Lapis Lazuli Technique


Thespa McLaughlin here to share a necklace inspired by a paint texture technique I came up with a while back.

fauxlapis-thespa-iceresinI wanted to see if I could incorporate it into a bezel to resemble stone. I’ve always loved the blue of Lapis Lazuli with it’s random inclusions of sparkle.

ice resinTo create this faux stone effect mix turquoise acrylic paint with water and pour into bezel (the ICE Resin will make the paint look darker). Add piles of corn starch until all the paint mixture is soaked up. Let dry overnight. The next day, gently brush off the dried excess corn starch with a paint brush. Mix up some ICE Resin and brush and drop the ICE Resin onto the dried paint, making sure to fill all crevices and gently brush over all surface areas. Sprinkle some copper colored German Glass Glitter from the Carnivale set and mix into the wet ICE Resin with paint brush pushing it into crevices to create the look of random inclusions of sparkle. Let ICE Resin dry overnight.



Way to My Heart, a Susan Lenart Kazmer™ for Spellbinders® Media Mixáge™ Necklace created by Cindy Cima Edwards

A heart is not a toy, but the shape certainly lends itself to the creation of lovely jewelry.

ICE Resin Spellbinders


ICE Resin®

Spellbinders®  Artisan X-plorer™ Machine MMM-001

Susan Lenart Kazmer™ for Spellbinders®  Media Mixáge™ Hearts Two Bezels – Silver MB2-006S

Susan Lenart Kazmer™ for Spellbinders®  Media Mixáge™ Hearts Three MD1-009

Susan Lenart Kazmer™ for Spellbinders®  Media Mixáge™ Texture Plates Grate Works One MT1-001

German glass glitter, turquoise: Ice Resin

Sari Ribbon, teal

Blackened Steel Wire, 20gg WIREBS

Paper Sealer

Rue Romantique Rhinestone cup chain, gold KRCHAIN

Picasso rondelles, 5 cream and 6 teal

Gunmetal chain: SLK Industrial Chic

Swivel lobster clasp, silver: SLK Industrial Chi™c

Choker necklace, silver: SLK Industrial Chic™

10mm silver Jumpring: SLK Industrial Chic™

Arrow charm

2 Black headpins

Swarovski crystal flatback, turquoise

Music scrapbook cardstock

craft glue

clear tape



  1. Cut image from scrapbook paper using the Artisan X-plorer™ Machine and die template. Run through the machine again with the texture plate.
  2. Glue into bezel with craft glue and coat with paper sealer.  Sprinkle some turquoise German glass glitter into bezel. Prepare resin and pour into bezel. (Use a toothpick to move glitter to where you desire). Let dry overnight. Cut a length of rhinestone cupchain and glue around the heart using E-6000. Glue arrow charm and Swarovski crystal to top of bezel.
  3. String a cream picasso rondele onto a headpin and make a simple loop. Connect to bottom of the bezel. Cut the head off a headpin and make a simple loop. String a turquoise picasso rondelle and make a simple loop. Connect to the top of the bezel. Set pendant aside.
  4. Wrap choker necklace with Sari ribbon and tape the ends with some clear tape. Remove tape from one end and begin wrapping wire around to secure. Wrap part way down the necklace then start stringing rondelles onto wire keeping the beads to the outside of the necklace. Remove the other piece of tape once the ribbon is secure.
  5. Remove the end cap of the choker and add the first of three links of gunmetal chain then re-attach the cap. Repeat for the other side of the necklace using 8 links of chain. Attach the lobster clasp to the three chain link segment by opening the last chain link as you would a jumpring.

Chic Pink, a Rue Romantique Necklace by Thespa McLaughlin

Kristen RobinsonTo make this Chic Pink necklace I first poured pink German Glass Glitter  into the Large Botanical Rectangle Bezel, one of the the new products in Kristen Robinson’s Rue Romantique Line, to form a thin layer.

Next, I sprinkled a mix of pink glass seed beads over the glitter.

I then mixed and poured ICE Resin® and flooded the entire bezel top with the resin making sure to use a toothpick to push displaced glitter back into the center.

Once dried, I glued a vintage rhinestone earring, with the back removed, over the ICE Resin® with E-6000 jewelry adhesive.

Rue Romantique JewelryI used wire wrapping techniques to create a beaded chain to match the completed bezel.

Hope you have an amazing creative day!

Thespa McLaughlin

Vintiquities Workshop

Finders Keepers Bauble Necklace by Thespoena McLaughlin

ice resin necklaceAs a kid I always loved those “find it” books. You know the ones where you had to find all the pictures in the jumble of images, and find “Waldo”.

Then there were those sand bottles where you had to find the button, the bead, etc.

This necklace is a more sophisticated tribute to those childhood pastimes.

The center is a “bubble” if you will, where the tiny baubles (in this case a button with Eiffel Tower and heart charms) inside can roll around and shift among the minute pieces of German Glass Glitter.

Watch Thespoena’s Vintiquities blog for an ICE Resin “linky party” on her chosen Fridays.

The magic of Cindy in her workshop! Santa Bracelet

Cindy Cima Edwards began this bracelet with a copper sheet like this:

ice resin








then she worked her own brand of Christmas Elf magic, and viola! A Christmas bracelet!

ice resin

ICE Resin, German Glass Glitter, rub-ons, beads and wire work combined by Cindy Cima Edwards means Santa is on his way!

Blue Crush by Cindy Cima Edwards

A collage image (Belles Dames Francaise), German Glass Glitter in Carnivale gold plus a hint of pink set off this pendant.

Once I finished the silver heart bezel I felt the colors and shape called out for a romantic feel.  I created beaded links of crystal pearls and crystal bicones to complete the look.

Cindy Cima Edwards

Live to Design

Clasp bezel and hook came from Industrial Chic, Susan Lenart Kazmer’s exclusive line of mixed media components available at Michaels.

House Number Pendants by Cat Kerr

All you need to do to find fun new items to fill with Ice Resin is …

Walk through the Hardware Store!!

ice resin

These Wonderful metal house numbers caught my eye and as I rang them up at the register I smiled and thought…

Who ever said house numbers needed to ONLY go on a house….NEVER used Ice Resin!

Materials used: Ice ResinGerman Glass Glitter, Metal House Numbers, Clear packing tape, Book text, rub-ons, assorted hole punches

To see what else Cat Dreams up, visit her at



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