How to Adhere Ice Resin to Iced Enamels

Ever wonder why wont resin stick to enamel properly sometimes? In this latest video Clare Horner explain the ins and outs of it and how to make a permanent adhesion of ICE Resin to Iced Enamel.


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Susan Walls plays scientist – an easy color quick tip for ICE Resin

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Run to your kitchen and spice your ICE… ICE Resin that is!

Layering with ICE Resin to Create a Little Prince Bezel with the Ice Prince

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Simple ICE Resin Charms with Wire and Paper

Ice Resin 2014 Design Team member Kim Williams as she makes some simple wire and paper charms — great for earrings!

ICE Resin Quick Tip: Sealing Paper

When you want to preserve the color quality of your image, seal it before pouring on your ICE Resin.

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