Paper and Charm Embellished Bottles

Posted on | July 15, 2014 | 2 Comments

Sheet music and paper from the Rue Romantique Project Book, vintage bottles and charms,  combine under Polly Hendrickson’s hands to make beautiful, decorative bottles for your vanity.

In this project ICE Resin acts as glue as well as protecting and making your paper luminous.

Tip: Use Staz-On Ink to distress the edges of the paper to give your bottles additional dimension.

Tip: Smaller bottles are great additions to necklaces!


Further Explorations in Jewelry Enameling: Kiln Fired Liquid Enamel and Sgraffito with Susan Lenart Kazmer

Posted on | July 14, 2014 | 1 Comment

Susan Lenart Kazmer

In Further Explorations in Jewelry Enameling: Kiln Fired Liquid Enamel and Sgraffito, outstanding jewelry artist Susan Lenart Kazmer demonstrates torch firing liquid enamels onto metalwork along with the rudiments of working with a kiln. Now, in her latest look at enamels, Susan focuses exclusively on kiln firing, the technique that gives you maximum control over the final look you can achieve.

The digital download is available July 14, 2014. The DVD is available August 13, 2014. You can get either one by clicking this Interweave Store link.

In Further Explorations in Jewelry Enameling: Kiln Fired Liquid Enamel and Sgraffitojewelry artists will:

  • Review enamel basics, use of dry and liquid enamel powder, and metal forming and texturing
  • Discover in-depth how to prepare each enamel scenario for the kiln
  • Find out how to take advantage of the kiln’s precision temperature control and readouts to create the    colors and effects you want
  • Enjoy the ease and efficiency of letting the kiln do the work for you
  • Learn to use resin as a counter-enameling option
  • Explore the use of rubber stamps and natural leaves to alter your enameled surface
  • See how to add mica powders for shimmering sparkle and depth




Extraordinary Jewelry Making Classes with Susan Lenart Kazmer

Posted on | July 13, 2014 | 1 Comment

Bead Fest is for beaders and jewelry makers of all skill levels! This jewelry making extravaganza brings the top jewelry trends, instructors and beading resources together under one roof!

Susan is teaching:

Susan Lenart Kazmer Resin Alchemy

8074, Resin Alchemy Aug. 22

Susan Lenart Kazmer enameled jewelry

8072, Enameling: Patterns, Text, Texture and Transparency in Glass Aug. 23

cold enameling

8073, Cold Enameling- Color on Metal Aug. 24


The Fabulous Terri O hosted Jen Cushman on Sonoran Living

Posted on | July 12, 2014 | 1 Comment

jen on sonoran livingphoto bangle

Jen Cushman joined Terri Ouellette on Sonoran Living earlier this week. You can watch HERE.

It is always so much fun to get together with Terri. Her energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She is a goddess of the arts and crafts world and her motto is “super simple”.

Thanks Terri O!


eLit Award Celebration ~ Free “Imagine Create Explore” eBook

Posted on | July 11, 2014 | 3 Comments

We won!!

Imagine Create Explore 3 Vol Set eLit Award 2014

Our combined set of Imagine Create Explore, Volumes 1, 2 and 3, won a Silver eLit award in the Arts and Crafts category for


and we’d like you to help us celebrate!

The eBook is FREE on Amazon from July 11 – 14, 2014 and features splendid mixed media jewelry and home decor pieces of ICE Resin’s 2011-12  Creative  Team members: Andrea Ring, JoAnnA Pierotti, Cindi Bisson, Cat Kerr, Tina Schiefer, Kathy Thompson, Lesley Fisher & Michael Jack.

The fifth annual (2014) eLit Awards are a global awards program committed to illuminating and honoring the very best of English language digital publishing entertainment.

The eLit Awards are an industry-wide, unaffiliated awards program open to all members of the electronic publishing industry.

The contest is presented by Jenkins Group Inc., a Michigan-based book publishing and marketing services company that has operated the popular Independent Publisher Book Awards contest since 1996.

