said.

Pam Hawkins, the Editor at Bead Design Studio Magazine was the person who notified the winners. After talking to Phyllis, Pam told us, “I just got off the phone with the winner Phyllis! Oh my gosh, she was in tears!!!”

Phyllis’s winning necklace has a story behind it, as do the fascinating projects of our second, third and honorable mention winners, and we will be sharing those tales in January.

Susan Lenart kazmer Contest Bead Design Studio MagazineSECOND Place: Allison Hammond-Murray, Folsom, CA

Susan Lenart Kazmer Contest Bead Design Studio MagazineTHIRD Place: Heather Kindt, West Des Moines, IA

Susan Lenart kazmer Contest Bead Design Studio MagazineHONORABLE Mention for best use of materials: Connie Bradley, HoustonTX

Once again we would like to give a shout out to Gold Sponsor: Garlan Chain

Bronze Sponsors: Parawire, T Beads, and Elephant Eye Beads

Jewel Sponsors: Bead My Love, Kabela Design, and the Urban Beader

Product Sponsors: Create Your Style with Swarovski Elements, ICE Resin, Spellbinders, WireLuxe, Alacarte Clasps & Wire Lace, Tsukineko, Tierra Cast, JHB, MyElement, christi friesen, Lisa Pavelka, Impress Art Metal Stamps, and The Lilac Wind Lampwork Beads

These generous jewelry products companies supplied treasures that went into each winner’s basket.



In Memory of My Sister, Cheri Lenart Cann

I have been very quiet about my personal life over the past few months and I am finally ready to make this announcement.

Cheri Lenart Cann died on September 10th.

She was my wonderful beautiful sister and my best friend. When she was here she worked on making the world a better place. Those of you may have known her from teaching glass casting workshops at the Bead and Button Show or Art Unraveled or other art retreat events…… or because she was always with me. She was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer earlier this year, and it all happened so quickly.

Glass Heart Christmas ornament Cheri made me several years ago.

Glass Heart Christmas ornament Cheri made me several years ago.

Two months before Cheri’s death, I also lost my husband…my children’s father. My kids and I were trying to recover from the loss when Cheri passed, so we were all hit double. I cancelled my workshops this year at BeadFest Philadelphia, and event I’ve taught for the past 10 years, to spend the last days with Cheri and my family. I do not regret it, however, I do apologize to the people who signed up for my classes.

My son and Cheri’s only son are away at their first year of college now. (We are so proud of them in our family). It was hard for my daughter and I because our house was so quiet, so quickly. We took an amazing retreat together for two weeks in October. It gave my daughter and I renewal. I found out what it means to have loved ones on the other side.

I’m going back to my roots of building pieces with healing and love and the magic of life. I’m teaching workshops again next year and continuing my work as an artist and instructor and as the founder and president of ICE Resin. Life goes on.

I love you Cheri, with all my heart. XX



Note from Jen: While there have been amazing opportunities and events in 2013 — the release of Susan’s new book Resin Alchemy and two enameling DVDs, the Gifting Suite as part of the Emmys, wonderful growth at ICE Resin, fab new products, etc…..It’s also been a very difficult year personally in Susan’s life. All of us involved in Susan Lenart Kazmer LLC/ICE Resin are very much like a family. When one of us is hurting, all of us pull together to circle the wagons, so to speak. It is difficult to share our grief publically, but being a company by artists for artists, means we are human beings with real life blessings and real life challenges. Cheri Lenart Cann was an important part of our company. Her talent as an artist, her skill, her vision, her support has left a large space. We miss her every day.

A Day in the Studio is Time Well Spent

What in the world is Susan doing?

Susan Lenart Kazmer

Discover the answers in the Winter edition of Cloth Paper Scissors’ STUDIO Magazine. Available HERE and NOW. Hint: She’s adding one of her circus troupe figures to the birdcage. She affectionately calls her the “fat lady” but the real name is in her book, Making Connections.

The Winter 2014 issue of Studio also has tips for creating studio space in close quarters and  business advice from experts.

You can do it!

Get inspired by the creative spaces of all types of artists and makers, including a wedding florist, jewelry maker, photographer, painter, and quilter.





