Why Jo Jones Loves Flat Nose Pliers

Use flat nose pliersFlat nose? Needle nose? Betcha have both kinds of pliers on your workbench. Jo Jones shares 3 steps where she prefers flat nose. Hints: metal fibers, rings that don’t really jump and building with wire and things found.

Bailey tries to assist. “His favorite spot in the studio is wherever I don’t want him to be!”

Jo “JoMama” Jones

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Why the Euro Punch is One of My Go-to Tools

Tools. If you create jewelry, you need tools that a minimally stressful on your hands. One of Lesley Venable’s faves is a punch that works on metal. She likes it so much, she made a video:

Want to see more of Lesley’s designes? You can find her at Flatwoods Folk Art.


Susan M. Walls Shares a Toothpick and ICE Resin Tip


Toothpicks, sandwich sticks, craft sticks, long flat sticks (cut in half) are Susan M. Walls’ favorite tools for placing, dripping and nudging ICE Resin exactly where she wants it to go in a bezel.

You can discover more about Susan on her Charming Trinkets blog.


My Favorite Tool for Jewelry – Cindy Cima Edwards

Why round nose pliers are Cindy’s go-to jewelry tool–tiny round loops, large round loops and great connections.

Cindy’s blog is Live to Design!

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ICE Resin + tissue paper with Thespa McLaughlin

Thespa shares how to make tissue paper translucent with ICE Resin®

You can learn more about Thespa on her Vintiquities Worshop blog.



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