ICE Resin Summertime Picnic Hostess Gift

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“Le Petit Prince” Layered Bezel

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One of the great stories in literature is also my absolute favorite book, Le Petit Prince. I first read this book in high school French class and have loved it ever since. I just wish that I’d had the opportunity to read this book when I was younger, but definitely better late than never!

I wanted to create a bezel with some added dimensionality, and in this tutorial I’m going to share how simple it is to create a bezel by simply layering ICE Resin®. With this technique, you can truly achieve an almost 3D effect in your bezels (or other projects) where all of the inclusions seem to float in space. For this project, I used inclusions and embellishments that were taken directly from the story.


Start by creating the base of the bezel. For this project, I used a Long Rectangle Hobnail Bezel. I printed out a quote from Le Petit Prince to place in the bottom of the bezel, which I sealed with a couple of coats of Paper Sealer on both sides and the edges first. Be sure to use the Paper Sealer on any of your projects to keep the resin from turning the paper translucent. Use the ICE Resin as the adhesive to hold down the paper into the bottom of the bezel, and then add a thin layer of resin on top. Sprinkle Relique Glitz Silver into the bezel to add some bling to the piece. Allow the resin to cure.


For the next layer, I placed the ‘ground’ of the image (bottom) first and then added the Rose brad on top. For a little more shimmer, I sprinkled Opal Inclusions into the bezel and then added my next layer of resin and allowed to cure.


Star charms were added for the next layer of resin.


The Prince was added to the piece in the final layer of resin, placed perfectly above all of the other pieces added to the bezel to have the focal point on him. After the resin had fully cured, I added the airplane charm to the bottom of the bezel with a jump ring to keep with a theme of the novel.


ICE Resin® ICE Resin, Long Rectangle Hobnail Bezel, Relique Glitz Silver, Opal Inclusions

Prima Marketing Rose brad

Other printed quote, photocopy of image, miscellaneous  charms

Layering with ICE Resin to Create a Little Prince Bezel with the Ice Prince

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The Mortal Instruments Inspired Pendant

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When I read the challenge for this month I was a little intimidated I must admit. I thought for a long time about what to created based on my favourite piece of writing. I don’t really like classics, I don’t really like the Po, Orwell, and other tortured souls that would make a really good inspiration for a piece of jewellery. Living where the Bronte sisters grew up and just round the corner actually from the Law Hill gothic school that Emily Bronte worked at, and was the inspiration for the house that Cathy was held captive in by her husband (the description in the book and the actual building is uncanny) you would have thought that would be the logical choice for me to create something based off Wuthering Heights (anyone else singing Kate Bush right now?) But no, didn’t even cross my mind until I started writing this intro….. My guilty reading pleasure is young adult Steampunk fiction, I love small novellas, like the Steampunk Chronicles by Kady Cross, but I absolutely adore Cassandra Clare’s young adult Shadowhunter world, even the movie The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones that got slated…. My secret is I went to the cinema to see it 5 times….. but that’s just between you and me! I am especially looking forward to the new TV show coming in 2016 ”Shadowhunters” which is based on the 2nd set of books, the same as the movie, The Mortal Instruments which is set in the present day. My favourite set of books is The Infernal Devices, which is the first set of books she wrote and set in the Victorian Era which has a little Steampunk twist to it I feel. The basis of the ”Shadowhunters” is power and protection from runes, the main rune is the Angelic rune which every Shadowhunter is given as their first rune. It just so happens this is a really pretty symbol and being one of the few solid ones without a break made for a fantastic casting piece. I love resin casting if you haven’t noticed! and decided to use the casting technique created by Baerbel from the 2014 Creative Team, find out how I created it below.

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Clare Horner

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ICE Resin®

Iced Enamels™: Shattered Fire Opal

Mixing cup and stick.

Printed rune image.

Marabu Fixo-gum or gum based flexible glue.

Fun Foam standard thin sheet and 6mm thick sheet.

Westcott Titanium knife, cutting mat.

Marker pen.

Sandpaper and files.

Chain and clasp.

Throw away brush, paint brush and vaseline.

Face mask, protective gloves.


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1: Print off an image of the rune from the web and cut it out.

2: Draw around the rune image onto the 6mm foam.


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3: Cut the image from the foam using a knife


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4: Glue the thick foam to the thin foam and seal all edges with the glue.

5: Weight the piece with something heavy to dry flat.

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6: Brush vaseline all over the inside of the mold.

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7: Mix ICE Resin to manufacturers instructions.

8: Add Shattered Fire Opal to the mixed resin until desired effect is achieved.

9: Gently pour resin mixture into the mold.

10: Balance or tape down a jump ring or loop to attach to your chain.

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11: Carefully de mould once set after 8 to 12 hours.

!!!!!!!!USE A FACE MASK HERE!!!!!!!!!

12: Sand the edges smooth to achieve desired effect, attach chain.

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Mold a Faux Moss Agate with Clare Horner

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faux moss agate clare horner watermarked



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