Last Chance to Enter the SLK Contest via Bead Design Studio Magazine


Bead Design Studio MagazineWith more than 40 awesome projects to bead and gift, the December 2013 issue of Bead Design Studio Magazine is the perfect holiday shopping companion!

It goes on sale tomorrow, November 12, 2013 but we bet you want a sneak peek. Here is the link:

Tons of bracelets (bangles, charm bracelets, and cuffs) make great stocking stuffers, two fabulous lampwork projects will keep your hands warm, and flatback-encrusted Crystal Clay™ will help you celebrate the sparkle of the season.

Don’t forget about our FABULOUS creative adventure & contest with Susan Lenart Kazmer! Join in on The SLK PROJECT for a chance to be creative and WIN BIG! Visit the SLK Project Contest Page  for details.

You must register by December 1, but you have a few more days after that to upload your final project.

YouTube Preview Image

If you get busy in your studio there is still time to make your mixed media jewelry projects and enter to win a fabulous trip to take all 4 for Susan’s classes at To Bead True Blue in sunny Tucson, Arizona in February!

slk contest

Learn Metalsmithing, Resin, and Color Techniques from the ICE Queen Herself in Tucson!

When it comes to innovative techniques in cold joins, jewelry and resin, Susan Lenart Kazmer wrote the books. She is the master metalsmith and by the end of a class with Susan students are filled with fresh ideas,  have learned to integrate new color perceptions to enhance their mixed media skills.

Susan will teach four classes at To Bead True Blue 2014 in Tucson, Arizona.

Resin Alchemy

Instructor: Susan Lenart Kazmer

Susan Lenart Kazmer

Explore beyond pouring a bezel in this technique-based class.  Benefit from Susan’s 10-year body of jewelers grade work combining resin with metalwork. Learn the basics of resin and its properties then go beyond using ground breaking techniques such as creating and working with resin paper, producing stones such as druzy, opal and crystal, cold enameling, casting and more.

Build beautiful whimsical and playful bezels of wire and more.

Learn how to build with resin in layers by scratching, crackling and coloring each surface. Each student will leave with a few pendants and components and a journal full of ideas.

Date/time: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.,. Sunday, February 2

Class fee: $105 Kit fee $25.00


Cold Enameling- Color on Metal

Instructor: Susan Lenart Kazmer

Susan Lenart Kazmer

Reminiscent of this ancient technique and colorful appearance of enamelwork.…..only these techniques are done with the application an variation of color on metal with a final coat of jewelers grade, crystal clear, glass like resin.

Using bronze sheet metal and wire learn a vast variety of unique surface and patina techniques and methods. Derive color in your work from resins, enamel paint, paper, waxes, permanent ink, caulk transfers, application of photo transfers, inclusions and text.

Cold enamel surface work includes crackle, scraffitto, matte and scratched surface. Learn cold enamel pliqué a jour and cold fired enamel. These are in depth techniques to create color design and texture in your metalwork.  Application of cold enamel on wirework.

Build in layers to create a few pendants and bring home a journal full of new ideas for color on metal.

Date/time: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.,. Monday, February 3

Class fee: $105 Kit fee: $35


Enameling – patterns, text, texture and transparency in glass

Instructor: Susan Lenart Kazmer


Enameling is a very ancient craft of permanently fusing glass to metal by means of heat. It is one of the most exciting ways to produce vibrant colors, texture, patterns and images on metal.  Explore a number of practices Using kiln and torch fired techniques. Kiln fired enamels produce precision colors with multiple thin layers of enamel opaque and transparent colors. Torch fired enamels can be used to produce an organic, burnt out glass and dripping facade. Learn proper set up tips such as good trivets, drilling, stoning, finish work. Explore a variety of techniques including liquid enamels, dry sifting, wet packing, crackle, sgraffito, stencils, and milling metal in combination with clear coats and more.  Use crayons, markers and iron oxide that will survive high heat and fuse with enamels. Build pendant, rings and a variety of components and ideas to continue your work.

