Painting with Iced Enamels™

I wanted to create a painting using Iced Enamels™. Someday I would like to create a more realistic design like a flower or a tree but for now, I made a simple color blocking design.

This was fun to create and I love how it turned out!

Cindy Cima Edwards

Live to Design

iced enamels


ICED Enamels™:

Ivory Relique IE-SLK1005-Ivory

Turquoise Relique IE-SLK1001-Turq

Chartreuse Relique IE-SLK1003-Char

Raspberry Relique IE-SLK1004-Rasp

German Silver Relique IE-SLK1007-GerSil

Pewter Relique IE-SLK1008-Pewter

Tarnished Bronze Relique

ICED Enamels™ Medium IE-medium

ICED Enamels™ Relique Glitz Powders: Gold, Silver, Copper: IE-sparklep

Embossing metal, pewter

paint with iced enamels

Embossing tools (or at least a stylus)

Embossing mat

Wood plaque

Black paint


Paint brushes

Craft heat gun


Cut a 5×5 piece of medium pewter embossing metal. Draw design on paper and transfer to the metal using an embossing stylus. Emboss design onto metal using basic embossing methods.

Apply Iced Enamels medium and Relique Powders to only one or two sections at a time. Make sure you are using the same color so that the excess powder can be poured back into the jar. Heat with a craft heat gun until bubbles begin to form. Continue with other desired colors and glitz powders. Be careful when heating design areas that are next to finished design areas. Pull the heat gun towards and away from the design to prevent reheating finished areas.

Prepare ICE Resin® and apply to design.

Paint a wood plaque with black paint. If desired, spray with clear spray paint to seal.

Glue finished cold enameled design to the wood plaque.

Magic Mica Earrings and Necklace

ice resin jewelryI think that the new Shattered Mica flakes have the most lovely transparent quality to them. I created this necklace and earring set by using a different color of Shattered Mica for each and designing with coordinating beads to create a matching set.

Have fun!

Cindy Cima Edwards

Live to Design

ice resin jewelryMaterials:
ICE Resin®
Iced Enamels® Shattered Mica Bronze IE-tattmica
Mixed Metal Hobnail Rectangle Bezel, Antique Silver medium MM-SLK707/SIL (Also available at Hobby Lobby!)
Sari ribbon, Hot pink RB806
Swarovski crystal pearls: copper 8mm, Pink 6mm
brass jump rings, 5-10mm
7mm gunmetal jump rings
bronze wire 22 guage
brass head pins
brass lobster clasp
gold tone ribbon crimps

Sprinkle a very generous amount of Bronze Shattered Mica into bezel. Prepare resin and drip slowly into bezel using a toothpick until bezel is filled. Let dry.

String a head pin with an 8mm copper crystal pearl and make a wrapped loop. Cut off the end of a head pin and make a simple loop. String a 6mm pink crystal pearl and make a simple loop. Repeat once. Connect one of the pink crystal pearl links to the copper crystal pearl dangle and connect to one end of the bezel using a 5mm brass jump ring. Connect the other pink crystal pearl links to the other side of the dangle using a 5mm brass jump ring.

Use a length of 22 gauge bronze wire to create a wrapped loop. String an 8mm copper crystal pearl and make a wrapped loop. Repeat 5 times. Use a length of 22 gauge bronze wire to create a wrapped loop. String a 6mm pink crystal pearl and make a wrapped loop. Repeat 3 times. Connect the beaded links together using 7mm gunmetal jump rings in pattern shown or desired pattern for both sides of the necklace. Connect to the crystal pearl link on the bezel using a 10mm brass jump ring.

Cut an 8″ segment of Sari ribbon. Thread both ends of ribbon through a 10mm brass jump ring and created a larks bead knot connecting the jump ring to one side of the necklace. Crimp a ribbon crimp on the other end of the ribbon. Repeat for the other side of the necklace. Connect a brass lobster clasp to one side of the necklace using a 5mm brass jump ring. Connect two 7mm gunmetal jump rings to the other side of the necklace.

ice resin jewelry

Ivory Emotions by Cindy Cima Edwards

Hi! Cindy Cima Edwards greeting you today.

My bracelet is an example of how you can build on a flea market find–in this case, a “gold” plated chain and a white pearl beaded link chain that I attached together with jump rings.

I sealed images–in this case script–from the Belle Dames Francaise flip book in a hobnail heart, and 2 triangular  bezels prior to pouring ICE Resin®.

I completed the bracelet with fresh water pearls, white onyx rounds, snow quartz rounds, Swarovski crystal flatbacks and bicones,  filigree bead caps, and a lobster clasp.

ice resin jewelryGet out your dapping block, 5/8″ disc cutter (used to make the 2 circle elements) and hammer and start having fun in your studio!

Tip of the day: You can created your own beaded link chain by using eyepins, 6mm white rounds, and making simple loops.


Live to Design

Reflections Necklace

Greetings, Cindy Cima Edwards here!

Sometimes I may sort of dream an idea – like when I am trying to take a nap or at night. Sometimes I see other designs in magazines or on TV and use it as a base for my design. Sometimes my inspiration evolves as I create. This necklace evolved.

iceresiniceresinI was very excited when I realized that the mirror beads matched the focal so well. I have had these for a long time but they never worked in any designs.


These beads remind me of my teenage years – shirts with embroidery around little mirrors were very popular then. This memory led to the name of the design “Reflections”.

ice resin


Cindy Cima Edwards

Live to Design

My Favorite Tool for Jewelry – Cindy Cima Edwards

Why round nose pliers are Cindy’s go-to jewelry tool–tiny round loops, large round loops and great connections.

Cindy’s blog is Live to Design!

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