Thank you to our 2014 design team members!

Ice Resin Creative Team


It is always so difficult to say goodbye to our outgoing team members. They have worked tirelessly for ICE Resin and have inspired thousands and thousands of people with their unique voices and design aesthetic. Thank you Jen Crossley, Jennifer Wynn Cabic, Polly Hendrickson, Kathy Cano-Murillo, Tatiana Allen, Kim Mallet Williams, and Baerbel Born  for your dedication and commitment. You all rock in every way!

Jen Cushman, ICE Resin VP

As ICE’s content manager it has been my pleasure to work with each of you. Thanks for bringing beauty to light, and sharing your gifts!

Carol La Valley




Learn a new skill today! Fit a Jewelers Blade, Cut with Tin Snips, Make Your Own Rivet

Have you ever used a jewelers blade or tin snips to cut metal? Ever made your own rivet?

Follow along with Jen Crossley, one of our ICE Resin International Creative Team Members, and she will show you how!

Cutting with Tin Snips

Fitting a Jewelers Blade

Making Your Own Rivet

Use a Corset Finding for an Attachment in an ICE Resin and Metal Necklace


I used one of the Corset Findings from Susan Lenart Kazmer’s Art Mechanique Line.

corset clasps for jewelry

I drilled two holes in the finding just under the top loop piece.

I then drilled a hole through the key.

metal corset clasp for jewelry

I attached the key though the holes in the corset piece and through the middle of the key where I drilled. (I like the look of a clean finish,You cant really see the wire if you look carefully.)  


As you can see, you will need ICE Resin, a button, organza ribbon, a photo, mica sheets, and a metal finding, and a stamped metal plate to complete the focal.

TIP: I had two small air bubble on the left hand side of the finished piece I had tried to fix it by drilling it out but after I repaired this I noticed it wasn’t quiet perfect so I just added some 7 Gypsies rub on words.

Jen Crossley, A Mark in Time


Button Up, a unisex ICE Resin necklace by Jen Crossley

Whenever I am lucky enough to travel I always make time to stop at flea markets.

I used an old eyelet hook for button shoes and a tag I found in an Ohio flea market.



The double jump onto the leather cord was called for to balance the weight of the tag and ICE Resin filled bezel. I also filled it with paper torn from a bag and canvas fabric.

Silver and bronze gave the necklace a nice contrast and a masculine feel.

Mr. Siley, I wonder what kind of mail you received so long ago?

House Number Eight by Jen Crossley

Art Mechanique Silhouettes

Tools & Materials:

ICED Enamels Turquoise Relique

ICE Resin® 1 oz. syringe

ICED Enamels Medium

Paint brush

ICE Resin® Silhouettes – Houses

Heat Gun

Sanding Block

White gel pen


Alcohol wipe 


1.Firstly use the sanding block and give the House a light sand

2. Apply a light coat of ICED Enamels Medium with the paint brush)

3. Next sprinkle the ICED Enamels® Relique  Turquoise  onto the  house, then tip the excess back into the jar.

4. With a heat gun heat the powder until it melts.

5. Use the Alcohol wipe on the enamel it tones down the colour for a different   look all together

6. Mix the ICE Resin®, into a cup and then stir for 2 minutes.

7. Let the resin sit for 5 minutes to allow air bubbles to dissipate.

8. With a craft stick slowly add the resin onto the House silhouette and then allow it to lay flat on textured mat.

9. Pour any leftover resin onto the mat.

10. Let Piece dry for 24 hours and cure for 3 days.

11. Using the Stazon ink pad, rub around the edges. This creates a shadow to the edge and will make it pop. Allow to dry.

12. Use a white gel pen and add decoration

13. Add some transparencies to the window of the House.


I have loved house shapes for I don’t know how long, and when the new Sihouettes where brought out I had to have them. I combine these with the ICED Enamels and they looked amazing. For those of you that know me know Ii love the Number 8 for my mum it was her birthday,and also I like vintage so I toned this house down with a special technique !

Jen Crossley, A Mark in Time


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