Make a sparkling bezel from an open bolt

Join John Creighton Petersen from the ICE Resin 2014 Creative Team as he uses a bolt, packing tape, ICE Resin, a jewel, Raspberry Mica Flakes and Shattered Fire Opal to make this “found” object into an open back bezel.


Making a pocket watch into a deep bezel

Have you ever made an old pocket watch back and face into a deep bezel?

Candy Rosenberg shares a couple of steampunk watches she is working on layering and how to use ICE Resin as a glue to make a deep well for all of her inclusions.



Collage Sheet Tranformation

An optical lens and Art Mechanique paper are transformed under Jen Crossley’s hands:

The papers Jen is using were mostly gathered in France by Susan Lenart Kazmer and reimagined as a part of our Essentials Papers.


Each Paper Pack comes with 20 sheets.


Organic and inorganic objects + Art Mechanique Molding Putty

Ever used our fab Art Mechanique 2-part molding putty?

Did you know you can mold organic and inorganic objects?

Jamie Dougherty shares how to mold just about anything for your mixed media jewelry and collage!

Make jump ring bezels with Kathy Cano Murillo

Want to have mini-bezels for detail areas in your jewelry or mixed media work? Here is a way to use jump rings as a bezel for your Ice Resin projects! All you need are needle nose pliers and duct tape!

You can use the bezels for paper arts, buttons, mixed media, jewelry and other imaginative projects.

Note: The video is sped up where Kathy is mixing ICE Resin. You want to mix and fold gently. Please do not whip it!

Learn how to make a stamp with Ice Resin and a mold

It’s nearly officially spring and the butterflies are winging your way!

Tatiana Allen is going to show us how to make a cool stamp using ICE Resin in a mold.

ICE Resin takes 6 to 12 hours to dry — it’s ready to wear as jewelry. IT is fully cured in 72 hours.

Shape an Art Mechanique Silhouette

No bracelet mandrel, no problem!

A hammer, a towel, a rolling pin and one of the Art Mechanique Silhouettes is all you will need to follow along as Clare Horner shapes the focal for her bracelet.

Make sure this is your “studio” rolling pin and not the one from your kitchen.


Cold connecting with micro fasteners

ICE Resin Creative Team Member Jennifer Cabic shares off this jewelry technique:

Jennifer used a ring shank she made and connected to one the hobnail bezels designed by Susan Lenart Kazmer.

Grab your awl and drill bit and get ready to refresh your skill or try something new!


Resinate vintage paper

Shadows from the backside show though when you cover vintage paper with ICE Resin.

In this video, Candy Rosenberg shares her technique for resining the page of a vintage book.

Using Foam Sheets to Make Molds

ice resin for paper craftingThe mold making technique Baerbel Born is sharing in this video  uses:

foam sheets, rubber cement, hair wax, ICE Resin and Paper. Enjoy!



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