Days of Christmas Past with Former ICE Resin Design Team Members

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Pamela Huntington’s Victorian Style Ornaments

Sandy Martin’s Owl Ornament

Rue Romantique bezelsCindy Cima Edwards’ Lucky Duck Ornament

Cindi Bisson’s Floating Pointsettia Ornament

ice resin Christmas decor

Susan Weckesser’s I’ll Be Home for Christmas assemblage

Lexi Grenzer’s Button and Fabric Decoration

JoMama’s Paper Christmas Tree Video Tutorial

Susan Wall’s Vintage Santa Ornament

handmadeholidaystreejencushman1lrJen Cushman’s ornaments for a Christmas Tree,

JoAnna Pierotti’s Snow Lady

ice resin christmasThespa McLaughlin’s Baby’s First Christmas Ornamet


Learn a new skill today! Fit a Jewelers Blade, Cut with Tin Snips, Make Your Own Rivet

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Have you ever used a jewelers blade or tin snips to cut metal? Ever made your own rivet?

Follow along with Jen Crossley, one of our ICE Resin International Creative Team Members, and she will show you how!

Cutting with Tin Snips

Fitting a Jewelers Blade

Making Your Own Rivet

You need a trip to sunny Arizona to make jewelry… come join Susan and Jen

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Are you ready to dig deep within and discover new ways to express yourself,  take your jewelry skills over the moon, and have a fabulous time learning?

Susan and Jen are presenting technique driven and project classes at To Bead True Blue that will allow you to set your muse free.

ArtUnraveled and dogs 013

The excitement begins at To Bead True Blue, located in the Reid Park Doubletree in Tucson, AZ, February 1 -6. (BTW–It is a lovely time of year in Tucson.)

Sign up now! Take the class with a friend! Only 20 students per class!



Sunday, February 1, 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Instructor: Susan Lenart Kazmer

Fee: $80   Kit fee: $25   Length: 6 hours   Skill level: ALL



Focus on new works in jewelry and Resin as it has never been presented before….sand, scratch, cast and scraffitto your way into creating unique objects and ancient artifacts in jewelry in combination with metal. Focus and build with resin using multiple thin layers while learning new techniques and application for scratching, crackling, engraving, transferring of imagery, making marks and coloring surface during this 6 hour class.

Set your finished components with filigree bezel wire…brazing presented.

Each student will leave with a few pendants and components, a journal full of ideas and a whole new direction to focus your work.


Enamels-Sgraffito + Symbolism – Making your own Marksgraffito-1

Instructor: Susan Lenart Kazmer

Monday, February 2, 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Fee: $80   Kit fee: $25   Length: 6 hours   Skill level: ALL



Learn wet and dry enamel in this hands on workshop, as you paint, scratch, draw, and layer your ideas onto copper while creating a vocabulary for enamel techniques and patterns. This workshop focuses on exploring the use of color and texture, from sifting, to painting and sgraffito, a scratching away technique that exposes another color fired underneath.

In this 6 hour workshop, learn to make marks, text and symbolism to express yourself in jewelry created by using carbon pencils, enamel crayons and decal transfer. Other techniques presented are use of stencils, rubber stamps and pressing objects and marking into wet enamels.

Liquid enamels can be mixed to create your own colors. This application opens up many new possibilities within enamel work. Learn a handful of new ideas and create a few finished pieces. Kiln and torch used in this workshop.


WIRE- Ancient techniques on New Frontiers – Forging + Brazingslk braze-1

Instructor: Susan Lenart Kazmer

Tuesday, February 3, 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Fee: $80   Kit fee: $25   Length: 6 hours   Skill level: ALL



Wire and fiber has been a prominent medium in ethnographic jewelry and adornment for centuries and used for binding, connecting, decorating and building of components.. Through many years of my own research and ethnographic repair, I have employed these same ideas to build my own unique body of work, influenced by my fashion experience, in forged wire.

In this workshop, learn to make your jewelry stronger, more interesting, unique, and personal by exploring new ideas for soldering, shaping, finishing and building of multiple components.

Students in this 6 hour workshop will be challenged to think beyond traditional jewelry design to create jewelry that is both sculptural and wearable while attaining techniques for hand hammering, flattening and forging of round wire.

Learn control with appropriate tools, safety and shaping techniques with correct stance and posture when hammering.  Sheet metal and wire used.


Cold Enamelingcold-enamel susan lenart kazmer-1

Instructor: Susan Lenart Kazmer

Wednesday, February 4, 10 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Fee: $50   Kit fee: $25   Length: 4 hours   Skill level: ALL



Reminiscent of this ancient technique and colorful appearance of enamelwork… color on metal

Cold enameling is an innovative technique using color on metal and a glass like appearance using resin. Often mistaken for glass, this product in combination with array colorful and surprising metal techniques. This workshop makes use of the enameling process. Explore techniques such as crackling, matte surface, basse taille, plique a jour, cloisonné, and even paint to create color, design, texture on metal.  Also learn to create stone surfaces such as opal, fire opal and druzy. In this fast paced 3 hour workshop finish multiple components that will need time to dry.


