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Do you have loads of lovely handmade necklaces in your home or studio that are just too beautiful to be hidden away? We bet you do!

Display, organization and storage of jewelry is always an issue for those of us who create wearable art. Trust us, we have entire Pinterest boards focusing on clever display ideas. When we spied this simple and elegant do-it-yourself necklace display board from our dear friend Suze Weinberg (jewelry-maker extraordinaire) , we immediately sent off an email asking her to share her idea with our ICE Resin peeps.

All this requires is some wood paneling, some great knobs (love Suze’s eclectic look) and a few basic drill skills. Here’s how she made it, with a little help from her wonderful husband and crafty sidekick Lenny.

Jewelry Display Board by Suze Weinberg:


1. We went to home improvement store and bought a 24X24 board with a nice finish. Lenny sanded edges. I opted not to stain but he felt we should have! (still can!)

2.  Carefully measured five spots on bottom for the first set of decorative knobs (found all at Hobby Lobby), marked them with pencil dots (all done on the back). Then measured four spaces in the offset spaces above the five and so on.


3. Then, again on the back, we made a grid and Lenny drilled the holes out. The screws were too long on the knobs so Lennys cut them down and secured with washers.

 4.Then you begin hanging your lovely jewelry, realizing how much you’ve actually accumulated (because this is only one of my hangers….Oy!)

Notice that Suze says she is hanging her “accumulated” jewelry? Don’t let her fool you. She is a necklace-making machine…well when she and Lenny stay home for a few weeks that is. Seriously, these two kids are always off somewhere traveling the world — Vietnam, Russia, Cambodia, Italy….who can keep track?! Only Suze’s Facebook followers; that’s how we know where she is.


On that note, here’s how to follow Suze and see more of her lovely ICE Resin pieces and all types of mixed-media jewelry. Also, stay tuned here. She has some new Susan Lenart Kazmer Milan bezels and new tints in hand and we cannot wait to show you what she does with them in a future post.

The Summer Fluttered by

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I love to create free form jewellery items, there’s something about an organic shape that isn’t cased in by metal that really appeals to me. It is pretty much destined to couple a free form piece with the free floating spirit of a butterfly. This, I must admit, is a long project. it has many layers which makes for much drying time, but it sure is worth it in the end.


Thanks for visiting

Clare Horner


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ICE Resin®

Iced Enamels™:  Shattered Fire Opal.

Art Mechanique®: Paper Sealer


Other Supplies: Laser printed image, mixing cup, stick, black acrylic paint, necklace chain and findings.


Tools: Drill, drill bit/crop-o-dile, pliers, Scissors.




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1: Fussy cut from a laser printed image several internal holes and then around the edge.

2: Seal both sides with paper sealer at least 3 times making sure all raw edges are covered.


3 watermarked

3: Mix resin to manufacturers instructions.

4: Place image flat on a plastic bag, cover with a generous amount of resin overlapping the sides.

5: Let dry for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.


4 watermarked

6: Once cured to the touch trim the excess resin of the edges of the image, do not cut into the paper.


5 watermarked

7: Mix resin to manufacturers instruction add in a generous amount of shattered fire opal.

8: Carefully cover the back of the image to the edges making sure the resin does not run out of bounds. Surface tension will do this naturally.

9: Let dry for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.


6 watermarked

10: Mix resin to manufacturers specifications, add in a small amount of black acrylic paint.

11: Support image on sticks and cover the back with the black resin again making sure the resin does not go out of bounds.

12: Let dry overnight or for 8 to 10 hours.


7 watermarked

13: Mix resin to manufacturers specifications.

(if any black drips onto the front you can sand/cut this away before coating with clear resin)

14: Carefully cover the front of the image with resin making sure it does not go out of bounds.

15: Let dry for 8 to 10 hours or overnight.


8 watermarked

16: Drill/punch holes in the top corners.

17: Add chain with jump rings and clasp.

18: Wear and enjoy the shimmering butterfly.


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Easy DIY Holiday Presents

Our fabulous Susan Walls from the 2015 Susan Lenart Kazmer ICE Resin Design Team has a video for you today on making some fun and easy holiday gifts. Check out her handy tip for using Ranger Ink to get a simple bezel template.


Susan creates and travels with her wearable art company
Charming Trinkets and you can find her blog at:
Susan’s Art Circus Blog!

