How to Use ICE Resin, German Glass, Glitter, and Relique Powders to make multiple layers in your bezel.

Heather Widener shares how with just a little patience and some laminating film she deeply layers her bezels with sparkle and rich color.

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Check out the blog tomorrow for step by step instructions for a layered heart.


New Year’s Eve Bling by The ICE Prince (John Creighton Petersen)

To me, New Year’s Eve is all about the bling and twinkling lights and I’ve always associated this fun evening with silver. And what better way to help usher in 2015 than with this simple, yet eye catching necklace complete with a clock holding 2015? I would call this a “one and a half pour” project, meaning that the majority of the work is done in the first pour or resin, with just adding some highlights for the second application. Don’t worry, it’s still a simple project for any skill level and can be easily customized by just changing the color of the German Glass!


ICE Resin®: ICE Resin®, Iced Inclusions Mica, Iced Inclusions German Glass Silver, beaded chain (for necklace), Hobnail Rectangle Bezel, Paper Sealer, paint brush, resin mixing tools

Prima Marketing®: small black watch

Authentique Paper™: number stickers

Miscellaneous: small scrap of white cardstock

1. Mix resin following instructions.
2. Add a small layer of resin to the bottom of the bezel, just enough to coat the bottom of the bezel completely.
3. Cover the hole in the back of the small watch, then place into the bezel.
4. Add mica pieces to the bottom of the bezel, using the resin as the adhesive to hold them down.
5. Spread another thin layer of resin into the bottom of the bezel and liberally sprinkle silver German Glass pieces on top of the mica. I wanted a more “raw” look to the German Glass so I made sure to not cover it with resin. You may find it helpful to lightly push down onto the German Glass to make sure there is good adhesion with the resin.
6. Place a small amount of resin into the blank watch and add silver German Glass.
7. Allow resin to cure.
8. Mix a small batch of resin – just enough to fill the watch and a tad bit extra.
9. While waiting for the resin to set up, apply number stickers to a piece of white cardstock. Trim to size, then seal with Paper Sealer on both sides and around the edges.
10. Lightly coat just the top edge of the bezel with resin and add silver German Glass.
11. Add ’2015’ to the watch and fill with resin.
12. Allow the resin to cure and add the bezel to a decorate necklace chain.
Happy New Year’s to everyone, and best wishes for an amazing 2015!!!

Jazz up Your ICE Resin®-ed papers for Mixed Media Journals

Are you ready to work on your art journals?

Grab some:

Art Mechanique™ Essential Collage Papers Pack One or Pack Two

Art Mechanique™ Shattered Opal

Art Mechanique™ German Glass  Glitter

Your fave Stampendous or Indigo Blu stamps

Staz-On Inks

Oil Pastels

ICE Resin®

and get ready to rock your mixed media journal pages.

Polly Hendrickson will share some techniques.


How to Place Eyelets in ICE-Resined Paper

ICE Resin makes thin paper translucent, durable enough for jewelry yet you can still tear it! Just imagine the art journal possibilities. In this video you will see Jennifer Cabic show you how to add resin to paper and how to place eyelets in resined paper for any mixed media art project you feel inspired to create! ICE-Resin-eyelets ICE Resin makes thin paper translucent, durable enough for jewelry yet you can still tear it! Just imagine the art journal possibilities. In this video you will see Jennifer Cabic show you how to add resin to paper and how to place eyelets in resined paper for any mixed media art project you feel inspired to create! ICE Resin on Belle Dames Francaise Paper ICE ResinGerman Glass Glitter ICE ResinAre you ready for your paper to “resinate”? We have Belle Dames, and two glossy paper packs. You can find them here. In addition to Silver, our German Glass Glitter comes in 5 more colors: Amethyst, Sky Blue, Chartreuse, Chocolate, and Salmon.

Make a German Glass Glitter and Gem Brad Bracelet with Kathy Cano-Murillo

Hobail besels Susan Lenart Kazmer

Art Mechanique Gem Brads Cold Connections


It is easy to use ICE Resin® and  German Glass Glitter, create a gorgeous bracelet!

Start with Art Mechanique™ small hobnail bezels designed by Susan Lenart Kazmer in bronze and pewter.

Mix your Ice Resin and coat the inside of each bezel. Then pour in the glitter.

Before the pieces cured, I added in Crystal Clear Gem Brads, then I let  all the pieces dry overnight.

Gearman Glass Glitter and Clear Gem Brads

These are my “gold” and silver pieces.

Connect the pieces with jump rings to complete the bracelet.

ICE Resin bracelet Cathy Cano  Murillo

Kathy Cano-Murillo, the Crafty Chica


ICE Resin + a crochet piece = mixed media jewelry a technique with Baerbel Born

ICE Resin on crochet fabric

To make pretty jewellery with my crochet hook I have been looking for the perfect product to stiffen my yarn. ICE Resin can do the job!
I turned a crocheted flower into a piece of jewellery in no time just by adding ICE Resin.

