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Ice 9 with Ice Resin



We were tasked with making a project based on our favorite poem or work of literature.  This one was tough for me.  With so many great books, I did not know what direction to go.  I Love The brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Emile Zola’s letter  j’accuse is a great piece of  writing, The Road Not Taken by Frost is another favorite, but I just could not make them work.  One of my favorite authors is Kurt Vonnegut. Maybe not as poetic as Frost or as passionate as Zola, but always insightful, humorous, and thought provoking.  I browsed my collection of Vonnegut books, of which there are many and I came across Cats Cradle.  I read this book as a young girl and it left an impression on me.  For those of you who have read it, Ice 9 is the perfect inspiration for the ICE Resin® products.  For those of you who have not read it, get to it! Its a quick, easy and entertaining read.  (and look, its only 95 cents!)

a cats cradel


The story is based on a fictitious substance called Ice 9.  Ice 9  is a polymorph of water.  Any liquid that comes in contact with Ice 9 will become crystallized  and create more Ice 9.  It has the ability to kill instantly by turning human tissue into Ice 9, as well as freezing entire bodies of water.  You can see where the story goes….  I thought it would be cool to be able to wear a piece of Ice 9 without the threat of having your insides freeze and crystallize!


ICE Resin®

disposable mixing cup and stir stick

2 part molding putty

Shattered Opal inclusions

2 small eye hooks

Crystal/Rock with interesting shape

Rock salt

White pain/nail polish

Golden interference blue paint/paint brush



I started with a crystal I liked.  You can use any rock with interesting shapes.  Don’t worry about the color, we can fix that! Casting with  ICE Resin® allows you to keep the original item and make multiples.  The original was too heavy to use as a pendant.


Original rock crystal

Mix equal parts casting putty until color is uniform. Place on flat surface and impress crystal into putty.  Allow putty to set for 10 minuets.

Here is a video Susan M Walls did on Casting.


Once putty is set (test with thumbnail. If nail does not leave an impression, its set.)  Remove crystal.  Your mold will look something like this.


Drop a few pieces of rock salt in the bottom of your mold.  Mix equal parts ICE Resin® in mixing cup and add a very small amount (about a pinch) of Shattered Opal inclusions and about a tablespoon of rock salt.  The rock salt is a crystal itself so light will reflect off of it.  The shattered opal helps the crystal reflect light. Pour ICE Resin® with inclusions into your mold and allow it to set (6-8 hours)  Once Resin is set, remove your new “crystal” from the mold.


Cast Crystal

The crystal looks pretty good at this point but a few surface treatments will make it come alive.  I added Golden interferon Blue to the back of the piece and dry brushed a bit on the front.  This paint reflects light and gives it an iridescence.


Then, to make the piece appear solid and opaque, I painted the back white.  I used white nail polish.  You can use white paint, it will just need to be sealed.



Once all the paint is dry, the pieces look very similar.

I used 2 eye hooks and screwed them into the sides where I wanted the necklace to connect to.


Now you can add beads, chain, leather, cloth or any other components you like.  I used cool blue glass beads. Its hot here in the desert, we can use a bit of Ice.   This piece of Ice 9 is safe to wear and wont bring about the end of the world, however It may cause some commotion when your friends see it!

Simple ICE Resin Charms with Wire and Paper

Ice Resin 2014 Design Team member Kim Williams as she makes some simple wire and paper charms — great for earrings!

ICE Resin Quick Tip: Sealing Paper

When you want to preserve the color quality of your image, seal it before pouring on your ICE Resin.

Exciting News!

Susan Lenart Kazmer and ICE Resin announces new partnership with Ranger Industries

Susan Lenart Kazmer is excited to announce an exclusive distribution and manufacturing partnership with Ranger Industries for her ICE Resin brand of jewelry products.