One week, 22 classes TBTB

If you love jewelry then you know all about the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show and the dozens of amazing independent wholesale and retail shows that take of Tucson every February. Master Jeweler Susan Lenart Kazmer is one of pioneer educators of this show. She’s been bringing her signature artistic styles and education to the To Bead True Blue Show for over a decade now.


This year Susan returns, joined by ICE Resin Director of Education Jen Cushman and two artists of our 2015 Susan Lenart Kazmer Design Team. Welcome Heather Widender and John Creighton Petersen to this year’s line up of instructors. If you are looking for top-quality jewelry making classes then save the dates now for one week and 22 classes in ICE Resin, metalwork, design, soldering, cold connections and gemology.

This year, Susan is teaching workshop over three days. Each workshop will stand independent of the others, but the techniques taught will flow effortlessly from one class to another. Taking all six ensures you walk away from the show with some stunning work inspired by Susan’s innovative designs.



Susan will be teaching in 2016:

  • Caging and Brazing Hollow Forms
  • Caging Structures: A Neck Form
  • Free Form Structures: Resin and Wire
  • Constructing + Fashioning Leather Forms in Jewelry
  • Layering Transparent: Foils, Tints and Imagery in Resin
  • Resin, Relics and Ancient Artifacts

Click Susan’s website to immediately register.

Jen Cushman is teaching two days of the show. Her projects and techniques include her unique style of wirework along with Susan Lenart Kazmer products and ICE Resin, of course. Since Jen is teaching the first days of the show, be sure to register early to secure your spot. There will be sign ups allowed on site at the SLK ICE Resin booth, but class space is limited t0 20 students. Jen’s teaching:

  • Vivid Links: Wrapped, Coiled and Colored
  • “Fly” Bracelet
  • Crystal Clear Necklace
  • Light as Feather earrings
  • CrystalBeautyJenCushman2-400x278


Joining Susan and Jen for the first time in the ICE Resin classroom are Heather Widener and John Creighton Petersen. Heather is a creative jewelry artist and certified gemologist and John is a multi talented mixed-media artist who creates everything from dimensional beading to resin to papercrafts.  If you’ve been following our company blog, you have seen a lot of their creative work this year.


Heather is teaching Extreme Layering with ICE Resin®, Ombre Effects with Iced Enamels™, Intro to Gemology (twice). John will be teaching Slide Mount Necklace, Frozen In Time, Chain Wrap Bracelet, Faux Dichro Bezels, Vintage Findings: Surface Patina and More, Mini Bezel Books and Embossed Metal Bezels.


To take a look at all the art photos and see the descriptions, visit Susan’s website. If you’re planning to take classes, please register on site and pay immediately via Paypal. Spaces are limited and registration is on a first come first served basis. Other than Heather’s gemology classes, none of the workshops will be repeated at the show.



Meet Heather Widener of HUWBijoux!

heather-widener-intro-2Since childhood, I’ve been compelled to create in many different media, but jewelry is the one that stuck and became my passion. I started out working in gemstones, and I love gems – so much so that I became a gemologist and mineral consultant – but eventually gems alone weren’t fulfilling my creative impulses. In 2010, I took several classes that completely changed my art practice. One of them was an ICE Resin® class with Susan Lenart Kazmer. ICE Resin® rocked my world. I couldn’t believe all the things I could do with it.

At that point, my design focus shifted. I’m obsessed with layers and process, and find detail work meditative. I love working with non-traditional materials, and using everyday items in new ways. My jewelry often includes an element of surprise either in terms of material or process or both. For me, there’s nothing better than giving the viewer/wearer a surprise, on top of falling in love with a piece of jewelry for purely aesthetic reasons.


I’ve spent most of the last 16 years living in Africa and Asia with my husband and two children, which impacted my perspective and made me very flexible. I’ve never believed in rules when it comes to art. Accordingly, everything is a source of inspiration, even garbage on the street. Broken windshield? Helllllo giant glass glitter! My jewelry is constantly evolving, created in a studio that’s a combination art space and science lab. I’m very excited to be part of the 2015 ICE Resin® Design Team, and to have the opportunity to share ICE Resin® with the world, and connect with new artists and craftspeople at all stages of their artistic journey.

Website: http://www.huwbijoux.com/
Blog: http://gemfabulous.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/huwbijoux
Instagram: @HUWBijoux
Twitter: #HUWBijoux


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