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Welcome to the ICE Resin portion of the Handmade Holiday’s Blog Hop! I am please to be up first and hope you are all excited and invigorated by all the projects that have been already showcased and the ones yet to come. My wonderful team mates, I am sure, will thrill and amaze you with there many talents this coming holiday season so I hope you tune back in with us over the next two days to see what they have created for you.


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Today I have created for you a wonderful tree ornament, that could easily be given as a thoughtful gift to friends and relatives with as simple a change of image personalized to each person you are gifting. In my example I use a rub on but add in the instructions required for a printed photo in case you want to switch it up.


Have a wonderful Holiday Season and let me know what you think of my project!

Clare Horner


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ICE Resin®

Iced Enamels™: Relique Glitz Copper.

Art Mechanique®: Hobnail Bezel, paper sealer.

Rue Romantique: Rhinestone Chain.


Other Supplies: Vintage image, mixing cup, stick, findings, bits to dangle, lace.


Tools: Pliers, scissors.




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1: Mix resin to manufacturers instructions.

2: Add in a generous amount of Copper Relique Glitz.

3: Fill the bezel to half full with the mixture, leave to dry for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.


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4: Fussy cut the image close to the people.

5: If using a printed image, seal well front back and edges with paper sealer.


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6: If using a rub on, press image lined up where you want it into the dry resin, rub gently into place.

7: If using a printed image glue into place with a small amount of white glue and let try thoroughly.

8: Mix resin to manufacturers specifications.

9: Fill bezel to top, do not dome.

10: Leave to dry for 8 to 10 hours.


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11: Mix resin to manufacturers specifications.

12: Cut the rhinestone chain to size and balance on the edge where its final placement will be.

13: Flood the centre of the bezel with resin, it will naturally flood out to the edges of the chain and set it in place.

14: Leave to dry for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.


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15: Add lace, findings and dangles. Display on your tree.

Thanks for taking the time to check out today’s Handmade Holiday project. Now it’s time to hop on over to other great manufacturers and designers who are all part of this year’s event.

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Positive Versus Negative

Iced Enamels


When we got through the challenge of ”contrasts” I knew instantly what I wanted to do and more importantly what I wanted to use. I have had these little turtles for about 2 years and looked at them lovingly but never have I taken them out of the packet. I was keeping them, as you do, for just that special project. In this case the special project was contrasting a positive with a negative. I adore how these came out and thinking I might make a matching necklace with the larger negative and bracelet with the smaller positive.


Thanks for visiting

Clare Horner


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ICE Resin®

Iced Enamels™: Relique Powder Chartreuse, Medium.

Art Mechanique®: Silhouette.


Other Supplies: Cut n dry foam, disposable brush, ear wire.


Tools: Heat tool, sanding block, drill, drill bit, pliers.





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1: Drill a hole in each small turtle with a 1/16th drill bit.


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2: Roughly sand both sides of the brass pieces to create a tooth in the metal.


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3: Sponge a light coating of medium onto the turtles and leave to dry a few moments.

4: Pour the enamel over the medium and tap off excess. Wipe a small amount from each edge and heat set.

5: Repeat on the back taking care not to re heat the front.


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6: Lightly sand all edges front and back to remove any stray enamel.

7: Brush all edges with stazon ink to disguise the raw brass.


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8: Mix ICE Resin to manufacturers specifications.

9: Coat one side with a thick amount of resin, let cure for 6 to 8 hours or over night.

10: Re drill the holes to open up the resin that may have filled them.

11: Repeat resin and drill step on reverse side.

12: Attach ear wires and wear.



How to Adhere Ice Resin to Iced Enamels

Ever wonder why wont resin stick to enamel properly sometimes? In this latest video Clare Horner explain the ins and outs of it and how to make a permanent adhesion of ICE Resin to Iced Enamel.




Want to see more of what Clare is up to? Visit her blog at Gotpaintinmyhair.blogspot.co.uk.



Never be late for your important date!

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The one thing I always miss about summer is being able to wear a watch and a fancy bracelet with my short sleeved summer clothing. Usually the two just don’t go together, they get uncomfortable or you worry about scratching your watch face or scratching your lovely piece of jewellery, or they get tangled up and its just a whole heap of annoying! Now I do one or the other but never both. Today I have solved that problem, and you can do it what ever colour you fancy. Follow my tutorial and make yourself a cool and practical summer accessory. I hope you enjoy my project and leave me a comment, I love to hear what you think or suggestions of what you would like me to do next

Thanks for Visiting

Clare Horner


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Iced Enamels™: Relique Powder Raspberry, Medium.

Art Mechanique®: Silhouette, Connections, Jump Rings.

