With Whom do you share your art journal?

Is your art journal filled with painted pictures? sketches? doodles? fabric? tags? letters? numbers?


art journal ice resin


ice resin wire

When you open it, is it to look at yourself or to share with others?


Art Journal by Susan Lenart Kazmer

Art journals are full of intentions and desires.


art journal ice resin

art journal ice resin

ice resin art journal


Care to share what creating an art journal means to you?

Center stage with Susan Lenart Kazmer’s “Opera Singer”, a mixed media resin and metal jewelry holder

Experience the opera with Susan Lenart Kazmer via her “Opera Singer”…

The people waiting expectantly for the lush heavy curtains to rise and part, the richly hued costumes, the lavish sets, the thrill of the first note when the opera singer sets her voice free.




You’ll find Hats in the Opera Singer’s Closet

The “Opera Singer” is backstage  in her dressing room fretting about what hat to wear in her performance tomorrow. Which one do you suggest?





Did you notice that all these hats double as rings?

Susan Lenart Kazmer created her Opera Singer as a jewelry holder.


Susan Lenart Kazmer Wears Hammered, Forged Wire


Susan wears wire.


Do you?


“Captured” by Susan Lenart Kazmer

What captures your attention?

Color (soft pinks and red that go with 2015 spring color predictions)?

The thrill of a eureka moment (the lightbulb bezel prayer box-a truly advanced metalsmithing skill that takes a delicate touch)?


A sense of joy?

The spirit of fun?

captured-Susan Lenart Kazmer

“Captured” by Susan Lenart Kazmer

Prayer Scroll Ring by Susan Lenart Kazmer

Susan has traveled to Thailand several times, but the first adventure was some 30 years ago and she hold the memories of visiting museums and sacred places precious.

She says this about one Chinese painting: “the washed out reds and whites and pinks are still alive in my head.”

prayer scroll ring susan leanrt kazmerhttp://slkartmechanic.com/

Contents, a paper, metal and ICE Resin bracelet by Susan Lenart Kazmer

content-bracelet susan lenart kazmer

“Contents” a bracelet by Susan Lenart Kazmer

No. 22, Volume … unknown.

When was the first time you tore pages out of a book to make jewelry?

If you would like to learn more about Susan’s techniques working with resin and metal, her recent book “Resin Alchemy” and DVDs “Forge Wire Cages” and “Explorations in Jewelry Enameling” are available now.



An amulet in pale earth tones by Susan Lenart Kazmer

What does this mixed media amulet remind you of… a mariner’s compass to chart unknown waters?

susanlenartkazmer compass

Where has art taken you? Where are you taking your art?

Hammered Amethyst Necklace by Susan Lenart Kazmer


Iron and gamma rays are built into the crystal lattice of amethyst. You can see more of Susan’s jewelry portfolio at: http://slkartmechanic.com/

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