Susan Lenart Kazmer shapes Ribbon, Charms and other Necklace Components on a Bale

The ribbons and wire attachments must drape just so!

The  cold connected ribbon and wire attachments must drape just so!


Using a Grinding Wheel to Smooth a Cut Metal Edge

Grinding to shape an edge.

Must have tool fro the serious metalsmith: Grinding wheel! 

Here, Susan Lenart Kazmer, creator of ICE Resin,  is using the wheel to shape an edge on a piece of metal. Wonder what she finally transformed it into….


Will this work hardened piece of wire become a necklace bale?

Susan definitely has favorite tools. What are yours?

Susan Lenart Kazmer is work hardening a piece of wire.

You need a hammer and an anvil to work harden a piece of wire. Work hardening is a step you do after you have made the wire into the shape you desire.

That looks like a giant anvil under the little anvil Susan is hammering her wire on.

She definitely has favorite tools. What are yours?

Susan Lenart Kazmer in her studio Annealing a piece of glass


Annealing – look carefully at the shape… do you recognize the shape? Bet you can find  what necklace it becomes in Susan’s book, Resin Alchemy!

Take Time to Smile with Susan Lenart Kazmer and her Mixed Media ICE Resin Ballerina

Susan Lenart Kazmer

Susan is working on her Caged Opera Singer

Susan's opera singer finds home.

Susan’s opera singer finds a home.

Jolly Giant

Can you guess what project was Susan was working on in this photo?

Can you guess what project was Susan was working on in this photo? We’ll tell you in a couple of days.


Relics, Ruins and Resin Alchemy – France 2015 with Susan Lenart Kazmer and Jen Cushman

Susan Lenart Kazmer FRANCE WORKSHOP 2015

SLKWork2-200x300watermarkedJoin Susan Lenart Kazmer and Jen Cushman for an immersion workshop where students will have the opportunity to dig deep into their work by exploring innovative design concepts and honing their metalworking skills. Relics found at Paris flea markets prior to the workshop or treasured objects brought from home will be re-imagined into Talisman pieces of unique jewelry during the week at La Cascade.


A full range cold connection and wire working techniques will be taught, as well as color on metal, Resin Alchemy and Susan’s innovative fiber-and-wire connections.  We’ll also create a forged wire and resin paper journal so students can capture all the new design ideas and stunning beauty the South of France has to offer. Healthy and delicious meals are prepared fresh each day by French chef Nese Pelt, and dinner is served each evening family style with much joy and laughter. 

$3,200 includes double occupancy bedrooms at La Cascade, meals, instruction and a comprehensive kit to build your pieces. Space is limited. $500 deposit secures your spot.


Susan and Jen usually get into Paris the Friday before the workshop  (often joined by a few students) and  attend the flea markets Saturday and Sunday in search of found objects and kick around Monday just enjoying Paris. Jen keeps everyone informed of the itinerary and meeting places and times and everyone is welcome to join them or go explore on their own or in pairs/small groups. For example one year a small group wanted to do the Louvre museum. Susan and Jen had seen it a bunch, so they wanted to hang out a Les Deus Maggots (a famous outdoor café) and go to the vintage clothing shops. Others wanted to walk the city and see the love locks on the bridges. Everyone spent a lovely Monday going our separate ways for the day and then met up for dinner and a sunset boat ride on the Seine.

Tuesday is a travel day to Durfort and we take the train. Tuesday evening is the first family style meal (All meals are fresh and we eat family style.) at La Cascade and students unpack their work spaces. The workshop starts Wednesday and goes through Monday. Saturday is a big market day in Revel, the next town over and it’s wonderful and amazing. Small community Flea Markets pop up while we are there and Susan and I learn about them at arrival. We all go check them out in the mornings as they appear for a couple of hours.

Jen says:

“We’ll be doing lots of high end resin work and metalworking and enameling. Susan takes everyone through their work and helps each person dig deeper into their work in order to really help hone in and influence change and growth. I’m always there for support and help in the studio during some of the off hours.”

“Pretty soon, I will open a private Yahoo group where we can all meet each other and I can give information without clogging up everyone’s emails. We “talk” lots on this group so it seems like fast friends once we all arrive. Again, as the space is limited to only 12 people we become pretty tight pretty quickly.”


Further Explorations in Jewelry Enameling: Kiln Fired Liquid Enamel and Sgraffito with Susan Lenart Kazmer

Susan Lenart Kazmer

In Further Explorations in Jewelry Enameling: Kiln Fired Liquid Enamel and Sgraffito, outstanding jewelry artist Susan Lenart Kazmer demonstrates torch firing liquid enamels onto metalwork along with the rudiments of working with a kiln. Now, in her latest look at enamels, Susan focuses exclusively on kiln firing, the technique that gives you maximum control over the final look you can achieve.

The digital download is available July 14, 2014. The DVD is available August 13, 2014. You can get either one by clicking this Interweave Store link.

In Further Explorations in Jewelry Enameling: Kiln Fired Liquid Enamel and Sgraffitojewelry artists will:

  • Review enamel basics, use of dry and liquid enamel powder, and metal forming and texturing
  • Discover in-depth how to prepare each enamel scenario for the kiln
  • Find out how to take advantage of the kiln’s precision temperature control and readouts to create the    colors and effects you want
  • Enjoy the ease and efficiency of letting the kiln do the work for you
  • Learn to use resin as a counter-enameling option
  • Explore the use of rubber stamps and natural leaves to alter your enameled surface
  • See how to add mica powders for shimmering sparkle and depth




Extraordinary Jewelry Making Classes with Susan Lenart Kazmer

Bead Fest is for beaders and jewelry makers of all skill levels! This jewelry making extravaganza brings the top jewelry trends, instructors and beading resources together under one roof!

Susan is teaching:

Susan Lenart Kazmer Resin Alchemy

8074, Resin Alchemy Aug. 22

Susan Lenart Kazmer enameled jewelry

8072, Enameling: Patterns, Text, Texture and Transparency in Glass Aug. 23

cold enameling

8073, Cold Enameling- Color on Metal Aug. 24


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