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Ice Resin® is proud to present our 2015

World Class Design Team

2015 ICE Resin design team

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★ Chantal Johnson ★


Chantal Johnson is a mixed media artist and teacher living in Rowlett, Texas. She is married and has three children. Her work has been featured in Haute Handbags, Belle Armoire, Sew Somerset, Apronology, Somerset Home, Green Crafts and Somerset Studio. She is also a 15 time ribbon winner for the State Fair of Texas in the Creative Arts competitions in categories such as collage, crocheting and embroidery.


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★ Heather Widener ★

Gem Fabulous 

Heather has spent many years working in different media – drawing, painting, pastels, photography, stained glass, mosaics, sculpture, wire, glass, quilting, pastry, music and more – but jewelry is the one that stuck. Jewelry is her passion.

She started out working in gemstones and loved them  so much that she became a gemologist and mineral consultant.  In 2010, Heather took three classes that changed the direction of her art practice: Connie Fox introduced me to the basics of metalsmithing and all the tools therein; wire artist Tracy Stanley taught me to look to simple solutions to solve problems; and Susan Lenart Kazmer rocked my world with an initiation into ICE Resin®.

“My focus shifted.

“My mind is awash with ideas continuously, and I have to keep a journal handy, or my brain would shut down from it all. I’m obsessed with layers and process, and thrive on tedium, which I find meditative. I love working with non-traditional materials, and using everyday items in new ways. There’s nothing better than giving the wearer a surprise, on top of falling in love with a piece of jewelry for purely aesthetic reasons.”

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★ Susan M Walls 

The Red Nose Chronicles

Susan is a self employed artisan who works  from her home studio in several medias. Her main business is charm and thematic jewelry. I also design and install mixed media mosaics plus have a huge collection of vintage accessories. Daily life is full of creative endeavors, family, and (most days) fun!

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John Creighton Petersen


Art New Wave

Even as a child, John had an obsession with paper and everything that could be done with it- lettering, painting, collage and even bookmaking.  Although his degree is in Photography, his passion for paper arts lead him into a variety of different fields along the way including printing and design.  In high school he began making journals from old books that he kept sketches, ideas, clippings, and his day to day adventures in which naturally led him into the altered arts- and three shelves of books!  Along the way he picked up a few more “obsessions” including calligraphy, beading, and rubber stamping.  John attributes his passion for art to being a Seattle native and “needing something to do the 9 months of the year when it’s constantly raining.”  When not teaching classes or creating in his studio, you’ll probably find John trying a new recipe in the kitchen that he found on Pinterest or enjoying the view of Mt. Rainier from his deck with his family- when there’s a break in the clouds!

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★ Clare Horner 

Got Paint in My Hair

Clare Horner is universally known as Gotpaintinmyhair.

She writes: For as long as I can remember I have always had paint in my hair. Turning empty box’s into dolls houses, graduating to fully furnished cardboard dolls houses and now onto the mixed media pieces I create today.

As my passions for making treasures out of trash grew I tried my hand at a number of things, from painting, drawing, paper crafting and jewellery making then onto more advanced techniques such as soldering, metal manipulation and resin. My current focus over the last few years has been mixed media. I have bent it, painted it, inked it, broken it and if that hasn’t worked I have taken a hammer to it, while having an amazing time all along the way.

Presently I live in rural Yorkshire with my other half and four crazy rescue kitties who think that we are kitties too and often try to get us to come on adventures in the fields surrounding us. In my spare time I enjoy day trips to interesting places and visiting craft shows.

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★ Sandy Martin ★

Sweet Pea Jewelry

Sandy is an artist, art lover, art collector and everything else related to art!  She started my decent into artistic madness 25 years+ ago as an oil painter and soon discovered this was to tame for me so she quickly moved to assemblage.  This form of art suits Sandy well as she claims, “I am like a crow.  I will pick up anything shiny…or rusty, broken, old, discarded…you get the idea!   I have since become a jack of all mediums, master of none!”   Sandy is always trying to find unique was to incorporate ICE resin into her designs.

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Design Team 2014

Tatiana Allen     Baerbel Born     Jennifer Cabic     Kathy Cano Murillo

John Creighton Petersen     Jen Crossley     Jamie Dougherty

Polly Hendrickson     Candy Rosenberg     Kim Williams     Clare Horner

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Creative Jewelry & Mixed Media & Special Teams 2013
Kristen Robinson 
Cindy Cima Edwards 
Thespa McLaughlin 
Lesley Venable 
Lexi Grenzer 
JoMama (Jones) 
Susan M Walls
Jen Crossley 
Pamela Huntington 
Sandy Martin 
Cindi Bisson
JoAnnA Pierotti 
Susan Weckesser 
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Creative Team 2011-2012
Lesley Fisher & Michael Putnam  
Cat Kerr 
Joanna Pierotti  
Andrea Ring 
Kathy Thompson  
Tina Schiefer

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