Wedding Day Dreaming

Gettin’ hitched.

Wedded bliss.

Dreaming of the DAY.

Crafting elements of your wedding will add a special meaning to the day and keepsakes beyond the ceremony.

Here are a few ideas:

Wouldn’t this be a pretty post-wedding necklace for the moms and grandmothers of the bride and groom?


Bouquet of Memories

This wedding cake topper also serves as a keepsake memento or ornament to remember the couple’s special day.


Forever One Wedding Cake Topper

Fun with bridesmaids!

ice resin

Snarky Princesses



Hello, Good-by and a mixed media giraffe

Art Mechanique molding puttyThis little mixed media giraffe seems to be saying hello to the 2014 ICE Resin Creative Team — the  members will be announced December 13.

Sandy Marin made the body and legs of this so so fashionable critter  out of an upcycled wooden box, paint, a ruler, an tulle for the skirt.


The body is cast ICE Resin using Art Mechainque Molding Putty.

“Hello” or “Good-bye” we, Susan, Jen, Kristen and Carol want to give a round of applause, several really loud cheers, hugs all around, and warmest wishes to (in no particular order):

Sandy MartinSweet Pea Jewelry

JoMama, ShopJoMama

Lexi Grenzer, Shabby Calavera

JoAnna Pierotti, Moss Hill Studio

Cindi Bisson, Behind These Eyes

Lesley Venable, Flatwoods Folk Art

Thespa McLaughlin, Vintiquities Workshop

Susan Weckesser, My Sweet Earth

Jen Crossley, A Mark in Time

Susan M Walls, Charming Trinkets

Pamela Huntington, Pam Huntington

Cindy Cima Edwards, Live to Design

These creative women were truly  awesome, supportive, and every-ready. We will miss them,  hold them in our hearts, and most certainly see them around!

We hope you won’t forget to keep following all the wonderful projects on their blogs!



Magic Acorn Necklace

My inspiration for this necklace was the cute little vintage acorn charms I received from a friend. My original plan was to to use greens to enhance the natural theme of the acorns. I changed the color when I discovered some lovely teal Sari ribbon that went fantastically some chrysocolla rounds I had.

Cindy Cima Edwards, Live to Design

ice resin
ICE Resin
Shield Hobnail Bezel, Medium  bronze SLK1603
Hobnail Capped Tassel Bezels, Small  bronze SLK1627
12″ Sari Ribbon, teal
German glass glitter, green and gold
Fine teal glitter
2 brass acorn charms
1 1/2″ Gold cup rhinestone chain
1 1/4″small gold chain
Chandelier crystal, sm round
Brass jump rings: 15mm, 9mm, 5mm
Brass wire 22gauge
Brass lobster clasp
Brass head pins
2 gold plated ribbon crimps
brass cord crimp
Swarovski crystal bicones, 2 teal, 2 yellow, and 2 amber
3 Czech glass leaves, teal
6 Chrysocolla rounds 8mm
Gilder’s paste, patina

Necklace length 17 1/2″
Pendant drop 5 1/2″

1. Cut the loop off an acorn charm and file smooth. Cover the back of a shield bezel with clear packing tape and burnish. Prepare resin and fill 1/2 of the bezel. Place the acorn charm in the resin and sprinkle in some gold and green glass glitter. Fill with resin and a tiny amount of fine teal glitter. Let dry.
Rub a little Gilder’s on the back side of the second acorn charm and fill with ICE Resin. Let dry.
If needed, prepare resin and add add a layer to top and or back of bezel to create a dome.

2. Cut a length of 22 gauge wire, string a Czech glass leaf, create a wrapped bail covering the top half of the leaf. Connect to a small length of gold chain using a small jump ring. Cut a small length of Sari ribbon. Connect a cord crimp to one end. Connect a small round chandelier crystal to the other end using 22 gauge wire. Connect an acorn charm to a small length of rhinestone chain using a small jump ring. Cut a length of 22 gauge wire and make the first part of a wrapped loop. Connect the three dangle chains to the loop using small jump rings if needed. String both ends of wire through the hobnail cap bezel and make a wrapped loop. Connect to the bottom of the shield bezel using a small jump ring.

3. Cut off the head of a head pin and make a simple loop. String a chrysocolla round and make a simple loop. Repeat 5 times. Connect three chrysocolla beaded links to each other using 9mm jump rings. Connect a 15mm jump ring to one end of the beaded link strand. Repeat for the other side of the necklace using the remaining 3 Chrysocolla rounds.

4. Cut a length of Sari ribbon and string through the 15mm jump ring at the end of one of the beaded strands made in step 3. Bring the ends together and tie two knots in the Sari ribbon spacing them out through the length of the ribbon. Cut to desired length and attach a ribbon crimp and crimp with chain nose pliers. Connect a 9mm jump ring to the crimp end. Connect a lobster clasp to the 9mm jump ring using a 5mm jump ring. Repeat for the other side of the necklace connecting 3 9mm jump rings to the crimp end using a 5mm jump ring.

