Get dried resin out of your bezel

Poured a bezel you did not like after it dried?

Sandy Martin from the ICE Resin Design Team shares how to get the resin out so you can re-use your bezel.

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Winter Wonderland Video: Use Iced Enamels and ICE Resin as an adhesive










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Spring Out of Winter, a video tutorial for a layered bezel


As you patiently, or perhaps impatiently wait for Spring to arrive, here is a lovely layered bezel technique for you to try!






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German Glass Glitter + ICE Resin + Bezel = Faux Druze

ICE Resin’s creator, Susan Lenart Kazmer, has been making faux druze stones as part of her artwork for many years.

Clare Horner is going to place this faux druze in a hobnail heart dangle on tomorrow’s “Deer to My Heart” necklace, but for now you can watch to video of how to make it.

deer 3 watermarked










What color of German Glass Glitter will you choose?


How to Faux Solder on a Piece of a China Plate

cj-icedchina-aHow do you get the look of solder without a soldering gun? With Iced Enamels it is easy and Chantal Johnson from the ICE Resin Design Team is here to show you how!

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Collage paper to tins cans with ICE Resin

Here’s a couple of ideas to jump start your creativity to use ICE Resin for all your collage projects! Join me, Susan M. Walls, as I adhere paper to re-cycled soda cans and beyond!

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Another tip: Paper fibers absolutely adore resin, so if you want to seal your paper first, it will soak in less resin.



How to build up color on an embossed metal piece to make a dimensional bezel

Learn how to make this Celtic themed bezel with your favorite ICE Resin® supplies, complete with an embossed metal background with layers of color on metal.

Learn how “Shattered Opal” becomes a “Diamond” in this ICE Resin video tutorial with Clare Horner

clare january 2015 2 watermarked

You can make this  fun and funky dazzling diamond pendant.

ICE Resin’s crystal clarity allows the light to shine through the Shattered Opal  flakes!

Make Minibooks using Art Mechanique Bezels and ICE Resin with John Creighton Petersen

Transform your ICE Resin® bezel projects into mini accordion books that can also be added to a chain to be worn as a necklace! John Creighton Petersen will show you how.


Watch how Jennifer Cabic gilds a pendant with solder



Learn how to add solder to a bezel to create a gilded focal piece.

You can even use rubber stamps to create texture.


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