Kazmer, a master silversmith, author and award-winning jeweler, developed ICE Resin®, a jeweler’s grade, two-part epoxy resin, and introduced at the Bead and Button Show in 2006.  By combining a non-traditional medium (resin) with traditional jewelry techniques she provided artists and designers with a new way to express their creative vision.  It’s unique doming properties and glass like finish has made ICE Resin an important medium that continues to inspire jewelers and mixed media artists of all types.

jen slk france 15Kazmer and her business partner, Mixed-Media Artist and Author Jen Cushman, will join Ranger’s talented roster of licensed artists and will continue as the creative forces behind the product line. As Creative Director of ICE Resin, Susan will continue to do what she does best; create, build, innovate, and inspire with her inventive techniques and designs. As Director of Education, Jen Cushman will create programs that showcase the many unique properties of ICE Resin and how it can be used to create one of a kind Jewelry and Mixed Media art.  Both Susan and Jen will travel extensively sharing their love of jewelry and mixed media art through workshops and demonstrations at trade shows and events around the world. The formulation of ICE Resin is remaining exactly the same and users can expect the same high quality product and formulation that they have come to love.

“Jen and I are thrilled to be partnering with Ranger, a company that shares our commitment to quality and innovation”, says Kazmer. “By working together we will be able to grow the ICE Resin brand and provide our customers with excellent service.”

Alain Avrillon and Justin Russo, owners of Ranger Industries added, “We are very excited to be working with Susan and Jen.  Their dedication to research, product development and teaching fit perfectly into what we do at Ranger.  Having ICE Resin® in our product line adds to our growing range of Mixed Media products and gives us a new way to engage our customers in the Jewelry market.  We hope to provide a seamless transition as we begin to accept and ship orders from our Tinton Falls, NJ warehouse beginning July 14th, 2015.”

ranger ink logoFounded in 1929, Ranger Industries is a manufacturer of paper crafting, art journaling and mixed media supplies, specializing in inks, paints, embossing powders, and innovative tools.   The company is known for working with signature designers and creating technique-based educational programs. Ranger’s extensive line of products includes Tim Holtz Distress, Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks,  Dyan Reavely Dylusions, Dina Wakely Media and many other arts and crafts products including, Perfect Pearl Pigments, Archival Inks, and Stickles Glitter Glue


ICE Resin     A couple of quick Q&A for our customers:

Q: When will Ranger start accepting orders for ICE Resin®?

A: Orders and shipments will be processed through the Ranger warehouse in Tinton Falls, NJ, effective      Tuesday, July 14th.  Wholesale orders can be submitted via or by email to   or by fax at 800.244.2211.

If you do not already have an account with Ranger and would like to open one, please submit an       application online or you can send an email to  Please provide us with copies of your state-issued business license or Sales Tax Certificate in addition to a completed Wholesale Application.

Retail/consumer orders will continue to be processed from the online shopping cart.

Q:  I am a current wholesale customer of ICE Resin.    Do I need to contact Ranger to set up an account?

A: Ranger has already set-up the majority of the ICE Resin® wholesale customer base in our system. Please send an email to with the subject line ICE Resin Account Login Request.   We will email you your Account Name and Password.   If we have not set up your account already, we will provide you with the information you will need to set one up.

Q:  I already have a wholesale account with Ranger.  Do I need a separate account to order the ICE Resin® product line?

A: If you already have a wholesale account with Ranger, you may order ICE Resin® products with your existing Account Name and Password.

Q:  I am a consumer and want to buy ICE Resin® products at retail for my jewelry and mixed media projects.   I can’t find the products on the Ranger retail shopping cart.  What should I do?

A: Retail/consumer orders will continue to be processed from the online shopping cart.

Q: What is ICE Resin®?

A:  ICE Resin® is a crystal clear, two part epoxy resin that’s self-doming and will not fade or yellow over time.   Mixed in equal parts and poured into molds, bezels, or directly onto jewelry and mixed-media components, ICE Resin® provides a glass like finish that adds a unique look to every project.

Q: Now that Ranger will distribute ICE Resin®, will the resin formulation change?

A:  The formulation is remaining exactly the same and users can expect the same high quality product and formulation that they have come to love.

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