Jen CushmanOver the Moon Cast Resin Charm Bracelet

Instructor: Jen Cushman

Wednesday, February 4th from 3 until 6 p.m.

Class fee: $50   Kit fee: $15   Skill level: ALL   Length: 3 hours


Registration link:

Treasure hunters take heed. If you love incorporating unique found objects into your mixed-media jewelry, this is a techniques-based workshop tailor-made for you. Learn how to make molds from a handful of your favorite objects using a non-toxic silicone molding putty and then how to make resin castings from the molds. Discover how to completely alter your resin castings with paint and patinas and transform them into entirely new art components.  Students will leave with a finished charm bracelet featuring a resin casting set into a bezel, along with bead links and a handmade clasp.


Vivid Wire Links: Wrapped, Coiled and ColoredJen Cushman

Instructor: Jen Cushman

February 5 from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

Class fee: $65   Kit fee: $15   Length: 4 hours   Skill level: ALL


Registration link:

One of the most rewarding aspects of making your own jewelry is seeing the hand of the artist in your work. Learning how to make gorgeous pieces from a spool of humble wire is an art for all unto itself. Fortunately, making components from wire is not only fulfilling, it’s economical on your pocketbook and easier than you might think. In this workshop, learn how to make unique wireworked links and clasps and then how to chain them together into one seamless necklace. For an added burst of vivid color, we’ll be adding cold enameling to our wirework that’s beautiful and permanent.


Take Flight Copper CuffJen Cushman

Instructor: Jen Cushman

Thursday, February 5 from 3 until 6 p.m.

Class fee: $50   Kit fee: $15   Length: 3 hours   Skill level: ALL

Registration link:

Let your imagination take flight with a cold enameled cuff that shows the world you’ve got game when it comes to your metalworking skills – annealing, forging, fold forming and riveting. We’ll start by making a basic copper cuff and use it as a substrate to ignite our creativity. Various ideas for color, design and form will be demonstrated throughout the workshop to spark your imagination, but the freedom to make it your own is completely in your hands. See how simple it is to create the look of torch- fired enamels with quick melting enamel powders and ICE Resin.





Jen Cushman joined Nathalie Kalbach’s Creative JumpStart (CJS) 2015 — 25 videos to fire up your creativity!

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Jen Cushman is excited to announce that she’ll be participating as an artist in Creative JumpStart (CJS) 2015, run by Nathalie Kalbach. If you’re not familiar with CJS, it’s a one-of-a-kind online event to fire up your creativity in Jan 2015.
Learn techniques, discover new materials, and connect with artists and crafters.
Throughout January participants get 25 videos from 23 featured artists. I’m proud to be one of those artists, called “JumpStarters.” See for yourself:
Head on over to Nathalie’s site to sign up and for more details:
You get 25 videos for just $25 (USD).
Here’s a coupon code for $5 off to sweeten the deal!
The coupon code cannot be combined with any other coupon codes out there for CJS :) The code is good until Jan 15,2015
So what are you waiting for? Sign up here
CJS 2015 is proudly sponsored by Liquitex.

Madonna and Child Necklace by Kim Williams

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Several of my ICE Resin® Creative Teammates in their Tips and Technique Videos made a suggestion to keep a few bezels ready to fill on your desk at all times. When you mix ICE Resin® and have a little product remaining in your mixing cup, it can be used rather than tossed away. This necklace is a result of that advice. It has a few drops of mixed resin from about 3 or 4 of my latest projects. This is proof that  ICE Resin® is so well formulated you can literally layer it with your left over mixture time and time again. I even put a few “leftover layers” in the bezel before I added the tiny gold bead chain around the bezel. I love that idea!

Kim Williams, Historically Haute

1. Kristen Robinson Rue Romantique style bezel – Large Botanical Oval in Brass tone
2. An image I scanned from an old prayer card
3.  Art Mechanique Paper Sealer
4. Craft Glue
5. ICE Resin®
6. Vintage Chain
7. 14 Gauge Copper Wire for the closure.
8. Jax Brown/Black Darkening Fluid
9.  A few jump rings
10. A few beads I wired together for a dangle.


