Found Object Christmas Ornament with Jen Crossley

iceresinA cast ICE Resin crystal, a found object rosette and Jen Crossley made an ornament fit to grace any Christmas tree!

iceresinCheck out the crackle!


You can find ICE Resin, and casting supplies here, although you’ll have to hunt for your own found rosette.

And Jen blogs at A Mark in Time


Baby’s First Christmas

This ornament was inspired by a vintage style Christmas tree and the need for a contemporary ornament that fit that style. It was also inspired by the use of a silver napkin ring as a bezel. The ornament has 2 sides, the one with the vintage baby picture and the other side has a vintage rhinestone brooch shaped like a snowflake embedded in ICE Resin. The heart bezel drop has glittered scrapbook paper, words cut from a dictionary, and a vintage rhinestone button.

Thespa McLaughlin

Vintiquities Workshop

ice resin christmas



Baby’s First Christmas Ornament starting with a Found Object by Thespoena McLaughlin

Got silver napkin rings?

Thespoena show you how to make a magnet, a knob and a delightfully vintage baby’s first Christmas ornament.

Vintiquities Workshop is where you can find more of Thespa’s creative arts!

Now through Dec. 15, one winner each day will get a bonus bag of Industrial Chic with their order in the ICE Resin store!

Chasing Frosty to Australia!

Isn’t this ornament just FUN!

Jen Crossely used a thin layer of ICE Resin to give a shelf for the bells to rest upon in this gorgeous vintage-looking Christmas ornament.

ice resin

Love the detail on the crystal snowflake!


Look how the silver back she chose made the ornament shine!


You can see more of Jen’s work on her blog A Mark in Time.


Holiday from a Jar Top by Cindy Cima Edwards

Are you working on holiday projects? Christmas is right around the corner and these charming ornament were made with ICE Resin, mason jar lids, holiday paper and pearls.


The red accents serve to make these pieces appear even more vintage.


You can check out more of Cindy’s projects on her Live to Design blog.


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