5. Connect both sides of necklace to the pendant using a 9mm jump ring and a 5mm jump ring.

6. String a head pin with an amber Swarovski crystal bicone and make a wrapped loop. Repeat once. Repeat with turquoise crystal bicones. Repeat with yellow crystal bicones. Cut a length of 22 gauge wire, string a Czech glass leaf, create a wrapped bail covering the top half of the leaf. Repeat once.

7. Connect crystal bicone dangles and the wrapped Czech leaves created in step 6 to the 9mm jump rings on each side of the necklace as shown or desired pattern by opening and closing the jump rings.



Cindy’s “Golden Age” (upper left – contents) necklace and earrings set is in the current issue of Bead It Today Magazine.ContentsPage500

ICE Resin Bead It Today

A Rue Romantique Adorned Christmas Tree – Day 1

T’was many days before Christmas and I was planning my list

of sweet gifts to make and ornaments of bliss.

I’d need resin — clear ICE, and bezel from Rue

 for that Romantique look, so Victorian and true!

I’d need rhinestones and charms and oh so pretty papers

photos of loved ones up and down through the ages.

My kitchen table is full of my tools:

jewelry pliers, paint brushes and magical glue.

Wait! I need glitter and scissors and such

I’ll invite a friend over! A working coffee clutch!

Lovely things will appear as as we laugh and create

our Rue Romantique Christmas is going to be great!

Rue Romantique bezels

Welcome to Day 1 of our 3 Day blog hop. We have the best team of designers and they have gone all out to make ornaments that will be cherished for years to come. We are sure you will discover ornaments that will inspire your holiday spirit. Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, Nov. 8

Kristen Robinson

Jen Crossley

Cindy Cima Edwards

Cindi Bisson

You can look forward to these ornaments:

Saturday, Nov. 9

(ICE Resin site) Carol La Valley

Lexi Grenzer

Pamela Huntington

Susan Walls

Jen Cushman

Sunday, Nov. 10

Lesley Venable


Sandy Martin

Susan Weckesser

Rue Romantique Kristen Robinson ICE Resin

Cardboard Tip when you work with ICE Resin

Cindy Cima Edwards shares a tip for working with ICE Resin. This is what she uses 12 by 12 inch sheets of cardboard for in her studio:


Oh Christmas Tree, I long to decorate you in Handmade Holidays Style!

Handmade-Holidays-Blog-Hop-2013-Logo-300x283This is so much fun! If you don;t take the time to see each project you are missing out!

The Medallion Clock that looked like it was made with bezels over at Walnut Hollow caught our eye first.

The candles at 100 Proof Press are a quick and pretty idea!

We have a friend who loves snowmen and we needed to go tell her about Stampendous’ snowman box and Lindsay Obermeyer’s pencil.

Scrapstuff by Romy has tags (Graphic 45) for your gifts. 


ice resin

ICE Resin  VEEP and artist in her own right, Jen Cushman, shares a holiday home decor project on her blog.

Oh my goodness! There are so many more goodies for you to make! Check out what these fine designers and manufacturers have made for you to droll over!

Craft Attitude
Donna Salazar Designs
Walnut Hollow
100 Proof Press
ICE Resin You are here :0)
Sizzix – Eileen Hull Designs
Jamie Dougherty
Nathalie Kalbach
Jen Goode
Kathy Cano-Murillo
Tanner Bell
Jennifer Priest
Jen Cushman
Adrienne Ford
Joanne Fink
Vicki O’Dell
Liz Hicks
Denise Hahn
Courtney Chambers
Tami Mayberry
Norma Rapko
Cheryl Waters
ICE Resin will choose one random prize winner who comments on the Handmade Holidays Hop November 1, 2 or 3. That person will win ICE Resin a bezel and Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Resin DVD. You can also:

ENTER to win this prize package by clicking below:

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Holiday Gifts Made with Love

Handmade-Holidays-Blog-Hop-2013-Logo-300x283Yesterday was so much fun! Did you get ideas? The Madonna and Child Pillow pun  on Jonathan Fong’s post cracked, the Teacup Flowers Amy Bowerman made with Eileen Hull’s dies was ever so charming, The Creative Goddess’ Vintage Bell Wreath brought us back to the 1960s, and Teresa Abajo’s advent calendar made us want to begin counting down the days to St. Nick.

Our own Lexi Grenzer delved into her roots and made a Dia de Los Muertos necklace and a sign. She also made a gorgeous tray and a wall shelf.

JoMama is ready for holiday parties with her cheese and crackers board.

And today, Cindy is up!

ice resin


Cindy Cima Edwards from the ICE Resin Creative Team usually makes jewelry, but see the two projects she created for this hop! 

ICE Resin will choose one random prize winner who comments on the Handmade Holidays Hop November 1, 2 or 3. That person will win ICE Resin a bezel and Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Resin DVD.

We are proud to share the hop with all these other wonderful designers and manufacturers. We know you will enjoy what they have to offer!