Date/time: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.,. Tuesday, February 4

Class fee: $105 Kit fee: $26


Caging Common Objects in Metalwork

Instructor: Susan Lenart Kazmer

 Susan Lenart Kazmer

In this 6 hour metalworking class learn to anneal, shape and solder together a ring or pendant form. Create gorgeous and unusual jewelry pieces by creating open bezel forms using square wire and metal which provides an open form to view all sides of your object that you are encasing. Students will finish one pendant or ring and In addition, explore the cage shape and its uses as a container to hold objects. Learn proper metalworking techniques for soldering, shaping and clean up.  Learn some short cuts and ideal techniques for teaching soldering in a class room.

Date/time: 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday, February 5

Class fee: $105 Kit fee: $30


Mixed Media for the Stars ebook is available now!

Get a glimpse of the red carpet with #HandmadeBracelets, an eBook filled with eye candy for lovers of mixed-media jewelry.

Enjoy the designs  members of the ICE Resin® Creative Team 2013 and ICE Resin® staff  made especially for the stars of Hollywood. Get inspired by these unique designs along with several included step-by-step jewelry projects.

Each ICE Resin® artist provides a short statement about each of their handmade bracelets, explaining the creative process and the inspiration behind the piece, allowing you to get a look behind the scenes.

Jen Crossley, Lexi Grenzer, Cindy Cima Edwards, Lelsley Venable, Thespa McLaughlin, JoMama, Pamela Huntington, Sandy Martin, Susan M. Walls, Jennifer Priest, Misty Grosse, Carol La Valley, and Jen Cushman.

Susan Lenart Kazmer, creator and founder of ICE Resin says, “Prior to the palpable excitement in Hollywood the weekend of the Emmys awards, all of my design team members chose to be involved to create a bracelet of their own style using ICE Resin and Art Mechanique products for Emmys-nominated actors and actresses and celebrity VIPs. Jen and I were delighted when the pieces from the team came rolling in; Gorgeous individual jewelry that all marked their own personality and style.”

We are pleased Cloth Paper Scissors is offering #HandmadeBracelets as a ebook. You can purchase it HERE.

And if you missed the webinar, you can listen to it HERE.


ICE Resin Creative Team

Hollywood Stars and Charms with the ICE Queen at the Emmys, A Pictorial

Susan Lenart Kazmer wishes all the 2013 Emmy nominees good fortune at the awards!

Thanks for stopping by ICE Resin!

We enjoyed making necklaces with you!ICE Resin EmmysICE Resin EmmysICE Resin EmmysICE Resin EmmysICE Resin Emmys

The ICE Queen is at the Emmys!

Susan Lenart Kazmer

FINALLY! Time for the big day!

Be sure to follow the stars’ crafting experience with Susan Lenart Kazmer and ICE Resin live during the event on our fast-moving Instagram party.

We’ll be talking to you live from the event by uploading photos with Hollywood’s favorite celebs instantly for your viewing pleasure.

Also join our live Twitter chat during the event to talk about what’s going on and more chances to win swag bags and Make-n-Take kits.

Saturday, September 21, 2013
Time: 11:30 am PST/2:30 pm EST
Where: via #CraftingTheEmmys and

Join us as we reveal the top secret

Pièce de résistance!

Susan Lenart Kazmer has spent weeks in her studio hand fabricating a

stellar, fashion-forward, wearable art gown,

fit for a Queen, ICE that is!

ICE Resin Emmys

We’ll also be doing giveaways of actual kits of the make n take that we’re doing with the celebs on site from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday at the Nokia Theater Club. Be sure to tune in to our Twitter Chat and Instagram parties on Saturday to see all of the details, stars, and projects firsthand!

FOLLOW US HERE to be sure you don’t miss out on the action :)

And use these hashtags to see the Hollywood Stars come out to play, plus all of the swag, bling, and deliciousness from all of the companies participating in the Connected Gifting Lounge at the Primetime Emmys!


Susan Lenart KazmerCelebrity Make-n-Take

ALL the charms are different and with Industrial Chic, NO TWO will be ALIKE.

Just like our bracelets, the celebs will be creating unique works of art for themselves!


All the details of the original announcement are here:

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