1. Seal your image using Art Mechanique  paper sealer. Painting several coats to completely seal the paper. Allow the image to dry thoroughly between coats.
2. Cut your image to fit in the bezel and use just a drop of craft glue to secure the image to the back of the bezel.
3. As I mentioned above I used this bezel for leftover mixed resin pouring it in layers. You however, may choose to make the necklace with just 1 pour of resin.
4. I waited a few hours after the first pour and using a wooden toothpick placed the beaded chain around the edges. The toothpick helped me settle the chain in the correct place around the bezel.
5. Allow the resin to cure for 48 hours.
6. I fashioned my own closure for this necklace using 14 gauge copper wire. I annealed the wire to soften it to manipulate the shape. I balled one end of the wire for a decorative flair. Using my round nose pliers and bailing pliers I made the hook and eye. I buffed the closure pieces to remove annealing crust. And finished them up with a little Jax darkening fluid. You may wish to buy a premade closure at your favorite hobby store.
7. I used 18 inches of vintage chain. Using jump rings I attached the bezel and the closure pieces to the chain.
8. Finally, I added a bead dangle to heighten the romance of the necklace; attaching it to dangle down the back of the chain using a jump ring next to the hook.

Applications for ICE Resin’s 2015 Design Team are open through Dec. 8, 2014. Click here for all the details.

Watch how Jennifer Cabic gilds a pendant with solder

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Learn how to add solder to a bezel to create a gilded focal piece.

You can even use rubber stamps to create texture.


Art is You

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art is you

Susan Lenart Kazmer will teach 3 days of mixed media metalsmithing jewelry workshops at Art is You in Petaluma, California, April 22, April 23 and April 24.

Talisman Susan Lenart Kazmer

Art is…You is an ALL INCLUSIVE joyous week of art workshops, Buffet Bonanza Lunches, Morning Motivators, Eat Cake Create events, plus Art Trunk and so much more.

Just follow the link below for info on specific classes!

Retreat Dates: April 22 – 26, 2015 Venue: Sheraton Sonoma County, Petaluma, CA




Art is a *Way*, Not a “Thing”

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“Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.”
Oscar Wilde

Talisman Susan Lenart Kazmer


“This world is but a canvas to our imagination.”
Henry David Thoreau


“True art is characterized by an irresistible urge in the creative artist.”
Albert Einstein



You have until Dec. 8 to apply for ICE Resin’s 2015 Design Team!

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We are looking for a few fabulous designers who love creating jewelry and

mixed media art with ICE Resin®.

If you have personal goals as a designer and want to expand your talents within an incredible team, you are invited to apply for a year-long position on the 2015 ICE Resin® Design Team!

NEW: Former team members are welcome to apply.

How to Apply: Please cut and paste the questions below into an email, answer them, and send along with 3 photos of your creative designs using ICE Resin to

Deadline is Monday, December 8, 2014



ICE Resin® 2014 Creative Team Application:


Physical Address:

Mailing, if different:


Email address:









Please tell us what your design experience is (whether it is simply creating for yourself and others or publishing, etc.) and what you prefer to create—jewelry, mixed media pieces, paper, etc.


Why would you like to be part of the the Susan Lenart Kazmer™ ICE Resin® Design Team?


Have you been published? If so, please list publications. Also, what are your publishing goals?


How long have you been working with resin?


What is your experience with resin in addition to ICE Resin®?


Are you comfortable in front of a camera?


What are your goals in the Arts and Crafts industry?


Teaching experience – please list any venues or retreats where you have taught or will be teaching in 2015.


How often do you post to your blog? Other social media platforms? Are you open to posting for business purposes?


How do you feel about cross promoting on your blog?


Are you able to meet publication deadlines?


If selected, you are committing to 9 projects per year with instructions, step-out photos and a matching technique video, plus a 3-6 blog hop opportunties as they arise. Does this work with your lifestyle and goals?

forgeandbraze susan lenart kazmer

As an artist based company ICE Resin offers our team members: Generous product packages shipped directly to your home, compensation for publication, trade show designs and the support of our social media.


Please cut and paste these application questions into an email, answer the questions and send it along with

3 photos of your resin work and a link to a video you have done

to by Monday, December 8, 2014.

New Creative Team Members will be notified by Friday, December 19.

Black Friday SALE – FREE bezels and Ribbon and ICE Resin – Take Advantage Now for all of your gift giving needs

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Black Friday SALE through December 1st!      No promotion code necessary!     

Buy one mixed metal hobnail bezel, any size in-stock, get a FREE random hobnail bezel.


Buy one pack of in-stock ribbon, get a FREE random pack of ribbon. (Rue Romantique and Art Mechanique organza ribbon!)


Buy any 3 Rue Romantique bezels and get a FREE ICE Resin plunger.


No promotion code necessary!

NOTE: Your free products will be packaged with your order. (They will not show up in the cart but, rest assured our shipping elves will place them in your package to ship on December 1 or 2.)


Holiday Kits on sale: $27 (a $39 value)


This grab bag contains all the art products you or that special someone on your gift list needs to create lovely mixed media jewelry.

Kit includes:

1 ICE Resin Plunger

1 Medium Rue Romantique Bezel – random

1 Iced Enamels Relique Powder – random color

1 Shattered Inclusion – random color

1 German Glass Glitter – random color

2 cups and stir sticks

1 small Iced Enamels Medium

A $39 value!

Limited quantity. When they are gone, they are gone.

Order now!


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