Creating Miniature Art Collages for metal bezels and ICE Resin

Enter the workshop of ICE Resin Design Team Member Chantal Johnson as she shared how to use small elements to add dimension into a  one-of-akin art piece inside a bezel.

What papers are in your workshop that you can’t wait to collage?


Breakfast at Tiffany’s Shrine began with an upcycled book!

In honor of “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” watch the ICE Prince John Creighton Petersen create a shrine from an upcycled book. Take your love of bookmaking and combine it with ICE Resin® products to create your own fabulous masterpiece!

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Use natural items in your ICE Resin projects

colored rock salt and ICE Resin

An Ice Resin not so quick tip today by Susan M Walls. Nature? Nurture? I really couldn’t decide so I did several projects to help you find your “natural” creative inspiration. Some salt, a branch, and some dried flowers and there you have it! Hope you enjoy it!

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Jewelry tools + Art Mechanique Silhouette

You will need these jewelry tools as Clare Horner from the ICE Resin Design Team show you how to alter an Art Mechanique silhouette:

Metal Cutters aka Snips or Jewelry Saw, Fine Grit Sand Paper or File, Clamp

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Discover the project this form was altered for HERE.

Sewing though ICE Resin paper is easy!

Chantal Johnson of the ICE Resin Creative Team shows you how to make ICE Resin paper and how easy it is to sew on that the resined paper to make a mixed media art collage and an ICE Resin paper pocket.

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Tissue Paper and Wire Flowers

The ICE Prince John Creighton Petersen uses tissue paper with solvent inks and rubber stamps to create this eye catching flower with a hand formed wire frame. This same technique can be used for making jewelry embellishments.

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Use Iced Enamels on Laser-Cut Wood Chipboard

You may have used chipboard in mixed media collage and scrapbooking project, but have you ever used it to make faux stained glass pieces? Heather Widener of the ICE Resin Design Team shows you how! With 11 base colors of Iced Enamels Relique Powders and your imagination  the possibilities are fantastic!

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Shattered Opal makes your ICE Resin projects sparkle

Shattered Opal, a holographic plastic adds, dimensions to you ICE Resin project and captures the color (s) placed under it.

Sandy Martin form the ICE Resin Creative Team shows you how lovely it can be!

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Get dried resin out of your bezel

Poured a bezel you did not like after it dried?

Sandy Martin from the ICE Resin Design Team shares how to get the resin out so you can re-use your bezel.

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Winter Wonderland Video: Use Iced Enamels and ICE Resin as an adhesive










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