Handmade Holidays Blog Hop Day 1


Welcome to the ICE Resin portion of the Handmade Holiday’s Blog Hop! I am please to be up first and hope you are all excited and invigorated by all the projects that have been already showcased and the ones yet to come. My wonderful team mates, I am sure, will thrill and amaze you with there many talents this coming holiday season so I hope you tune back in with us over the next two days to see what they have created for you.


beauty shot 1 watermarked

Today I have created for you a wonderful tree ornament, that could easily be given as a thoughtful gift to friends and relatives with as simple a change of image personalized to each person you are gifting. In my example I use a rub on but add in the instructions required for a printed photo in case you want to switch it up.


Have a wonderful Holiday Season and let me know what you think of my project!

Clare Horner


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ICE Resin®

Iced Enamels™: Relique Glitz Copper.

Art Mechanique®: Hobnail Bezel, paper sealer.

Rue Romantique: Rhinestone Chain.


Other Supplies: Vintage image, mixing cup, stick, findings, bits to dangle, lace.


Tools: Pliers, scissors.




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1: Mix resin to manufacturers instructions.

2: Add in a generous amount of Copper Relique Glitz.

3: Fill the bezel to half full with the mixture, leave to dry for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.


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4: Fussy cut the image close to the people.

5: If using a printed image, seal well front back and edges with paper sealer.


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6: If using a rub on, press image lined up where you want it into the dry resin, rub gently into place.

7: If using a printed image glue into place with a small amount of white glue and let try thoroughly.

8: Mix resin to manufacturers specifications.

9: Fill bezel to top, do not dome.

10: Leave to dry for 8 to 10 hours.


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11: Mix resin to manufacturers specifications.

12: Cut the rhinestone chain to size and balance on the edge where its final placement will be.

13: Flood the centre of the bezel with resin, it will naturally flood out to the edges of the chain and set it in place.

14: Leave to dry for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.


beauty shot 2 watermarked

15: Add lace, findings and dangles. Display on your tree.

Thanks for taking the time to check out today’s Handmade Holiday project. Now it’s time to hop on over to other great manufacturers and designers who are all part of this year’s event.

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Ombré and Lace

Ombre Lace Pendant

There are numerous things in the art world that send me into a state of contemplation. ICEResin® is one of them, but the list includes many others, which was great for this month’s free-for-all theme, because I could think ad nauseum — or at least until deadlines loomed — and incorporate as many concepts as I desired. In the end, I focused on two of my favorites: ombré-patterned color, and textiles.

Lace ombre

Supply List


Iced Enamels™ in Ivory Relique, Turquoise Relique, and Pewter Relique
Iced Enamels™ Medium
Art Mechanique™ Mixed Metal Bezel
Acrylic paint in Ultramarine Blue and White
Mixing Cups
Stir Sticks
Disposable Paintbrush
Permanent Marker
Heat gun
Ceramic tile or other heat resistant surface
Paper Towel

Prepare the lace. Trim it to fit the bezel, and paint the lace with a very thin layer of white acrylic paint.

Painting Lace2

Painting a thin layer of white acrylic paint on the lace.

Dip the brush in the paint, and dab all the excess off the brush before applying it to the lace. You want to use as little paint as possible, so that the small holes on the lace do not become filled with paint. Let the lace dry completely, preferably overnight to ensure the paint is fully dried and won’t leach into the wet resin. The purpose of coating the lace with the paint is to keep it opaque and bright in the resin.

Lace Comparisons2

Comparing lace with white paint applied, and without. The lace on top is the painted lace, and appears brighter and thicker than the bottom piece, while maintaining the “laciness” of the piece. The top piece will stay brighter when sealed in ICEResin®.

Prepare the ombré Iced Enamels™ mixtures. With the permanent marker, draw a line near the end of a stir stick, to create a guide for measuring the Iced Enamels™. Using five mixing cups and the permanent marker, label the cups with the mixture “recipes” for each color in the ombré pattern.

Enamels Darks4

Labeling each cup with its “recipe” helps eliminate confusion, and makes it easy to mix additional matching Iced Enamels™ as needed.

I chose to work with five gradations of the Turquoise Relique Iced Enamels™. My “recipes” are:

Cup 1: Two parts Pewter Relique and one part Turquoise Relique
Cup 2: Two parts Turquoise Relique and one part Pewter Relique
Cup 3: Three parts Turquoise Relique
Cup 4: Two parts Turquoise Relique and one part Ivory Relique
Cup 5: Two parts Ivory Relique and one part Turqoise Relique

For each “part” in the recipe, dip the marked end of the stir stick into the corresponding color and scoop out a small heaping pile, covering the marked end, and dump it into the matching mixing cup.


The Iced Enamels™ mixtures in order from darkest to lightest.

Paint the first section of the inside of the bezel, including the interior bezel walls, with Iced Enamels™ Medium. Sprinkle the contents of Cup 1 onto the Medium, tilting to coat the interior walls, and shake off the excess.