Ranger Alochol Ink: Raspberry, felt applicator.


Other Supplies: Silk cord, Recycled Sari Silk, Watch Face, Ribbon ends, Clasp, Renaissance Wax.


Tools: Crop-o-dile, Pliers, Heat gun, Cut n Dry foam, scissors, bracelet bending bar.




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1: Flood a small amount of Alcohol Ink onto the felt and dab all over the watch face avoiding the glass. Clean any excess ink off the glass.

2: Once dry work Renaissance Wax into the watch with a paper towel, some of the ink will be removed in this process. Buff with a cloth.


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3: With a crop-o-dile or metal punch, punch a hole in each edge of all the pieces where they will connect. A crop-o-dile will NOT cut through the solid base brass pieces only the thinner top pieces of the silhouettes.

4: Bend the pieces into a bracelet shape with a bending bar or a rolling pin.


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5: Infuse a small piece of cut-n-dry foam with the enamel medium and dab all over the brass pieces. Cover all the pieces with the enamel powder and place excess back into the pot.

6: Heat the enamel with a heat tool until molten. Set aside to cool naturally.


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7: Lightly connect the large silhouette to the two small silhouettes with brass eyelet connectors. These need to move, squeeze gently.

8: Place an eyelet in the end two holes for aesthetics only, these do not need to move.


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9: Thread silk cord through the watch face and then through the eyelets. Knot in place from behind.

10: Knot in place the sari silk ribbon and repeat on the outer edge.


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11: Tidy away the ends of the silk cord and sari ribbon in ribbon end caps.

12: Add closure and wear.


Many thanks to my other half who is mercilessly made to model girly pink things because I cant photograph them on my own arm!

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The Mortal Instruments Inspired Pendant

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When I read the challenge for this month I was a little intimidated I must admit. I thought for a long time about what to created based on my favourite piece of writing. I don’t really like classics, I don’t really like the Po, Orwell, and other tortured souls that would make a really good inspiration for a piece of jewellery. Living where the Bronte sisters grew up and just round the corner actually from the Law Hill gothic school that Emily Bronte worked at, and was the inspiration for the house that Cathy was held captive in by her husband (the description in the book and the actual building is uncanny) you would have thought that would be the logical choice for me to create something based off Wuthering Heights (anyone else singing Kate Bush right now?) But no, didn’t even cross my mind until I started writing this intro….. My guilty reading pleasure is young adult Steampunk fiction, I love small novellas, like the Steampunk Chronicles by Kady Cross, but I absolutely adore Cassandra Clare’s young adult Shadowhunter world, even the movie The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones that got slated…. My secret is I went to the cinema to see it 5 times….. but that’s just between you and me! I am especially looking forward to the new TV show coming in 2016 ”Shadowhunters” which is based on the 2nd set of books, the same as the movie, The Mortal Instruments which is set in the present day. My favourite set of books is The Infernal Devices, which is the first set of books she wrote and set in the Victorian Era which has a little Steampunk twist to it I feel. The basis of the ”Shadowhunters” is power and protection from runes, the main rune is the Angelic rune which every Shadowhunter is given as their first rune. It just so happens this is a really pretty symbol and being one of the few solid ones without a break made for a fantastic casting piece. I love resin casting if you haven’t noticed! and decided to use the casting technique created by Baerbel from the 2014 Creative Team, find out how I created it below.

Thanks for visiting

Clare Horner

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ICE Resin®

Iced Enamels™: Shattered Fire Opal

Mixing cup and stick.

Printed rune image.

Marabu Fixo-gum or gum based flexible glue.

Fun Foam standard thin sheet and 6mm thick sheet.

Westcott Titanium knife, cutting mat.

Marker pen.

Sandpaper and files.

Chain and clasp.

Throw away brush, paint brush and vaseline.

Face mask, protective gloves.


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1: Print off an image of the rune from the web and cut it out.

2: Draw around the rune image onto the 6mm foam.


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3: Cut the image from the foam using a knife


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4: Glue the thick foam to the thin foam and seal all edges with the glue.

5: Weight the piece with something heavy to dry flat.

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6: Brush vaseline all over the inside of the mold.

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7: Mix ICE Resin to manufacturers instructions.

8: Add Shattered Fire Opal to the mixed resin until desired effect is achieved.

9: Gently pour resin mixture into the mold.

10: Balance or tape down a jump ring or loop to attach to your chain.

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11: Carefully de mould once set after 8 to 12 hours.

!!!!!!!!USE A FACE MASK HERE!!!!!!!!!

12: Sand the edges smooth to achieve desired effect, attach chain.

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