Craft Attitude


Donna Salazar Designs

Walnut Hollow

100 Proof Press


ICE Resin


Sizzix – Eileen Hull Designs

Graphic 45 – Romy Veul –

Clearsnap – Steph Ackerman

Sizzix – Tami Mayberry

100 Proof Press – Vicki O’Dell

Donna Salazar Designs – Nadia Canizzo

Graphic 45 – Susan Lui

Sizzix – Lorine Mason

Smoothfoam – Lindsay Obermeyer

Donna Salazar Designs – Tracey Sabella

Clearsnap – Meihsia Liu

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Handmade Holidays Hop – Christmas Inspiration and Innovation

Handmade-Holidays-Blog-Hop-2013-Logo-300x283Looking for thoughtful, handmade gifts?
Want inspiration from the heart?
Want to learn how to use products in innovative ways?
Hop on in!
The Third Annual Handmade Holidays Blog Hop starts right here, right now!

ICE Resin will choose one random prize winner who comments on the Handmade Holidays Hop November 1, 2 or 3. That person will win ICE Resin a bezel and Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Resin DVD.

ICE Resin


Each day, from November 1 through November 3, 2013, we’ll be posting a brand new list of blogs to hop to. Comment on each blog, share your favorite posts over social media, and then use the Rafflecopter widget at the bottom of each post to enter to win the Grand Prize, a gift basket filled with crafty swag from the companies on the hop! We’re ready to inspire, share, and create.

Our own JoMama, a member of ICE Resin’s Mixed Media Team made something that goes with something to eat. Have a look right HERE .

Lexi Grenzer from ICE Resin’s Creative Team went mad for this hop and made not one but 4 projects for your holiday crafting pleasure. Check it OUT.

But wait! There is more! So much more! Wait until you see!


Craft Attitude


Donna Salazar Designs

Walnut Hollow

100 Proof Press


ICE Resin You are already here :)


Sizzix – Eileen Hull Designs

Donna Salazar Designs – Mistra Hoolahan

100 Proof Press – Elise Durenburger

Graphic 45 – Rhea Freitag

Clearsnap – Debbie Cole

Smoothfoam – Vicki O’Dell

100 Proof Press – Teresa Abajo

Sizzix –  Amy Bowerman

Smoothfoam – Lisa Fulmer

Click the link below and you can enter to win:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Delectible Jewelry from some artists we knew and some we did not …

If jewelry was cake, then Stampington’s Autumn 2013 Issue of Jewelry Affaire is extraordinarily delectible Chambford buttercream icing!


Now, you know, this is the ICE Queen Zine, so I did open Jewelry Affaire first to see what pages might hold goodies made by team members–current and former– and by art friends, but there are sweet new discoveries to be made always.

I am linear, except when I’m “knot” so here goes:

Light and Life, a simply darling bracelet by Cindy Cima Edwards also from our current design team is on page 43. (In fact, I am liking this bracelet trend I am seeing!) You can find an example of  Cindy’s pure stylish beading on page 89 — Pearls of Wisdom.

A 20’s Revival necklace by 2013 design team member Lexi Grenzer is on page 111. Once you see this Rue Romantique necklace you may swoon and recover only to begin longing for an elegant party to attend!

Ooh La La, a necklace by ICE’s Veep Jen Cushman is cheerfully displayed on page 126. What a fun design form Susan Lenart Kazmer’s corsett silhouette is proving to be.

Photographer Johanna Love might humbly think that she is playing with rustic wire and ICE Resin on pages 58-59, but her snowy owl pendant is stunning. Her lovely Indigo Moonrise is a treat on page 93.

Debbie Cole is an artist I have had the pleasure of getting to know just a tiny bit through emails, but somehow I’d missed seeing her finished jewelry. Absolutely worth the wait! Her steampunk flight bracelet blew me away. I am so tempted to email her and tell her I need to own it.

I was happy to see 2011-12 Creative Team member Tina Schiefer’s work in metal and texture on pages 94-97. Great job Tina!

The first page the magazine fell open to was picture of Ozden Kayisoglu’s crochet necklaces. Simple and elegant in black, red, eggshell and pink! See pages 44-46.

Loved Veronica Kurian’s Women of the 20th Century on pages 76-77.

I will certainly be looking through this issue many times for inspiration!

Jewelry magazines are keepers, don;t you think? I even found some back issues at my local thrift store for 50 cents each. Foolish pricer. Lucky me!

If you are not quite that lucky at this moment you can head on over to and find current issues and back issues to satisfy your hungry artist’s soul.

It is the last day of our Connie Crystal hop

Octagon Gold SuncatcherWhat did the ICE Resin team members make for your viewing pleasure?!?

Start your Saturday on Jen Crossley, JoMama, Lesley Venable, and Cindy Cima Edwards’ blogs and you will see beautiful jewelry to dazzle your eyes!

Here are more team links in case you missed any projects:

Pamela Huntington features a Halloween project

Lexi Grenzer created a romantic frame

Sandy Martin made a neclace where she embellished and organics with crystals and gems.

Susan M Walls – Art Circus features a wonderful bracelet fit for famous Alice,Octagon Green Suncatcher

Thespa McLaughlin – Vintiquities Workshop features  a gorgeous onyx and silver necklace, and

Jen Cushman’s lovely wire-wrapped pendant.

Thanks extra Connie Crystals !

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