A Rue Romantique Adorned Christmas Tree – Day 1

T’was many days before Christmas and I was planning my list

of sweet gifts to make and ornaments of bliss.

I’d need resin — clear ICE, and bezel from Rue

 for that Romantique look, so Victorian and true!

I’d need rhinestones and charms and oh so pretty papers

photos of loved ones up and down through the ages.

My kitchen table is full of my tools:

jewelry pliers, paint brushes and magical glue.

Wait! I need glitter and scissors and such

I’ll invite a friend over! A working coffee clutch!

Lovely things will appear as as we laugh and create

our Rue Romantique Christmas is going to be great!

Rue Romantique bezels

Welcome to Day 1 of our 3 Day blog hop. We have the best team of designers and they have gone all out to make ornaments that will be cherished for years to come. We are sure you will discover ornaments that will inspire your holiday spirit. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, Nov. 8

Kristen Robinson


Jen Crossley


Cindy Cima Edwards


Cindi Bisson


You can look forward to these ornaments:

Saturday, Nov. 9

(ICE Resin site) Carol La Valley http://wp.me/p1MCno-2W3

Lexi Grenzer http://lexigrenzer.blogspot.com/2013/11/rue-romantique-ornament-blog-hop.html

Pamela Huntington  http://pamelahuntington.typepad.com/february_2007/2013/11/handmade-holiday-blog-hop.html

Susan Walls  http://www.susansartcircus.com/christmas-with-ice-and-santa/

Jen Cushman  http://wp.me/p1lhEq-Gb

Sunday, Nov. 10

Lesley Venable


JoMama http://www.shopjomama.com/blog/rue-romantique-ornament-blog-hop

Sandy Martin http://sweetpeajewelry1.blogspot.com/2013/11/rue-romantique-christmas-blog-hop.html

Susan Weckesser http://mysweetearth.blogspot.com/2013/11/rue-romantique-bloghop.html

Rue Romantique Kristen Robinson ICE Resin


Your Muse Deserves a Journal

Do you carry a journal around with you to jot down ideas when your muse flits upon your shoulder and whispers in your ear?

This mixed-media journaling book is small enough to be kept in a purse and used to capture ideas whenever creative inspiration strikes!

Cindy Bisson

Behind These Eyes

Media MixageMaterials and Tools:

ICE Resin®

Spellbinders® Media Mixáge™ Bezels designed by Susan Lenart Kazmer™ – large Fleur de Lis

Opaque Silk Ribbon Bundle – Muted Multicolor

Stained glass chips

Rowlux® Illusion Film – Dark Blue Moire

Zutter Bind-It-All and silver binding coils

Silver eyelets

Gun metal jewelry chain

We R Memory Keepers™ Crop-A-Dile punch

Platinum Planet Brilliance Inkpad

Marvy Heat Tool

“Inspiration” and “fleur-de-lis” rubber stamps

Silver jump rings  - found in the jewelry aisle at Hobby Lobby http://www.hobbylobby.com/StoreLocator/

Jewelry pliers


Fill Fleur de Lis bezel with chips of stained glass.

Mix ICE Resin® according to instructions and fill bezel.  Let dry.

Cut front and back journal covers from Rowlux® film.  Cut pages to insert into journal.  Punch pages and covers with Zutter® Bind-it-All.

Ink “Inspiration” and “fleur-de-lis” stamps with Platinum Planet Brilliance inkpad.  Stamp “inspiration” at top of cover, and fleur-de-lis at bottom of cover.  Heat set with heat tool.

Punch 4 holes as shown in cover.  Add silver eyelets.

Measure and cut gunmetal chain to fit through holes on top and bottom of cover, along inside of back and back through holes to front to attach to fleur bezel with silver jump ring.  Mount fleur bezel.

Assemble journal and add binding.

Add bundle of silk ribbons, tied through the binding coils.

What is your muse telling you right now?!

Patriotic Basket Embellishment

4th of july

I love decorating with pieces with an Americana theme – in fact my kitchen and living room are designed in shades of muted reds and blues. My collection of flag baskets and Americana decorative items comes in handy for July 4th celebrations too! ICE Resin® adds dimension and seals the embellishments in place to create an interesting charm to enhance an inexpensive basket and make it something truly unique. I plan to use this basket to hold silverware at this year’s celebration.

Cindi Bisson – Behind These Eyes


ICE Resin®
Rectangular Hobnail Bezel
ART Mechanique Paper Sealer
Blumenthal Lansing Buttons Parchment paper
Inkjet printer
Flag ribbon
E-6000 Adhesive

4th of julyInstructions:

A rectangular hobnail bezel was filled with red and white buttons to create stripes for a flag motif. Blue and white star buttons, oversized, were added to the top edge of the bezel. “America” was printed onto parchment paper with a vintage style font, then sealed with ART Mechanique Paper Sealer. The bezel was filled with ICE Resin®, and ICE Resin® was carefully poured over the star buttons. Once cured, flag ribbon accents were added to the loops on the bezel and the finished piece was mounted to the front of the basket with E-6000 adhesive.