The eLit Awards celebrate the ever growing market of electronic publishing in the wide variety of reader formats. Hail the revolutionary world of e-books and join the awards program that’s highlighting the best in electronic reading entertainment!

Here’s a peek a the enormous variety art contributed by these talented former team members:

eLit Award

Joanna’s Moss Hill Studio space

elit Award

Andrea ‘s Amuck Design website

eLit Awards

Jack and Cat Curio’s Facebook page

eLit Award

Cindi’s Behind These Eyes blog



eLit Award ICE Resin

Kathy’s Katalina Jewelry blog

eLit Award

Tina’s Patina Marie blog


New Works in Journals (and more) at Art Unraveled with Susan Lenart Kazmer

Posted on | July 10, 2014 | 1 Comment

Are you ready to learn new skills and refine your artistic techniques? Check out these  Art Unraveled classes:

Susan Lenart Kazmer

Susan Lenart KazmerCaging Common Objects with Susan Lenart Kazmer on Sunday, August 3

Create gorgeous and unusual jewelry pieces by creating open bezel forms using square wire and metal which  provides an open form to view all sides of your object that you are encasing.  



Susan Lenart Kazmer

Transparent Text: New Works Done in Journals with Susan Lenart Kazmer on Monday evening, August 4 and all day Tuesday.

Create layers of extraordinary translucent pages using a collection of new ideas and techniques. Alter journal notes and paper by adding image and photo transfers, ink stamps, oil pastel and marker on tissue. Learn the beautiful art form of creating resin paper with rubs, burnings, oil pastel and colored pencil techniques.   Layer, bind and finish an extraordinary, personal journal or wearable journal and small pendant.


Earlier in the event you can explore ICE Resin and cold enameling with Iced Enamels at our Make n Take demonstrations!

Resplendent Rue RomantiqueThursday, July 31,  5:30 p.m. – Ice Resin - Resplendent Rue Romantique™ 
New to ICE Resin? It is so simple to create wonderful mixed media art and jewelry with ICE and during this demo we will show you tips and tricks 
of working with our crystal clear, jeweler’s grade, self-doming, self-healing resin. Add a little romance to your life as you create a sweet focal 
all your own with a bezel from Kristen Robinson’s Rue Romantique Line. Bring a small photograph (commercially printed) or use one of 
our images. Taught by ICE Resin Staff. 


art unraveled sampleFriday, August 1,  5:30 p.m. – Ice Resin - Luscious Color Talisman with Iced Enamels™ 
Learn how to achieve the look of torch or kiln-fired enamels on one of Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Talisman Silhouettes using Iced Enamels Relique Powders, 
a craft heat gun and ICE Resin. Oh my! Which Relique will you choose? Garnet or Citrine, Amethyst or Torched Copper, Turquoise or Chartreuse, 
Raspberry or Ivory, German Silver or Pewter, and Tarnished Bronze will delight your eyes. You will chose a shape and Relique color(s) and then create 
your own Talisman during this thoroughly enjoyable make-n-take. Taught by ICE Resin Staff. 

Saturday August 2nd: Shopping Extravaganza 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the vendor hall

Embassy Suites, 4415 E. Paradise Village Pkwy SouthPhoenix,  Arizona,  85032,  USA

Live near Philly?

You’ll find Susan teaching plus ICE Resin and cold enameling supplies at Bead Fest Philly!

Switching Gears by John Creighton-Peteresen

Posted on | July 9, 2014 | 2 Comments

ice resin layersSupplies:

ICE Resin®: ICE Resin®, ICED Enamels™ Medium, ICED Enamels Relique™ Torched Copper, Art Mechanique™ Chocolate German Glass Glitter, ICED Enamels™ Shattered Mica Bronze, Mixed Metal Hobnail Long Rectangle Bezel Large Antique Silver, brushes

IMAGINE Crafts®/Tsukineko®: StazOn Opaque Ivory Black, StazOn Metallic Gold and Copper, GlazOn, InkBlusher

Miscellaneous: watch parts, gears, adhesive, Spellbinders®: Creative Cogs 3D M-Bossabilities Folder


1. Using a brush, cover the backside of the bezel with ICED Enamels™ Medium. Sprinkle on Iced Enamels Relique™ Torched Copper and heat set. Allow to cool down completely before repeating for the sides and front of the bezel.