Painting Medium1

For each color, only paint one-fifth of the bezel at a time. Coat the interior bezel walls, too.

Paint the second section of the bezel with Iced Enamels™ Medium and coat that section with the contents of Cup 2. Shake off the excess. Repeat with each of the remaining color mixtures, in order. Let the Iced Enamels™ dry.

Enamels Four Applied1

Four of the five Iced Enamels™ mixtures applied.

Using the heat gun, melt the Iced Enamels™ in the bezel.

Melting Enamels1

Melt the Iced Enamels™ with the heat gun.

Mix a small batch of ICEResin® according to the package instructions, and add a tiny amount of Ultramarine Blue acrylic paint to the resin. Mix well. You only need to use a tiny amount of paint, as the goal is to tint the resin while retaining transparency.

Mixing Blue Resin1

Only a tiny bit of paint is needed to tint the ICEResin®.

Using a stir stick, apply a thin layer of the blue-tinted ICEResin® to the bezel, spreading the resin over the entire bezel, and pushing the resin into the edges.

Resin Blue Layer1

To alter the color appearance of Iced Enamels™, apply a thin layer of tinted ICEResin®.

Wipe out the excess ICEResin® from the middle of the bezel, leaving a very light wash on the Iced Enamels™ and a deeper wash of resin around the interior edges of the bezel.

Resin Wipe3

Blot the tinted ICEResin® in the bezel, taking care to leave the tinted resin around the edge of the bezel.

Let the tinted resin set overnight.

After Resin Wipe2

Ombre patterned color with a light wash of blue-tinted ICEResin® to alter the color of the Iced Enamels™, add visual interest, and create the illusion of additional depth around the bezel edge.

After Enamels1

Taking care to coat the bezel evenly and thoroughly with the Iced Enamels™ and tinted ICEResin® yields an attractive bezel.

Mix another small batch of ICEResin® and fill the bezel to just below the top edge of the bezel. Let the resin set for six hours.

First Full Pour3

Pouring the first thick layer.

First Full Pour1

Bezel filled with ICEResin® that will form the base for the lace layer.

After six hours, the resin will have started to firm up, and will be tacky. Apply the painted lace and press gently to affix to the tacky resin.

Lace Applied1

Gently press the lace; watch for bubbles.

Mix another small batch of ICEResin® and pour over the lace layer, filling the bezel submerging the lace. Take care to remove any bubbles, checking for bubbles repeatedly in the first 90 minutes or so, as the openings in the lace can cause bubbles.

After Top Pour3

Apply as many additional layers as needed to create the dome you desire. Let the bezel cure fully, and incorporate into your finished project.

Ombre Lace Bracelet

As an added bonus, here’s a comparison of painted and unpainted lace in ICEResin®.

Comparison of Painted & Unpainted Lace

Comparison of painted and unpainted white lace in ICEResin®. The lace in the bottom pendant was soaked in liquid starch and dried thoroughly to inhibit absorption of ICEResin®. The lace in the top pendant was coated with white acrylic paint, and appears brighter in the ICEResin® than the unpainted lace. Note that the unpainted lace flowers disappear a bit over the Ivory Iced Enamels™.

Website: http://www.huwbijoux.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/huwbijoux
Instagram: @HUWBijoux
Blog: http://gemfabulous.com/
Twitter: #HUWBijoux

Pin Cushion Rings

Sew fabulous with these rings!

No bells needed on your toes.

ICE ResinStart with 3 Susan Lenart Kazmer™ for Spellbinders® Media Mixáge™ in the shape of your choice bezels.

Cut a circle of fabric and do a running stitch around, 1/4″ in from the edge.

As you pull thread to cinch up the circle, stuff in batting. Pull tight and knot.

Fill bezel 3/4 full with ICE Resin® and sit cushion in it, stitching side down (or cork).

Dry over night.

Attach wire through each loop on the bezel to form a ring (half circle) and you’re done!

Tip: If you find it easier to add the wire for the ring before adding the cushion or cork you can put some rice in a cup and set your ring in. This way it will remain level when you pour your resin.


Fun, Friendly and Colorful 

ICE Resin

More sewing projects HERE and HERE.


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Go behind the scenes with Team ICE on October 2!


You still have time to register for this free webinar.

Blue Rose Café Necklace

The beautiful Rue Romantique large filigree oval bezel deserved the most romantic touch I could give it! Multi strands were a must and the Daisy-Diamonds made perfect the links!

Rue Romantique

Cindy Cima Edwards

Live to Design

Materials and Tools:

ICE Resin®



Rue Romantique Large Filigree Oval, antique silver tone KR101

Rue Romantique Small Daisy-Diamond, (2) antique silver tone KR112

Rue Romantique silver chain

Rue Romantique Bezel Templates, template #0001 Krtemp

Paper Sealer

Scrapbook paper

Swarovski crystal flat backs

Angelite rounds 8mm (10)

African jade rounds 8mm (14)

Blue swirl glass rectangles 14x11mm (7)

Silver 20 gauge wire

Silver jumprings and toggle clasp

Craft glue



1. Use template to trace image from desired scrapbook paper image. Cut out image and glue into bezel. Paint a coat of paper sealer onto image. Prepare ICE Resin and pour into bezel. Let dry over night. Glue Swarovski crystal flat backs onto desired areas on top of image and bezel.