Forever One Wedding Cake Topper by Cindi Bisson

ice resinThis wedding cake topper also serves as a keepsake momento or ornament to remember the couple’s special day.


A man without a wife is like a vase without flowers. ~African Proverb

Cini Bisson designed a simply elegant wedding cake topper.

Here is what you will need and how she did it:

ICE Resin
Large hobnail heart bezel
Small pearls
Black & white photo of sunflowers
White silk flower petals
Jacquard Lumiere 3D paint – Steel
Impress Art Metal Stamps – Newsprint
Gold foil tape
White organza ribbon


1. Print photo and trim to fit inside large hobnail heart bezel.
2. Add row of pearls around inside edge of bezel over photo.
3. Add row of rhinestones next to row of pearls.
4. Cut white flower petals to mimic sunflower petals in photo.
5. Use Lumiere 3D paint (also adhesive) to mount petals to part of flower image, resulting in a 3D effect.

6. Use Lumiere 3D paint to add textured center to flower with silk petals.
7. Follow manufacturer instructions to stamp FOREVER and the date onto gold foil tape.
8. Mount inside bezel over flower photo.
9. Mix ICE Resin according to manufacturer instructions, pour into filled bezel and let cure.
10. Add white organza ribbon.

ice resin

If you would like to see more of Cindi’s designs, check out her Behind These Eyes blog.

Mother’s Day Bracelet by Cindi Bisson

Inspired by the adorable daughter of a friend, I wanted to create something special for her for Mother’s Day. Photos of Autumn, flower beads, and stamped metal initials and date of birth, are sealed with ICE Resin® in a bezeled bracelet.  A bit of crystal bling adds to the “girly factor.”

ice resin bracelet


ICE Resin®

Bezel Bracelet


Impress Art Metal stamps – Newsprintice resin bracelet

Silver flower beads

Connie Crystals in 3 sizes

Silver foil tape

Silver head pins, jewelry pliers


1. Measure bracelet blank openings to determine photo size.

2. Print 6 photos and trim to fit.  Mount inside first six bracelet blanks.

3. Follow manufacturer instructions to use metal stamps to stamp initials and date of birth onto metal foil tape.  Insert into last bracelet blank.

4. Add flower bead to 3 of the photos.

5. Mix ICE Resin according to instructions an fill each blank.  Let cure.

6. Mount assorted crystals on silver head pins, use jewelry pliers to add to spaces between each photo, allowing to dangle loosely.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there!

Cindi Bisson

Behind These Eyes

Love Notes Keepsake Treasure Box

ice resin mixed media boxA mixed media box

with a feminine touch is

the perfect place for storing

treasured love notes and such!


ICE Resin®, Belle Dames

and crystals in gold,

it shimmers and glimmers

as the story is told…


Sage green for the trim

pearls for the feet

a finial mold

sprinkled with Turquoise Relique!


Created by Bisson

Cindi’s her first


a Special Team Member

with creativity she bursts!

We are excited that Cindi Bisson has remained a part of our Team

We are pleased to announce that Cindi Bisson has agreed to continue on our 2012-13 Special projects Team!

“Dare to Be Different” is her motto and her busy studio is proof.Cindi Bisson

Cindi is a delightful person and a talented mixed media and jewelry artist. But that is far from all…

Home decor? Yes. Upcycle? Of course! Paper crafts? You bet. Rubber stamps? Her own line premiered through Stampington in ’06. Teacher? Yes. You may have enjoyed her classes online, When Creativity Knocks, at CHA, Maker Fairs, Scrapper’s Dream Vacations and many others. Writer? Check her out in Bella Crafts Quarterly, Scrap n Art, and The Polymer Arts Magazine.

Cindi’s blog is Behind These Eyes. She was our Superstar Saturday guest when this blog was not quite new, she also hopped with Industrial Chic earlier in 2012, you can find technique videos and beautiful projects she made by searching this blog.

Layered, Swirled Pendant — A Halloween Jewelry Tutorial with Cindi Bisson

ice resinCindi brings us a quick lesson in how to make a Gothic Pendant using Layered, Swirled Pigment. you’ll need this triangle bezel to create this project.

You can learn more about Cindi on her Fat Cat Creations blog.

With Thanks

We have just concluded reading over 100 applications, viewing hundreds of photos and frankly making hard choices, and while I love this part of the process it is also so hard for me to believe we are on the cusp of another Creative Team year – 12 months has flown by all to quick. I have been truly blessed to journey on this creative path, a path that has not only provided me with an abundance of creative experiences but creative people. There are really no sufficient words to express the thanks and deep admiration I have for each of the 2011-2012 Creative Team and Special Projects members.

Andrea truly gave me a whole new appreciation for color and skulls!