2. Mix ICED Resin® according to instructions and use a brush to apply to the sides and back of the covered bezel; allow to cure completely.

3. Create another batch of ICE Resin®, this time adding a drop of StazOn Opaque Ivory Black.

4. Pour resin into the Creative Cogs 3D M-Bossabilities Folder; allow to cure completely. NOTE: If you do not allow the colored resin to cure completely in the folder, it will be “rubbery” and will tear when you try to remove it from the folder.

5. Lightly twist the embossing folder until the resin begins to come out of the embossing plate.

6. With an InkBlusher, lightly apply StazOn Metallic Gold and allow to dry. Repeat with StazOn Metallic Copper. Once dried, apply a thin coat of GlazOn.

14280003594_9f28082455_m7. Trim embossed resin pieces to fit inside of the long rectangle bezels.

8. Use adhesive to hold the embossed resin pieces into the bottom of the bezel.

9. Mix a batch of clear ICE Resin® and apply a thin layer into the bottom of the bezel.

10. Begin adding found objects into the bezel, lightly coating on the backside of each piece with ICE Resin before adding into the bezel.

11. Continue adding more gears and watch parts, along with Art Mechanique™ Chocolate German Glass Glitter and ICED Enamels™ Shattered Mica Bronze as desired.

12. Fill in bezel with ICE Resin® and allow to completely cure.

Hi Everyone! After I saw Tatiana Allen’s project a few weeks ago on the ICE Resin® blog on creating shapes using embossing folders, the ideas started to swirl in my head about what I could create! I stumbled across a project that I had made years ago in a class that used UTEE embossing powder, and while handling the project the UTEE cast piece broke and I then remembered why I avoided making projects with UTEE. And then it dawned upon me – why not use Tatiana’s technique with colored ICE Resin® to create a background for a bezel!

I’d just recently been to a flea market and purchased some fab vintage tchotchkes including watch parts and gears that were waiting to be used, so this project was born!

John Creighton Petersen, Art New Wave

use a feather to create an organic touch in your jewelry

Posted on | July 8, 2014 | No Comments

Jamie Dougherty shares how you can include feather with ICE Resin® to create an organic touch in your jewelry.

Supplies: ICE Resin® Iced Enamels Relique Powders: Tarnished Bronze and German Silver, Iced  Enamels Medium, Art Mechanique Rectangle hobnail bezel, a paint brush, and a feather.

Tip: Paint a little bit of ICE Resin on the front and back of the feather so as not to create air bubbles.

Jamie liked the organic look of her piece.

What color combinations of Relique Powders and feathers would you choose?

Wire Up Your Jewelry Skills

Posted on | July 7, 2014 | No Comments

Tips and tricks for working with wire:

Wire up a necklace:


Gauges: and

Ear wires:


Attach to wire wrap from ribbon to bezel with Round nose pliers.

Attach to wire wrap from ribbon to bezel with Round nose pliers.



Forge Wire Cages and Other 3D Forms for Jewelry Making

Posted on | July 6, 2014 | 4 Comments

Susan Lenart Kazmer

Trailblazing metalsmith Susan Lenart Kazmer shares her signature wireworking techniques in a new workshop focused on wire cages and other dimensional ways to use wire in jewelry. Showcase found objects, add an organic look, and embrace your wired side with Susan’s creative design ideas.

The digital download is available now! Click HERE.

The DVD is available August 13, 2014. You can get either one by clicking this Interweave Store link.

In Forge Wire Cages and Other 3D Forms for Jewelry Making: Capture Stone, Glass and Found Objects, artisans will:

  • Learn how to anneal and hammer wire of all gauges, with complete control at all times
  • Build several wire cage designs using a combination of soldering and cold connections
  • Ball wire ends and use these components for structure and decoration
  • Achieve motion in your designs with links and hinges
  • Combine fiber and wire in the same pieces for texture and color galore
  • Play with paint and various finishing options


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