Tip!! Like paper, the yarn will become slightly translucent if resinated. But as you can prepare your paper before resinating, you also can prepare yarn: Use some good old laundry starch in a high concentration on the yarn and let dry before you put your resin on. The yarn won’t soak the resin and won’t become translucent.

Baerbel Born

Materials you will need:

ICE Resin®

Cotton yarn: any crochet flower pattern you like

Laundry starch

Imagine Crafts / Tsukineko ‘All Purpose Ink’

Fanstsix pens

German Glass Glitter by Art Mechanique

Jump Rings and Extra Long  Brass Chain from Art Mechanique by Susan Lenart Kazmer

optional: Craft mat by Imagine Crafts / Tsukineko

Sparkle Earrings by Kim Williams

German Glass Glitter

Fireworks light up the sky when we celebrate our Country’s Birthday on July 4th. These earrings I made remind me of the clear white cascades of little specks of light that shower down just following that loud boom and the whistle of the rocket as it soars in the sky. Suspended in the night sky for a mere second before is begins its intended decent in a pattern of orchestrated delight and then merging with the next lacy pattern of light. It is hard not to wish the display could go on forever. I am completely mesmerized with Iced Enamel’s German Glass Glitter and wanted to make the silver glitter the most important element in these dangle earrings.

Kim Williams, Historically Haute


2 Small Hobnail Bezels

2 Any barrel drilled natural stone beads of your choice

ICE Resin®

German Glass Glitter

20 Gauge Sterling Silver Wire 


Mix ICE Resin® according to package directions and fill bezels to capacity. Allow resin to cure for 6 hours, checking for a solid hold in the bezel with a tacky top layer. When the top layer for resin is very sticky. Dredge the filled bezel in the glitter. Use your fingers to press the glitter into the curing resin. Baby wipes will clean up sticky fingers. Allow the resin to cure completely for about 48 hours. Mix a very small batch of ICE Resin® and use it to paint a topcoat on the bezels and allow to dry for 8 hours. Wire 2 barrel cut beads with 20 gauge wire of your choice and attach to the ring on one end of the bezel. Fashion 2 ear wires using 20 gauge sterling silver wire and attach the bezels to the ear wires. Polish sterling silver to desired look. Remember to smooth the end of the wire to assure putting the earring on is comfortable.

German Glass Glitter Buttons Capture the Sun

When rhinestones sink into ICE Resin they will loose some of their lustre. The German Glass Glitter keeps the sparkle and reflects every sun ray perfectly fine, even when covered with resin. Check Baerbel Born’s video for the amazing glitter effect.

What color is your favorite?

What colors would it please your eye to mix?

Art Mechanique German Glass Glitter












Baerbel Born’s “Rhine” Stones

stones covered in ICE Resin

When I take a walk near my home I can see the river Wupper in the distance, a few more minutes and I reach the riverbank. The stream actually flows into the Rhine a few kilometers from here. So all the stones I can see will soon become ‘rhine’stones.

Have you ever seen pretty stones during a walk in the rain, collected some and found them much less pretty when taking them home? The trick is the water that made the stone look much richer and darker in color. When I passed the riverbank, I thought of my ICE Resin and how it can make everything look ‘wet’!

So I chose the most pretty stones from the river and took them home.

To check how a stone will look after it will be resinated, you may put it in a bowl of water. The color will be like that after using ICE Resin on your finding.


For my inexpensive jewels I resinated some of my stones and attached a clamp on some of them with glue. Even the cheapest stone can look like a gem with ICE Resin!

I added mica and glitter to some of the stones before the resin has set for some fun accents.

Materials used:

ICE Resin by Susan Lenart Kazmer
ICE Resin Mica Flakes and glitter

stones from a riverbank

Art Mechanique brushes


Extra-Tip: Like with some of my projects, I use left over ICE Resin on such objects, always keep some findings- like the stones- at hand to use the last drops on Resin after they may have been left from another larger project.

Lapis Lazuli Technique


Thespa McLaughlin here to share a necklace inspired by a paint texture technique I came up with a while back.

fauxlapis-thespa-iceresinI wanted to see if I could incorporate it into a bezel to resemble stone. I’ve always loved the blue of Lapis Lazuli with it’s random inclusions of sparkle.

ice resinTo create this faux stone effect mix turquoise acrylic paint with water and pour into bezel (the ICE Resin will make the paint look darker). Add piles of corn starch until all the paint mixture is soaked up. Let dry overnight. The next day, gently brush off the dried excess corn starch with a paint brush. Mix up some ICE Resin and brush and drop the ICE Resin onto the dried paint, making sure to fill all crevices and gently brush over all surface areas. Sprinkle some copper colored German Glass Glitter from the Carnivale set and mix into the wet ICE Resin with paint brush pushing it into crevices to create the look of random inclusions of sparkle. Let ICE Resin dry overnight.


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