Cat thrilled me with her creativity always thinking outside of the box – and sometimes within altered boxes

Cindi inspired me to pull those decorative papers out and play, constantly wowing me with her ability to add layer upon layer!

Joanna blessed me with her constant dollops of beauty and my favorite color palette

Kathy challenged me to look at everything with fresh eyes, never again will a coffee filter be a coffee filter

Michael and Lesley soothed my edgy side with their pieces full of depth and ingenuity

Tina constantly wowed all of us with her mold making skills and total ability to think completely outside of the box

I have to say when I look through the photos from the last year I am excited all over again; thrilled that there is not only an abundance of goodness to view but thrilled with the fact that each and every team member stayed true to their style, creating pieces that not only reflected their immense creativity but ability to go above and beyond. Like any good journey the moments will stay with me always as will the abundance of creativity that was shared so graciously. I know without a doubt that each of these Designers will continue to grow, create and share their gifts with the world. I will miss working with you all on a regular basis and I thank you for sharing this journey with us all! I wish you a bounty of goodness in the days to come.

Kristen Robinson,

Creative Team Director


The Amazing, Humbling, Difficult Process of Choosing a Creative Team

Every company has milestones, and ICE Resin® is no exception. This is the time of year when we have the privilege, the honor and the extremely difficult task of choosing our Creative Team of artists to work with us for the upcoming year.

Our very first jewelry design team began in 2009. While there were many design teams in the Crafts industry for paper arts and scrapbooking companies, there were no jewelry-specific ones.  Our first team of amazing artists was handpicked by Susan and me.  Their talent and our marketing plan not only set a standard in the industry, but also a very high bar. This original team – Kristen Robinson, Barbe Saint John, Deryn Mentock, Jane Salley and myself (because I wanted to make pretties too) went immediately to work and created some of the most inspirational found object/ICE Resin® and Art Mechanique jewelry I’ve ever seen. When the company began to really grow like wildfire, I stepped down from the team and asked Kecia Deveny to join the group with her beautiful eye for mixed-media jewelry. All of these wonderful artists are still art friends and colleagues.

ICE Resin

Jen Cushman, Susan Lenart Kazmer and Kristen Robinson Winter CHA 2012

Kristen continued on with us and we asked her to be our new Creative Team Director last year. With a degree in fashion, background in corporate business and a talent that shines as bright as the sun, her contributions to the company have been immeasurable.

Rather than handpicking the team, we decided to do an open call for designers this past year. We also made the decision to widen our scope to all forms of mixed-media, since that is what we do even though the company still has a strong jewelry focus. Oh my goodness, the applications were incredible and it took us days..days…to pick our current creative team: Cat Kerr, Joanna Pierotti, Michael Putnam and Lesley Fisher, Andrea Ring, Tina Shiefer, Kathy Thompson and Cindi Bisson (special projects).  These artists were all chosen for their distinct looks, their social media skills and, of course, their talent.  The work they produced the past year showcasing ICE Resin® and Art Mechanique™ products in all forms of mixed-media has been exciting and inspirational. I sincerely hope those of you who faithfully follow the ICE Queen eZine agree!

We cannot thank this year’s team deeply enough or loudly enough for putting their hearts, souls and artistic visions into everything they created.

Since the open call was so successful, we did it again this year. It seems like American Idol where the more people know about our company and our team, the more applications we get and the more talent that pours in. We also decided to up the ante this year and open the call internationally. We received enthusiastic  responses from artists in Australia, Israel, Mexico, Canada and France. We also received well over 100 applications for 5 spots. Yikes!

Myself, Kristen and Carol spent days once again going through the applications, looking at people’s work, checking out their blogs, clicking through their websites if they had one, looking at Facebook pages and Twitter accounts and talking…lots and lots of talking. At the end of the day, we couldn’t choose just 5 people.

So, once again we are growing and changing and moving forward as a company, trying to always be innovative and keep our mission statement in mind; Imagine, Create, Educate. Yes, it cleverly spells ICE, but it’s also who we are as a company.

We decided to have a five-person Creative Team of artists who’re mixed-media jewelry focused. We also added a five-person Special Projects team of people who are true mixed-media in every sense of the word. Faithful blog followers, you will now have so much ICE (see above acronym) we hope you grab a blanket and continue to turn to us for inspiration.

For those who did not make the final cut, this year or year’s past, I sincerely want to tell you that there was not one “bad” application. We are humbled by the sheer amount of talent in this world and people’s excitement in using ICE Resin®/Art Mechanique™ products.  Our creative team, and now special projects team, is based on many more criteria than talent alone; successful blogging, good social media, unique voices, proficient technical skills, eye for design, willingness to share techniques openly, positive attitudes and more all factor into our decisions.

Kristen will be announcing the design team within the next couple of days. Stay tuned for the results of this wonderful, difficult, amazing, humbling…did I say hard???…annual process.

Artfully yours,

Jen Cushman

Co-owner and Director of Education and Marketing for Susan Lenart Kazmer LLC and ICE Resin®

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