2. Cut a length of silver 20 gauge wire and make a simple loop. String a African Jade round and make a simple loop. Repeat 13 times.

3. Repeat step 2 for 10 Angelite rounds and 7 blue swirl glass rectangles.

4. Connect 5 of the desired beaded links from steps 2 and 3 together and connect to the pendant with a silver jump ring. Connect the other end of the beaded chain to the side of a small daisy-diamond. Repeat for other side of the necklace.

5. Cut small links of Rue Romantique silver chain. Connect 5 desired beaded links or pattern shown to the small chain segments to create the middle strand. Connect middle strands to the sides of the small daisy-diamonds. (keeping the middle strand to the inside).

6. Connect 7 beaded links together using silver jump rings. Connect to the top of the small daisy-diamond using a silver jump ring. Repeat for the other side of the necklace.

7. Connect a toggle bar to one side of the necklace using a silver jump ring. Connect a silver toggle circle to the other side of the necklace using a silver jump ring.

Rue Romantique

Blue Rose Cafe… it sounds like a place I would meet the rest of the ICE Resin Creative Team members for crumpets with lemon curd while we sip Earl Grey tea (Kristen ordered a pot – it’s her fave)—oh there goes Carol ordering Constant Comment with cream and honey and Pamela Huntington politely asked for white tea. Hope the waitress does not mind special orders. As long as no one comes in with moustaches[vimeo]http://www.vimeo.com/73535152[/vimeo] we will be ok. (team dinner CHA 2013)

Oh no! There’s more.



Emerald Armour Necklace

I am loving green these days as fall approaches and I know the leaves will change and fall colors will grace the trees.

But it is still technically summer!

I made this necklace for a summer night on the town with my honey!


Materials and Tools:

ICE Resin®

Blackened Steel Wire 20gg, 22gg, 18gg WIREBS

2 Susan Lenart Kazmer™ for Spellbinders® Media Mixáge™ Squares Two Bezels (bronze, antique silver)

Susan Lenart Kazmer™ for Spellbinders® Media Mixáge™ Turtles One MB6-006

Spellbinders® Media Mixáge™ Squares Two dies MB2-505

Spellbinders® Media Mixáge™ Texture Plates Grate Works Two MT1-003

Gunmetal chain, two sizes: SLK Industrial Chic

Swarovski crystal bicone 6mm, peridot

Swarovski crystal bicone 4mm, peridot

Gunmetal etched beads 12mm

Wood rounds 10mm

Green adventurine faceted rounds 6mm

Crystal rondelles, green 4mm

Seedbeads #6, green

Recycled Sari ribbon, light green and dark green

Jumprings, black

Metallic rub-ons, green

Cardstock, light green and dark green

Handmade Hook Clasp

Craft glue

Craft Cup and Stir Stick

Jewelry Pliers

Spellbinders® Artisan Explorer Machine™


  1. Use the Artisan X-plorer machine to cut shapes from cardstock for the bezels and the turtle with the die templates. Emboss with texture plate and use green metallic rub-ons to go over embossed areas using fingertip. Glue cardstock into bezels and turtle with craft glue.
  2. Fill bezels with resin and apply resin to the turtle.
  3. After resin dries (6 to 12 hours), drill or punch hole in turtle. (Sometimes it is better to drill or punch the hole in the turtle before applying resin. I did not do this and the hole messed up the look of the leg a bit so I used jumprings to decoratively cover my mistake.)
  4. Place two jumprings over the leg of the turtle then use a jumpring to connect a small length of chain and the turtle to the bottom loop on one of the bezels. Connect the top loop of the bezel to the other bezel using 2 jumprings. (Slide a seedbead onto one of these jumprings before attaching.)
  5. Connect two jumprings at the top of the pendant to two more jumprings. (Slide a seedbead onto one of two jumpring on the top of the bezel before attaching.)
  6. Fabric beaded links: Cut a length of 20gg wire and make a wrapped loop on both ends of wire. (the entire link should be approximately 1″). Wrap a length of dark green Sari ribbon around the link, hold in place while wrapping a length of 22gg wire ( strung with 3 crystal 4mm rondelles) around the ribbon then wrap the wire around the the  wrapped loops to secure. Repeat with light green Sari ribbon and green seedbeads.
  7. Create 4 more beaded links with desired beads. Connect beaded links together for both sides of the necklace using black jump rings. Connect each side of necklace to pendant using black jump rings. Cut two desired lengths of chain and connect to each side of the necklace using jumprings. Connect hook clasp to one side of necklace using a jumpring.

Ready to wear on your night out! with a matching turtle bracelet.

Have fun!

Cindy Cima Edwards

Live to Design

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